actually blogging about noodles

a much more famous chicken noodle soupI've actually been reduced to the level of actually blogging about things involving noodles... somebody shoot me...

While I'm feeling quite a bit better today, I still didn't go to work... partly because I'm going to take the doctor's advice and "rest" and partly because I slept in until about 9am. But I figure that was what my body needed, so it wasn't a bad thing.

And for the record, my chicken soup worked out pretty good (thanks Andrew). It is the first time I've ever had to dismember an entire chicken though, which was interesting... and less gross that I thought it might have been. I'm not big on the whole "meat with bones" thing.

A large amount of the stock is sitting in the fridge as we speak, waiting to have the fat removed, but the rest of it kinda got absorbed by noodles.

Once it was finished doing the cooking thing last night, I removed most of the liquid from the pot, put some of the veg back in, added some of the chicken and some capellini tagliati ("broken angel hair") pasta... only I added TOO much pasta, and instead of it being soup with pasta, it ended up being pasta with a small amount of liquid... d'oh!

It was tasty though... although perhaps a little subtle for my cold-affected tastebuds. Definintely something I'm going to have to have another go at when I'm feeling better though.

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