bed related psychosis

sadly i don't have one of these waiting for me in my bedTo quote Buffy Summers... "Fire bad, tree pretty..."

It's been a hell of a day... and it's not even over yet. Ma is still here (she's watching Angel in the other room) and we have the final Cabaret Festival performance in a couple of hours.

Since my brain really isn't operating on most of the higher and/or more evolved layers, I'm going to switch to the short-handed version of today's events...
  • Woke up feeling a bit crap (always the way)... kinda like I had the flu or a cold coming on... and then moving the manky old bed around and stirring up all the dust didn't help.

  • Shopping... blah blah blah... really pales into insignificance after everything else that has happened today.

  • Bed was supposed to arrive around lunchtime. Rang (twice) to confirm that not only was it going to be delivered today, but to find out approximately when. Man on the phone told me noon.

  • Delivery guy called about 9:45 saying they were 10 minutes away. They were supposed to call me half an hour before, we were still at the shops and had to haul ass back home, getting here just after they did.

  • Fortunately driver man and his skinny little offsider were gorgeous (hello, please come in... would you like to both stay and help me break in my mattress? *wiggles eyes suggestively*).

  • Ma vacuumed while I went on a run to the Honey Man.

  • Got sorted and went to clean the wall and stuff before putting new bed together. Knocked over three quarters of a bucket of water all over the carpet. D'OH!!!!

  • Bed frame went together surprisingly easily. Score 1, me.

  • Cut finger on glass while finally taking "Fred" frame apart.

  • Went out to pick up a few bits and pieces (feet for the bed frame, some new pillows, possibly under bed storage boxes) before putting the mattress on bed.

  • Found feet, pillows, storage boxes... also found a cheap yet funky watch... came home to put mattress on frame.

  • For future reference, putting fitted sheets on this bed... COMPLICATED (it may involve moving the bed).

  • And my new bed... in a word... HIGH! Way, way, way, way, way higher than I though it was going to be. It's now a very sizable and noticeable piece of furniture in my bedroom. Very, very sizable (photos will follow later)...
So yeah... that's kind of the cliff notes version of my day... I got marginally cranky (for me anyway) from time to time, but mostly it was all good. Unfortunately my bedroom still isn't completely back to normal since the carpet is still a tiny bit damp, so my bedside table is sitting in my living room until tomorrow.

I think I will be sleeping really, really well tonight, if only because I've earned it...

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