movies: transformers: revenge of the fallen

transformers: revenge of the fallen - revenge is comingDo you think it's tacky to wear an Optimus Prime teeshirt to go and see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen if your age can be expressed as double digits?

Ah well... I did it anyway...

Well, I'll say this for the Transformers sequel... it delivers exactly what it says on the box!

You want giant transforming robots, you got it... you want explosions, this is a Michael Bay movie, you better believe we've got those... you want Megan Fox very nearly falling out of her outfit, personally I don't see the appeal (and not just because I'd much rather have Shia LaBeouf... there is just something about Fox that is unappealing for the most part), but it's there if you want it... you want more Transformers than last time, sure, we've got that too, even if some of them don't get very much screen time (and a couple get way too much)... you want far flung locations, we've got Egypt, how does that grab you (even if parts of it do kinda end up looking like the Middle Eastern village from the first one).

And because this is a sequel, there really isn't any need for a slow build to the reveal of the robots, we can just rush right in there and give you lots of Transformer action right in the opening sequences... and then we'll have some more action... and we'll maybe work in a little character stuff, but then we'll have lots of action and blow up a bunch of stuff... how does that sound?

Honestly, it sounds freakin awesome!

And you know what, if you go into the movie knowing that that's pretty much what you're going to get (not to mention it being what you're looking forward to), then you won't be disappointed.

It does have it's flaws... mostly stuff that could very easily have been removed from the movie and that I don't think anybody would miss, but even with that I really enjoyed it.

I watched the original last night just to "prepare myself" and was kinda surprised by how much I actually still liked that too (although I don't know that I should be surprised, since I gave it a 9 when I first saw it)... and this movie is kinda like the first one cubed... there's just so much more movie to it (not plot, because really, transforming robots, how much plot do you need), but they definitely upped the ante on this one. And where you could say the first one felt more like an action movie, this one kinda feels more like a war movie in some ways. Not that I've seen a lot of war movies, but the conflict and the stakes feel much bigger.

Listen to me... talking about a Transformers movie like it has substance! I will admit to getting all choked up at one point though... tragic, but true.

I also really loved that we got to see Soundwave this time around (and with his original voice by Frank Welker *all hail Frank, lord of all voice actors*), as well as Ravage (what can I say, I have a soft spot for them both even though they're bad guys)... but as I mentioned before, the downside of having so many new Transformers is that quite a lot of them get very little screentime outside of the action scenes (I would definitely liked to have seen more of the three female motorcycle Autobots). Also on the downside was having to put up with the "comedy relief robots" again (Skids and Mudflap, I'm looking mostly at you). Seriously, get rid of them... it didn't work with the annoying little Decepticon in the first movie, it still doesn't work... even less because they're not even appealing in robot form. Also, Transformers that are less than people sized, not really interested... make them big and make them grand, but don't make them out of a blender, okay!

While we're at it, can we just get rid of Isabel Lucas too... not only is her character completely pointless and, honestly, pretty damn stupid, but also the bitch can't act.

My only other real complaint is a similar one to the one I had last time... on the big screen it's sometimes very hard to tell which giant robot is doing what to what other giant robot with all the camera shake and fast movement and suchlike. Having said that though, I didn't have any real problem with the first one when I watched it last night, so I think it's just the fact that on the big screen the image is so large that your eye/brain can't always take it all in at once.

But for the most part, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ROCKS!

yani's rating: 4 ancient Primes out of 5

unconscious mutterings 335

I swear, I'm taking so many different pills and potions at the moment that I may well rattle if you shook me...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Guest :: Bedroom
  2. Impact :: Deep
  3. Unplanned :: Pregnancy
  4. Tactic :: Battle
  5. Delayed :: Gratification
  6. Bombastic :: Mr
  7. Comfort :: Cold
  8. Trumpet :: Dizzy
  9. Joe :: Cool
  10. Budget :: Rental

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panthera uncia

You Are a Snow Leopard

You have learned that you must rely on yourself, and yourself alone, to live a happy life.

You understand the world better than most people you know. You are very perceptive and intuitive.

You need lots of space to think. If you don't get the space you need, you're likely to bite someone's head off.

Because you are so thoughtful and solitary, people find you to be intense and mysterious. You're even seen as intimidating.

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frugal saturday shopping

going down...Given the shopping excesses of the past two weeks, plus the fact that I only worked three days out of five this week, I was decidedly frugal in my spending this Saturday...

Basically you could sum up my purchases today by saying I bought a Christmas decoration and a piece of punctuation.

We started as always with the Supermarket Safari, which has kind of turned into being whatever fresh stuff I need and any other miscellaneous bits and pieces. Although it was made all the more difficult this morning because they were doing their semi regular stupid stock counting thing. I hate when they do that, because suddenly all the aisles are full of people with little machines counting stuff and generally taking up space... and all the cute supermarket boys are either on their knees or standing on boxes with their butts up at face level (more or less)... so it's all very distracting...

Anyway, once that was all over we headed down the road to some random "chichilala useless object homewares" store that I noticed earlier in the week was having a sale that ended today. Ma and I have been in there before to drool on the overpriced merchandise so I figured we may as well go back while they had 30% off everything.

Ma managed to find a few bits and pieces, some more jewellery amongst other stuff, but there really wasn't anything I wanted... except for the lowercase letters... I've seen the uppercase letters you can get, which all seem to stand up on their own, but I don't think I've seen the lowercase versions anywhere other than this store. The only problem was that they either didn't have the right letters to spell out certain things ("homo" and anything containing an "e" were out), or some of the letters wouldn't have stood up under their own power (so "gay", "slut", "fag" and "yani" were all out)... but what they did have was a &... which was kinda groovy all on it's own, so in the end I bought Ma an "m" and myself an ampersand. Cute!

Next stop was the frame store (and we won't even discuss the fact that we got semi lost on the way and had to double back) to drop off the two little Chinese outfits we bought for La Cousina's Christmas present. The woman in the shop thought they were adorable and I think we picked out a nice option for the framing. Pricey though... I think it will possibly work out being the most expensive present Ma and I have ever given her either individually or collectively. I know she'll love them though.

Then we headed off to Marion, mostly because we haven't been in quite a few weeks what with bed-buying and construction and whatnot. And because it's coming up to the end of the financial year, everybody seems to be having big fat sales... but really, there wasn't anything that even tempted me. Ma bought a few bits of stuff, but nothing of any earthshattering importance really.

After we'd done the full Marion Circuit, had a minor spat because we never seem to be able to make a decision when we're together, ended up cutting off our own noses to spite our faces, got back in the car and made up again (all very dramatic really) we decided to stop off at the Christmas Shop. And that place still scares me...

We'd actually gone their on the off-chance that they had a specific kind of stuffed animal (they didn't) for a farewell gift, but we can't resist wandering around the general scariness that is that store, especially in Winter when there's nobody else in there. And I found another little toy solider... all wooden (or faux wooden, I'm not sure).

Then I happened to see the GIANT tin toy soldier standing up on the top of one of the shelves... and it was marked down 50%. And Ma offered to get it for me for Christmas... woohoo. He actually looks like he could do with a good bending so he stands up straight... and there is some damage to the base, but other than that it's pretty good.

So that, as they say, was that...

Also, you know when you've cooked something in oil the night before and the air in your apartment still has that vague "grease" smell about it, and it's so gross... or is that just me and my stupid apartment?

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photo friday: abstract green

abstract greenI currently have a headache that you could use to grate cheese with. And having said that, I have absolutely no idea what the hell it means. I just have a very bad headache.

It was more than likely caused by going to work... although I didn't feel too bad for most of the day, but this headache kinda snuck up on me late in the afternoon. Other than that work was reasonably okay... there wasn't a ton of stuff lurking in my email, and even though there was only really H-San, La Ninj and me, it wasn't too stressful.

As it turns out, I may have infected Sugarmonkey, since he's been away since Wednesday too... and I know I gave it to H-San before that because he was away Tuesday (and Wednesday too as it turns out). Whoops!

So yeah... nothing much to report really... went to work, came home, took my various pills and potions throughout the day... and still I have a headache...

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random bedroom hotness

It seems to have been a very long week... and a good chunk of it has been taken up with thoughts of my new bed... so I figured that this week's Random Hotness should have a bed theme to it...

So here we have 22 year old Miami model, Joshua Michael Brickman (don't you just love a boy with three names?) languishing exquisitely on and around a pleasingly rumbled bed as captured by uberphotographer Rick Day.

joshua michael brickman joshua michael brickman

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actually blogging about noodles

a much more famous chicken noodle soupI've actually been reduced to the level of actually blogging about things involving noodles... somebody shoot me...

While I'm feeling quite a bit better today, I still didn't go to work... partly because I'm going to take the doctor's advice and "rest" and partly because I slept in until about 9am. But I figure that was what my body needed, so it wasn't a bad thing.

And for the record, my chicken soup worked out pretty good (thanks Andrew). It is the first time I've ever had to dismember an entire chicken though, which was interesting... and less gross that I thought it might have been. I'm not big on the whole "meat with bones" thing.

A large amount of the stock is sitting in the fridge as we speak, waiting to have the fat removed, but the rest of it kinda got absorbed by noodles.

Once it was finished doing the cooking thing last night, I removed most of the liquid from the pot, put some of the veg back in, added some of the chicken and some capellini tagliati ("broken angel hair") pasta... only I added TOO much pasta, and instead of it being soup with pasta, it ended up being pasta with a small amount of liquid... d'oh!

It was tasty though... although perhaps a little subtle for my cold-affected tastebuds. Definintely something I'm going to have to have another go at when I'm feeling better though.

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sick day

dr hibbertI didn't go to work today...

Originally I'd just decided to skip my walk and get up an hour later, but I was kinda coughing and wheezing on and off during the night, so I figured the best thing was for me to stay home.

I even made an appointment to go and see the doctor too, which I never do... but this cough felt different, and, honestly I wanted to make sure I wasn't infected with Swine Flu or anything. Which I'm not as far as I'm aware, so big tick there.

My previous doctor up and vanished at some point between "whenever the hell I went to see him last" and "whenever the hell I wanted to see him last and found he had vanished"... not the most concrete set of time frames, I know, but that's about how often I go to the doctor. But I got a leaflet a few weeks back that had another surgery listed, so I figured I would give that a go.

Its all very new and swanky looking, but like just about ever doctor's surgery I've ever been to, it had obviously started out life as a house or some other kind of building before being converted. So I killed ten minutes filling out pointless forms (yes, I'm currently experiencing a cough, that's why I'm here... no I don't have anxiety or erectile dysfunction, but thanks for asking... seriously, how many people go in there for one particular thing and then tick all the other boxes) before the doctor came out to get me. And he was quite cute too, in that shaven headed "I feel like crap, but you look great" kind of way.

One thing that sometimes annoys me about doctors, or annoyed me about him at any rate is that just because I'm both a person of size and a person of gay, it doesn't mean that either of those things are relevant to the reason I've come to see you today... that would be my cough, genius, not where I put my dick or the size of my trousers. Thanks for taking the holistic view, now shut your cake hole.

It was also slightly annoying that most of the advise he gave me was stuff I'd seen on their website earlier in the day...

But he did give me some antibiotics... and of all things, a ventolin inhaler because I'm all wheezy and stuff... so that's a whole world of "okay then!". And he charged me $100 bucks for the privilege although I got $63.75 of that back as the Medicare rebate before I'd even left the clinic (woohoo direct credit Medicare).

Then I had to go and spend another $35 on the medication... fun!

While I was at the shops I decided that I was going to attempt Andrew's Chicken Soup... because, you know... Chicken Soup, it's the Jewish penicillin (I read that somewhere recently... I don't remember where though). But I think it only works if you don't have to make it yourself, because it kinda turned into one long headfuck. And the soup isn't even made yet.

I bought a chicken and some vegetables at my supermarket, but when I got home I realised that none of my saucepans were large enough to accommodate it. Damn! So I headed off to the supermarket we visit every weekend because I remembered seeing some there in previous weeks.

But first I took a little detour Atlantic DVD where (as H-San had told me on Monday) they were having a 3 for $26 sale... now remembering that this is Atlantic DVD where I last spend a good couple of hours and an embarrassing amount of money... fortunately this time it was only the time... it took me forever to find three movies that I wanted... then when I had two and was looking for one that I'd seen earlier to make up the three, I couldn't find it anywhere... even though I went up and down every aisle more than once. Found it eventually though, under W.

Then I headed off to the supermarket, and of course, they didn't have the pots any more... so I looked everywhere else. EVERY! WHERE! ELSE! Part of me was about ready to give up, shove the chicken in the freezer and come home to have soup out of a can, but eventually I did find a pot that seemed like it would do (it's still a tiny bit shallow, but I'm not complaining).

So the soup is on... how well it will work, if at all, I have no freakin idea... but it's on, and I'm going to let it do it's thing for the next couple of hours, then we'll see...

Same goes for whether or not I bother going to work tomorrow I think...

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atypical tuesday with music

vince azzopardi with headphonesIts been a very atypical day...

I woke up feeling monumentally crap this morning... my cold/flu has developed a new and irritating nasty cough, and I did find myself considering semi-seriously during my walk whether I should go and get myself checked out for Swine Flu. Oink...

Which, considering that I will avoid going to the doctor unless something is catastrophically bad, should tell you how I was feeling...

And had it not been for the fact that I had to work on a particular project today, I might have considered staying home. In fact I may still do that tomorrow, or at least skip my walk so that I don't have to go out before dawn and expose myself to the frigid morning air.

But, like I said... whole world of project that I had to do today. It was something that I REALLY didn't want to have to do, but I'd been roped into it, and there was no getting out of it, so I figured I'd make the best of it. Part of me does wonder if that is partly why I felt so crappy this morning, a psychosomatic response to this thing I didn't want to do... but I don't really feel any better now, so I doubt it.

I'd organised as much stuff as I could, so when I went in this morning with my Iced Coffee I got myself settled, plugged the headphones I bought on the weekend in, fired up the five or so CD's I ripped onto my work computer last week, put up the sign which read "I am not here, this is an optical illusion, do not disturb" (which actually came in very useful on at least three occasions when I could point to it and make people leave me alone without having to speak) and got myself into The Zone.

I was very much "in my head" the whole morning. I was "in my head" because I'm sick, which always makes me somewhat hypersensitive to the world around me as well as making me super aware of everything above my neck. I was "in my head" because I had headphones on and was pretty much cut off, aurally anyway, from everything that was going on around me. And finally I was "in my head" because I was concentrating completely on the project.

Unfortunately, while I generally live "in my head", I don't always spend that much time paying attention to the fact that I'm there, and after a while my head is kind of a scary place to be...

Its also been kinda weird that for the last few days while I haven't been feeling on top of my game, I've also been ravenously hungry... so much so that my stomach was growling several times since the weekend... I think I woke up with a growly tummy on Sunday actually.

Fortunately, even though I'd pretty much blocked off the entire day to work on this project, I was finished with it around 1pm, although I hadn't been to lunch and I'd been thrashing my way through it since 8am. Pretty good actually.

I didn't even get the opportunity to go straight off to lunch though, since we had a meeting with the Big Boss who imparted some news that didn't really come as a great shock to anybody (well, not to me, certainly since I'd heard something on the grapevine last week)... then I scrambled off and grabbed a bit of lunch before coming back, not really getting much of anything done before we headed over to the Hilton for an offsite team meeting.

And because it was offsite, La Ninj said that we could take off straight after the meeting instead of going back to work... sadly the meeting went from 2:30 until 4pm, so I didn't get any kind of early minute. But there was actual work-altering news imparted at that meeting too... and while I knew there had to be SOME reason for the sudden decision for an offsite meeting, I will admit that I didn't actually see that particular piece of news coming.

So yeah, that was my day... a morning spent listening to music and going all project hardcore... and an afternoon of meetings...

I really just want to go back to feeling like a person again though... I hate being sick...

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unconscious mutterings 334

The bed was better last night... I, however, feel positively craptacular! Not enough to stay home this morning, but enough to take the edge off my game. My cold has developed a cough thing, which I'm not doing a lot of fortunately, but when I do it's not nice.

And tomorrow is a day that I haven't been looking forward to... and also seems like it could be a day with some big, fat, juicy gossip/announcements, which I will have to hear second hand afterwards because I'm tied into doing this stupid project all day.

Unconscious Musings...
  1. Divorce :: Heterosexuals
  2. Napkin :: Napery
  3. Camera :: Club
  4. Leather :: Restraints
  5. Fractures :: Bones
  6. Flip out :: How very 70's
  7. Coroner :: All those medical/crime teevee shows
  8. Atomic :: Bomb
  9. Liz :: Taylor
  10. Leave :: Form
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exposing my new bed

my new bed and my old kiteWhile I can't honestly say that I had the worst night's sleep of my life last night... I've definitely had better.

By the time I crawled into bed last night it was pretty late and I was totally exhausted, so you would have thought that my body would have just crashed out. But instead of sinking into the lumpy softness of my old mattress, I felt like I was laying on a sheet of timber.

And I was SOOOOO high up... I don't think I mentioned, but this new mattress is a full foot thick... it was totally able to stand freely on it's side before we put it on the bed yesterday. And the frame is about a foot off the ground too... so that's two feet above the ground.

I'm pretty sure that my old bed would quite happily fit under this bed with a little room to spare (as it is I discovered that all the shoes I've previously had lined up along the front of the dresser will slot nicely under the end of the bed, plus I've got a couple of rollaway containers under there with all my different sets of bedding in them, so now I have space in the top of my wardrobe... which will result in some sort of cleaning/reorganisation frenzy at a later date).

So anyway... very, very high up by comparison.

Add to that a new set of pillows (which weren't too bad actually... but still new), and I had trouble getting comfortable.

I also seemed to overheat really easily last night which resulted in me waking up from time to time, which meant that I would roll over and then have to get comfortable... but considering how I felt when I woke up (and still feel now), I think that the overheating thing was more about the cold or flu or whatever I had yesterday really kicking into high gear. So if I'm being honest it probably wasn't a fair test of the new bed, since I'm obviously not well.

It's still a very imposing piece of furniture in the bedroom though... but I can't get back far enough or fit enough into a shot to really show it, so you'll just have to take my word for it (and for the record, the bed is in the north-west corner whereas my computer is in the north-east corner of my snug little bedroom).

Yes, that is a toy lion in the middle of the pillows... it's not a permanent fixture, but it just seemed right when I was making up the bed yesterday. And in place of artwork, I have my kite hanging over my bed... plus the first ever look at the incredibly dodgy curtains I crafter a couple of years ago...

I'm just glad all the messing about is over with now and I can settle in and start getting used to this new bed. But given that it's so radically different, I can tell that the first time I have sex on it is going to be a whole new adventure...

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cabaret: the fabulous nick christo

adelaide cabaret festival - the fabulous nick christoThe very talented, the incredibly beautiful, the glowingly blue-eyed Nick Christo serenaded me tonight... he was maybe a foot away from me, staring right into my eyes and singing to me.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Ma and I decided that since this way our last Cabaret Festival show we would go and have dinner at the Festival Centre... we weren't quite sure what or where, but we just decided to play it by ear. So we trundled on down, found a car park and wandered down to the Bistro.

Now, normally the prices would have made us run screaming in the other direction... but as Ma pointed out later, spending all this money on a bed seems to have unhinged the spending part of my brain somewhat... so we stuck around and had dinner.

Granted we didn't have a main, but neither of us were screamingly hungry. Instead we both had the sweet onion and red lentil tarts with labne, and we had a side dish of potatoes (I think they were hassleback style, but I wouldn't swear to it or anything).

Then, because we were already in that deep, we decided to have dessert (which we don't usually do when we eat out)... I had the chocolate mousse with gingerbread and raspberry compote... Ma had a poached pear with Belgian chocolate sauce. The original idea was to share... but that chocolate and raspberry combo, oh my god... yum! All up it was around $80, so kinda pricey, but worth it.

We timed it perfectly too, by the time we were finished, had paid the bill and wandered up to the Banquet Room we only had to wait a couple of minutes before the doors opened.

And this time we were totally front row, centre... okay, a tiny bit off centre, but not by much. Having seen what happens to people who sit at the front of the tables in that spot at the other two shows, I kinda wanted to sit on the stage side of the table... which is exactly what ended up happening. The audience was very mixed, although there was a higher than usual quotient of queens in the audience, one or two I recognised from "around" (like ya do).

Then the show started...

Let me preface everything else I'm going to say by saying that Nick Christo is GORGEOUS. Bright blue eyes, white teeth like a dentist's wet dream, a twinkle in his eye and the ability to totally switch between himself and the essence of Frances Faye. It was fascinating to watch actually... when he came out on stage he WAS Frances (I'm guessing anyway... he was certainly a character... how true to life it was I don't know), but then he slid easily back into himself and told us a little about Frances, then he would slide right back into her skin (or alternatively take on the character of whatever interviewer or commentator he needed to be to tell his story). And he was so good that when he first came out on stage and was singing and speaking with an American accent, I thought he was American... then he dropped that completely and became his normal Australian self.

I'm not familiar with Frances Faye... in fact I pretty much picked out tonight's show on the basis of how pretty Mr Christo is... but I tell you what, I think it could be worthwhile to do a little digging around to see if I can find any of her recordings... she sounds like somebody I would enjoy.

I kept being struck that Nick was reminding me of a cleaned up and prettier version of Marc... very, very odd... I have no idea what the hell that was about...

Sitting in my particular seat, I was right in Nick's eyeline, so I think he referenced me in one way or another three or four times... including when, as I've already mentioned, he walked down the stairs at the front of the stage, stood right in front of me, bent down and sang to me.

I blushed! I seldom blush... but I blushed like a virgin on her wedding night, and I also looked away, then realised what I'd done and looked him straight in the eye *le sigh*... I may actually be blushing now thinking about it...

Christo is a dynamo on stage though... he had the audience pretty much eating out of his hand for the hour long performance (even though I think a few of them were more than a little drunk), and he was so full of energy and bounce (and camp as a row of tents... a lot of that was the Frances character, but the boy really does know how to move)... he was also alternately hilarious and touching. And towards the end as he was performing a particularly soulful song (I don't remember what it was), and then as he slipped back into his own skin and continued to tell us about her last visit to Australia, you could see that he was welling up with emotion... not in a cheap or stagy way, it was just obvious that she moves him.

But Nick Christo is a fantastic performer, and definitely one that I would go and see again.

So thus endeth our Cabaret Festival Adventure... not with a whimper, but with a hell of a bang!

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bed related psychosis

sadly i don't have one of these waiting for me in my bedTo quote Buffy Summers... "Fire bad, tree pretty..."

It's been a hell of a day... and it's not even over yet. Ma is still here (she's watching Angel in the other room) and we have the final Cabaret Festival performance in a couple of hours.

Since my brain really isn't operating on most of the higher and/or more evolved layers, I'm going to switch to the short-handed version of today's events...
  • Woke up feeling a bit crap (always the way)... kinda like I had the flu or a cold coming on... and then moving the manky old bed around and stirring up all the dust didn't help.

  • Shopping... blah blah blah... really pales into insignificance after everything else that has happened today.

  • Bed was supposed to arrive around lunchtime. Rang (twice) to confirm that not only was it going to be delivered today, but to find out approximately when. Man on the phone told me noon.

  • Delivery guy called about 9:45 saying they were 10 minutes away. They were supposed to call me half an hour before, we were still at the shops and had to haul ass back home, getting here just after they did.

  • Fortunately driver man and his skinny little offsider were gorgeous (hello, please come in... would you like to both stay and help me break in my mattress? *wiggles eyes suggestively*).

  • Ma vacuumed while I went on a run to the Honey Man.

  • Got sorted and went to clean the wall and stuff before putting new bed together. Knocked over three quarters of a bucket of water all over the carpet. D'OH!!!!

  • Bed frame went together surprisingly easily. Score 1, me.

  • Cut finger on glass while finally taking "Fred" frame apart.

  • Went out to pick up a few bits and pieces (feet for the bed frame, some new pillows, possibly under bed storage boxes) before putting the mattress on bed.

  • Found feet, pillows, storage boxes... also found a cheap yet funky watch... came home to put mattress on frame.

  • For future reference, putting fitted sheets on this bed... COMPLICATED (it may involve moving the bed).

  • And my new bed... in a word... HIGH! Way, way, way, way, way higher than I though it was going to be. It's now a very sizable and noticeable piece of furniture in my bedroom. Very, very sizable (photos will follow later)...
So yeah... that's kind of the cliff notes version of my day... I got marginally cranky (for me anyway) from time to time, but mostly it was all good. Unfortunately my bedroom still isn't completely back to normal since the carpet is still a tiny bit damp, so my bedside table is sitting in my living room until tomorrow.

I think I will be sleeping really, really well tonight, if only because I've earned it...

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thoughts on my old mattress

unknown. brooklyn park, 5032, 2008. photo by toby richardsonAs I got into bed last night I was musing that it would be the very last time I ever lay down on my old mattress, and was just flicking through all the memories associated with it...
  • I fucked (and was in turn fucked by) my first (and to date, only) boyfriend on that mattress (which was the first time for having a boyfriend, fucking and having sex on that mattress)...
  • That mattress supported the combined bodies of my first threesome...
  • It's lived in three different houses, two in North Adelaide, one in Golden Grove...
  • EnglishX and I snapped the legs off one side of the base after running around my old apartment and throwing ourselves down on the bed (in a non sexual way)...
  • And it's hosted at least one visitor from overseas.
But you know what... when I stripped all the bedding off the mattress this morning and stood both pieces up against the wall so I could assess the "damage" after having had it in the same spot for seemingly forever...

It's a fucking piece of shit and I'll be glad to see the back of it!!!

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photo friday: windows

glenelg window anglesToday was one of those "car crash" days... earlier in the week I was slightly twiddling my thumbs (mostly because I'd cleared my schedule for something that didn't end up being ready when it was supposed to be, so I'm doing it next week), but today I had too many things all piling up on top of each other. Fortunately nothing that was so screamingly urgent that it couldn't wait, but by lunchtime I was a little bit stressyboots...

Fortunately most of that just faded away after lunch, mostly because I stopped caring about much of it... and decided that anything I still had to care about but that wasn't life-threateningly urgent I would put off until Monday...

I called Dreamland after work to check on whether my mattress was definitely going to be delivered tomorrow... the answer "around lunchtime"... WOOOOHOOOOO!

Sartorial choices for today: New black sneakers with a white stripe, black knee high socks with white stripes and black Underdaks trunks with white stripes up the sides... thematic really...

And my initial impression of the Adidas sneakers holds up... even after wearing them for the whole day, they were still "like budda" (it works better if you say it with a slightly New York accent)!

Note to the three young gentlemen (I'm guessing they were Uni students) who were walking along West Terrace (on the way back from McDonalds maybe) after 11pm on Wednesday night (and yes, I was on my way to a bootay call) in teeshirts and flannel pyjama bottoms: You're collectively adorable, call me! Although I am having trouble coming up with a scenario where three boys in their late teens/early twenties who I assume live together are all sitting around in their pyjamas... or at least one that doesn't come with a porn soundtrack...

Note to the young Asian queen at my bus stop yesterday with hair teased up in a foot high Elvis quiff and wearing mascara and eyeshadow: Really honey? Eyeshadow at 4:15pm on a weekday? Isn't that just a little bit tacky... plus where the hell do you work?

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everything retails for a reason

yaniblog does not recommend the huffing of used athletic footwear, but if you're as hot as this guy you can do whatever you damn well like!Anyone who's been around this blog for a while knows that one of my personal mottos is "everything happens for a reason"... and sometimes that even extends to retail...

It all started first thing this morning when Sugarmonkey came into work carrying two big Footlocker carrybags, which turned out to contain three pairs of sneakers. Now I'm sure I've said this before, and if I haven't said it here I've actually said it to Sugarmonkey... but the boy has some serious personal style going on. Fortunately our bodyshapes are completely and totally different or I'd be seriously "Single White Female-ing" him. As it is he's the direct influence behind the purchase of my Converse All Stars... and I very often covet things he wears.

So it turned out he'd been stocking up on old school Adidas and Nike shoes... the ones he likes go in and out of production so he buys multiple pairs when he can... and he happened to have a 30% discount voucher, so big savings. And when I mentioned that I should go down and have a look at what they had, he offered to print me out a discount voucher too. Bless!

After checking the shoes online (and I will admit, seeking Sugarmonkey's approval on which ones were "cool"... as well as checking which shoes I couldn't buy due to aforementioned Single White Female issues) I headed down to the store in the Mall at lunchtime.

Now, the Footlocker store in the Mall is a poky, skinny little store... and it's crammed full of merchandise so you have no room to move... and with it being lunchtime, it was also kinda crammed full of customers... plus I think they'd cranked the heat up to about 150 degrees, because the deeper you went into the store, the hotter it got... and yes, the hotter and more crowded it got, the crankier I got. Added to that was the fact that there were only two staff members in the store, and neither of them seemed particularly interested in helping anybody... okay, scratch that... neither of them seemed particularly interested in helping ME. So after standing around being all hot and cranky I eventually just walked out thinking "well, you lost a sale there buddy!".

Instead I went to Harris Scarfe and spent money on underwear, since the stitching in some of my current pairs is falling apart... plus they were less than half price, so woohoo.

After work I decided to go down to West Lakes since it had the next closest Footlocker store (more or less).

Turns out that was a very good plan!

I stopped in at JB Hi Fi and found another episode of Doctor Who I didn't have which was marked down (squeeeeee)... and I also found a Bonds hoodie in that lime green colour I've been obsessing about for months... and it was my size (double squeeeee)...

Then there was the shoes...

Thankfully, not only is the Footlocker store at West Lakes ENORMOUS compared with the one in the Mall, it also wasn't overheated to 12 million degrees...

puma frankie and adidas campus stAnd I was served reasonably quickly by a tiny, tiny man with bleached blonde hair... so cute and pocket-sized!

Once again the retail gods (and I just realised that Lownee and I never invented a goddess of shopping... what the hell were we thinking!) were smiling down on me, because although I asked for both of the pairs I wanted to try on in a 9.5, he brought them out in a 10 because that was all they had, and they fitted perfectly.

I have to say that the Adidas Campus ST (in suede donchakno) just went on "like budda"... not only did they fit perfectly, but they instantly conformed themselves to my wider than normal feet... plus they look so damn cute. And seriously, why is that that brand new shoes always look so much shorter than the shoes you wore into the store? It might just be because they're all narrow and stuff... but they always seem tiny...

The Puma Frankie shoes I ummed and ahhed about a bit, but they're a skate shoe and have a reasonably chunky sole, which is always where my shoes wear out first... and since I was getting 30% off, I decided to just take both pairs.

Essentially I got two pairs of shoes (plus some "shoe protector" spray... gotta love that upselling), and then the Bonds hoodie (which was full price, as well as being in a completely different store), and it still came out cheaper than the two pairs of shoes would normally... which I think is a pretty good deal. Even if it does mean that my plan of not really spending any "unnecessary" money this weekend has already gone out of the window...

But I'm going to tell Sugarmonkey tomorrow that he's a bad fiscal influence on me... and also "thank you"...

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random simpson hotness

Today's Random Hotness is former Abercrombie & Fitch coverboy, Jeremy Simpson, who seems to be working the whole "my shirt is blue and my pants might just fall off any second" vibe...

Works for me!

jeremy simpson jeremy simpson

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brain dump wednesday

beach greens sea birds
It's very odd when you haven't thought about somebody for weeks and weeks, but just when you do think about them and realise that you haven't heard from them in a while... suddenly they pop up and send you an inappropriate text message while you're at work.

It also means that you may end up driving over to see them at 11pm that night for a bootay call... or, you know, not...

Speaking of phone messages and suchlike, I got two totally random phone calls today... neither of which I answered... on at half past four this morning from a "private number" and another on my way home from, I think, a WA number. Weird...

Some random company that makes stock cubes and suchlike has had an ad on teevee for a while now that gives you the four steps to making Stracciatella... the first time I saw it I was all "wtf?" because it's soup that's essentially chicken stock with egg and cheese whisked into it. But I gave it a shot yesterday before we went to the movies... it wasn't a complete disaster, but it wasn't a success either. I think I whisked the egg and cheese in too hard so it didn't form "strings", it just kind of floated around like scum (and now that I read the description in Wikipedia, I know I overwhisked it). It didn't taste completely horrible though, and it was quite filling. Not sure that I'll bother trying it again though.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who does this, but if I go to bed pissed off about something it takes me a while (and some serious distraction usually) before I can let it go the following morning... but then I'm also the person who could win multiple gold medals if holding onto my anger and/or righteous indignation was an Olympic event.

As I was coming home tonight I realised that I forgot to actually send out a meeting request for a meeting tomorrow morning... I added it to my calendar but forgot to add anybody else's name to it... whoops... must remember to do that!

I happened to hear a conversation on random breakfast radio last week after two of the presenters had been invited to take part in a chocolate taste test... while the first two entries at the top of the list weren't really a shocker (Cocolat in Rundle Street and Lindt)... but the other two were a bit of a surprise... Whittakers from New Zealand and Coles Belgian Chocolate. I've now tried both... and they're really good. I think the Whittakers chocolate is better, but it's a pretty close run thing.

They better deliver my mattress on Saturday... although I'm not really looking forward to all the associated cleaning and construction, I'm already sick of having to move the stupid bedhead box... and I just want it to be done, you know...

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movies: terminator salvation

terminator salvation - the end beginsI think I read this somewhere... but shouldn't Terminator Salvation have a colon between the two words, otherwise it means that it's the salvation of the terminators... right?

*weighs the concept up in my head*

Well, that kinda works in a way, but not really...

I hope this is it for the Terminator franchise actually... or if not, that the only other movie that they make shows the humans defeating the machines once and for all (but then, given what we know of the future events, that movie won't be featuring John Connor... but that does have a nice sense of symmetry, since the first one didn't have him in either).

It does feel like a story we've seen a hundred times before... it has touches of Resident Evil: Extinction, War of the Worlds, The Matrix Revolutions, Reign of Fire and Independence Day among others.

It's all a bit old hat really... there wasn't anything that was especially ground breaking in any part of this movie.

But then I was just reaching that impressionable age when T2 came out, and they were doing effects that nobody had even thought they could do... it pushed the envelope and influenced a whole generation of movies to push CGI further and further. This movie is much more in the T3 oeuvre... it uses available technologies, but it doesn't really seen to push anything.

I'm slightly pissed off with whoever cut together the movie trailer... they essentially give away a major plot point that you may or may not work out on your own without the trailer, but it would have been nice to work it out for myself rather than having the information thrust upon me. That's also part of the reason that I've not let myself watch any of the trailers for Transformers 2 all the way through...

I think the story is somewhat conflicted... its a Terminator movie, so you're supposed to be rooting for somebody with the surname of Connor who is battling against one specific Terminator, but Christian Bale somehow manages to make the character not only uninteresting, but occasionally unlikeable. I found myself wondering if Christian Bale actually has another mood/acting style other than "intense and angry" any more... the way he plays John Connor is very similar to the way he played Quinn in Reign of Fire... and not that far removed from his version of Bruce Wayne (and yes, I know he's done a bunch of other stuff, but I haven't seen a lot of it, so I can't judge).

Sorry, I lost my train of thought there for a second... oh, right... conflicted. The movie flicks between two stories... one is John Connor, naturally... the other is Marcus Wright, who in many ways is a much more sympathetic character. But during the first half of the movie I wanted them to get away from the Marcus story and concentrate on John... but then as I became less and less interested in Christian Bale, I wanted to see more of Marcus.

And unlike every other Terminator movie, there isn't a villain... well, not a concrete, visible, singular villain... and I think the movie suffers for that a little bit... it also means that at various points both John and Marcus feel like they are taking on that role a little bit. All of which adds up to me not particularly caring about either of the characters by the end of the movie.

On the plus side, Aussie actor Sam Worthington pretty much mops the floor, acting-wise, with almost everybody he shares screen time with (and he's going this rough and sexy-looking thing going on too)... with the possible exception of the lovely Anton Yelchin (who looks absolutely nothing like Pavel Chekov in this movie) who was so radically different from the last time I saw him, I didn't recognise him even though I'd noted his name in the credits... the boy can certainly act. I definitely expect big things from both of them.

Like the new Star Trek movie it also plays with the idea of time travel a bit... which you would expect, since all of the previous Terminator movies involve things come back from the future to change history... and this movie is set before any of those time travel events happen (or rather, before the "future" parts happen). So at one point I did find myself wondering what would happen if they were to destroy Skynet before it could create the Terminators to send to the past, which would mean that history that has already happened would be rewritten, but could it be rewritten because the things that happened in the past caused John Connor to be who he is, which would mean that if they don't happen then he wouldn't be the same John Connor so would he be able to do the things necessary to destroy Skynet... at which point I think my brain started to leak out of my ears... thankfully, none of that is actually relevant to the movie, although I thought it was going to be for a while there.

There are some nice tie-ins to all three of the previous movies... lines of dialogue, similar looking locations, certain action beats... which was nice, none of it felt particularly laboured or over-emphasised, it was just woven into the fabric of the movie. And it makes sense that there are things that John Connor would remember from the events of the first three movies, and once he's in that kind of situation again it would come back to him (at least that's the way I interpreted some of it). Even the not-especially-secret "digital cameo" at the end of the movie didn't feel out of place (because really, he's not the most expressive actor ever)... and it made more sense (and rounded out that feeling of continuity) than having a live action cameo would have.

I do wonder how effective the Terminators are though... surely one Terminator on a suicide mission where it just blows up it's fuel cell, levelling a number of city blocks would get the job done... and without giving too much away, there does seem to be a lot of throwing people needlessly around and bouncing them off walls during the later fight scenes when a simple neck snap would fix your problem.

One thing that I would have expected to see, possibly as a post-credit sting, was rows and rows and rows and rows of T800's in their final, finished glory, especially given the way the movie ends.

yani's rating: 2 moto-terminators out of 5

unconscious mutterings 333

Three three three... it's the number of the half beast...

Also, buying $600 worth of bus tickets just because the price is about to go up by $1.20 seems a tiny bit excessive, even to me...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Nudity :: Full Frontal Male
  2. Domestic :: Bliss
  3. Burp :: Fart
  4. Baby :: Got Back
  5. Dateline :: Stupid George Stupid Negus
  6. Retract :: Lawyers
  7. Suppose :: Probably one of the top 50 words I use/overuse
  8. Surreal :: Dali
  9. Infidelity :: Cheating
  10. Token :: The black kid on South Park

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cabaret: puppets gone wild

adelaide cabaret festival - cabaret décadanse... enock turcotte, lorraine la diva and serge deslauriersPretty much from beginning to end Cabaret Décadanse was awesome...

Even the setting was fantastic... I knew that we were in the main Festival Theatre theatre, but it wasn't until we got in there that I realised that we were actually ON the stage...

The main curtains had been drawn with a little marquee poking out of the gap, and we went through a slightly Freudian red curtain lined passageway and were essentially sitting on the main stage looking back towards the auditorium. And while it was the middle of the afternoon (even if it was a very grey and wet afternoon), we were suddenly in the middle of this red and purple lit world with big velvet curtains and a slightly smoky atmosphere.

Sadly the crowd was a very "matinee" crowd, much older than I suspect an evening crowd would have been... and to be honest, given the tone of the performance (and the fact that laughter seemed to be somewhat sparse on occasion) I'm not sure why some of them were even there.

But it didn't stop Ma and I having a good time, even if out seats weren't quite so "front row centre" this time (more second row, left of centre... although I was annoyed to see that a whole table in the front row was completely empty... did somebody buy out the entire table and then forget to show up... rudeness!).

It did take a few moments for me to adjust once the show started though... puppeteers Serge Deslauriers (he's the sexy bald one) and Enock Turcotte (he's the one with the amazing legs) are visible on stage the entire time, they're not hiding anything they do with the puppets (including the very industrial looking pieces of equipment they use to work the heads/mouths), it's all out there for you to see. And when they first came out with Conrad the French transvestite, both controlling one arm, and where Conrad's body is essentially Serge from the waist down... I was slightly distracted by the whole set up...

And, just a brief aside... hello French Candadian HOTNESS! Serge is all shaven headed hotness and Enock has an ass you could bounce quarters off... very nice...

Okay, where was I... oh yeah. After some trilingual spiel (which I will admit was often quite hard to follow, partly because of the three languages and partly because of the sound system) by Amfitriona the puppet-headed emcee (played by Raynald Michaud) and once we got to the second act, Lorraine La Diva (that's her in the photo at the top), I was completely hooked...

It's amazing how lifelike and human these puppets become after a very short space of time, and even when they're not even remotely human looking (like Sibo the horny little sock puppet), you totally buy it.

They also use the fact that the two puppeteers are visible on stage to great effect... more than once the puppets "molested" Serge (who seems to do a lot of the head movement, while Enock seems to do a lot of the hand stuff... especially when the puppets are molesting Serge), or they just played with the fact that there were these two extra bodies on the stage... so Mauve, the sexy bee diva perches on hands and lays along legs... stuff like that.

Actually I think that Mauve was possibly my favourite character... and it's very weird to say, but even though she's a two foot tall, super deformed puppet... and a female puppet at that... Mauve had it going on... she was two parts sex kitten, one part Tinkerbell.

The two that would have to tie for a close second were Siba, the aforementioned sock... and Kiko, the only "masculine" puppet in the show, who was actually kinda sexy with his white hair and sunglasses (you know... sexy for a puppet)

I was also really impressed with the range of music in the show... while I can't remember all of it, there were a number of old classic Cabaret songs (the names of all of which escape me)... I know that a female vocal version of "Hard Day's Night" was in there for Maude... the Propellerheads song "History Repeating" with Shirley Bassey let Ms La Diva shake her very naked puppet groove thing (puppet boobies... OMG!) all over an unsuspecting audience member (poor guy didn't know what the hell was going on)... then they got very "modern" with Big Gay Al's "I'm Super" song from South Park for Conrad... and the show stopper was the Catherine Zeta-Jones version of "I Can't Do It Alone" from Chicago...

Actually, I was kinda tempted to buy the CD they had in the giftshop... and I still might when we go to our final show next week...

So, while it only ran for slightly more than an hour, it was definitely over too soon... and it's something that I would definitely go and see again.

Lordy, lordy, lordy... what a weekend it has been...

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excessive spending saturday

money money money moneyToday I spend $1502...

And while I was aware of the rough ballpark figure while I was spending it (since it took about four hours to do), it was only really when I got home and added up all my receipts that it really sunk in...

I also managed to do it all with a very slight headache/hangover... I'm such a cheap drunk... two shots of tequila last night and I was feeling all warm and tingly, but not even the least bit drunk... but this morning, a tiny bit seedy...

But back to the excessive purchases...

As I said last weekend, after having seen a suitable bed frame at Ikea, we decided that today was going to be about finally getting me a new bed... and if things went to plan, the red chair I've been drooling over for months too.

So supermarket, blah blah, Whittakers chocolate (very tasty), blah blah blah... we then went off to Dreamland to look at mattresses... I didn't actually realise that it had been 9 months since we were last there... I knew it had been a while, but the quotes that I got last time were now useless... in fact the first one on the list isn't even being made anymore. Anyway, the nice lady (a different nice lady than last time) took me around the store and made me lie down a lot... most of the time I didn't even get a chance to work out if it felt okay or not before she declared the mattress in question "not right" and whisked me off to try another one.

Eventually it was decided that the best mattress was a Sleephaven "Dream Bedzzz" Twilight (actually I had no idea was it was... it only says "Twilight" on the receipt, and the whole incident is something of a blur... it was only after doing a bit of googling that I realised what it was). Part of my brain did go "seriously, I have to have a bed named after the worst vampire movie ever?" when she mentioned the name... but it was the most comfortable, the nice lady said it supported me properly (and the top of it has pretty stars embossed into the fabric) and before I knew it I was saying yes and being upsold a slightly pretentious "mattress protector"...

Then I was flinging my ATM card across the room (by accident, it slipped out of my fingers as I was pulling it out of my wallet) and attempting to run up $1116... except the transaction wouldn't go through, and none of us could work out why... I had more than enough money on the card, but it kept being declined. Finally Ma remembered that there's a limit on how much you can spend on one of those cards in a day... turns out that it's $1000. Who knew!? Not me... I've never even come close to spending that much in a day before, let alone in a single freaking transaction. So after $1000 worth of EFTPOS and $116 in cash, I headed out of the store mumbling "$1116" to myself with nothing more to show for it than a piece of paper and a potential delivery date of next Saturday.

*deep breath... hold it... and relax*

So, the deed was done... but now I needed a bed frame to go along with the spanky new mattress I just bought...

So after a quick sidetrip to Arndale (there were supposed to be teeshirts... there really weren't teeshirts, stupid trixy catalogue) we headed down to Ikea for the second time in as many weeks.

Our first stop was the restaurant (a reasonably good veggie quiche and chips for me... but I really, really, really need to stay away from that horrible Princess Cake)... it was getting to be about lunch time anyway, but I think I was suffering from low blood sugar or something... all that spending of money, with more to come...

heimdal bed and tullsta chairOnce we were finished eating it was the most streamlined, focused, confusing and expensive trip to Ikea we've ever had...

First, find the Tullsta chair, write down the measurements to check if it will fit in the back of Ma's car and the spot to find it in the Big Racks of Swedishness...

Second, find the Heimdal bed (seriously, do these Ikea names actually MEAN anything, or is it just made up gibberish?), get the slightly useless transexual who works in that department to write down everything I needed to know (she was only useless because she not only took FOREVER to write down the details for me, she also got two of the item locations wrong)...

Third, make the long, long, long trek from the bed department all the way through the rest of the upper and lower floors of the store until we got to the Self Service Furniture Area where it all seemed to get overly complicated.

I'm sure once you know how it all works, it's fine (as I do now), but I wanted to get the big stuff delivered (the bed head and food and the sides), so I wasn't sure if I needed to schlep it all through the checkouts or what. Turns out I did... but because the stupid bed lady had pointed me in the wrong direction, I ended up having to have conversations with three different Ikea employees and frankly I felt kind of dumb by the end of it.

While all this was going on I'd sent Ma out to measure the car (and she managed to snag one of the Tullsta chairs that was already on a trolley before she went out, since she spotted one of the employees adding some more stock to the floor)... then I collected all of my Heimdals and Skorvas and Sultan Lades that made up the bed and once she got back we proceeded to the "5 items or less" aisle (what, I had exactly five items!) and paid out $318, then headed over to the home delivery counter while Ma went to get the car, got served by both of the prettypretty boys who worked there, and was charged another $68 for delivery ($48 for the delivery and an extra $20 because their normal delivery time just happened to include the hour we're at the Cabaret Festival tomorrow and for the extra fee I could get it delivered at whatever fricken time I liked... and really, by that point in the day, an extra $20 was pretty much chicken feed!)...

Then we had to get my Tullsta and my Sultan Lade and my Skorva into Ma's car, which was much easier than I thought it was going to be... but by this point it was 3pm... so much for the "short day" we originally planned...

I spent most of the drive back to my place making random noise and repeating the insane amount of money I'd spent, but like I said at the top of this post, it was only when I got home and added it all up on my mobile phone's calculator that it really started to sink in... so "one thousand, five hundred and two dollars" kind of became a catchphrase for a while.

On the plus side, not only am I getting the mattress delivered for free, but for a small fee they're also going to take my gross old bed away... woohoo. Also, after I finally managed to unwrap the chair from it's vast cocoon of plastic and cardboard, its very comfortable... not quite as comfortable as the one in the store, but mine is brand new, whereas the one in the store has probably had a couple of hundred people a day sitting in it for the last however many days. But it'll wear in (I just need to get some of the Scotchguard stuff... not like I was going to do when I bought the little red sofa and never got around to... I need to actually do it)...

On the down side, next Saturday will involve varying amounts of "waiting for mattress delivery", "constructing new bed", "moving old bed", "cleaning spot where bed was" and suchlike. There are also the double issues that I'm going to have a new bed in four different parts taking up space in the apartment for a week... and it made more sense for Ma to take the old busted rocking chair (and it really is old and busted... it's as old as me and pretty much falling to bits) when she comes down tomorrow, that way she doesn't need to take it out of the car when she gets home and she can work her old lady magic on whoever she needs to to make it find a dumpster somewhere... which is better than me just putting it out on the footpath.

I am a tiny bit concerned about sleeping in a bed with slats though... every other bed I've ever had has been of some other variation, and looking at the big pile of slats that are currently sitting on my dresser, they don't look very, very, very sturdy... and you add to that the weight of me and the mattress... and, yeah...

The other thing that keeps floating through my mind is picking the right person to help me "christen" the bed... I can think of a couple of highly desirable candidates, but none of them are high on the possibility scale... oh well, whatever happens will happen I guess...

So that was my very expensive day out... big love to Pat, Peta and Kylwoo for helping me spend a shitload of money...

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photo friday: pohs

pohsEven though it's been a short week, it's very much been one of THOSE kind of weeks...
  • The full moon makes everybody insane and quite a bit stupider than normal...

  • This week was the full moon...

  • The age-old question... get laid or get smashed on tequila?...

  • My chosen brand of tequila is gold and comes with a little gold hat and a free shot glass... I picked it because it came with a free shot glass and was $1 cheaper than the clear variety...

  • One of my Smiggle badges has fallen off of the safety pin... and they've only been on my Crumpler bag for about a week...

  • The American version of So You Think You Can Dance starts again tonight... sqeeee (even if it is only going to be the horrible audition show)...

  • Freshman magazine's June issue isn't available in Australia yet *sulk*...

  • Gotta get a new fan heater thing... this radiator one that I have isn't cutting the mustard...

  • Red and black stripy socks, no jockstrap (I wasn't in the mood)...

  • Shoulda taken photos of the masses of little red rubber ducks in the fountain near Adelaide Arcade on Wednesday...

  • JB Hi-Fi stores are the real world equivalent to Empire Records... kinda...

  • Need to stop having ideas at work, because it all leads back to more complicated problems...

  • Every other teenage boy is sporting a post-emo, Efron-eske floppy hairstyle... what's up with that?...

  • Every generation says "what's up with that" about the upcoming generations hairstyles, right?...

  • Decent sounding books priced between $5 and $10 are my weakness...

  • Mmmm... homemade pizza...
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cabaret: every film ever made

adelaide cabaret festival - every film ever madeOh man... the last time I think I laughed so hard was when I went to see Adam Richard...

Every Film Every Made is FUNNY!

It's also incredibly fast-paced... the first twenty minutes is basically one long montage of various bits and pieces out of different movies, either musically, by quoting lines, using the logos of movies for the "credits", or just by wearing movie themed teeshirts.

The three performers were a good mix too... Tegan Higginbotham (the girl - cute as a button, but still able to do a wicked Gollum impression), Robert Lloyd (the cute one - and according to Ma, channelling David Tennant - but he was wearing a Tardis teeshirt) and Adam McKenzie (the bald one - quite seriously nuts) each had their moment to shine, and were genuinely having a good time up there since they were cracking each other up as they went along.

Actually the whole thing felt very fresh... and it doesn't seem to be a brand new show... but even in the bits where it was obvious that every show must have pretty much the same elements and sections in it, it still felt like it was spontaneous. It was also funny that they just ran with certain jokes... there was a young guy, maybe 14 or so sitting at the front of our table (which was basically front row centre... woohoo) and at one point they noticed him and Adam actually asked him his name (Matt)... which then lead them to keep returning to mentioning his name throughout the show (they even got the audience to give Matt a round of applause at the end).

There was a much higher degree of profanity than I was expecting... not that I have any kind of problem with that, actually in a lot of cases it was really funny... just unexpected.

Because it was such a fast-paced and energetic show I'm having that combination of there being just too many things to mention that I enjoyed and not quite being able to remember all the really good stuff. Some of the bits I do remember include:
  • Adam and Robbie doing "the scene" between Clive Owen and Natalie Portman from Closer (and Robbie telling Matt to cover his ears before they did it)... and somehow Jabba the Hutt found his way in there...
  • Tegan and her aforementioned Gollum impression
  • The Bollywood/Alien series crossover musical number
  • Adam's Yoda impression that pretty much stopped the show
  • The "placard" scene from Love Actually
  • Tegan and Artax from The Neverending Story (I actually got kinda choked up)
  • The extremely esoteric reference to the John Cusak movie, Say Anything, that nobody in the room got (apart from the cast)
  • Robbie's impression of Margaret
  • The "forced perspective" joke from Lord of the Rings
I know they're kinda vague references, but I don't want to spoil the jokes for anybody who might see it in the future. It's definitely worth the price of admission!

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random black hotness

For today's Random Hotness I'm combining my ongoing obsession with guys in hoodies and my appreciation for the photography on Fantasticsmag.

Which sounds convoluted, but really it just means that I thought that model Brett Reeves looked incredibly hot in the Black Out photoshoot by Jeff Kirk... especially that first shot...

black out - brett reeves black out - brett reeves

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