straightforward shopping saturday

the supermarket we go to is somewhat more sophisticated than this oneA reasonably straightforward, if long, shopping day today...

We started as always with the Supermarket Safari... no surprises or unusual occurrences there (other than to say that sometimes it's very pleasurable to see that people who were somewhat evil to you in the past have gotten fat). That was followed by a quick spin around Red Circle so that I could look for some new, longer and chunkier socks to go with my boots from last week... not sure how well they're going to work in the chunky scale, but they're much longer than usual, which is good.

After a quick side trip to the Honey Man (oooh... "citrus" honey!) it was back here for Ritual Unpacking... then, since we still wanted to look at a particular jewellery store it was off to Arndale.

Because the weather was decidedly blustery, we stuck my white kite in the car too (Ma's new kite lives in the car so she always has it handy... not sure if that's the best place for it, but it's not my kite).

The jewellery store trip ended up being pretty successful... they had both the pendant and matching earrings that Ma wanted, plus a nice blingy pendant... so mucho bonus on the "For Ma's Birthday" front. I also looked at a couple of their very nice (and very much on sale) watches, since my wristwatch craving continues... and then when we were finished in there we went into another jewellery store and wasted a good ten minutes of the nice lady's time with me trying on watches I had no intention of buying. I'm undecided between one of those watches on the leather "bondage cuff" arrangements, or something decidedly chunky with a metal band.

I think what I need to do is buy a cheap-ass yet serviceable watch from one of those $20 stalls, just to see if I can actually wear one again... because it might be something that seems like a good idea for five minutes but then I get bored with it... and spending $100 on a whim seems a little excessive (although it wouldn't be the first time).

Once we finished yanking people's chains in jewellery stores and whatnot, we headed down to the beach for the flying of the kites.

And I'm happy to report that we FINALLY got Ma's new kite airborne. Actually it ended up flying pretty well... bombed out a couple of times, tried to kill me more than once, but for the most part it was good. And it only takes two seconds to get it ready since it's all "fold-out". I hadn't decided if I was going to bother with mine, but once I saw how good Ma's was I went back to the car to put mine together... and of course, every possibly cord that could get tangled was tangled... it must have taken me a good five minutes at the very least to get it all straightened out. But once it was all working properly and up in the air it was worth it.

I was also being particularly careful because of my knee... especially since were we on the very same stretch of sand that we were on before I screwed up my knee last time (and that was a year ago last Sunday)... so I was very conscious of walking slowly and where I was putting my feet, etc... although once we left the beach I did discover that my right knee was feeling that little bit temperamental... so I've been very careful with it and actually put my knee brace on when we got back to my place.

We eventually had to give up on the kite flying because the wind was picking up a bit and it was getting a bit nippy (plus neither of us had jackets)... so then we headed down to West Lakes...

It's always a joy and a pleasure to visit West Lakes on days when there are foozball things happening... NOT! Although they seem to have instituted some better procedures about allowing access to the carpark for people who are actually going to the shopping centre to shop (crazy idea I know). It was worth the effort (okay it didn't require THAT much effort, it was just there were stupid people in cars everywhere) though, since I managed to pick up a cheap copy of The Magnificent Seven as well as a copy of The Seven Samurai (which was, unfortunately full priced, but then I knew it would be unlikely that I'd get a cheap version). And since I liked the Bonds track pants I bought last week so much, I picked up a second pair (even though they weren't on special anymore... but I figure I'm still out in front).

Then, after a somewhat late lunch we headed back to my place... with a brief detour to the "clothing warehouse" place (where we got Ma's dragon jacket) to grab a couple of things for La Cousina's Christmas present... which I know sounds stupidly early, but we want to get these two little Chinese outfits framed, which could end up being a little pricey, so better to plan it all out now.

When we got back here I had a totally thrilling time cleaning out my freezer... the whole thing has been chock-a-block for a while now, and in need of a good sort out (and throwing out some of the stuff that's no longer identifiable)... which I did, and now I have space in there again... woohoo!

I must be on a tidy streak again though... after I dumped the computer monitor and teevee stuff, I also went through a pile of old papers and things that had been piling up and sorted that out last night... then today with my freezer... it's a sickness I tells ya!

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