unconscious mutterings 334

The bed was better last night... I, however, feel positively craptacular! Not enough to stay home this morning, but enough to take the edge off my game. My cold has developed a cough thing, which I'm not doing a lot of fortunately, but when I do it's not nice.

And tomorrow is a day that I haven't been looking forward to... and also seems like it could be a day with some big, fat, juicy gossip/announcements, which I will have to hear second hand afterwards because I'm tied into doing this stupid project all day.

Unconscious Musings...
  1. Divorce :: Heterosexuals
  2. Napkin :: Napery
  3. Camera :: Club
  4. Leather :: Restraints
  5. Fractures :: Bones
  6. Flip out :: How very 70's
  7. Coroner :: All those medical/crime teevee shows
  8. Atomic :: Bomb
  9. Liz :: Taylor
  10. Leave :: Form
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