underwhelming exhibition saturday

rainy day boyA singularly unremarkable, somewhat unorganised, particularly uninspired day today...

It all started the same way all Saturday's do... I got up and wandered around tidying up... followed by the regular ablutions before Ma's arrival.

Today did turn out to be one of those "Small Shopping" weeks though... when we got back here and I'd unpacked everything and sorted out the stuff Ma bought from what I'd bought, there really wasn't that much stuff on my kitchen counter.

But once I'd done all of that, neither of us really knew what the hell we wanted to do with the remainder of the morning/day... neither of us particularly needed to go shopping, the weather had turned significantly in the direction of the image above, so generally wandering around was pretty much out...

What to do??

If this coming Tuesday hadn't been Movie Night we might have gone off to the cinema, but there really isn't that much stuff around that either of us is terribly excited about going off to see, so it's better to keep the stuff we are interested in for Tuesdays.

I was determined not to leave here without some kind of plan though, because when we've done that in the past, it doesn't always work out that well, we end up just going somewhere because we're sitting in the car, and it's generally a bit shit.

In the end we gave up and pulled out the only Things To Do item we had on the list, the Da Vinci Machines Exhibition at the Showgrounds...

I remember when it came out to Adelaide last time and was in the gallery on the ground floor of the Museum, we ummed and ahhed about going to see it and never got around to either doing it or making a decision one way or the other, so we missed out.

And now that we've seen it? Well, interesting, but kind m'eh... and given how good the art exhibition we went to see last week was, I kinda felt a little ripped off that this was $5 more expensive than that.

But if nothing else it kinda proves that not only was Da Vinci a genius, but also a man way, way ahead of his time.

On the way into the Showgrounds, we noticed that the Amazing Bodies Exhibition was still open... you know, the one where they do something with dead bodies that turns all the things that would rot into plastic? They used one of the exhibitions with human bodies in Casino Royale...

This however was mostly animals rather than people...

And honestly, it wasn't even that interesting... the website makes it look like the bodies should be pink and look almost alive... but in reality, because all of the blood and fluids have been drained out of the flesh, it all ends up looking particularly beige and odd.

If you've ever left a chicken breast in the freezer for too long and it gets all weird and "frostbitten"? The bodies pretty much look like that... just plain weird really.

Add to that the fact that the way it was all set up in the exhibition hall, well, it just felt particularly half assed. Also the family of stupid, noisy bogans who happened to come in there at about the same time we did didn't help, I just wanted to yell at them until they went away.

So, in a word, I was singularly underwhelmed by the whole thing... doubly do since it cost $3 more than the Da Vinci exhibition... (so for those of you keeping score, all up we paid $86 for a particularly underwhelming morning's entertainment... #sadpandaface).

My general recommendation to anybody else thinking of heading off to either of the exhibitions would be to try and find something more interesting to spend your money on... when all of those things are exhausted, go and see Da Vinci, then go home.

But as with most of life there aren't many problems that can't be solved with the careful application of chocolate... and given that we were down the road from the Haighs Factory we had to stop in... doubly so because they're now at the stage where they're selling off all the broken Easter eggs (plus it's marshmallow season again... woohoo!).

Although I'm not sure that spending money on chocolate is the best antidote for having spent too much money...

Oh well.

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photo friday: market haul

market haulI went a little crazy at the Central Market at lunchtime...

I'd only popped in to grab some lunch and maybe some steak from Barossa Fine Foods (coz Twitter told me I had to!) and I wanted to poke around Lucias and see what they had in their "ready to eat" section... mmmm fresh linguini!

And somewhere between buying some cheese from Say Cheese, getting something to eat from Nanas and getting to Goodies and Grains I went a little bananas... not that I bought bananas... the only fruit or vegetable I ended up buying were some Swiss button mushrooms from Mushroom Man.

Actually Goodies and Grains was where I really went crazy... Spicy Dippers, Seaweed Crackers, Belgium Chocolate Buttons, Roasted Broadbeans and the bigass Fruit and Nut Loaf at the back of the photo.

But enough about my shopping...

Why is it that a working week that was only three days long seemed to just go on and on and on and on and on?

Now I'm going to go make my fresh pasta and completely and totally avoid any kind of teevee coverage of any persons of the royal persuasion!

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random twosome hotness

Something from the Really Random folder for today's Random Hotness...

There's nothing that joins these two images except for the fact that they're both couples... portrait vs landscape, black and white vs colour, groomed vs slightly scruffy...

twosome twosome
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urban meets botanical

steel stack black flower
autumn buds folded
Some more photos from yesterday's wanderings...

It's been a funny old day... it feels like Monday, but essentially the week is now over halfway through...

And doubly weird because this week is turning out to be almost Spring/Summer type weather...

It's a funny old world!

Oh... and I spend $404 and about half an hour buying tickets for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival for Ma and I... only six shows, but the tickets are much more expensive than Fringe tickets.

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montage tuesday: kent town botanical

kent town botanical montageI suppose this could count as a "Montage Monday"... but only because today is the Easter Monday holiday given that yesterday was ANZAC Day. It's all very confusing... all I know is I only have three days of work this week, and it's going to see both very short and very long.

Given that I'd only left the house for two out of the four days of this bumper long weekend, I decided that I really needed to take myself outside today and get some Vitamin D rather than sitting around at home sinking Homer Simpson style into my little red chair.

So after a somewhat slow start I headed off to Kent Town in search of some street art that Ma and I happened past on Saturday... that then turned into a wander up and down Little King William Street not so much in search of street art, but just looking for interesting backstreet architecture.

When I was done with that, I drove over to the Botanical Gardens with the general plan of wandering around... naturally because it was both a nice day and the last day of a long weekend every other man, woman and child had decided to do the same thing, so parking wasn't easy... but at least I actually paid attention to the sign on the ticket machine unlike the woman in front of me who loaded it with coins... when I realised there was a sign saying "free parking on public holidays", I didn't bother. Silly woman.

I went in via the Conservatory Gate (near, as Sheeba used to call it, The Bicentennial Cervix)... and just intended to walk on by as usual... but I noticed the tickets were only about $5, so I took myself on a little tour around the Conservatory... lots of interesting photos involving light, shadow and leaves...

And that kinda became a bit of a theme... light and the way it reacts to leaves, flowers and the camera.

I was very thankful I'd taken both a bottle of water and my hat though... I think that without my hat I certainly would have ended up with a sunburned head... it was decidedly warm!

After wandering through most of the areas I usually wander through in the Botanical Gardens I was headed past the bamboo when I heard a familiar sound from the trees... a sound I haven't heard since November last year in Sydney...

But could it really be? Or was it just birds making stupid noises?

I followed my ears... came across the bridge... and there they were... bats! Over Summer I remember reading something either in relation to flood or fire or drought or rain that the bats had moved down this way from northern climes... but I didn't know that they had stuck around.

And yes, I know that they're not great from the perspective of what they do to the trees, and they are as noisy as hell... but there's just something about them when they launch into the air even during the middle of a sunny day (when the hell do they actually sleep?)... and standing with the sun behind them so that every time they took off their wings became this golden backlit wonder... it was just gorgeous.

I was also suffering from some serious Large Camera Envy... so many people out and about with bigass cameras with bigass lenses on them... I WANT ONE! And then I need somebody to show me how to use it properly...

Anyway... my camera's battery eventually gave up... so I took that as a sign that it was time to give up and called it a day.

A pleasant end to a very long weekend I have to say...

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unconscious mutterings 430

I probably need to leave the house tomorrow... get some Vitamin D... I haven't left the house at all today...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Squid :: Salt and Pepper
  2. Wife :: Breeders
  3. Promising :: Start
  4. Tingle :: Fruit
  5. Off balance :: Gymnast
  6. Nice :: Bland
  7. Honor :: Honour without the U
  8. Emphatic :: Me, fairly often...
  9. Siren :: Song
  10. Plated :: Armour
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spending saturday with art

easter shoppingThe plan for today was to avoid the shops as much as possible (well other than the usual morning stuff), being the day before the shops are closed for three days straight, which always makes everybody crazy... but it ended up being a little bit of the old adage, "the best laid plans of mice and men"...

I was at a little bit of a loose end when I got up this morning... I did all the stuff I would usually have done (ie tidy up the apartment) this morning yesterday morning, so other than putting some stuff away, I just played with my phone instead.

And the supermarket wasn't as crazylike as I was expecting it to be. In fact it was downright civilised!

After the supermarket, we wandered around Target... which led to much spending... I choose to blame Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) two disc special edition being so damn cheap... and a big bag of 10 pairs socks for $13.50... which led to buying two new shirts...

Oh, and some of their cheap Easter eggs too... I always say that the best day to buy Easter eggs is Easter Saturday!

Anyway... if you spend a bunch of money that you may not otherwise have spent just because what you spent was less than what you would have spent if what you bought hadn't been on special, that's good right? Wait... I think I lost myself there...

Once we got back here and did the usual unpackery, we decided on what shows we're going to see at the Cabaret Festival and when, so now I just have to go and buy the tickets on Wednesday.

Our next stop also involved a big whack of cash... although not for me this time... Ma wanted a new dryer, so we headed off to The Good Guys to find one (and there just happened to be one right in the doorway when we got there. I was kinda hoping to find a microwave that I liked... I'd like a stainless steel one... ideally I'd love one without a revolving tray, where you just put stuff straight on the base... or if not, then maybe one of those ones with a circular cavity... and I'm kinda leaning towards an LG... oh, and it should have a timer... but unfortunately any that met some or most of those criteria were ugly... and I want a pretty microwave. Or at least one I'm not going to be disappointed in every time I look at it.

Then we headed into the city, to go and see the Patricia Piccinini exhibition at the Art Gallery...

patricia piccinini montageAs I've said before, I LOVE Patricia's work... sometimes it's not easy to look at, and I can understand why it would freak people out, but I just think that so much of it is so incredibly beautiful.

This time not only were her biological creatures on display, but her automotive creatures showed up too...

I really just want to touch her work, whether it's biological or automotive... although I think that the automotive work would feel like I expect it should, whereas the biological work I always think should be warm and feel like skin, but I kinda doubt that it does.

Couple of cases in point, the large image in the centre of the montage, Litter, and the baby creature in the carrier on the left hand side, Foundling, I just wanted to pick them up and cradle them... especially the Litter baby on the far left of the image... it was so adorable. And just looking at Foundling, I had this visceral "muscle memory" of what she (she was wearing a pink beanie in the exhibition) would feel like if I held her... I knew pretty much how heavy she would be... it was odd.

Actually, Litter was one of my favourite pieces in the exhibition, along with Bodyguard (for the Golden Helmeted Honeyeater), which is the second from the right on the top row. He looks fierce and dangerous, but he had this beautifully soft looking fur and these gorgeous armoured backplates.

The other thing that I realised for the first time seeing this much of Patricia's work in one place was the incredible leather upholstery work that often accompanies them... I'm guessing she uses it to draw parallels between the skin textures of the animals and the texture of the leather, but it looks beautiful (and according to the exhibition guide, the upholstery work is thanks to James Thompson and Tim Ward).

Interestingly, the guide also talks about "animatronics"... but I don't have any memory of anything moving... although I have said before that if she could make the biological creatures look like they're breathing, they'd be amazing, and freak people the hell out.

We ended up wandering through the exhibition twice... and I can't recommend it highly enough... that is if the genetically engineered critters and pseudo humans don't freak you out.

After we left the gallery we wandered across the road to grab something to eat underneath David Jones and then wandered across to Borders.

Today is officially the last time I'm going into Borders before it closes. Seriously, I don't care if they get to 60% off or 80% off (okay, maybe if they get to 90% off), I'm done in there as of today. Partly because there just isn't anything left in there that I would want to buy... but also because as I said the other day, there's something so sad about a bookshop going out of business... the books have all been moved away from the top and bottom shelves, certain sections are completely empty and blocked off, and stuff has been moved around filling completely new spots.

I did pick up Paul Freeman's Outback though, and got it for 40% off...

And that was pretty much it... other than stopping off at the North Adelaide Village on the way home to pick up some bagels and some cold meat for Monday and Tuesday's lunch.

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photo friday: good friday

windmill nestThe Windmill Nest in Sydney's Millers Point seemed appropriate for the Good Friday edition of Photo Friday...

It's also apt because I'm currently having a little bit of Sydney/Melbourne withdrawal (the former rather than the latter though)...

So far my Super Duper Long Weekend has been fairly uneventful... which is exactly the way I'd like it to continue... I slept in for two extra hours this morning (which still meant that I woke up at 7am) then lay in bed for another hour playing around on my phone.

My plan for the day was to tidy the house up this morning and then commence the Easter Moviefest. Which I did... I sorted out a bunch of stuff I hadn't gotten around to, made the place as presentable as possible without actually scrubbing or mopping anything, had a shower and got into my "most comfy and least likely to leave the house" outfit.

I really do need this break though... and need to just totally recharge my batteries. I'm feeling kinda burnt out by work (which I think is some of where the travel-lust comes in), not because it's been particularly stressful, but I'm just not concentrating properly which means I'm making stupid mistakes... stupider than normal anyway.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make some dinner...

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random whitey hotness

No rabbit-men for this year's pre-Easter Random Hotness... instead I'm dipping into the "things that make me go a little weak at the knees" folder...

White briefs... the Super Bumper Edition!

If we get down to it, I'm not really bothered what underwear you're wearing... but from a fantasy perspective (or just for looking at), there isn't anything hotter than white briefs!

white briefs white briefs
white briefs white briefs
white briefs white briefs

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blythe street

heart of radelaide
samurai vs dragon known space door

dragon tailAs of Monday I've now been down Blythe Street in the city three times looking at street art... it probably would only have been twice but the day after Ma and I went to look down there I discovered that some new art had gone up, so I had to go back on Monday to take more photos.

Interestingly, even though the Benzo style tiki in the corner of one of the shots isn't actually Benzo... it's Store, in homage to Benzo... which is kind of amazing because I'm not sure I could pick the difference.

This week has been all about sugar, I swear... well, sugar and just food in general. As I mentioned on Monday we had both a birthday celebration and a pre-Easter celebration on Monday... today we had birthday donuts and went out to Saldechin for Rockchick's birthday... and I'm sure there's going to be chocolate of varying descriptions tomorrow.

In fact I know there will be because I bought a pack of Cadbury eggs to distribute on people's desks tomorrow morning...

But it also means I think I've been suffering from a combination of sugar highs and the associated post sugar crashes all week.

It's also possibly why I can't really string a coherent sentence together in my head at the moment...

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movies: sucker punch

sucker punch - you will be unpreparedMy review of Sucker Punch can be summed up in one word... and that word is "bigfathotmess"!

Okay, I know that that is technically four words, but it doesn't make it any less true. The tagline for this movie is "you will be unprepared"... and fortunately (or not as the case may be) I wasn't completely unprepared for how much potential this movie was going to squander of the course of it's 110 minute run.

That's what annoys me more than anything about this movie. Underneath all the bad choices and poor storytelling there's kind of a kickass movie laying prone on the floor and breathing quite shallowly due to the weight of all the stupidity piled on top of it.

It just feels as though Zack Snyder didn't really know how to pull off certain parts of his premise, so he just stacked on so much extra fluff in the hopes that nobody would see him madly tap dancing through the minefield. I have news for you Zack... we all saw you!

The premise is strong enough, abused girl is thrown into an asylum by her abusive and greedy stepfather and is told she is going to be lobotomised in five days time... seems like more than enough of a motivation for her to want to escape the asylum... and does so by disappearing into fantasies... or some blend of fantasy and philosophy where "everyone of us holds power over the world we create". Or so the opening narration tells us.

However Snyder wasn't content with the escape from reality to fantasy... he's obviously been to see Inception and figured if they could cope with multiple levels of reality, he could use it to. So the girls suddenly show up inside of a brothel cum burlesque house and it's from there that they stage the trips into fantasy.

Actually that's slightly misleading... just to go play in the Spoiler Sandbox for a moment, it's only the lead character, Baby Doll who takes these little trips into fantasy land, and the end of the movie seems to indicate that the whole brothel fantasy, in fact, the majority of the movie, takes place inside Baby Doll's mind within a matter of seconds.

The problem is that because the whole thing takes place inside an artificial world which is inside an artificial world which is laid over the real world, you end up having to do a touch too much thinking.

My mind kept tugging at the thought, especially when they were in the brothel reality, of what they were really doing in the world of the asylum to be able to make things happen in the brothel and vice versa. And while bits of it were completely self explanatory, there were other bits where I had no idea what the action was supposed to represent. Although if you follow the end of the movie through to it's logical conclusion, nothing you are seeing actually happened or only existed as a shadow version of the reality.

Part of me wonders if Snyder couldn't find a tasteful way to have the girls do what they needed to do in the real world, so created this extra reality to mask it. The inference is, or at least it was to me, that the girls are using their bodies and sexuality in the real world of the asylum to put the things that happen in the brothel reality into effect.

But like I said, that was before the end of the movie yanks the whole premise of the movie out from under you.

What I kept thinking as the movie progressed was that there was a lot of incredibly lazy writing. And more than just lazy writing, missed opportunities.

Part of the premise of the "escape" from the brothel is that they need to collect four objects, and three of the five girls are responsible for stealing/collecting/acquiring one of the said items in the brothel reality. And they do this (somehow) by disappearing into another level of fantasy where they shoot a lot of guns, put a lot of holes in some nameless, faceless hoards of villains and somehow emerge triumphant.

However (and again we descend into the Spoiler Sandbox) in each fantasy sequence it's never the girl who's taking the risks in the real world who takes the lead and does the deed... it's always Baby Doll. And to me that's just lazy writing. Added to the fact that the girl whose costume matches a particular fantasy is also not the girl who is supposed to be taking the lead in that particular quest (well, maybe once).

See... it's a fluffy popcorn movie, but it made me think deeper thoughts than I really wanted to.

It also seems slightly telling that almost all of the six main female roles seem to have originally gone to at least one other actress who pulled out of the movie and was replaced by somebody else... nothing says "quality project" like replacing almost your entire cast.

Having said that though, the cast and the acting weren't bad (again, that puts a big check in the "squandered potential" column)... Abbie Cornish is particularly good as Sweet Pea (although she's really anything but sweet) and Emily Browning does a credible job as Baby Doll.

One other thing that both baffled and irritated me (again with the slight Spoiler Sandbox)... the way that Baby Doll accesses these fantasies is when she dances (don't ask me how or why, it doesn't make a damn lick of sense)... she's supposedly so good that nobody can look away from her and don't even notice whatever is supposed to be going on around them.

Except, other than the occasional self conscious sway from side to side, we never see Browning dance a step... to me it would have made sense to either a) get a dance double in and cut from the brothel reality to the fantasy sequence and make certain items of one correspond to things Baby Doll is doing in the other... or b) let us see the beginning of a dance sequence before fading into the fantasy.

The topic of dancing (or lack of same) brings me neatly around to the soundtrack... which was pretty damn awesome I have to say. And used to good effect at certain points.

Although, because it seems that every good part of this movie had a major drawback, for some reason the volume for the fantasy sequences which essentially contained a lot of yelling and shooting and exploding things as well as a lot of the aforementioned music seemed to be significantly higher than the volume of the rest of the movie... almost painfully high in fact.

Having essentially ragged on the movie almost in it's entirety, I can say that it's a very good looking movie. The costumes, especially the ones in the fantasy sequences, are both stylish and sexy... the special effects are gorgeous (well, in a dark, gritty and often chaotic kind of way), the action sequences are suitably actiony and interesting (although a touch on the repetitive side) and as I said before, the performances, while not exactly Oscar winning caliber, are solid enough.

Unfortunately as far as story, plot and execution are concerned, this movie is one big fat missed opportunity.

yani's rating: 1 high roller out of 5

unconscious mutterings 429

Okay... so today started really well and probably ended exceptionally badly.

We had a birthday celebration this morning (the one I baked for last night)... followed by a slightly less interesting pre-Easter hot cross bun extravaganza.

I was pleased with the Ham Hearts I made though, I took a buttload of them to work with me and the all went except for about five, and they probably got polished off during the day.

But this afternoon, just before I left, I think I deleted something I shouldn't have... which is now annoying me on a couple of fronts... firstly because I'll have to fess up to it, which is always grist for the mill as they say, but secondly because I'll probably have to put it all back again... which is annoying because it really should have been moved or deleted or whatever already.

Hopefully it's not as bad as I think it's going to be... but I'm not crossing my fingers.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Director :: Movie
  2. Operation :: Game
  3. 30 minutes :: Sit-com
  4. Bald :: Badger
  5. Calls :: Phone
  6. Distant :: Relation
  7. Lightweight :: Me + Alcohol
  8. Difficult :: Life
  9. Half dozen :: Eggs
  10. Boss :: Like a...
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city street art saturday

crane on blue gary seaman's trio
topham mall looking up
Another Saturday that wasn't especially lengthy but unlike the last couple of weeks it was kinda productive... or at least it felt like that...

The morning started off the way Saturday mornings always start... I decided to wear my new 2xist trunks... and was happy to find that they were really, really comfortable... possibly the most comfortable new underwear I've bought in a while.

Anyway... after we got back and I put everything away and finally got around to sorting out my freezer (I really need to keep a fucking handle on what I keep in my freezer... that shit gets out of hand really quickly). Boring, but necessary.

Once I was done, we headed off to the North Adelaide Village to drop my $500 in change at the bank (so very heavy) and pick up my dry-cleaning.

Next stop was Topham Mall so Ma could see the street art... and interestingly there were already some additions to it since I was there on Monday... so I'm hoping it's going to take on a particularly Melbourne feel... except without the annoying tagging (that will happen eventually I'm sure).

I'm not sure if it was just because Ma and I were there taking photos... but a number of people seemed to stop on their way past to have a look (I'm sure it's more about the art than us).

We then headed down towards Hindley Street and on the way we ran into some tangential relations who we seldom get to see, which was nice...

After we'd checked out the street art in Blythe Street, which included the trio of Gary Seaman, we circled back to the car.

It was only about noon at that point, but there wasn't a whole lot else we wanted to do, so we headed over to Haighs factory outlet to grab some Easter goodies...

Yeah, Haighs factory outlet... the Saturday before Easter... FREAKING CHAOS! And people just standing around taking up space... grrr...

We survived though...

And that was about it... so, not a long day, but like I said, a productive one.

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photo friday: urban pointillism

jimmy c - urban pointillismThis is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite piece from the Topham Mall Free For All...

The artist in question is James Cochran aka Jimmy C... and while I've seen some his "New York" style work before, this is the first time I've ever seen this kind of spray can pointillism work from him, or frankly, anyone.

And I love it!

It's beautiful when you get up close because you can see each of the individual circles of colour, complete with their associated drips, but when you stand back it turns into this beautiful portrait.

Kudos to you Mr Jimmy C!

Anyway... it's been something of an odd day... some strange connections...

As I tweeted earlier, an off-the-cuff conversation with a young gentleman on Grindr led both directly and indirectly to me wandering around the underwear department of David Jones and discovering that they were selling off last season's 2xist underwear at about half-price... and they had some in my size... score!

Well... I'm guessing they're going to be my size... sometimes I think they just make up those size ranges on underwear...

After work I had a haircut scheduled at 5pm, so I had an hour to wander around... first up I headed down to photograph some new street art I found out about during the week, then wandered down the Mall to Borders to kill some time.

There's definitely something very sad about wandering around in any of the Borders stores that are scheduled to close... the books are starting to look very sparse on the shelves, and some shelves are completely empty... and everything is 30% off. It really feels like Borders has been there forever, but I actually remember back when that store was a Sportsgirl (at least I'm pretty sure it was the same store).

I'm showing my age again now...

I swear that if one day Tink decided to just cut random chunks out of my hair or give me an actual mohawk or shave my head or something, I wouldn't actually notice her doing it. Other than bits of hair falling in my face while we were chatting, I don't have any active memories of the actual process of her cutting my hair. Very strange... but that happens when you have somebody cut your hair for more than six years.

And I swear that the dude sitting in the seat next to me is the exact same dude who was sitting next to me (or possible at the other end of the row) last time I had my hair cut... if not, he was very, very similar.

Then (after a quick stop off at Haighs) I dragged myself home to make quiche and watch the new season of So You Think You Can Dance....

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random classic hotness

Today's Random Hotness features my favourite type of photography...

Firstly it's in black and white, which is something I really don't get to do very much any more since I work in digital now. Secondly the subject is gorgeous and naked (and a guy). Thirdly it's a gorgeous naked man who's comfortably posed out in nature like some sort of Classical male nymph or hairless satyr. And lastly the photos are a little bit wonky around the edges, a little bit "early days of photography" and not overly concerned about crisp focus or visible grain.

Unfortunately, all I know about the model is that he's called Andrew...

my favourite type of random hotness my favourite type of random hotness
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topham mall free for all

fred rock and gary seaman - collaboration ankles - two face
thumbs up jason fox - detention paste-ups
lisa king - you are beautiful sam evans - happy and sad doors
Sadly, given the appalling weather last Saturday, we never made it around to Topham Mall to watch the street art "free for all"...

But I wandered around on Monday at lunchtime and photographed it all. And I wasn't the only one... there was a bike courier and another guy in business wear both taking photos.

I do like Sam Evan's happy and sad doorways... I've featured a couple of similar pieces before, but it wasn't until recently that I knew whose work they were.

And finally... after weeks and weeks of stress and planning and having to change the date after I was off sick, I finally did my presentation this morning.

I'd planned everything out and had a cheat sheet covered in notes so I wouldn't forget anything and then proceeded to drop it after about my third slide and never bothered picking it up.

I'm not sure how well it really went... nobody fell asleep and there were certain points where people seemed to be engaged. Although I really don't have any idea of what the hell I said during that hour.

I did love the way my presentation ended up looking though... I used a black background and white text and it ended up with just the white words on the wall and looked a bit special if I do say so myself.

And afterwards Rockchick mentioned that I was doing that self-pacification rocking thing that I often do... and, do you know, I have no memory of doing that whatsoever... scary.

But it's a great relief that it's over and I don't have to think about it again.

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