money, money, money

I got my tax refund cheque in the mail today...

Its the one bonus to working sporadically (or, in this case, for only 6 out of 12 months), I always end up with a big fat refund cheque.

I think this one is actually the biggest one yet at around $1800.

My problem always comes around to how to spend it... by the time I've actually gotten the cheque (at least the last three years), I haven't been working, and the money has usually just gone to pay off Mr Visa, and to give me some breathing room for a little while.

But this year I'd promised myself I was going to get back to Melbourne again, on my own... Partly to have large amounts of sex, but partly to prove (if only to myself) that going to Melbourne ISN'T a huge production and doesn't require a three mile run up to get me there.

And now that I have the cheque, I'm having second thoughts...

I can't work out if its just the whole fear thing talking, or whether its my common sense, saying "save the money, you'll probably need it". Course, then other body parts chime in on the conversation, for obvious reasons... and all of us who own one know that they'll say anything to get what they want.

Another part of me (no, a whole other part this time) says "go and finally buy a digital camera"...

So none of the voices in my head will be quiet for more than 30 seconds and its a little hard to think with all that noise.

Of course, now I'm wondering if I could actually manage to do all of it with the money, pay off Mr Visa, go to Melbourne and buy a cheap but functional digital camera... I just don't think I would have any money left over.

Now my head really hurts...

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movies: gladiatress

does my gluteus maximus look big in this?Take a pinch of Gladiator, a touch of Asterix, plus a liberal dose of the spirit of the Carry On films, and that just about sums up Gladiatress.

The first feature film from the creators of the Smack the Pony series, it has its moments of amusement, and, unlike King Arthur, the parts that are funny are trying to be, not unintentionally amusing.

Of the two, I have to say I preferred Gladiatress, perhaps because it was just solidly British the whole way through. And part of that is just because these "cheap" period movies from Britain always look as though they were filmed during appalling weather... of course, they usually are filmed that way, although I don't know why.

Silly, a little repetitive in spots, but still worth a look.

yani's rating: 2 Xena Wannabes out of 5

movies: king arthur

king arthurSince there was nothing on at the movies that we hadn't already seen and the weather was fit for neither man nor beast, Ma and I decided to hit the video store when she came down tonight.

Usually this is a looooooong drawn out process, since we've generally seen everything we wanted to see, and the stuff we haven't seen, one of us really was never fussed on in the first place (anything in the horror genre for her, anything in the overly chick genre for me).

This time it was remarkably painless though, since we both spotted something, and neither fitted in the genres mentioned above.

I grabbed Gladiatress, and she found King Arthur. Its always nice to borrow inside a similar theme too... *grin*.

Although I'd heard that KA was kinda crap, I figured, well, I've listened to people say that about other movies, and quite enjoyed them... and I had wanted to see it when it was in the cinema, so, what the hell.

While it wasn't as bad as say, Phantom of the Opera (a movie I loathed with every fibre of my being, and my benchmark for how much a movie sucks), Arthur did have some serious flaws.

Beyond the massive overacting by a number of the cast (Stellan Skarsgård, I'm looking at you!)... the thing that really threw me and kept dragging me out of the moment was the appallingly, appallingly bad lighting design... I mean, c'mon guys, there's green light all over the place, with nothing that seems to be capable of producing green light... I think part of it was something they did to the negative, which made everything green... did they think they were making The Matrix?

And don't even get me started on lighting continuity.... I even added a goof at, although I can't believe nobody else spotted it.

Hopefully Gladiatress is a hell of a lot better... or at least intentionally amusing.

yani's rating: -1 Celtic Excalibur out of 5

play misty (lilac) for me

march 14 - misty lilac
Who knew? I'm all Misty Lilac (note to self: would make a good drag name)... well, according to the folks over at anyway.

Unique, reads people, dance, music and the arts.... yeah, sounds kinda like me. Not sure about the charming and vivacious bits though...

Current Mood: kinda zen

weird pseudo dreams

Johan Paulik by Howard RoffmanI've always maintained that I don't remember my dreams... and I really don't... not those middle of the night ones.

I do tend to remember the ones you have after you've already woken up once and have gone back to sleep... where sometimes you're aware that you're dreaming, and its like watching your own personal teevee show, and you just go with it... THOSE I tend to remember, maybe because my brain is "switched on" while they're happening, and it makes me remember, at least for a while after I wake up... after about half an hour all the details get a little sketchy...

And for some reason, I've been having those dreams this weekend... one yesterday, and one this morning...

Yesterday's was a little more vivid... and a little like being trapped in some kind of bad sitcom... all I really remember is it starting out with Jamie Durie for no apparent reason... then it seemed to slide into weirdness, including people I know/knew alongside Betty White as a judge, David Duchovny as her son (I think), and Bel Ami star Sasha Chaykin as somebody's boyfriend... as well as, for some reason, a small set of drawers in an alcove standing in for my car (I've got no idea what that's all about), and trying to fit four people on top of them so we could go somewhere... weird.

This morning's sifting of my psyche reminded me of something else... every time I dream about a house, or home, or whatever, when I know I'm "at my house" in my dream, its never MY place, or where my Mum now lives, its always the house I grew up in. And I'm never sure why... obviously that place imprinted on my brain pretty damned deep (and so it should have, I spent over half my life to date there).

There was some other stuff about me having to collect someone from somewhere, and Mum stopping on her way home to pick up some woman she knew, and getting "home" to find my cousin was inside waiting for us... but its all a bit of a blur now.

And I thought my brain was weird when I was awake!

Current Mood: vaguely introspective

random wisdom for the day

I was out shopping with Ma this morning, and we went into this funky groovy little "peace love and mungbeans" type clothing store. There was a box by the counter with a sign on it saying something about "Your Wisdom for the Day" or something similar, so I thought, why not, and took one.

I got this...

"I will have patience with my long-term goals."
I mean, its nice and all... but I don't even know what my long term goals ARE! So, yeah, maybe that means I have to have patience with them appearing, rather than them coming true...

Okay, so its not completely true... but I've had the same long term goals for, well, a long time now... career, apartment, boyfriend... and, yeah... batting a total of 0 for 0 at the moment...

Dammit... I hate it when fortune cookie psychology gets me thinking like this...

Current Mood: confused and annoyed

random kilt hotness

Today's Random Hotness is all about the kilt... and is brought to you by Utilikilts and Kilt2... and just the general hotness of a cute guy in an unbifurcated garment...

utilikilts hotnesskilt2 hotness

Current Mood: mmmmmm hotness

goin' down to south park...

my park kidsSee, this is what happens when you watch an episode of South Park and think, "Gee, I wonder if there's some cool wallpaper with Timmy on it?" (Timmy rocks... Kenny too, actually!)...

And while doing a search, you stumble across things like The South Park Studio... where you can make your own character... I had played around with the first version ages ago, but Version 2 has a bunch more outfits and hairstyles and things.

Its stupid and purile, but its fun... and slightly addictive...

I never did end up finding any "official" Timmy wallpaper though...

Current Mood: hehehehe

photographer: jay gumm

jaygumm.netIn last night's post, I mentioned "a photographer I like"... which of course, led me to doing a search for more of his work online.

Jay Gumm, Photographer and Artist.

I first came across his work back in the early days of the Photosig website, back before they made all the "improvements" and I could actually submit work without getting an error message... and before most of the gay photographers chose to leave after having our work mostly ignored.

Jay and I commented on each other's work (okay, I commented more on his, but he did post a lot more than me), and we even had a brief spate of emailing each other, which culminated in him asking if he could "experiment" on some of my shots.

Naturally, I couldn't say yes fast enough...

It's been interesting to watch his work develop over the years, from the more standard (yet still beautiful) images, to all his many and varied Photoshop creations, right through to when he started printing images out and "Frankensteining" them, drawing on them, scratching them, cutting them up and sewing or gluing them back together.

While his primary subject tends to be himself, he wears so many masks (literally and figuratively), that he is sometimes unrecognisable from one image to the next. At the same time he's so totally open and, for want of a better word, exposed (and not just his body) in many of the shots.

The images tend to run to the erotic, bordering on the pornographic on occasion, and quite often strange and confronting... but as he himself says "...the somewhat pornographic confrontation is intentional - I use that as a platform to relay my theme."

He's by no means a one-trick-pony though... one of my favourite of his images is simply three white pillows against a dark wall.

Jay is one of a small handful of photographers whose work inspires me, challenges me, makes me question and, to be honest, makes me jealous.

Current Mood: inspired

hot action-man-on-man action

www.poseablethumbs.comI love stuff that's weird and quirky and a little kinky and kinda sorta wrong...

This is possibly the whole reason I spend so much time online... hello, whole world of weird, quirky and wrong... and lets not even start on kinky...

I've been doing a lot of bloghopping lately (too many links, too many links... *head spins around*)... and have been finding myself in all manner of strange and esoteric places.

One of the weirder and slightly kinkier places I ended up was Poseable Thumbs... (see the picture... they're not people... they're action figures)...

Of course, this is not a new concept... I've seen it done a few times... firstly by a photographer I like and there's also a whole book about the "adult" Billy Doll... I even picked up a doll to play around with the concept myself at one stage.

But I have to say, this is quite a well done set of images... sure the concept is a little repetitive after a while (all that BDSM action), but some of the images are really nicely put together.

Current Mood: amused

dating personality profile

I found this through my travels in blogdom... Interesting... I wouldn't have thought I would be classified as "Adventurous"...

Your dating personality profile:

Adventurous - Just sitting around the house is not something that appeals to you. You love to be out trying new things and really experiencing life.
Intellectual - You consider your mind amongst your assets. Learning is not a chore but a constant search after wisdom and knowledge. You value education and rationality.
Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
Your date match profile:

Adventurous - You are looking for someone who is willing to try new things and experience life to its fullest. You need a companion who encourages you to take risks and do exciting things.
Intellectual - You seek out intelligence. Idle chit-chat is not what you are after. You prefer your date who can stimulate your mind.
Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Adventurous
2. Intellectual
3. Liberal
4. Stylish
5. Sensual
6. Outgoing
7. Practical
8. Wealthy/Ambitious
9. Big-Hearted
10. Funny
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Adventurous
2. Intellectual
3. Practical
4. Funny
5. Sensual
6. Outgoing
7. Wealthy/Ambitious
8. Stylish
9. Traditional
10. Big-Hearted
Take the Online Dating Profile Quiz at Dating Diversions

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(spam) comments

just say no websiteNow don't get me wrong... comments on blog posts are good. I like comments. I would like more comments (it would convince me that somebody other than me is actually seeing my blog).

What I don't like are spam comments!

Today I got three... all on yesterday's Random Hotness post (not sure if there's some kind of sign in that). They all started nicely... "like your page", "your blog is fantastic", "definately going to bookmark you", etc, etc.

Then it turns out that one is for some business site, one is for auto parts (me, autoparts... have you heard the one about a fish needing a bike?), and one is for phentermine (I didn't even know what it was... I had to Wikipedia it.


This isn't the first one of these spam comments I've gotten... I got one ages ago, but just deleted it straight away. My email is regularly full of spam... and even though I have a pretty good spam filter program running (thank you SpamBayes), it still means I have to check that nothing good has wandered into the spam folder and delete the garbage that's there.

Why do people have to spam things? Why? You go over there to your little corner of the internet and do your thing, and I'll stay here in my little corner doing my thing... if I want to find autoparts or buy viagra or view live nude whatevers, well, that's what Google and are for...

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random fashion hotness

Today's first ever Random Hotness has a fashion theme, and is brought to you by the hot blonde underwear model for Ginch Gonch, Kolten... and the unnamed redheaded cutie modelling tshirts for Defunker...

ginch gonch hottiedefunker hottie

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movies: the island

the islandWell... The Island... what can I say?

I was a little hesitant to go and see it, since I'd read some less than complimentary things about it... basically that it was one big action scene with no real connecting plot, and there was a lot of product placement.

Well, the things I read were right... It was about 36 minutes of plot and/or talking, and 100 minutes of runnin' and duckin' and dodgin' and hidin'. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration... but it does feel like, once they get out into the world, that its one thing after another after another.

And the product placement... where do I start? It was almost like being in a two hour, big screen commercial... Puma, Speedo, Xbox, Amtrack, MSN, NBC , Tag Heuer, Ben and Jerry's, Mack, Cadillac, Nokia, Cisco, Calvin Klein, Aquafina... and I think American Express.

It wasn't even like they were subtle... they were so very very very obvious...

Having said all that, it was a pretty enjoyable 136 minutes... lots of action, so it keeps you entertained... even if I did spend a large portion of the time counting up all the product placement.

Course, Ewan McGregor is pretty damn watchable in anything... and putting him in the white uniform they wear in the facility doesn't hurt either...

yani's rating: 1 confused clone out of 5

it's time to go....

image © endemol southern star pty ltd 2001-2005It's time to go... Big Brother.

After fourteen weeks, fifteen housemates, two replacement housemates, three intruders and a special guest.... after controversy, nudity, lies and "confliction"... after 105 website trivia quizzes and 252 hours of television... its all over for another year.

What the hell am I supposed to do with my Monday and Friday nights now?

I have to admit, I came a little late to the BB franchise... I flatly refused to watch the first series, never got around to watching the second, but got hooked on the third series, and have been watching it ever since. And this year is the first time where I really didn't give a damn about the housemates... as a group, they pretty much annoyed the crap out of me, but at the same time, I couldn't turn it off...

The third series was like hanging out with a bunch of friends, and I used to curl up in my pj's and watch Up Late and listen to all their great coversations, and I grew to really like the majority of them. It was also the one and only time I ever voted to evict someone... Bloody Ben...

The fourth series was kinda similar, although I was working during it, so no Up Late for me... but they became kind of like a surrogate group of friends... people I actually liked "spending time with"... even if the relationship was a little onesided *grin*.

But this year...

From the get-go, the housemates have just been irritating and obnoxious and butting heads over and over and over and over. Urgh...

Big Brother's tag line for this group was "young, single and sexy" or something similar... and, let me tell you, while some of them were nice eye candy, there is a definate reason a bunch of them were single...

But once again, I couldn't stop watching...

And 99% of the time my predictions for who was leaving the house turned out to be wrong. In previous years I got fairly good at predicting who would stay and who would go... but this year, forget it... strange decision after strange decision after strange decision. Thanks Australia...

Even this year's winner, Greg (or more acurately Logan Greg, playing for the Logan Twins) came as a shock to me. I was sure it was going to be Tim. But I guess Australia is still a sucker for a pretty face, and that was one thing Greg did have over Tim.

Well, congratulations Greg... enjoy splitting your $836,000 with your brother, and here's hoping your fifteen minutes of fame is kind to you.

Current Mood: sad its all over


not the bunny i saw... for obvious reasonsSeriously... on my way to the supermarket, I took my usual backstreet/alleyway shortcut, and there it was, in the muddy pseudo parking lot behind one of the houses. A white, fairly well-fed bunny rabbit...

Actually its not as strange as it sounds, since I've seen the same rabbit three times now, and all in pretty much the same area. Once on my way home from Camera Club, once on the way to the 7 day supermarket, and then today.

I did the predictable thing of stopping and crouching down and trying to talk to it... it had about as much effect as you would expect... it would let me get so close, but then it bolted under a car. It has to have been someone's pet at some stage and then escaped, and seems to be managing to survive in and around the backstreets of my neighbourhood.

It was one of the few times I've actually wished that I had a digital camera, or better still (since I wouldn't have taken said camera for a trip to the supermarket), a mobile with a camera in it.

Current Mood: bunny!

what makes people gay?

From The Boston Globe, via Proceed at your own risk comes this incredibly well written article by Neil Swidey that asks What Makes People Gay?. It's a little long, but its well worth the read.

Current Mood: impressed

contracts for everything...

"You wouldn't get married without a prenuptial agreement or jump out of a plane without a parachute. So why have sex without a contract? This site makes it quick and easy to generate a sex consent form, detailing what you and your partner are willing, and not willing, to do."

This has to be one of the silliest things I've seen in a while... yet possibly helpful...

Current Mood: amused

harbour town: a dichotomy

It will be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I hate people... in general and on mass... however, I do like a good perve.

Which is why good old Harbour Town is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The people seem to be ruder or stupider than other places, but on the flip side there are usually large numbers of young men, in groups, flying solo or with female partners of varying descriptions. There were a few standouts, including the very tall tanned guy with the shorter twin friends, and a hot redhead with his ethnic buddies.

I'm happy to say that the eyecandy pretty much outweighed the pyscho contingent, but not by much.

I did manage to get some bargin Calvin Klein rib boxer briefs (obviously now a discontinued line, since it doesn't show up on the website) for about half price, and this cute pair of faux wood and leather thongs. Unfortunately since not a whole lot else was going to actually fit me, that was my total haul, but the underwear alone was worthwhile.

Current Mood: tired but content

playschool hotness

teo - playschool hotnessIts just wrong when you're flicking through the channels and see a really hot guy and then realise he's on Playschool... and be compelled to watch the rest of the episode, albeit with the sound down so you don't have to listen to whatever it is they're going on about... just so you can watch the hotness.

And Teo Gebert is a whole world of hot... I mean, look at that face... of course, I wasn't helped by the fact he was wearing a pink teeshirt (I'm having a tiny fetish for that at the moment... its very hot), and a pair of very hot "tribal graffiti" jeans... plus the fact I caught the barest glimpse of the band of his dark blue underwear while he was doing some song with actions...

Was it somebody's idea to get a hot Playschool presenter for all the young single mothers?

All I know is, I really need to go back to work... when you're reduced to finding hotties on Playschool, its time to find employment again...

Current Mood: aroused but disturbed

camera club judges...

my entriesTo quote Bender, they can "bite my shiney metal ass"!

Grrrr... it would be nice to get one who a) still had his own hair and teeth, and b) wasn't suffering from an apparent loss of 35% of his brain.

I mean, c'mon... two 7's, three 5's, and for the love of pete, a FOUR!

It wasn't helped by the fact that tonight's judge was making comments like "I like this, good lines, good detail, blah blah blah" (okay, I made that last one up) and then giving the shot a 4 or a 5. All I ask for is the occasional 8, a judge that knows his ass from a hole in the ground, and some consistency between comments and scores. Is that too much to ask?

*going to drink caffeine based products and possibly scream into a cushion*

Current Mood: super cranky

quick and dirty iq

Your IQ Is 110

Your Logical Intelligence is Above Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Average

Current Mood: smart

on the lighter side...

Bug Sex!And now for something completely different after my little diatribe earlier...

Bug sex! No, seriously, its about the weirdest AIDS awareness or prevention ads I have ever seen. Yes, next time I have sex with a scorpion, I will be sure to wear a condom. Although, to be honest, I actually think its just a little teeny tiny bit hot.

Speaking of hot... anyone for retro Playgirl models? Okay, maybe not HOT... but amusing and interesting none-the-less...

And Ian Thorpe keeps insisting he ISN'T gay... but even without the nailpolish, what is this outfit saying?

Current Mood: amused

no stealth religion for me

I was sitting in the living room, minding my own business, watching the same episode of The Simpsons that I've seen 82000 times, waiting for the ad break to finish, when this kind of cool commercial comes on. There's a bunch of teenagers standing around in what looked like some kind of empty upscale warehouse in front of an abstract banner. And they're talking about the things that are important in life...

And then one of them says something about "but not religion"... and I'm thinking, hang on, there's no way they'd be allowed to get away with that... and then suddenly they're talking about how "awesome" Jesus is or some crap.

Arrgggghhhhh.... Stealth Jesus!

I'd been enjoying the ad too... they were saying some interesting things... a couple of the boys were cute... and then they go and do an S.J. on me.

And because I was kind of hoping that some of the text from the ad would be on their website and I could lift it, I checked them out... and it turns out that this "All About Life" group is made up of the heads of no less than 11 churches, covering pretty much all the variations of the Christian church in Adelaide, and banding together to "present the message of Jesus".

I mean... c'mon... you want to go to the church thing, go right ahead... but I don't want religion of any kind shoved down my throat... if you aren't attracting young people to the church, do you think there might be other reasons behind that that an incredibly slick television commercial isn't going to solve.

I don't especially want or need to see a blatently subversive ad thrust at me during prime "youth" viewing times, thanks anyway. And I do think its subversive... give me the good old days when the religious ads had the "Christian Television Association" text at the bottom right from the beginning, at least then you could automatically turn off, you didn't get sucked into being interested, only to feel vaguely dirty when you realised what was going on.

Shame on you, All About Life... shame on you.

Current Mood: violated

thoughts for the day

I drove up to see my Mum today, and we went over to the Elizabeth Shopping Centre to take a look at all the renovations and whatnot, and on the drive and subsequent spin around the centre, I had a few thoughts...

Why is it, as soon as you put a semi cute boy in a baseball cap, or a cowboy hat, or (less frequently) a beanie, he instantly seems to get cuter? Of course, I also seem to have that problem with guys in Oakleys.

What is with certain retail stores and takeaway food outlets making the youngest/dumbest member of staff stand out on busy main roads with advertising signs? Is that what they think qualifies as job satisfaction?

Why does it always seem like everyone on the road but me is a total moron?

And why do attractive teenage boys from "rough" areas grow up to be unattractive adults? Do all the actually attractive people leave the area?

Current Mood: questioning


nate and oprah - image tm & copyright 2005 harpo productions incI've said before that I'm a sucker for Oprah's makeover shows... And I think part of that is a big fat crush on Nate Berkus. If I suddenly won the lottery and bought an apartment in the city or something, and I was able to have my pick of interior designers from anywhere on the planet, I think Nate would be not only the top of my list, but most probably the whole list.

I've yet to see a makeover he's done, even if it wasn't to MY taste, that didn't totally fit the person he was doing it for. From Oprah's office to Jerry O'Connell's bachelor pad, they all fit the person and their lifestyle. Plus he's so damn cute!

Weirdly enough, it was also Nate, and his story of losing his partner Fernando Bengoechea in the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that really made that story actually resonate for me. Before then it had been just a story, a tragedy, but it seemed like something that all the news media were exploiting and going on and on and on about, but I just couldn't connect with it. Then I heard Nate's story, and it struck a cord in me.

The fact that he survived that ordeal and managed to find his way out the other side, even after losing his partner and just living through those experiences, gives me the utmost respect for him.

And the title from this entry? It comes from a story Oprah told on today's Go Inside Nate's House episode (we're disgustingly far behind America in Oprah episodes, and it doesn't help when they keep repeating them). Seems that Halle Berry met Nate after a previous show, and Halle confessed that her mother wanted Nate to give her "sperm in a cup" so Halle could have Nate's baby (and I do agree with Oprah... a Halle/Nate offspring... gorgeous!). Then Oprah went off on this "You'd be HallyBerryBabyDaddy" riff, that made me just crack up.

Current Mood: amused

pornstars are people too

hunter james in his calvinsOkay... I will admit I'm having a (possibly five minute) thing for pornstar Hunter James. He has that whole floppy blonde hair thing that I like so much, and the sexy dragon tattoo.... and, surprisingly, a blog.

Who knew that pornstars had their own personal blogs? Okay, to be honest, I did... but this is the first one I've actually bothered to read (partly because it didn't look like a marketing department exercise, and it took me longer than normal to work out that he WAS a pornstar).

His Notthatboy blog is actually pretty amusing, and he gives an interesting insight into what it's like to be an emerging pornstar (with an emerging pornstar boyfriend to boot), and as an added bonus, it has pics of him in his underwear (see above right).

I found his blog by accident, going from here, thru one of my links, to one of their links, etc, until I found myself at Hunter's blog. Ya gotta love the internet for that reason alone. Adelaide, Australia to NYC Pornstar in about four clicks.

So here's to Hunter James. Pornstar. Model. Debbie Harry fan. New Yorker. Hottie. And here's to his uncensored "naughty" pics on

Current Mood: guess!

random quote of the day

Heard tonight on the ad for one of our godawful local soapies:

"You know, for an evil genius, you're really quite thick."

Current Mood: amused

what weird misc. thing am i?

What weird misc. thing are you?


You're a little backwards and a little annoying, but deep down, we all love you.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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movies: fantastic four

fantastic four Okay... between you and me, I actually liked Fantastic Four... I mean its not the greatest movie ever made, its basically fluff, but its not trying to be anything other than fluff...

The script is cheesy, but not too much, and actually has some laughs in it... the acting is appropriate for the genre, and actually better than some of the acting in similar movies... the special effects are never overly obvious, which sounds weird, given that you're dealing with a human torch, an invisible woman and a rubber man, but nothing really stuck out as being "effecty" (like pretty much every shot of Spiderman in the two Spiderman movies). Even if the last scene basically screamed SEQUEL at the top of its tiny lungs, I have to say that I actually preferred this over Batman Begins.

On the plus side, Chris Evans is monumentally hot (pun completely optional) as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch, both in and out of his Fantastic Four jumpsuit and definitely needs to keep the close cropped hair.

Having not read any of the comic books, and having my knowledge of F4 come directly from the few episodes of the cartoon series I saw in the 80's (ie I don't remember a whole hell of a lot), I can't say how well or how badly the movie stuck to the "original" story. Although I do know that Sue Storm's character didn't have the forcefields, but since I'm not an "F4 Purist", I'm not especially bothered.

All in all it did what it set out to do, give me two hours(ish) of mindless enjoyment.

yani's rating: 3 mutated scientists out of 5


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