photo friday: light spiral

is it a red spiral on a blue background or a blue spiral on a red background?Sydney has the Opera House, Melbourne has Federation Square... Adelaide has a multi-storey carpark with moving coloured lights. Not really the same, is it...

I am, to coin a phrase, buggered... work wasn't too bad (although the rest of the world seems compelled to place their skirts in the over the head position just after I removed mine from said position), but somehow the day before a long weekend always seems to drag on and on. Thankfully I eventually escaped and scurried down to Rundle Mall to try and find appropriate gift wrapping and suchlike for Ma's birthday presents.

The Universe was also kind enough to give me the opportunity to say a, quite literal, "fuck you" to two hideous junior queens who dissed me in the most unbelievably rude way at lunchtime... I still didn't say/do what I would have like to, but it was nice that I got a second go. Evil little princess troll bastards...

Anyway... after going into about a billion different shops trying to find gift bags and/or inspiration, I spotted the mother of all square bags in Borders. It had red Matryoshka dolls all over it and I'd already decided that I needed to go with a red theme for all the wrapping this year (because of Ma's spirit guide portrait and the connection that had with red), so it worked in nicely with that.

When I unfolded one and realised how massive it was though, I decided that instead of doing my usual trick of putting everything into it's own individual bag/box I would try something slightly more "gift hamper-y" (I must have been channelling my Inner-Eddie a little bit)...

So then the hunt was on for scarlet tissue paper and some red ribbon to tie around all the individual presents, just to keep the theme going... once again it took a bunch of scurrying in and out of various shops, but I managed it all in the end.

The downside was that it started to rain and because I was scurrying from very warm shops to the cold outside and then back into very warm shops there wasn't really much point in me either leaving my jacket on or putting up my umbrella... and everybody gets stupid in the Mall when it rains so I had to dodge around some very slow and stupid folk to get where I was going. I really, really hate people who "amble" in the Mall, especially on a Friday night... that shit might be fine in whatever redneck country town you come from, but not here... so either speed up or get the hell out of the way!

In the end I got everything I wanted, had some dinner and still got home at a fairly reasonable time... can't ask for much more really...

ma's birthday presents 2009Now, doing the usual run-down of Ma's presents...
  • The pink tulips that were delivered this afternoon... she was very surprised, but she loved them
  • All three seasons of Hamish Macbeth (she has a Robert Carlyle fetish)
  • The first two seasons of Grumpy Old Women (I nearly kept that one for myself... both Ma and I are very much GOW, which is a little disturbing on my part)
  • Whisper of the Heart (another Studio Ghibli movie, Ma is pretty much addicted to them now)
  • "Diamond" circle pendant
  • Spiral pendant and matching earrings
  • Glass paperweight and light stand (from the Body Mind and Psychic Expo last weekend)
  • Smiggle stapler and staples
  • "Authentic" pearl earrings (from this very random and somewhat sketchy looking shop in the Central Market that has been there forever, but they're supposed to be genuine pearls... they're kind of the silvery grey kind though)
  • Birthday Bear phone charm/dangler (for June 7, obviously)
  • Feather pendant (this is actually something out of my collection, I haven't worn it in forever though... and given the whole spiel about feathers with Ma's spirit guide portrait, I thought she should have it)
  • Oh, and I almost forgot... two tickets to see Cabaret D√©cadanse at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival
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Sunshine said...

So should I be expecting a royalty cheque for my hamper idea? ;)

Victor said...

Those coloured lights look something out of Tokyo.

Fantastic gift wrapping by the way; you are a master.


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