exposing my underwear (drawer)

i have both more, and at the same time, less underwear than i thought i hadQuite possibly we can file this under "Waaaay Too Much Information" (and if so, please feel free to run screaming into the night)... but what's blogging if not an exercise in too much information?

I haven't done a proper "Exposing Myself" post for a while now... and when I was looking for pictures online to go with my post on Sunday, I discovered two things... the first was that a number of people have actually posted photos of their underwear drawers onto the internet, and a number of them seemed to have very particular ways about arranging said underwear drawers.

To be honest, up until Sunday afternoon, I've always been a "just throw the new stuff in on top of the old stuff" kind of guy. Sure you end up with certain things that get buried at the bottom of the stack and don't get into regular rotation for a while, but you do eventually get to that "all my favourite underwear is in the hamper" moment and you have to go with that you've got... or you rediscover things you haven't worn in a while.

But I thought I'd give this a bit of a try... not completely sure how long it will last, it does involve a degree of folding (although probably a bit less than is involved in bundling up a pair of socks).

As for the type of underwear I have... well the entire left column is varying types of Bonds trunks... some with waistbands and fly fronts, some with internal elastic and no fly, and a few of what I tend to think of as the "fancy variations". The few pairs on the front left are the overflow (so to speak) of those Bonds trunks.

The right side is of the boxer brief genre... predominantly Calvin Klein, but not exclusively... those are usually in the "not so often" category... the other kind are just more comfortable.

Then we have the other genres towards the back in the middle... g-strings (which I seldom wear) and my Bike jockstrap. I also need to stop collecting the Canteen bandanas... I have three of them at the very back and I only ever use them for tying back my living room curtains in Summer. And under all that stuff I think there's a red beanie...

And thus we come to the end of the tour of my entire underwear collection (bar the pair I'm actually wearing of course). There are one or two people I wouldn't mind seeing take this on themselves (and one in particular who seems to have a prodigious amount of underwear and swimwear). And a couple of people I'm sure who won't (*grin*).

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Tom said...

I don't have an underwear drawer because I don't wear underwear. ;)

No, didn't think you'd believe me. I might do this... just for you Yani... but not right away. Need a bit of a tidy up and an organise first. :P


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