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I made it all the way through Winter with only a brief hint of being sick... so of course, now that we're in the middle of September, this is when I get sick.


I mean, it could be worse, but I'm (unsurprisingly) fucking not enjoying it.

In other news, my soup this week was an odd combination between minestrone and chicken noodle... basically it was chicken noodle soup, but with tomatoes. And it was pretty damn good, partially I think because I put large cubes of chicken in rather than pulling it all apart. I also didn't go crazy on the noodles, which helps.

This week's DnD is... ongoing. In so much as I'm supposed to be running games tonight and tomorrow night at ConCentric, which is just down the road from me. Part of me hopes there aren't enough people about for me to end up with a table, because I hate the adventures I'm supposed to be running. We'll see what happens.

Also on Wednesday of this week, it finally happened, the moment in which I got so emotionally invested in a particular NPC (non-player character) that I kinda got a bit weepy. Partially it was because I'm sick, partially it was just a significant moment for the story, and for my character, and I was 100% on board with it. Yes! More crying in DnD!

Thursday was actually fun, we played at the DM's house instead of one of the players, which also meant I didn't need to drive anybody anywhere afterwards (yay)... not that I mind driving the DM home, we have good chats, but it was nice to do something different, and it was the group of players I now consider the core players for that particular storyline (sorry to the others, but they don't show up enough, and things are more likely to go off the rails if they do).

I also had what I can only describe as "the best laugh in a while" on Thursday night due to the reactions of one of the characters to what can best be described as "mushroom government bureaucracy" (don't ask). Basically I laughed my ass off.

Today was mostly inconsequential.

This morning was fairly wild and windy after a perfectly lovely couple of preceding days (fucking random weather bullshit), and we did the usual supermarket thing. I decided that I wanted to make soup that was some combination of potato and leek and pea and ham, so basically potato and pea and leek and ham. We'll see how that works out, but I'm pretty sure I've done something similar a bunch of times already, so it should be fine.

Afterwards we didn't really have much of anything going on, so we headed out to do a couple of small errands, nothing overly exciting... so unexciting in fact, that we were all done by about 12:30.

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So, this week...

Let's just flag it as... not-usual. Not necessarily hugely exciting or monumentally different, but decidedly not-usual.

Starting with the beef stroga-not (as in not-stroganoff) I made on Sunday night. It wasn't terrible, in fact it was quite tasty, and it meant that I made noodles to go along with it every day but one when I made mashed potato... so not terrible overall.

Also on the weekend (and spilling over to Monday) I had to go through and do a bunch of stuff to update all of my dozen DnD characters to the "new system". And yeah, it is still stupid and makes no sense as a whole. And it took me way longer than I feel like it otherwise should have. But then I wasn't trying to break any land speed records, and I'm glad I took it slowly as there were a number of things I realised as I was doing things for the first character on the list that would have been annoying to work out halfway through.

Monday was the first game with the new system... and as expected while it didn't make a massive difference to the game as a whole, it was annoying in a number of areas, mostly in relation to the general economics of no found treasure and no found magic items. But there will definitely be adventures that are harder to run because of that.

We'll see how things go.

Wednesday was maybe a little bit of a trainwreck... one of the two tables (the one I was on) attempted to run one of the new, differently written/arranged adventures for the new season. I won't lie, I had some fun but it was basically a dumpster fire. And if this is the quality of the new season's adventures, I will absolutely pass on them.

Our DM also had a little bit of a... not a breakdown, but he decidedly lost the will to get excited about the adventure and to really be bothered moving forward with it. Which was probably half about him and half about the dumpster fire of an adventure.

Also, after the game a group of us sat around talking about this, that and the other, and ended up going to talk to the other store where we play about some of the issues we were having, and it turned into a very good and productive talk (mostly because I think he was already on the same page with a lot of it, and the other parts we either had easy answers for or said it was stuff that we would take back to the wider community... and yes, I hate myself for using the word community, but it is what it is).

Thursday. Thursday didn't happen. Our DM decided midway through the afternoon that he wasn't feeling well, and so I was thinking about stepping in, but then our host wasn't well, so we would have ended up at the store, and I'll be honest, I just wasn't feeling the vibe. So I relayed the message that everybody else could do whatever they wanted, but I was out.

And I stayed home for the first Thursday evening in over a year. And it wasn't even hugely weird.

Friday wasn't DnD related but I did get my copy of Thornwatch, the game from Penny Arcade that I backed all the way back in 2016, but feel like I've been following since it was first mentioned by Mike. And it's a beautiful looking object... well, set of objects. I will need to coerce some of my DnD friends into playing it with me at some point. Once I really get to grips with how the thing actually functions mechanically.

Today was simple.

We went shopping, I forgot three or four things, but I'll live without them. Neither of us bought a huge amount to be honest.

Then I needed new printer ink, so we went down the road to Officeworks, Ma found a "home brand" replacement for my TV remote that was literally a "put batteries in and it works" thing, and at long last I have full access to my mute button again, yay.

After Officeworks we went next door to the big Spotlight store that I think about visiting every time I got to that particular Officeworks and never remember to do. It's a BIG place too... full of many and varies pretty things that I have no use for and yet still want. We didn't get anything of interest there, but did have a big old wander around, which was nice.

We could have called it a day, but decided to detour back via the "nearby" Kmart, which wasn't really the best plan since Kmart is very much a "been to one, seen every single other one" than I remember it being, and we do the same loop in every single store.

And that was that really.

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Sometimes you just have to recognise that the only reason you're getting so worked up about certain things is not because they're actually important things in the scheme of the universe, but they're important to you at this particular moment in time because you spend a large amount of your time and energy immersed in them.

I am, however, attempting to practice Morpheus logic... "what happened, happened and couldn't have happened any other way". I mean, yes, it absolutely should have happened another way, but we live in the universe where it came out this way instead, so we have to proverbially like it or lump it.

And the fact that I'm talking about changes to the Adventurer's League system for DnD shouldn't come as a shock to anyone I've spoken to in real life in the last six or so weeks. The biggest issue that I have with any of it is that they claim to be changing things for one set of reasons, when that absolutely makes no sense. If you need to change things because of reasons, then at least be clear and honest about what the reasons are.

Anyway... Monday's game was good because I got to use two completely random NPCs at different times to freak my players out... and when you've set things up in previous adventures with those players and they latch on to those ideas even though there's no reason for those NPCs to be connected, it's great because it does a bunch of my work for me in creating mood and atmosphere without me having to do anything more than say "yes".

Wednesday's game lead directly to a) a cool nickname for one of my characters (although he'll be specific about who can use it), b) a very odd scenario and c) me creating an in-world artifact (again)... because sometimes you absolutely need a book of Dragonborn-themed nursery rhymes.

Thursday... I don't honestly know what's doing on with Thursdays. When you're playing an adventure where it's kind of important that all seven people (well, eight including the DM) show up, and then only four people show up, and often it's only five or six people, yeah, that's a problem. Of course, the fact that when it's all seven people it's a little bit chaotic and a bit of a hot mess is also a problem, albeit a different problem.

Ah, fuck it... shit will either resolve itself or it won't.

Anyway... I couldn't be bothered with soup last week, given the previous week's disaster, so instead it was tuna mornay... not perhaps my most effective version, but not bad all things considered.

Otherwise, the only real interesting thing this week was Haircut Day... which got moved to Friday this week because of reasons.

Mostly it was about the same as usual, although we did try something a little different with the hair colour... with... underwhelming results. When the hair colour says silver, you expect something a little more... intense. What I got was basically a not very strong ash blonde. I mean it's nice... but it wasn't what either of us were expecting.

Possibly next time, if we do a bleach pass of my hair first before we put the silver through... we'll see.

Today was... well, about average to be honest. I did have to get up fairly early to tidy the apartment, wash some dishes and change the bedding... all things I probably should have done somewhat earlier, but managed to avoid getting around to.

Then we did a run out to Big W, picked up a few bits and pieces, although nothing over exciting (printer paper, some adhesive tape etc), before taking a drive down to Glenelg for no particular reason. And doing a full walk up and down Jetty Road, and having a wander around Cheap as Chips.

You know when you've been looking for a particular thing in every single appropriate store you go in for months and months and months and months... and nobody has it, and then you finally find what you're looking for. It's very exciting, even if the item in question is a clear plastic shower curtain.

So we bought two each.

After that we grabbed some pies from Orange Spot Bakery (always a good plan) and found a spot down by the beach where we could sit in the car and eat them.

Not an exciting day, but a productive one.

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So, in the end it took a whole week to get the leak in my shower fixed. Yup, a whole week of dripping, two different plumber visits... but it did result in a set of brand new taps and a brand new shower head. And not even cheap crappy taps, fairly nice lever turn style ones. I mean at some point my fat ass is going to knock into one of those taps and either turn the cold water up full or turn the hot water off... but they're still fairly pretty.

This week's soup was an unmitigated disaster. It shouldn't have been, but it just was, and I tried to fix it by pureeing it after I'd had a bowl, and it didn't help. Okay, disaster may have been a little strong, I just wasn't feeling it and lost interest in it fairly quickly.

DnD this week was... interesting.

In running or playing tabletop role playing games there are two types of personalities at the table... the first is the players, the second is the characters. There are people who I quite like who play characters I really dislike... there are also people I generally don't much care for who play characters I'm okay with. There are also those where I like both the people and the character. And instances where I like the person, but sometimes really dislike their table behaviour.

This week was very much about characters I don't much care for played by people I quite like. And also the table behaviour thing.

I dunno... it's possibly I'm just feeling a little cranky what with everything that isn't going on in my life right now added to the fact that a bunch of stupid changes are about to happen the Adventurer's League... and beyond the fact that I hate change, a number of these changes make no sense to me. Like literally I have no fucking idea what they think the benefit to some of the changes will be, none, zero, zilch, zip.

But, that's neither here nor there, they're happening.

Anyway... I may have had a little dummy spit at the Thursday group... and while I know what the inciting incident was, I'm not sure that that was actually the problem (I mean, I know part of what the problem is, it's just how to convey that to other people without coming off like a complete asshole), and I'll need to try and devote some time to that without also climbing up into my own head and taking up residence there, which is not an easy thing to avoid.

Moving on...

This week was also Chiro Week, but I'd been in my head the whole day, so it was basically a trip into town, a brief appointment, and back home again.

Today was... also brief, mostly.

Ma was getting her hair did, so I did my own supermarket adventure. Which mostly consisted of buying an awful lot of stuff since I bought hardly anything last week and spent much of this week being somewhat annoyed by that fact.

Then it was back here to unpack, watch a bunch of stuff on YouTube and generally hang out until Ma arrived.

From there we headed into the city for a general wander, mostly to look into replacing some jewellery that Ma lost last week (lost as in it seems to have fallen out of her bag outside of somewhere and not been handed in... so basically stolen), with minimal success. To be honest, it was between 5 and 10 years ago that she got the jewellery in question, so it's not overly surprising.

We finished up with lunch at Burger Theory, sampling their new extended menu and then a quick visit to Haighs.

And that was my week.

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photo saturday: odd places

tiny protesterswindow art

My week begins and ends with plumbing related issues.

Inbetween was some DnD.

Starting with the beginning of the week, I was surprised and pleased when the plumber not only showed up before the allotted time, he was actually finished before it as well. And I have a brand new combination water inlet/plumbob/thingy that looks like it's right out of the Jetsons, or alternatively could double as a bluetooth speaker system.

I made some pretty great soup on Sunday that was kind of half way between potato and leek soup and chowder... not bad at all I have to say.

DnD was... well, it wasn't bad.

Monday's game I ran a game I've run possibly more than any other, and allowed the party to just get weird at the end, so they actually missed out on all the sneaking around that usually happens in that adventure and instead did a massive combat encounter.

I also managed to do some serious roleplay with one of my regular players, given that I just threw out a random hook that he leaned into, and then picked up on something that I did with one of the other players and had himself a little moment there too. I do like those moments, when you know exactly what it is that they're attempting to do so you just let them run with it as much as humanly possible. And sometimes you just plus it a little and it all gets kind of silly or interesting or both.

Wednesday's game had some of that from the other side. It also means I'll be playing my replacement character for a hot minute, since my DM had the bad guy steal the body of my previous character. It's all very complicated and somewhat Shakespearean to be honest.

Thursday none of what I consider to be the Regular Thursday Boys showed up, so instead the rest of us had quite the adventure, but it was also a little calmer than it can otherwise be, which was nice.

And since it was at someone's house, her husband made us all bacon sandwiches and tea, so what's not to love about that.

Otherwise not much to report.

Oh, this end of the week and the other leak... After my shower on Friday I discovered that the shower head was leaking. And not just a little bit.

After trying to figure out if it was going to stop on it's own or not, I realised it wasn't... so there may be a plumber visit on Monday (or if I'm really unlucky the fucking useless handyman, but if he fucks me around or does a half assed job I'll be onto the land agent real damn quick).

And it's only gotten worse today.

Today wasn't really much of anything. We did the shopping, I picked up enough stuff to make some kind of vegetable based soup, I really have no idea what it's going to be, and we came back here.

Then we headed off to Marion for a general wander around, because there still isn't sweet fuck all on at the movies worth seeing.

And that was really about it.

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movies: goodbye christopher robin

goodbye christopher robin
Way back in the first year of the blog, I wrote a little something about my love for the Winnie The Pooh books by A.A. Milne.

Even all this time later they remain amongst my favourite children's books. And while I kinda of knew that "Christopher Robin" was based on Milne's child, and the characters were all based on his toys, I didn't really know anything about the Milne family or the writing of the books.

Enter Goodbye Christopher Robin.

And there are just some things that once you know them, you just can't un-know. Don't get me wrong, it was fascinating, but it was also incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating and absolutely of it's time and location (and class), and horrendously British (for all that that implies).

Domhnall Gleeson does a fantastic, complicated job as Alan aka Blue aka A.A., while Margot Robbie makes his wife Daphne into both a real person and at the same time, absolutely horrible.

Young Will Tilston does remarkable well as young Christopher Robin aka Billy Moon, even with the incredibly accurate and unflattering haircut. And Kelly Macdonald is a ray of light in an otherwise dull, empty and repressed world.

My favourite parts of the movie were those that involve the writing and development of the stories of Winnie The Pooh, as they dropped in so many references to the stories. Stuff that a casual fan of the stories may not ever pick up on. So I liked that very much.

And the fact that the movie was filmed in the real locations where the Milnes lives, the real bridge where Poohsticks was played, the real tree where Owl's door was constructed.

What I didn't know about the Pooh books was the craze that sprung up around them and how it affected young Christoper and the rest of the family. How accurate that part of the movie is I don't know, but it feels like something that would have happened. And it also feels more than a little icky.

I kind of wish that could have spent a little more time with the teenaged/older Christopher Robin, but the point of this story is his childhood and what affect the Pooh books actually had on them.

And for the record, I didn't completely cry, but it was a touch and go thing for a while there.

It's both a sweet and painful story, and an interesting one, but one that you can't forget you know once you know it.

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photo saturday: walls and stuff

violetof the deep

flour shedblue face
Let's see...

This week was... blah with a side order of m'eh.

I made semi decent soup... fauxestrone (ie not actually minestrone, but in the same general neighbourhood), I possibly should have passed up on the kidney beans I added, they were a little m'eh... but then they often are.

This week's DnD games were... fine. I mean the adventure I ran on Monday wasn't the best design ever, my character died on Wednesday and Thursday's game was at the game store instead of one of our players and only four of us showed up... and we had a random drop in, who was fine, but it's not really the type of game for randoms.

Otherwise my toilet cistern suffered an emotional breakdown this week and seems to no longer be able to hold liquid long term. Which is problematic, but there's a plumber coming on Monday, so hopefully it's a simple fix.

Today was also essentially a non-event.

We did the supermarket thing this morning, I'm making some variation of potato and leek soup this week, possibly dipping a little into the chowder oeuvre if I remember to take chicken out of the freezer. And while I can deal with people on checkouts who are slow and people who are bad at packing, the Venn diagram crossover is where I have trouble.

Then we came back here before heading out to pick up some stuff at Big W... in fact given that there wasn't any movies on that we wanted to see, Ma suggested we check out the cheap DVDs there and if we found something good, bring it back here and watch it.

Which is basically what we did.

I mean we wandered around Big W, then did a brief wild goose chase in a couple of other places looking for something I'm not entirely sure exists, but I want to exist... or else does exist, but is too bloody expensive.

Anyway... we got some food, came back here and watched Goodbye Christopher Robin (more on that later).

It wasn't much of a day, but it wasn't bad.

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pink leavesmorning rose drops

spirited waterfallsucculent
This week mostly centred around me being varying degrees of sick. And having a rental inspection.

Both Sunday and Monday involved some long slow pottering around to get things looking the way they needed to, while also cooking a whole pot of chicken soup on Sunday night to either assist in killing my cold, or at worst, keeping me hydrated.

And because I didn't overthink it (my thinking apparatus being essentially clogged), it turned out really well. Just enough chilli to open up the nasal passages and a good liquid to vegetable ratio.

I got to play DnD all three time this week, since I'd flung a module at the Canadian last week, and he did a great job running the adventure, as I knew he would. So I know that at any point if I'm not up for it, I can tap him to fill in.

It also meant that I got to debut my newest character, badass halfling barbarian grandma with a big axe. I mean technically due to backstory reasons, she's not actually a grandma, but I had one of the characters on Monday calling me Grandma within about five minutes, so I'm planning on leaning into it.

And it's fun to play old lady characters... they get away with stuff other characters probably wouldn't or couldn't. Also, I love playing characters that don't make any logical sense, like a 104 year old female halfling barbarian. Because why the fuck not.

Also, you know you're a particular kind of nerd when you spend 20 minutes making a spreadsheet to work out how much it would cost your regular 5 person adventuring group per year to share the cost of an imaginary wagon with two imaginary horses and an imaginary person to look after the wagon and horses, plus imaginary food and imaginary stabling.

For the record, 140 gold, 5 silver, 5 copper for the first year, and 113 gold, 5 silver, 5 copper for each year after that. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, rolling backwards a little... Tuesday was the inspection, so I cleared out before the allotted time, went down the road to the library, caught up on my DnD "homework" (logging character adventures) and watching an episode of Critical Role (DnD web stream) I'd downloaded to the netbook.

It's also always good when you watch a particular emotional episode of anything in a public place and try not to cry.

I spent a little time beyond the inspection window, just to be sure and pottered back to my place to find that it had finally been done. Thank goodness.

Otherwise the week was, m'eh... I mean, my cold/flu diminished somewhat as the week went on which was good, but otherwise, m'eh.

Today, likewise, had high levels of m'eh.

We did the supermarket thing this morning... I bought stuff to make more soup, most probably some made up variation of minestrone. And I say this only because I bought tomatoes.

Afterwards we came back here, dithered around a bit and then did the "no clue what we're doing, let's go to a place where a shop exists" thing we so often do. Which mostly resulted in poking around three separate locations and not much else.

And that's about it really.

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photo saturday: avcon 2018

avcon 2018 - fairly odd parents - wanda and cosmoavcon 2018 - persona 5 - queen and genderbent panther
Okay, it's been a couple of weeks... there's quite a bit to get to.

To start off, I'm sick currently, or at least in the beginning stages of same, so honestly, I can't be bothered with anything right now. But it's been two weeks, so we're doing this.

First up, the Sunday after my last post I spent about four hours cleaning the house for my rental inspection. I tidied, I mopped, I moved furniture around.

Monday comes, I skedaddled out of the house before 10am when they were supposed to arrive, went to the library to prep some DnD modules, then got a call at 11:30 (half an hour before the end of the inspection window) telling me that sorry, the inspection person had had an emergency and they were cancelling. Spent the last week and a half keeping the apartment in an approximate state of readiness, then get an email that said it'll be this coming Tuesday.

And of course, now I'm sick, and I hate doing any kind of cleaning up when I'm sick. Fuck this and all this bullshit.

Also, I did last week's shopping on Friday morning, since I was going to be busy all weekend. I may have gotten a little over excited and bought too much stuff at the supermarket.

avcon 2018 - spidermanavcon 2018 - critical role - genderbent mollymauk
There's a sizeable chunk of DnD related news... most of it revolving around AVCon (hence the photos), but more on that in a hot minute.

I played my usual games, although I had a character who died died (since death is seldom completely permanent in lower levels of AL) the week before last... well, she technically committed suicide/sacrificed herself to save her companions (I know, but it was a somewhat heavy couple of minutes). I now have a replacement character who will fill in until we get around finding the NPC who can raise her from the dead.

I also ran the first ever game for one of the managers of the games store on Thursday just so he could see what this DnD was all about. He seemed to have a good time, which is the main thing.

My DnDniversary was also that week. One year since I walked through the door of Greenlight Comics to play for the first time. It seems so weird that it's only been a year.

Then there was AVCon. I was, obviously, part of the tabletop/RPG/DnD area, and picked up my staff shirt and pass on Friday afternoon... while walking away I looked down at the things I was carrying and said, aloud, "What the fuck even is my life right now?"... I mean 12 months after starting DnD, I'm not only running games, but I'm running games at a major convention and I have a teeshirt that says "STAFF" on the back. What even is my life indeed.

I ran essentially three and a half games over the two days. Almost entirely for new players, and in a couple of those situations more than half the players at my table were either under 18 or under 15 (I now understand why the award for doing that refers to a saint of the god of endurance). I also ran a module I've now run 5 times, so other than monster stats and the occasional check for certain effects, I didn't really look at the module at all. Which was nice, I got to embellish a bunch of stuff.

I did seem to be the "and also" table more than a few times. Or at least it felt that way during the big epic game on Sunday when I had a table of 6 all leave me after about an hour and replaced them with a guy and his young son and one of the other DMs.

avcon 2018 - beauty and the beast - beastavcon 2018 - doctor who - the tardis
Otherwise AVCon was okay. I got a bit of a wander in on Saturday afternoon, and then another on Sunday morning, I also got to hang out at the cosplay competition on Saturday (which is where the two photos above were taken), chat with the lovely man at the Level Up Dice stall (who treated me like we'd known each other for 10 years or something... I don't know if that's just him, or if it was because I told him I was a big fan of the DnD online stream show that they sponsor, but it was amazing either way), stalked a few cosplayers (in a non-creepy way in order to take photos).

Then on Sunday we went and chatted with the lovely lady at the LARP (Live Action Role Play... essentially DnD, but standing up and running around in the world somewhere) stall for a good quarter of an hour before heading back up to the tabletop area and two of the three of us having a table's worth of players flung at us not long after we returned.

I also thought, yeah, I'll be at the Con until about 5:30, come home, my evening is my own. Not so much.

I ended up going out for dinner afterwards, on Saturday with a girl I didn't know all that well, and we had a great time and hung out for about 4 hours... when on Sunday a group of about 7 of us all headed out to debrief and chat and just wind down a little. I got home at 11pm and midnight respectively. And the only reason I left at midnight was that that was my last bus.

I'm not sure I'm going to repeat the AVCon experience, but it was definitely something to add to the bucket list in order to check off and one I enjoyed, but yeah, not sure it's for me. But we'll see. I am going to step back from the upcoming Con in September though, not only to give someone else a go, but I am currently, what is the phrase, financially insolvent, so yeah.

avcon 2018 - final fantasy vii - cloud strifeavcon 2018 - possibly battle beast... i'm not sure
This week I had Haircut Day, Chiro Day and found it very hard to add up four very small numbers on Monday night after AVCon. Seriously, adding the results of four four sided dice should not be that hard.

Haircut Day was the hairdressing equivalent of "second verse, same as the first". So nothing changed there. I got a call earlier in the week saying my usual chiro wasn't available on Friday so I went to the other one on staff instead. Which is always a different experience, but okay.

Yesterday and today were the two days that this stupid cold/flu/petri dish of gross really hit me. Not a fan.

Today we did the shopping thing, I basically bought the makings for chicken soup and not much else, because of course.

Then we went into the city because Ma wanted to go to Dymocks. Which we did... then we wandered briefly, then we gave up and came back here. Then she left.

Now I'm trying to decide whether going and laying down is a good idea while having a stuffed up nose.

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thirteenth bloggiversary

This is a relatively quick post... It's also the first time I've done this semi-properly since about 2011.

Today is my blogiversary. My 13th blogiversary to be exact.

And tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the first time I went to play D&D, hence the dice photo and all the 13s.

So there's that.

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