frugal saturday shopping

going down...Given the shopping excesses of the past two weeks, plus the fact that I only worked three days out of five this week, I was decidedly frugal in my spending this Saturday...

Basically you could sum up my purchases today by saying I bought a Christmas decoration and a piece of punctuation.

We started as always with the Supermarket Safari, which has kind of turned into being whatever fresh stuff I need and any other miscellaneous bits and pieces. Although it was made all the more difficult this morning because they were doing their semi regular stupid stock counting thing. I hate when they do that, because suddenly all the aisles are full of people with little machines counting stuff and generally taking up space... and all the cute supermarket boys are either on their knees or standing on boxes with their butts up at face level (more or less)... so it's all very distracting...

Anyway, once that was all over we headed down the road to some random "chichilala useless object homewares" store that I noticed earlier in the week was having a sale that ended today. Ma and I have been in there before to drool on the overpriced merchandise so I figured we may as well go back while they had 30% off everything.

Ma managed to find a few bits and pieces, some more jewellery amongst other stuff, but there really wasn't anything I wanted... except for the lowercase letters... I've seen the uppercase letters you can get, which all seem to stand up on their own, but I don't think I've seen the lowercase versions anywhere other than this store. The only problem was that they either didn't have the right letters to spell out certain things ("homo" and anything containing an "e" were out), or some of the letters wouldn't have stood up under their own power (so "gay", "slut", "fag" and "yani" were all out)... but what they did have was a &... which was kinda groovy all on it's own, so in the end I bought Ma an "m" and myself an ampersand. Cute!

Next stop was the frame store (and we won't even discuss the fact that we got semi lost on the way and had to double back) to drop off the two little Chinese outfits we bought for La Cousina's Christmas present. The woman in the shop thought they were adorable and I think we picked out a nice option for the framing. Pricey though... I think it will possibly work out being the most expensive present Ma and I have ever given her either individually or collectively. I know she'll love them though.

Then we headed off to Marion, mostly because we haven't been in quite a few weeks what with bed-buying and construction and whatnot. And because it's coming up to the end of the financial year, everybody seems to be having big fat sales... but really, there wasn't anything that even tempted me. Ma bought a few bits of stuff, but nothing of any earthshattering importance really.

After we'd done the full Marion Circuit, had a minor spat because we never seem to be able to make a decision when we're together, ended up cutting off our own noses to spite our faces, got back in the car and made up again (all very dramatic really) we decided to stop off at the Christmas Shop. And that place still scares me...

We'd actually gone their on the off-chance that they had a specific kind of stuffed animal (they didn't) for a farewell gift, but we can't resist wandering around the general scariness that is that store, especially in Winter when there's nobody else in there. And I found another little toy solider... all wooden (or faux wooden, I'm not sure).

Then I happened to see the GIANT tin toy soldier standing up on the top of one of the shelves... and it was marked down 50%. And Ma offered to get it for me for Christmas... woohoo. He actually looks like he could do with a good bending so he stands up straight... and there is some damage to the base, but other than that it's pretty good.

So that, as they say, was that...

Also, you know when you've cooked something in oil the night before and the air in your apartment still has that vague "grease" smell about it, and it's so gross... or is that just me and my stupid apartment?

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