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Saturday, June 28, 2008

my kiteThis Saturday was very different from last Saturday...

Which mostly was a good thing, considering how I was feeling last week. But while last Saturday seemed to be all about the shopping and the buying, this week was very much "shopping lite".

Maybe it's because it's very nearly the end of the financial year and all the "Stocktake" and associated sales are done with... I don't know... but there was very little purchasing.

Once the usual Supermarket Adventures were over with we decided that we might go out do the kite flying thing. I mean it's been over a month since I bought my new kite (pictured right), and I haven't had a chance to use it yet... what with the whole knee thing...

So after a quick side trip to Arndale (mostly to see if I could find a particular DVD for Sugarmonkey) we headed down to the beach. At that stage the wind wasn't up enough so we headed down to West Lakes for a bit, wandered around the shops there. I very nearly bought another ring... from Diva of all places. They had a couple of fairly unisex silver (silver looking, I have no idea what they would have been made of) rings... one that was just square and the other that had a top like a silver Lego block, which was really quite groovy. In the end I didn't bother though... partially because I wasn't sure how long they would be interesting... and partially because next to my current ring they were actually too chunky. It's a little bit of a worry when women's rings look too chunky on my fingers though.

Anyway... after wandering around a bit and not really buying anything (Ma bought a few cheap things in Diva and I bought a book in Kmart), we had a bit of lunch (nothing to write home about) and headed back to the beach to fly my kite.

I can't remember off the top of my head how long the lines are for my kite, but I have to say, unwinding them for the first time was a little bit nerve wracking... as was actually letting the thing loose into the sky. And it certainly had some pull on it! But it was tons of fun! I was a little nervous every time it crashed, since it's about ten times as expensive as the last one I broke, so I would like it to last longer than the one session.

And while it did crash spectacularly quite a bit, by the end I had it flying pretty well... I still haven't managed to do the "Pull Circle" described in the little manual that came with it, but then the dude that wrote it has been flying kites for twenty years.

There was one moment when some people were wandering by with a couple of little dogs, one of whom ran over to say hello to me... but as they were walking through the "danger zone" I made sure to keep the kite from doing anything too clever, I had this vision of the crashing right on the little doggie... less good...

So yeah... a good afternoon was had...

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Sh@ney Sunday, June 29, 2008 6:44:00 am  

I often see people flying kites on the beach and it looks cool. But I dare say when they come crashing back down the earth on a very windy day I certainly don't want to be in the firing line - Ouch!

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