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It's very odd when you haven't thought about somebody for weeks and weeks, but just when you do think about them and realise that you haven't heard from them in a while... suddenly they pop up and send you an inappropriate text message while you're at work.

It also means that you may end up driving over to see them at 11pm that night for a bootay call... or, you know, not...

Speaking of phone messages and suchlike, I got two totally random phone calls today... neither of which I answered... on at half past four this morning from a "private number" and another on my way home from, I think, a WA number. Weird...

Some random company that makes stock cubes and suchlike has had an ad on teevee for a while now that gives you the four steps to making Stracciatella... the first time I saw it I was all "wtf?" because it's soup that's essentially chicken stock with egg and cheese whisked into it. But I gave it a shot yesterday before we went to the movies... it wasn't a complete disaster, but it wasn't a success either. I think I whisked the egg and cheese in too hard so it didn't form "strings", it just kind of floated around like scum (and now that I read the description in Wikipedia, I know I overwhisked it). It didn't taste completely horrible though, and it was quite filling. Not sure that I'll bother trying it again though.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who does this, but if I go to bed pissed off about something it takes me a while (and some serious distraction usually) before I can let it go the following morning... but then I'm also the person who could win multiple gold medals if holding onto my anger and/or righteous indignation was an Olympic event.

As I was coming home tonight I realised that I forgot to actually send out a meeting request for a meeting tomorrow morning... I added it to my calendar but forgot to add anybody else's name to it... whoops... must remember to do that!

I happened to hear a conversation on random breakfast radio last week after two of the presenters had been invited to take part in a chocolate taste test... while the first two entries at the top of the list weren't really a shocker (Cocolat in Rundle Street and Lindt)... but the other two were a bit of a surprise... Whittakers from New Zealand and Coles Belgian Chocolate. I've now tried both... and they're really good. I think the Whittakers chocolate is better, but it's a pretty close run thing.

They better deliver my mattress on Saturday... although I'm not really looking forward to all the associated cleaning and construction, I'm already sick of having to move the stupid bedhead box... and I just want it to be done, you know...

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