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Friday, June 19, 2009

glenelg window anglesToday was one of those "car crash" days... earlier in the week I was slightly twiddling my thumbs (mostly because I'd cleared my schedule for something that didn't end up being ready when it was supposed to be, so I'm doing it next week), but today I had too many things all piling up on top of each other. Fortunately nothing that was so screamingly urgent that it couldn't wait, but by lunchtime I was a little bit stressyboots...

Fortunately most of that just faded away after lunch, mostly because I stopped caring about much of it... and decided that anything I still had to care about but that wasn't life-threateningly urgent I would put off until Monday...

I called Dreamland after work to check on whether my mattress was definitely going to be delivered tomorrow... the answer "around lunchtime"... WOOOOHOOOOO!

Sartorial choices for today: New black sneakers with a white stripe, black knee high socks with white stripes and black Underdaks trunks with white stripes up the sides... thematic really...

And my initial impression of the Adidas sneakers holds up... even after wearing them for the whole day, they were still "like budda" (it works better if you say it with a slightly New York accent)!

Note to the three young gentlemen (I'm guessing they were Uni students) who were walking along West Terrace (on the way back from McDonalds maybe) after 11pm on Wednesday night (and yes, I was on my way to a bootay call) in teeshirts and flannel pyjama bottoms: You're collectively adorable, call me! Although I am having trouble coming up with a scenario where three boys in their late teens/early twenties who I assume live together are all sitting around in their pyjamas... or at least one that doesn't come with a porn soundtrack...

Note to the young Asian queen at my bus stop yesterday with hair teased up in a foot high Elvis quiff and wearing mascara and eyeshadow: Really honey? Eyeshadow at 4:15pm on a weekday? Isn't that just a little bit tacky... plus where the hell do you work?

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The Mutant Saturday, June 20, 2009 9:19:00 am  

Objection your honour:

Eyeshadow at 4:15pm on a weekday? Isn't that just a little bit tacky

No, no it is not, plus teamed with a foot-high quiff that's all kinds of hot-tranny-mess-fabulous!

Forget the boys in their PJ's, I want that queen to call me for a makeover!

yani Sunday, June 21, 2009 8:27:00 am  

Emphasis very much on the mess... I mean he was very well put together, but c'mon...

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