photo saturday: november fork on the road

forking it 2017 - big open spaceforking it 2017 - notorious p.i.g.
Guess what... there was a Fork on the Road today... it's been five years (technically the anniversary is on November 30, but close enough) since the very first one in Victoria Square, which I dragged The Proto Nuthouse down to. It's also the first one we've been to since July last year.

Not really surprising considering the amount of crap that's happened in the last year, but they also moved to having them mostly on Sundays, which didn't help.

And of course, because this is the most amount of time I've spent in the sun for about nine months, I'm already a bit sunburned.

But more on that later...

forking it 2017 - line up line upforking it 2017 - mexican bucket o'balls
This week... well, parts of it went in unexpected directions... mostly the DnD parts to be honest...

I ended up running a second game on Wednesday... which was actually the same module I ran a couple of weeks ago as it's the only one I've actually prepped. But I ran it for four people I really like, so that always helps. I managed to make some of the changes I came up with after the first time, and partially because of that and partially because there were only four of them, I at least knocked some of their characters unconscious.

Then Thursday we didn't get to play our regular Thursday characters... which annoyed me... doubly so because while I love the regular Thursday crew of people, I'm not a big fan of these new characters. We'll have to see what happens, but I either need to play a completely different character (maybe a fighter... since we're a little low on front line characters in this combo).

We did end up doing some role playing as those characters even though we weren't playing them... given things that happened the last time we played. That is one of the issues with playing Adventurer's League games... there's not all that much time to do things other than the adventure in front of you. The fact that we've managed the amount of role play we have says a lot... even if we had to do some of it out of play sessions.

forking it 2017 - down by the riverforking it 2017 - dessert fries
I also had my chiro appointment this week... which was the second to last one before the end of the year. Yeah... that's a thing to think about.

Today was a little all over the shop... Ma was getting her hair did, so I was on my own for shopping. And that meant I really didn't get my ass into gear like normal. So by the time that I made it back home, Ma was already here.

We headed out to have a wander around Target, pick up a couple of things... but mostly to kill time before Fork on the Road started. I did pick up some new shoes... well, new as in new versions of the ones I bought last year and have grown fond of.

Then we had to try and FIND Fork on the Road. Which previously has been simple. But this time not so much. It turned out to be much further back from the road than it was the last time it was in that spot... and because we were on the opposite side of the road as we went past... and we ended up going all the way around the North Adelaide, then up to the Morphett Street bridge, because coming back around and finally finding it tucked away amongst the trees.

forking it 2017 - looking backforking it 2017 - honey puffs
I don't know if it was just a very spread out location, or if there was just a lack of trucks, but it did seem a little bit light on for people, at least at the start. But then there are also about 150 different things going on around the city this weekend, so that may have been part of it.

We ended up trying a number of things, and the photos in this post correspond with the order...

We started with a Notorious P.I.G toasted sandwich from Cheesy Street, then the Bucket O'Balls from Delectaballs (I'll be honest, it was mostly full of corn chips, with only two actual meatballs... but the whole thing was tasty).

Then we stopped for a Bubble Tea (not pictured, because it's not a very interesting photo, but it was a very tasty lemon Bubble Tea)... and then headed in a dessert direction. We started with dessert fries from a new outfit, Hipster Chipster. And yes, dessert fries... they're savoury fries, covered in soft serve icecream and chocolate sauce, with little fried apple bites on top. The whole thing is really like dipping your Maccas fries in your sundae, which I haven't done a hell of a lot, mostly because I hardly ever get sundaes. And they were wrong... so, so, so wrong... so wrong in fact that they were VERY right. Totally insane but perfect.

And we finished up with way too many of the honey puffs from the eponymous Honey Puff Ladies... they're really, really good, but we really only needed the smaller amount.

So that was my day... full of food, a little bit sunburned around the edges, but generally okay.

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photo saturday: words

arbour towncunard


Words, words, words.

I feel like they've been used well this week... and badly... and sometimes not at all.

People are weird, right... it's not just me being me is it? People are just weird. And I don't always mean that in the negative sense... I'm pretty weird at the best of times, and all the good people tend to be a particular kind of weird. But people are weird.

Can you tell I'm having an introspective five minutes? Not necessarily a deep one, but yeah, I'm a little in my head right now.


Let's see what happened this week... although it's nothing too stunning to be honest...

  • The usual amount of DnD... although I did actually level two different characters up from Tier 1 to Tier 2 this week, so that's something. And a roleplaying thing happened on Thursday that will have repercussions for that group, I just need to work out how my character will react... to a couple of different things actually.
  • Friday was Haircut Day... I'm still not completely comfortable driving up into the hills, and stupidly I took a wrong turn this time, whereas the first time I had no problems... it was also a little calmer this time as it was only Tink's youngest this time, not the pair of them. The haircut itself was same old same old, because of course it was.
  • I got Ma's calendar bound, complete with the calendar cut out and hanger... although I did have a false start because when I took it into the little Officeworks in the city they didn't have any idea what I was talking about. Fortunately the one down the road from me got it done.
  • The weather in general and hayfever in particular can kiss my ass. You gotta love a snuffly nose and itchy eyes when it's around 34°C. Actually today wasn't completely foul, well, yes it was, but at least it was heavily overcast and 33°C, somewhat better, but it's the general humidity that's really less fun.
  • It is 6 weeks until Christmas. Panic accordingly.
Today was... how many different ways are there to say "average"...
Mediocre, moderate, ordinary, regular, common, commonplace, familiar, humdrum, mainstream, middling, standard.
So quite a few actually.

Today was middling.

We did the usual shopping thing, bought somewhat more than usual, but seemingly less actual things. I think I bought too much cheese.

And the only decent checkout girl was actually back on a checkout, which was fantastic.

From there it was all Christmas related whatever. Well, almost all. We started with a trip to Big W, which was perhaps less fruitful... and then went down the road to Kmart, which was fruitful. Nothing exciting, just those little "oh, we need another little something for BLANK", or whatever. So that sorted a few little bits of things out.

And then we stopped off at Haighs on the way back to my place... which was a little more intense to be honest.

But that's about it really.

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movies: thor - ragnarok

thor: ragnarok - no hammer, no problem
Thor, God of Thunder is back... and he's bringing with him Ragnarok... the end of things. And damn, but Thor: Ragnarok is one hell of a ride.

We're not stuck on Earth, or Asgard... and there are no dark brooding elves... no... this movie is bright and bold and brash and bubblegum and pulling it's inspirations from the 70's and 80's. And doing a damn good job.

Director Taika Waititi has managed to create the ultimate Marvel movie... it's fun, light, full of action and doesn't take itself too seriously. I feel like part of why it works (if something I read online is to be believed) is that Waititi had the actors improvise about 80% of the dialogue... and it shows, in the best possible way.

Everything seems real and the humour often doesn't feel like it's something that's been workshopped and refined, but genuine moments. And yes, it lacks the heartfelt moment that some of the other Marvel movies have had (I'm thinking mostly of either of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, since they've mixed pathos and humour the best of all the Marvel movies), but that's not what this movie is... it's a big, bold, fantasy action movie, and it does that exceptionally well.

Returning, naturally, is Chris Hemsworth as the titular thunder god, and even the new haircut (which appears towards the start of the second act I think) makes sense here... this is Thor stripped back to basics and as much of the theme of this movie seems to be, shedding the old in place of the new. Also, Hemsworth looks the best he's ever looked at Thor in this movie... I mean, there's only one shirtless scene, but the man looks impossible... amazing, but clearly impossible for mere mortals to achieve.

Joining him once again is Tom Hiddleston as the trickster Loki... and this is possibly Hiddleston's best turn as Loki. Again, I think it's because the humour is dialled way up, and the best Loki moments are actually those fun, playing, teasing moments.

Also visiting from the wider Marvel universe is Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk... and honestly, mostly Hulk and not Banner. It's fun actually getting to know the big green guy this time around, yes, he's a giant toddler having a temper tantrum, but he's fun (again, I just keep coming back to that word). And the CGI on Hulk are just amazing. Yes, you've kind of, sort of been able to see Ruffalo in there in the two Avenger movies, but this time, he's so clearly 100% there under the green, it's kind of spectacular.

There's no Natalie Portman and Co this time around... apparently she dumped Thor (I'd say spoilers, but they throw it out within about the first 20 minutes), and I'm actually okay with all of that. Like I mentioned before, this movie is about shedding the old and reinventing what comes next.

Taking the villain's chair this time around is Cate Blanchett as Hela (in this incarnation of the mythology, spoilers, Odin's first born... but still the goddess of death)... and Blanchett is just having THE BEST TIME with this. I will reiterate my usual complaint that the Marvel villains often feel somewhat toothless, and Hela suffers from that as well (although given the body count in this movie, she shouldn't... but still manages to), but I don't quite know how you balance an unsettling or creepy villain with the light tone of these movies.

My favourite moment is when Hela is talking to her lackey, Scourge (played incredibly well by Karl Urban) in the throne room of Asgard... everything about her body language and tone and their back and forth dialogue is what makes this an engaging movie. The interaction itself isn't something we've never seen before, but the way the two of them do it makes it worth watching.

Returning from the previous Thor movies is Idris Elba as Heimdall, who, out of everyone is the only one really making the movie that was presented on the page. Which isn't to say he's bad, because he's not... but he's making a much more serious movie, which completely works for the character and his scenes, and never threw me out of the moment while watching, but he's the stakes. He represents what really going on and what Thor ultimately needs to get back to and focus on.

The other new face is Tessa Thompson who seems to have made a career out of playing strong willed, but sometimes not totally likeable, women (I'm looking at you both Veronica Mars and Westworld as the two characters I'm most familiar with). And she does that here as Valkyrie to some degree, but I quite like her character here. And she's no so much unlikable as she is complicated, which is fun to unpack.

Also deserving of a mention is Rachel House who did the voice of the grandmother in Moana as the second in command to Jeff Goldblum's character (yes, Goldblum is also in this, having the time of his life, just doing whatever the hell he wants really)... but back to House... her character, Topaz, is just so dry and funny and bitchy... not to mention looking like she's ready to kick all the butt and take all the names. I loved every scene she was in, I'm not going to lie.

As I think I've mentioned multiple times now, this movie is bright and colourful... I think this even our sparkles either of the Guardians movies to be honest, and it was nice to see an alien/future city where the buildings aren't either a) all the same colour or b) all grey/white/silver/gold/blue.

And for the most part, the effects are amazing. Possibly the only bit that didn't quite look "right" was the giant wolf, Fenrir... I mean it looked pretty damn good... it just didn't look 100% believable... and this is in a movie with a guy made out of rocks, and spaceships. It's a minor nitpick to be honest, but it's still there.

The music is also amazing... with the most brilliant uses of Led Zeppelin's The Immigrant Song (you know, the AH-AH-AHHHHHHHH-AH.... AH-AH-AHHHHHHHH-AH song), and something called In the Face of Evil by Magic Sword... which made me think very strongly of the Stranger Things title song during the movie, there's a synth thing going on certainly which carries over to the score itself (so maybe it was part of that instead).

At the moment I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is my favourite Marvel movie to date.

And as a final note, and a slightly spoilery one at that... pay particular attention during the "play" being performed when Thor returns to Asgard for the first time... the actors playing Loki, Odin and Thor are Matt Damon, Sam Neill and Luke Hemsworth respectively.

yani's rating: 5 undead warriors out of 5

photo saturday: bobbing along



This week was definitely full of things that happened... whether those things were actually interesting or not is a matter of opinion.

These things included but were not limited to there being a hailstorm come through at about 4:30 in the morning and wake me up due to how loud it was. Yes, a hailstorm, in October... with accompanying wintery weather, as much as I don't like the summer heat, this was a bit much, even for me.

Also, Halloween, which I treated in the usual fashion and ignored entirely. I didn't even bother watching Hocus Pocus which I've done the past couple of years, to be honest I totally forgot about it.

And I DM'd my first DnD game.

Yeah, that last one was totally unplanned... but it turned out that we didn't have anyone willing to DM on our table on Thursday, and I did have a module with me that I'd read through at least twice (several weeks ago). So I DM'd.

It wasn't half bad... although I'll have to ask the players next week if they thought the combat was too easy... it just seemed to all go very quick and I didn't really get to do a ton of stuff with the bad guys. Plus I only managed to knock one character unconscious. I could definitely do better though, I kind of fluffed through what should have been some roleplay stuff and jumped straight into the combat, which does kind of happen, but I feel like it should have gone a slightly different way.

Also, I definitely need to print the next adventure in a different way so that I don't loose all of the monster stats (which I did, more than once).

But it was my first time.

It was also good that I got to do it with people I feel comfortable with and know how to push some of their buttons occasionally. And it just felt a lot more chill, so that was good.

Do I want to do it regularly... no, probably not. But I will definitely do it again... eventually.

I also printed Ma's calendar.

ma's calendar 2018
As I think I mentioned last week, it's not especially innovative but it did come out fairly well, even though I totally forgot how the hell to make my printer print full page until after I'd printed the cover. It doesn't look too bad though, so all I have to do now is get it bound... which I may to on Wednesday after DnD, just because it will save me a trip.

It's definitely not my best effort, but it's not bad.

Today we really knuckled down to knock off some more Christmas shopping. And yes, I know it's barely November but the shops (and the city) are already putting up their Christmas decorations, and Christmas products have been available in the shops since the end of September. Thankfully there isn't really a lot we need to get, so we made some definite in-roads.

Rolling backwards a little, we did the supermarket thing this morning... where both of us proclaimed that we "didn't need a lot"... and then proceeded to buy what certainly seemed like a lot of stuff, although I think it was really only the usual amount to be honest.

We decided to head down to Marion (theoretically for the last time before Christmas, because it gets more than a bit nuts), do a little shopping and then take in a movie.

Which we did... and we also managed to knock all but a couple of ill-defined things off Ma's list too. So a successful trip all up.

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unseen theatre company: the truth

It's been a year since we last returned to the Discworld with the Unseen Theatre Company, and this time it's back to Ankh-Morpork and the creature of the Disc's first newspaper with The Truth.

Hugh O'Connor, usually hidden behind the grinning skull of the anthropomorphic personification of Death in Unseen productions, steps up as William de Worde, the unlikely and, as is often the case in Pratchett's work, somewhat unwilling hero of the piece. I especially enjoyed his (some would say childish, I would say very funny) choices towards the end of the play, when he's coming up against the unstoppable force that is Sam Vines (played once again by Mike Shaw).

I did notice that they condensed a lot of the first part of the book down to essentially "man runs into dwarf in the middle of the street, accidentally creates first newspaper"... which is essentially accurate, but definitely one of those moments when a knowledge of the source material comes in handy. But while many of the details are condensed, the rest of the play remains fairly faithful to the original.

Stealing every scene they were in... in order of stealingness... were Danny Sag (last seen as the Patrician in Feet of Clay) was absolutely hilarious as Otto Chriek, the tea-totalling vampire photographer (sorry, iconographer) who joins the newspaper. Everything Sag does as Otto is fantastic and he's clearly very comfortable both with the accent and just with being present on stage as well.

Next up would be Aimee Ford as Gaspode, the "clearly that dog didn't just speak because dogs definitely can't talk" talking dog. Ford has been great in all her Unseen roles and she briefly reprices Corporal Nobby Nobbs, but her timing and attitude are perfect for Gaspode. Bonus shout-out to David Dyte as Foul Ole Ron for his accompanying cried of "Millennium Hand and Shrimp" and "Bugrit".

Last but by no means least are Nick Andrews and Paul Messenger as Mr Pin and Mr Tulip respectively. The characters have more than a little Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs DNA in them, and Andrews and Messenger play this up beautifully.

Natalie Haigh, Leighton James and Alycia Rabig (in dual roles taking over as Corporal Angua of the Watch, and Boddony the very blonde dwarf) fill out the staff of the newspaper, and do a great job.

The set is the more "complex" version from the last show with the two raised platforms and the doors and works fairly well here (although the doors really don't get a lot of use), I will say that there's perhaps a little too much removing and replacing of the main table and printing press towards the end of the show when things need to take place in other locations which slows things down a little.

Also, given that this was opening night, there were only a few stumbles with lines and the like which is totally understandable.

It's perhaps not the most... exciting or visual of all of Pratchett's work, but they've managed to make it into a decent night of theatre.

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photo sunday: grave words

remembermay, douglas and beryl

1879, 1893, 1989, 1913husband william
My week has been a little all over the place... quite like the weather to be honest, which can't make it's mind up between heat, sunshine, clouds, rain and wind.

Returning to the idea of actually cooking food during the week was a little strange, but pretty successful, I mean nothing was overly complicated but everything was successful.

Fun times ensued on Sunday though when my ear decided to do it's semi biannual blocking thing, so for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was basically deaf in one ear. I was also luckily enough to be able to sneak an appointment in at the ENT doctor on Thursday... but then on Wednesday it kind of unblocked itself in the middle of my game of DnD (which was weird).

But I still went along and was in and out within fifteen minutes, so at least I know my ears are not going to be a problem for a while again. Gross, but positive.

I also finally got around to doing my tax return this week... normally I try and knock it off around August, but for whatever reason I just never got around to it until the week before close off this time. And again, it took like five minutes to do, but at the same time for some reason one of my things had automatically been put in the wrong section, which freaked me out a little... but once I worked out what the issue was it was a simple fix. And I'm getting a good whack of money back... which is great, but that money then has to stretch until actual work happens again.

And, weirdly, without actually notifying anyone, the Powers That Be sent someone to come and paint the outside of all the window frames... I think this has been underway for a while. Well, the scaffolding has been up at the back for a few weeks now anyway, but it was only this week that anything actually really seemed to start happening. Again, good, but I ended up having to clean all the kitchen benches again because the dust and whatnot went everywhere when he removed the old paint. I'm assuming they're going to do the front of the block as well (it would be super weird if they were only doing the back part that nobody really sees), but I never thought to ask the painter.

I also went through the first process of Ma's 2018 calendar... interestingly because we really haven't gone anywhere or done anything for any number of reasons in the recent past, I used the shots from the Wonderwalls street art in Port Adelaide. I still need to give it a final once over to make sure it's all 100% correct, and go and get some more printer paper from Officeworks (I was thinking about doing that today, but I could always do it on Monday afternoon too). And then it's printing time.

Saturday was a big day... well, maybe not big exactly, but long.

We started with the usual supermarket shenanigans, which were both usual and average.

Then we headed off to IKEA since Ma hasn't been in almost a year, and I haven't been since the rental inspection before this most recent one. And they had their Christmas stuff out.

Now, we really don't need more wrapping paper... but they had really cute wrapping paper... we bought a bunch of wrapping paper. And a bunch of other things, some of which are useful and helpful, some of which can only be explained by the mind control gas they pump through the ventilation. We also recycled over a year's worth of batteries, which was definitely a thing.

After that we swung around to Arndale to try and make some kind of start on Christmas shopping... and didn't really get anywhere great, but we did stop and have a Boost Juice and sit down and talk about who and what and where regarding presents for people. We possibly would have given up there had it been a normal day, but we had more time to fill, so we ended up heading into the city, to actually start buying presents. And by presents I mean little bits and pieces that will add up to a present's worth eventually.

But it's still a start.

By that point, having walked all the way around IKEA, all the way around Arndale and from one end of the Mall to the other, we were pretty exhausted, so we headed back to my place. We also had a play to go and see, so we killed some time here, then went and had dinner at the Seven Stars in the city, just down the street from The Bakehouse.

And, very, very weirdly, we sat next to a woman who turned out to be someone I worked in the same office with (but not actually with, if memory serves), about... 15 years ago. And she remembered me. As soon as I actually paid attention to her I recognised the face and voice, but honestly I couldn't tell you a single thing beyond that. She seemed to remember me fairly well though and said nice things... or she didn't remember me at all and was just saying generic nice things. Either is equally possible and likely.

By the time I got home I couldn't even be bothered doing anything, so crashed out and went to bed (well, played around on my phone until Ma messaged me to say she was home safe... then I crashed).

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photo saturday: sydney mornings

misty bondimanly rocks

morning ferryrock swell
This week was primarily concerned with cleaning and my rental inspection.

Thankfully I was able to split the cleaning across three days, doubly helpful because I started feeling a little flu-y and gross on Sunday night. Thankfully a dose of cold and flu tablets had me back to mostly feeling like a human being again by about Wednesday.

Like I said, I split the cleaning across three days... general tidying on Sunday, kitchen/stove and Monday and floors/bathroom on Tuesday... mostly because I was out of the house during the day on Wednesday, but it worked out pretty well.

Even thought the weather wasn't especially helpful, being way too warm for this early in October. But it did mean that the floors dried pretty damn quickly on Tuesday, so that was a plus.

Unfortunately the heat also meant that even though I'd made quiche to last me all week, I really just wasn't in the mood on Tuesday or Wednesday. I also made the largest quiche I've ever made, using the roasting pan I bought for last Christmas and a full half dozen eggs.

This week I've decided to go back to people food... or at least try actually cooking during the week, which will be something of a novelty.

Going back to earlier this week, when Thursday rolled around I moved my chiro appointment from Friday afternoon to Thursday morning so that I could be out of the house during the inspection, then headed down to Marion and ended up going to the movies. It was a good way to kill the time, which I'm sure I could have done just by wandering aimlessly, but at least this way I actually had something keeping my attention.

I've said it a number of times before, but the best thing about having to do a totally bonkers cleaning job for a rental inspection is that once the inspection is done, you come home to a totally clean and tidy house and you don't have to worry about it even a little. So nice.

Today wasn't really much of anything... we did the supermarket thing, came back, I tidied up my fridge (because that's the one bit I didn't need to do for the inspection), put everything away and then we headed into town. With no real destination in mind to be honest. And really we just wandered up and down the Mall a bit and then pretty much called it a day.

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movies: kingsman - the golden cirlce

I'm not completely sure how I feel about Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It's the sequel to 2015's Kingman: The Secret Service, which I loved.

And it's a good sequel, it hits a lot of the right beats, but it just doesn't seem as... cohesive somehow.

Also, it needs about 150% more Channing Tatum, even if we do get to see him in some very well stuffed underwear, he's essentially hardly in the movie at all. I was very much looking forward to seeing him and Taron Egerton suited up and taking on the bad guys.

One of the things I do love is that they brought characters you wouldn't necessarily expect back for this movie. Specifically Hanna Alström as the Danish princess, now Eggsy's girlfriend (which is a great way to twist the trope that she was just the "do it in the asshole" girl from the last movie). But also Edward Holcroft who played one of the failed Kingman recruits in the last movie, and who is actually really great as the villain's prime henchman in this one. If anything, he also suffers from the "not enough screentime" problem as Tatum.

I will say... and mild spoilers incoming... that bringing back Sophie Cookson for two scenes before getting rid of her for the remainder of the movie was a complete waste. I mean maybe she wasn't available for the whole movie, but it was disappointing the she wasn't better utilised.

And also in the mild spoiler territory, while Pedro Pascal does fine as the American agent they do team Eggsy up with, the movie couldn't signpost his eventual reveal (well, in broad strokes anyway, not in the specific details) any more than it did... if for no other reason that he's not in any of the posters.

To be perfectly honest though... while it was sweet that they brought Colin Firth back (again, not really hiding the fact, since he's on the posters and did press for the movie), but I kind of wish they hadn't. His return kind of crashes into the middle of the movie and grinds it to a halt for a bit, and there really isn't anything that he does that... just to pluck an idea out of absolutely nowhere... Tatum couldn't have done instead and equally well. Don't get me wrong, Firth is good, especially when he's playing the... again, spoilers... amnesiac version of Harry, there's a completely different expression in his eyes, he's clearly a totally different person... I just wonder if we needed any version of Harry.

Rounding out the cast are Halle Berry and Julianne Moore... Berry is great, but just seems to be completely underused (although in the cast of both her a Tatum, if the rumours of a third Kingsman movie and a possible Statesman spin off movie are true, they would both have much larger roles to play in both of those, I'm sure. But Moore is chewing the scenery in much the same way that Sam Jackson did in the first movie... but in a much weirder Stepford sociopath kind of way.

I will say that the technology feels a little more fantastical this time around... the first one it was more of a stretch that the tech could do what it was doing... this time around they've kind of gone over that hill and just kept on going. Which isn't to say that there's anything wrong with that, it just requires a little more suspension of disbelief.

Speaking of which, while the payoff(s) (there is technically more than one payoff) for the joke is okay, I probably could have done without all the Elton John sequences. Yes, they dragged poor Elton into this. And all of those scenes with him just feel weird. I don't know if it's because he feels like a little bit of a caricature of himself now anyway, or what, but I could have survived without him.

Again the costume design and production design in the movie are good, but not quite as strong as the first one (almost... but it's not quite as lush thing time around).

Like I said at the start, while it still feels like it's taking the spy movie genre and ramping everything up as far as they'll go, it doesn't feel quite polished this time around. It's still fun, with some genuine laughs, it's just not as good.

And as an aside, I'm also wondering if this is going to be the start of a trend of "villainous American presidents" on screen.

yani's rating: 3 whiskey bottles out of 5 

photo saturday: feathered friends

reed balancebotanical fluff

good balancebig dark eyes

no fucks to givetripod
One day I would very much like to be able to make a lasagna that holds it's shape when cut and sits on the plate as a sweet little cube of meat and pasta and cheese.

I have yet to achieve this.

Which isn't to say the lasagna I made wasn't good... although possibly it contained a little too much cheese, given that there were at least four different kinds of cheese in it... it was just a little sloppy.

Otherwise it was a fairly average week.

DnD continues as usual... although the game on Wednesday was a little more emotionally fraught than usual. Long story, mostly only really relevant to the people who were playing, but myself and one other player got turned into werewolves, I went a little bit chaotic evil and the party ended up in-fighting. I actually came home on Wednesday night and kind of crashed mentally and emotionally. It was basically like I'd been running on adrenaline for several hours and when that stopped I just fell down a proverbial hole.

Yeah I know, I need either some therapy or to leave the house for something other than role playing games.

Speaking of leaving the house, I also had my haircut this week... which got moved from Thursday night to Friday day because of DnD. And it was the first time I had to go up to Tink's new house.

I will say that going up the freeway was only mostly nervewracking, especially as the speed limit is 100km and my car didn't seem to manage much above about 85km. So that was great. Actually coming back down the hill was a lot less traumatising to be honest.

And Tink's new place is... well, if you've ever watched an episode of Grand Designs where they're making one of those sleek, long, modern houses with gigantic windows and tall ceilings and whatnot... you're about 75% of the way to knowing how I felt when I rocked up.

It's really gorgeous though, and even if you can't see all the way down to the city, the place is surrounded by trees and it's all quite lovely. I can't say that I'd want something either that huge or in that location to be honest, but Tink seems happy with it, so that's the main thing.

The haircut itself was pretty standard, although this was just a toner session, not a colour session, but I did end up with quite silvery hair, which is awesome. For the time being I'm happy with still going up the hill, but I did make the next couple of appointments during the day, since I don't think I'm quite ready to drive up there after dark yet.

I also got a message about my next rental inspection, which is fine, although it would have been nicer if it had been on Wednesday instead of Thursday, so now I need to clear out of the house two days in a row. Also, it means that I need to spend all day Tuesday cleaning things up... although I'll probably split things between Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at this stage.

Fun times.

Today was the latest session in the "Let's do all the stuff we haven't been able to do for almost 12 months" greatest hits tour we've been on for the last few weeks.

It started with the usual shopping stuff. I decided (after getting to the supermarket) that quiche may be the best version of dinner I can make this week. It's going to be warmer, so I'll be able to have it either hot or cold, so that's good, although I'm not completely sure how many days worth I'll be able to get out of it... we'll see what happens.

After shopping and unpacking and all that stuff, we decided to head up to West Lakes, since a) we haven't been in a while and b) they had places we wanted to look at.

It was mostly just a general wander around, but it wasn't too bad and we picked up a few bits and pieces. And had some lunch, during which I remembered why I wasn't all that bothered about the place I bought lunch from, but it had been a while, so I'd forgotten.

So that's about it really.

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One of the many downsides to not working is that a) you never remember that public holidays are coming up and b) they don't really mean anything to you when they do arrive.

This was how I greeted the public holiday at the beginning of this week.

Oh, I also made soup again this week, although this was the least interesting and most lackluster version I've managed in a while. I also think that it's coming to the end of soup season, which may also mean that I need to return to making actual food on a daily basis instead, which is... less advantageous.

Anyway, back to the public holiday. Because Monday is usually DnD night, but the place we usually do it was closed, we ended up doing it during the day. And basically most of the day. Well, 11am until about 4pm... and I only really got my ass into gear at about 10am, so basically most of the day.

I was surprised by the sheer number of people taking up space in town though. What the hell are you all doing, go home and be not here or something. I ended up having to park further away than I would have liked, but still made it there in time.

The rest of the week was more or less the same as usual (although the stretch between DnD on Monday and DnD on Wednesday seemed much longer for some reason, given it was only a few hours difference.

Otherwise, blah blah blah, same old same old.

Today was... well I can't really say atypical given that "typical" has been given a radical makeover in the last year, but Ma had her haircut scheduled for today, so I went shopping on my own. Which also meant that I really didn't get my shit together in a timely fashion, but still made it home and unpacked everything before Ma arrived.

Also, as a possible transition between soup and real food, I'm attempting to make lasagna this week. I say attempt because I'm somewhat winging it unless there's a useful recipe on the side of the noodle boxes, but we'll see what happens.

When Ma arrived, we headed into the city, primarily to drop some old books off at Oxfam. Now, I'd thought about that earlier this week and something in the back of my brain whispered something about their annual book sale, but I never got around to looking it up, essentially figuring "what are the odds", both that Ma would remember to bring her books down and that this weekend would actually be the booksale.

Yes, this weekend was the booksale.

On the upside, we were still able to drop the books off, and we dropped off a lot more than we bought, so it was a net win for both of us. We also noticed that the place that used to be Flinders Street Markets still has a market going on on a Saturday, so since we were so close, we stopped in briefly for a look.

Much the same as before to be honest, although maybe a little less packed. But definitely the same flavour.

From there we found a new carpark closer to the Mall... or tried to, we ended up having park in the same place I parked on Monday. So slightly more of a walk.

We had a bit of a wander, Ma bought some stuff and we called it a day. Nothing incredibly exciting, but better than the alternatives.

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