photo friday: trick or treat

This week has been... problematic.

Remember how last Saturday I said that my elbow was sore when I tried to bend/extend it... well, by Sunday that had developed to a full on case of being unable to extend it or contract it. All the mid range motion was still there, it didn't hurt, I just couldn't physically straighten it or close it up.

I struggled through Monday like that and then on Tuesday I took the morning off work and went into the Emergency Room.

They prodded and poked me (in the waiting room), sent me for an x-ray, left me sitting in the waiting room for a while and then sent me on my merry way, poorer by a couple of hours but with not much else to show for it. Seemingly it'll sort itself out, and while the bone was "very slightly cracked", they don't do anything for those types of injuries, and the best thing for it was a normal range of motion.

Which is great, but has made the whole week annoying, especially every time I reach to answer the phone at work, it's like my arm is just shorter and almost feels like it belongs to somebody else or is a fake arm or something. It's very, very weird.

I have a chiro appointment on Monday, so I'll talk to her about it, she may be able to shed some light on why the hell it's actually happening, which the ER nurse didn't actually do. I mean I kind of get that I "shocked" the arm when I fell on it, but I've done that a billion times with no real drama, why was this different and why don't I have a full range of motion in the elbow. Especially since it doesn't feel or look swollen.

Bodies are weird and fucked up, and clearly I'm too old for this shit.

Work has likewise remained insane... somewhat more so this week due to a) everybody wanting things done urgently but also wanting large amounts of things done and not providing clear directions about what needed to be done. Or just annoying instructions... whatever it was, there was clearly something in the water this week and nothing was as simple as it should have been.

Fortunately the fact that H-San wasn't in this week wasn't a major cause for drama like it's been in the past, however I did field some of the social media calls he usually gets... and, yeah, I don't like those, they're less fun.

Especially when two people from the same place call you one after the other and are essentially have a pissing contest with you in the middle because this one didn't ask that one's permission before making a Facebook account, more because that one feels that it's his bag rather than him having any real power.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense, it didn't to me either and I had to field the phonecalls.

And although I like things that are weird and creepy and I'm spending tonight watching Hocus Pocus as I've done at the end of October for the last few years, plus the photos that accompany this post, let me state one thing categorically.

Halloween can go fuck right the hell off.

Actually, Halloween itself is fine, it's a perfectly legitimate thing, for Americans. Or really anyone in the Northern Hemisphere really... but people who get excited and dress up and decorate for Halloween here in Australia should be lined up against the wall and, well not shot per say, but definitely made to bob for apples until exhaustion sets in.

Sadly I work with a number of those people.

And I was already fairly grumpy this morning... partly from having a giant pile of work I needed to do but also from having to deal with the Halloweenies and the fact we were having a "Halloween lunch", so there was far too much decorating and "horrific" food and costumes of questionable quality.

So yeah, I may have been a touch... prickly for the majority of the morning. At least until I'd eaten far too much food... maybe I just had low blood sugar all morning. Yeah, probably not, I was just a grumpy son of a bitch really.

I also felt slightly better wearing devil horns all afternoon, and also because half of The Nut House left early or were otherwise out of the office and I didn't have a hundred million things to do.

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random garage sale style shopping saturday

when is a garage sale not a garage sale
Firstly, if I may be allowed a moment of complaining... ow, ow, ow, ow, bugger, damn, fuck, fuck, fuckkitty fuck!

When I fell earlier in the week I must have banged my elbow or jolted my arm, because it's sore when I bend it and when I try to extend it all the way, which makes life a little difficult.

Hopefully it's just a temporary thing and once my joint gets over being jarred it'll return to normal.

Or essentially it's like I'm slowly falling apart one body part at a time...


Other than having to work around my temporary disability, I got ready this morning, and clearly my superpower is on the blink as Ma wasn't already there... but it wasn't long.

Shopping was pretty average... I decided this morning that I'd be "eating out of the freezer" this week, so my needs were somewhat less than other weeks. And there really wasn't anything particularly stand-out about any of our supermarket session.

We came back here, did all the usual unpacking and then headed out to the city.

Ma mentioned wanting to go to the Flinders Street Market last week, and since they were taking part in the Garage Sale Trail, it seemed like this week would be a good time to take a look. Especially since the only stuff I end up being interested in when we go there is the second hand and vintage stuff.

Turned out to be a mixed bag really... a couple of minutes after we walked in I saw a couple of old what I thought initially were fish tanks, but on closer inspection they were clearly terrariums... and they were $5 each.

One of them looked like it would be the right size to hold my Assassin's Creed Ezio statue... and at $5 even if it wasn't it was too good to pass up.

There wasn't really much else of interest around the place... I was half tempted by an old pair of binoculars but the surface layer was cracked, and not in an interesting vintage way, just in a "hmmmm, broken" kind of way.

So we took my $5 glass and mirror terrarium and headed more into the heart of the city.

I wanted to check out the Tovi exhibition in Rundle Place... I bought one of her pieces back at the last vinyl toy exhibition at Espionage, and she's done some great food related designs this time around.

Ma ended up buying one of the rainbow gummi designs, and I was torn about the strawberry, but then I saw the ones that were painted like little buns and really wanted one of those... sadly, NFS (that great art show tragedy, Not For Sale).

And that was pretty much it... we got something to drink, wandered around for a bit, and then called it an afternoon and came back here after a quick stop at my supermarket to pick up some bits and pieces, that was that.

Now I just feel the need to batten down the hatches in preparation for the Rolling Stones concert tonight... it seems like it would be pointless to even try and watch a movie or anything, especially anything with music... so I may just try diving into ACIII and see what happens.

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photo friday: bird flower

morning duckold yeller

silver walkerpurple buzz

blue waderpink morning
This week has been a big giant bastard rollercoaster of a week...

Monday I stopped off at Myer before my chiro appointment and discovered that the Lego Series 12 minifigs were finally in stock! Yaaay... I only managed to grab a few before I had to head off, then I went back on Tuesday and stood in the toy department for a good 45 minutes feeling up pretty much all of the little foil packets in four boxes of figs... I got 90% of them from the first two boxes, but the last one was the third to last pack in the last box.

But yay, I have all of Series 12 now, plus an extra Gamer to join Army of The Spares on my desk at work, and an extra Pig Suit Guy for Ma because she was born in the Year of the Pig.

I also finished AC: Revelations on Monday night... and I'm not going to lie, I got a little misty eyed at the conclusion of the Ezio storyline... I was thankful they didn't go for a jump-scare/On Her Majesty's Secret Service style finale, but I was on edge during a good chunk of the ending just in case they went there. I've been giving AC a little rest this week before I start AC III as it's a whole different protagonist and time period and location, so I didn't want to dive straight in. I am getting a little bit twitchy to start again though, so definitely at some point this weekend.

I was also talking with Herschel at work this week who is also a massive AC fan and while she's sold on the idea of getting a PS4 and the newest game when it comes out (Paris! French Revolution!), I can't quite justify it to myself yet. Maybe if they did a bundle with the game and a PS4, but while X-bones are doing that, PS aren't... which is just plain weird. We shall see...

Wednesday Ma and I headed off to Palace Nova to watch Stephen Fry "live" from the Royal Festival Hall in London (the actual event was on 1 October) reading from his new autobiography and being generally his fabulous Fry self. As with the Unseen Theatre Company play we went to see last month, Ma didn't know what we were seeing, but this time it was literally right up until it started and flashed the title on the screen before she knew.

"Hiding" the two events from her has been interesting... she didn't mind in either case, but I wonder whether it would have been more exciting for her had she known this second one beforehand... she half guessed the first one, but this one, not a clue.

Yesterday I went arse over teakettle, as they say... I was on my morning walk, cutting across an area of mulch/bark/tree bits as I do every morning, and my ankle went out from under me (and has been a little twitchy for the remainder of the week).

Fall down, go boom.

I swear I'm getting worse at this, the scab from the last time I fell down isn't even healed yet... and because I fell onto a rough surface with lots of sharp or jagged things and whatnot, I managed to scrape the living hell out of my upper shin... which is now sore and covered in scabs and a really attractive yellow layer of Betadine.


Speaking of sexy, I've found a brand new favourite underwear brand this week... Andrew Christian... and by new I mean that I've already worn some of their stuff, but I got a delivery of some more in different styles on Monday and have been wearing them all week and loving them to death. So I think for the first time in a number of years that my annual Christmas underwear is going to be something other than Aussiebum this year.

And on the topic of things that aren't new but that I've gotten a new appreciation for during this week... the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. I've been listening to it on and off (more off than on to be honest) for the last year or so and while there have been a couple of standout episodes (the Episodes 19A and 19B two-parter, The Sandstorm springs to mind) I hadn't really been solidly grabbed by the show until this week from Episode 32 through to the Old Oak Doors two-parter, Episode 49... I laughed, I got misty-eyed, I internally fist-pumped (which sounds oddly painful when I say it that way).

It is an odd show/podcast, but it's definitely worth a listen, especially if you like things of the weirder persuasion and just listening to wonderful, rich words read by both a fantastic voice actor but also a fantastic voice.

Work is good... busy as hell, at least for 95% of this week... partly because it's busy but partly because after I noticed that one of my team mates kept screwing assignments up, I was reticent to give him more assignments... so I ended up doing more of it myself than I would otherwise have done. At least until I got to the point where I just couldn't manage it all and there was an increasing backlog. Plus I keep getting other little assignments heaped on my plate on top of everything else... some are fine, some are just annoying.

Oh and the weather can go fuck itself this week... it looks like we're shaping up to have the hottest October in a century... no, no thank you.

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errand orientated saturday shopping

bleeker street
Today was much more of an errand related Saturday...

It's also clear that my Very Lame Superpower is knowing when Ma has pulled up downstairs... yes, she often sits in the car and sorts out her phone before she comes up and I know roughly when she's due to arrive... but it's disturbingly accurate how often I get down there to find her already waiting.

I tried to shop this week with the clear idea of what I may make for both lunches and dinners... last week I was clearly crap at it and ran out of interesting dinner options by about Wednesday.

Hopefully this week goes a little better.

We did the usual loop around Target... I found a few things for Ma to try on, clothes-wise... I was a little miffed that they STILL don't have the Series 12 minifigs... and after some random wanderings across the road and a quick revisit to the supermarket when I realised I'd forgotten things, we headed back here.

There are some weeks where, between us, we get a lot of groceries and spend a lot of money... then there are the weeks where we only seem to do one or the other. I think this week was the lots of groceries/not excessive amounts of cash type week... or at least it seemed to be.

We faffed about a bit here... I discovered that one of my all-time favourite former SYTYCD dancers, Billy Bell, could be coming to perform at the Festival next year... although we've been excited about the same thing before and it doesn't always work out as expected.

Even though I hadn't actually decided what I wanted to do, framing wise, with the two pieces I bought from John McConnell, but we headed off to the framing store.

And when we got there we found it had moved. Thankfully it hadn't moved far... just down the road and around the corner, and to be honest it's a nicer looking shop than the old one.

What I always love is picking out framing... actually more so matts, because generally the framing is either plain black or plain white... and even more than that I love when the person in the framing store goes "oh I don't think X colour will work", and then I try X colour anyway, and it works.

In this particular instance, it was a ruby red matt, which worked because John used red pen for both of the pieces, even though one is all pen and the other is pen and watercolour.

From there, we headed over to Bunnings, since it wasn't that far away, and I grabbed some more 3M hooks to put more things on my "gallery wall".... I also discovered that they have remote controlled colour changing lightbulbs... and now I need to find a bedside lamp that I can put one of these in! They change colour and have a dimmer and a remote control and everything so you can choose a colour. I mean, seriously, c'mon.

I resisted the urge to buy one though... I need an appropriate lamp first.

Then we went and wandered around The Good Guys for a bit so Ma could look (again) at cordless phones. In essence it's a little pointless because there are currently only four different styles of cordless phone on the market. And all the other styles out there are variations of the least interesting of those. So essentially it should be an easy decision for her. But no.

Ah well, we'll get there.

And that was pretty much it... we headed back here, stopped off briefly at Stepney Salvage, not because we wanted any salvage, but because we got past it a couple of times a month and always say "we should take a look in there".

Thankfully now we have looked and we never need to say that ever again. It's a scary ass store, although they do have a lot of very pretty art deco style handles, knobs and switches. But they also have some incredibly scary giant statues of things you would never need giant statues of.

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photo friday: rooflines

eighteen ninty eightarch windows

pillarsdeco frogs

winged windowsgreen and red

brick peakninteen twenty
It's been a long week. It's been a busy week. It's been a lack of sleep week. It's been a flat week.

Wednesday was the day that I almost lost me sanity, but I was saved by a visit from a team member currently on maternity leave who brought her baby in. So I got some major baby cuddles until he was asleep and my arm was about ready to fall off. Totally worth it though.

It's a little early, but I locked in my birthday event for next year... H-San told me this morning that Danny Elfman is coming out to conduct the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra with a retrospective of his 28 year collaboration with Tim Burton. I had a look online but figured I may as well go down and buy tickets in City Cross... which turned out to be a good idea, because I ended up with front row tickets. Okay, technically you don't really need front row tickets for a concert and I would have been happy with anything towards the front, but clearly I do love a front row ticket.

And it's not too long before the Fringe guide comes out...

I also made a start on Ma's calendar this week... got the calendar template all ready to go, now all I have to do is go through the photos from our Sydney trip last March and find the right ones.

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random peewee hotness

It's been quite a while since the last Random Hotness... and to be honest I'd fallen out of love with the need to find something suitable each and every week, and it was all feeling more than a bit "sames-ey".

Then yesterday I stumbled across Peewee Parker's Flickr account full of these beautifully painted, high-end fashion/art dolls. This isn't the first time I've seen these types of dolls, and I really love them every time I see them, but Parker's are some of the best I've ever seen.

And from a distance you could almost swear that these were photos of real guys. So it's kind of like a regular Hotness post, but at the same time, something a little different.

It's just a shame that it doesn't say if Parker takes commissions or sells these dolls, because there's more than a few of them I'd love to own.




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struggletown saturday shopping

kitty shopper
I didn't wake up with a hangover (I almost never do to be honest), but today has definitely been a little bit of a struggle...

It also took my brain a couple of seconds to remember that it was actually the weekend and I didn't need to jump out of bed and start doing things as soon as I woke up.

Once I did get up it was clear that my voice had done the thing it usually does when I've been yelling or whatnot for prolonged periods, and I was vaguely reminiscent of Tuvan throat singers.

I still managed to get ready and went downstairs just as Ma arrived (clearly it's my new superpower), then we headed off to the supermarket.

All the supermarketry was pretty much the same as usual, although as I mentioned, just dragging myself around the supermarket was a little bit like hard work.

After we were done we took a wander around Target (still no Lego Series 12 minifigs... c'mon already), then headed back here.

I had a couple of errands I wanted to run in the city, plus the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer exhibition started yesterday at the Museum, so we headed off to see that.

anzang 2014
A little like the Waterhouse Art Prize, the quality of the ANZANG varies from year to year depending on the entries.

This year wasn't bad overall, although there weren't that may pieces that I really, really liked.

I did kind of fall in love with the monochrome shots of the Red-bellied black snake... it had great texture and contrast, and there was just something about it that captured my attention.

Once we'd had our fill of photographs we wandered down the Mall, ran a couple of errands, I got completely ignored by the woman working at the Kiehl's counter in Myer... granted she was with another customer, but she seemed to be blatantly ignoring me. So that's the last time I'll shop there for Kiehl's products. Instead we went to David Jones where I got served right away and I got a $15 voucher off my next purchase.

We also had a poke around the Christmas department in DJ's, and I found a cute little fox (or a cat or something like Anubis... it's stylised but very pretty) ornament/statue for $5, and I couldn't resist. It's not in any way an actual suitable Christmas decoration, but it is a pretty little thing.

Then we stopped off at Boost... which took FOR-EV-AH because it seemed like every man, woman and child in existence had the same idea at the same time.

And that was pretty much it for the day...

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photo friday: copper

First off... BEER! The second half of this post could very well be a little bit beery, since we're off to after-work drinkies tonight, so I'm writing the important stuff down now, so I don't forget because beer.

I don't know if it's because Monday was a public holiday or because the clocks went forward an hour on Sunday or if was just a random coincidence that a bunch of things all came together, but this week has been a little bit nutso.

Over the long weekend I straightened up my living room (and then heard from my land agent on Tuesday that the Strata is still waiting for a second quote for replacing the guttering... so fuck only knows when they'll finally get around to repairing it) since I couldn't deal with living with the contents of half of the living room being spread all over the place. I also finally started on my random gallery wall... and by started I mean I hung three different artworks, but I really don't have any kind of plan or rhyme or reason for adding all of the rest... but since the three I put up are at opposite ends of the piece of wall, it looks a little weird currently and I'll definitely have to do something about now instead of just talking about it.

I could have ended up playing Assassin's Creed all weekend, but I had a list of things in my head that I had to get done before I'd let myself even start... and that ended up being Monday afternoon, but I put some solid effort in for a few hours.

And then on Monday night I invented another version of lasagne, different from the last one I attempted, but made from the same recipe... none of them really work as well as the one that Ma used to use with the proper cheese sauce... so I might need to revisit that as an option, or at least some variation thereof. I do need a better container though, since the dish I have currently is just too damn big and I only get two layers in instead of four.

But really it's been work that's been a little bit crazy... I've had two major projects happening all at once... one was the one I started last week, the other was helping to put together a social media presentation... not overly heavy lifting, brain-wise, however it was time consuming. Then on top of that all the usual stuff, plus I started noticing that one of my team seems to keep making errors in things... thankfully since I'm not his actual supervisor I can palm the seemingly inevitable conversation off to someone with more seniority.

It also got that I could predict when I was going to get phonecalls... and my phone generally doesn't ring much at work... not this week though, although it was mostly the same person repeatedly.

Then Thursday night was Haircut Night... yaaay!

Unfortunately the baby was fast asleep this time, which did make for an easier and quieter haircut than last time... but I wanted baby-cuddles goddammit! Tink loved the romper suit thing I bought though.

So Beer O'Clock cannot come soon enough, and I've more than fucking earned it this week!

Continued much later...

Yeah, that wasn't the best after work drinks session we've had... mostly because somebody (and I honestly can't remember who) suggested that we should go and sit in the beer garden... Beer gardens are never the answer to any of life's questions, they're noisy and full of people and generally that's where they put the loud music, so you pretty much end up yelling at each other all night much more so than you would indoors.

Sadly I was the lone objector to this plan, so we ended up outside. And the group, which usually spreads itself out was much more spread out over two tables... and then of course there were people you don't really want to sit with or talk to, so there was a little bit of musical benches throughout the evening.

I stuck it out until around 8, although I pretty much quit drinking about three quarters of an hour before that... and the when the "band" (shut the fuck up already, nobody fucking cares) started up again just after 8 I called it a night and wandered off home.

I was a little miffed that we never made it over to the Fork on the Road in Victoria Square. If I'm being honest, I knew we weren't... but it would have been nice, and a fucking hell of a lot quieter.

But at least I stopped drinking early enough that I'm fairly confident I won't feel all that seedy tomorrow... plus it's not going to be long before I crash into bed.

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movies: the boxtrolls

the boxtrolls - heroes come in all shapes and sizes...even rectangles
The Boxtrolls is an incredibly sweet movie.

It also goes to show what happens when you introduce a technology like 3D printing into something like stop motion animation.

And it also goes to show what you can do when you just give the audience credit for having brains in their head and realise you don't need to explain every little thing and then underline it.

It also features a lot of mostly unrecognisable voice talent... and I mean that in a good way... I wasn't thrown out of the movie at any moment by thinking "oh, that's so and so"... so I was actually surprised to discover that Eggs, the main character, is voiced by Isaac Hempstead Wright who plays Bran Stark on Game of Thrones.

There really is something about a stop motion animation movie that you just don't get with CGI, no matter how excellent it might be... I think it's the textures and all the little details that are just there in stop motion.

I was in love with the Boxtrolls themselves pretty much from the first moment they appeared... and I love the fact that so much about them is unexplained, especially because it's unnecessary.

And given that it's from the same studio that made both Coraline and Paranorman, I'm not really surprised it's this good... they do some quality work.

It's also worth staying during the credits for the scene between Mr Trout and Mr Pickles where they talk about the meaning of existence while you get a glimpse into how they exist in the first place.

yani's rating: 4 white hats out of 5

shopping with shoes and trolls

eggs - manufactured by chickens
Today has been interesting punctuated by elements of extreme frustration.

Not my favourite of emotions...

Ma was getting her hair did this morning so I was flying solo at the supermarket. Thankfully unlike last time my car actually started this time, and I wandered around the shops listening to podcasts and filling my trolley with all manner of goodies.

Including some Salted Caramel sauce from Coles and swinging past the bottle shop to grab some Strongbow cider on a whim.

Sadly Target was very much lacking in the Lego minifig oeuvre (although they did have Halloween inspired romper suits for little kids, which I only saw because I was taking a shortcut through the middle of the store... and I couldn't resist, so I grabbed one to give to Tink for the baby.

When I'd done all my bits and pieces I headed home, unpacked everything nice and neatly and had finished reading the paper by the time Ma showed up with her new hairdid.

I wanted to head back to Paul's Warehouse to get some new sneakers... the ones I bought back in March have served me well these last seven months, and they're still fully functional... but they're on their way out, plus I wanted a choice other than bright red for general use.

That's where an element of the frustration crept in... I should have know it would given how annoying I found the store generally the first time around... but I thought I'd worked it all out and it would be fine.

And it would have been if they'd actually had more than one pair of any of the shoes I actually wanted. Bright neon green pair... one in a size 7... wonderfully purple pair... one in a size 13.

They had oodles and oodles and oodles of the really fucking ugly shoes with the clashing colours, but nothing at all when it came to the ones I liked.

mr10yb2, mx677sb2 and mr340sv2
I did end up finding three pairs though... but when I got home I realised that they were actually half a size smaller than the ones I bought last time... and one of them (which I knew when I bought then) were the regular width rather than the 2E of the other two pairs.

But one pair is violently acid green/yellow... and the other two will be interchangeably good for either my morning walk or wearing to and from work.

Plus they cost half of what they should have done, so that's a bonus.

From there we headed down to Arndale to check out the Lego situation at Big W (sadly, nothing doing)... but on the way down I tried to check the Event Cinema app on my phone to see when The Boxtrolls was on... but my phone wouldn't find the network.

I tried switching it off and on again, I tried switching it to Flight mode and back again to make it look for a network, and nothing... it just kept coming up with SOS Only. And I got so frustrated with it all I really wanted to do was fling it out of the car window.

So instead I gave Ma's dashboard a couple of hefty whacks (we were parked at Arndale by this point), only to realise later that she has passenger side air-bags and I could have lost a hand if I'd hit it any harder than I did.

Then once we were in Arndale the stupid thing just found the network on it's own. Fucking poxy technology. And I wouldn't have minded so much had it not been for the fact that it did the exact same thing to me earlier this week at work.

And it's not like I've upgraded it to one of the versions of iOS that makes everything fall apart.

Anyway, we wandered around Big W, looked at the Christmas decorations, then did our usual wander around from one end of the mall to the other, stopped to grab some lunch and a Boost Juice while waiting until it was time to head off to see The Boxtrolls at the movies.

We actually ended up walking from one end of the mall to the other more times than we needed to... we dropped Ma's purchases off in the car, headed back to the other end, then decided we should go and move the car, so headed all the way back again. At least we got our exercise in.

Once the movie was over we headed back to my place and then Ma went on her merry way.

So, yeah, moments of complete homicidal frustration, but other than that, not a bad day.

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photo friday: one of these things

piratespace marine

One of these things is not like the other.

It feels like it's been a weird week... I'm not sure that it actually has but it has been occasionally very busy and occasionally incredibly frustrating.

And there was also the point midway through the week where I spent so long copying and pasting text into HTML tables that my brain ended up facing the other way. Plus today has been a little bit like dealing with the world through cotton wool, probably mostly caused by staying up too late and getting up too early.

Although there have been more than a few good moments during the week... like getting my tax return back with the bumper sum of nearly $4000. Which sounds great... and, don't get me wrong, is great... but required me to have no actual income for seven months out of the previous twelve, so it's pretty much a swings and roundabouts kind of thing. In the grand scheme of things I'd much rather have had the regular income.

But as with all tax returns, now I need to decide what I'm buying with the portion of it allotted for frivolous spending. Because there always has to be a portion of frivolous spending. I'm somewhat torn between an iPad mini (although I don't really know what the hell I would use one for, but they're pretty)... or a new tattoo. But since I'm torn, I'm more than happy to just let it sit in my account and fatten up my balance.

In other good things that happened during this week, it was also very nice to finally see Banger's smiling face back at work after several months away... I missed the big eager puppy dog! Although for the record, not actually a puppy... he just reminds me of one.

And the Lego Minifigures Series 12 have started showing up in the US and the UK, so I swung past a couple of spots after work today, and while Myer didn't have them yet, Toyworld did (but I generally don't like shopping there), so they're definitely out there. Hopefully Target will have them tomorrow.

Given that my head is mostly full of fluff, I'm going to take myself off to bed and hope it improves.

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