sick day

dr hibbertI didn't go to work today...

Originally I'd just decided to skip my walk and get up an hour later, but I was kinda coughing and wheezing on and off during the night, so I figured the best thing was for me to stay home.

I even made an appointment to go and see the doctor too, which I never do... but this cough felt different, and, honestly I wanted to make sure I wasn't infected with Swine Flu or anything. Which I'm not as far as I'm aware, so big tick there.

My previous doctor up and vanished at some point between "whenever the hell I went to see him last" and "whenever the hell I wanted to see him last and found he had vanished"... not the most concrete set of time frames, I know, but that's about how often I go to the doctor. But I got a leaflet a few weeks back that had another surgery listed, so I figured I would give that a go.

Its all very new and swanky looking, but like just about ever doctor's surgery I've ever been to, it had obviously started out life as a house or some other kind of building before being converted. So I killed ten minutes filling out pointless forms (yes, I'm currently experiencing a cough, that's why I'm here... no I don't have anxiety or erectile dysfunction, but thanks for asking... seriously, how many people go in there for one particular thing and then tick all the other boxes) before the doctor came out to get me. And he was quite cute too, in that shaven headed "I feel like crap, but you look great" kind of way.

One thing that sometimes annoys me about doctors, or annoyed me about him at any rate is that just because I'm both a person of size and a person of gay, it doesn't mean that either of those things are relevant to the reason I've come to see you today... that would be my cough, genius, not where I put my dick or the size of my trousers. Thanks for taking the holistic view, now shut your cake hole.

It was also slightly annoying that most of the advise he gave me was stuff I'd seen on their website earlier in the day...

But he did give me some antibiotics... and of all things, a ventolin inhaler because I'm all wheezy and stuff... so that's a whole world of "okay then!". And he charged me $100 bucks for the privilege although I got $63.75 of that back as the Medicare rebate before I'd even left the clinic (woohoo direct credit Medicare).

Then I had to go and spend another $35 on the medication... fun!

While I was at the shops I decided that I was going to attempt Andrew's Chicken Soup... because, you know... Chicken Soup, it's the Jewish penicillin (I read that somewhere recently... I don't remember where though). But I think it only works if you don't have to make it yourself, because it kinda turned into one long headfuck. And the soup isn't even made yet.

I bought a chicken and some vegetables at my supermarket, but when I got home I realised that none of my saucepans were large enough to accommodate it. Damn! So I headed off to the supermarket we visit every weekend because I remembered seeing some there in previous weeks.

But first I took a little detour Atlantic DVD where (as H-San had told me on Monday) they were having a 3 for $26 sale... now remembering that this is Atlantic DVD where I last spend a good couple of hours and an embarrassing amount of money... fortunately this time it was only the time... it took me forever to find three movies that I wanted... then when I had two and was looking for one that I'd seen earlier to make up the three, I couldn't find it anywhere... even though I went up and down every aisle more than once. Found it eventually though, under W.

Then I headed off to the supermarket, and of course, they didn't have the pots any more... so I looked everywhere else. EVERY! WHERE! ELSE! Part of me was about ready to give up, shove the chicken in the freezer and come home to have soup out of a can, but eventually I did find a pot that seemed like it would do (it's still a tiny bit shallow, but I'm not complaining).

So the soup is on... how well it will work, if at all, I have no freakin idea... but it's on, and I'm going to let it do it's thing for the next couple of hours, then we'll see...

Same goes for whether or not I bother going to work tomorrow I think...

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