mythbusters: behind the myths tour

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I don't get genuinely, hardcore excited about a lot of things... but going to see Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman in the Mythbusters: Behind the Myths tour was definitely something that made me giddy as the proverbial schoolgirl (or Jamie when there's high explosive around).

And I don't think I stopped smiling the whole time they were on stage... and the final sequence involving a suit of armour, one half of the spawn of Adam's loins and Jamie's paintball gun from hell had me laughing the whole way through.

As always, Adam had any number of costume changes (at one point quite literally when he put on his Han Solo costume) with an array of superhero themed shirts, while Jamie stayed cool and crisp in his ubiquitous white shirt.

The little pre-taped pieces before the show actually made it all feel very "behind the myths", first there was Jamie giving a tour through M5, and even though it's a place you see weekly, you don't always know how it all fits together and what leads into where.

Then out come Adam and Jamie... Adam talking 100 miles a minute and Jamie occasionally getting a word in edgeways.

I don't want to give away too many of the "tricks" but there's a mixture of simple but impressive physics displays, stunts they did on the show like the interleaved phone books, fun with the high speed camera and on top of all of that separate question and answer sessions with both hosts. Also, you've never heard a Mythbusters explosion until you've heard it coming out of a lot of very large and powerful speakers with the bass turned all the way up to at least 15 so you feel it in your whole body.

And even though I didn't get picked for audience participation (always a problem when you're not overly near the front of a very large venue... but I would have sorely loved to have been), the audience members they did choose were really good, especially the little boy who blew the double raspberry on high speed camera.

But I really can't give it any higher praise than then whole show, from beginning to end, just made me really, really, really happy.

And who doesn't need a little happy in their life?

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regularly scheduled saturday shopping

Saturday, August 16, 2014

There really isn't all that much to report for today's adventures...

My morning routine was pretty standard... I decided to break in my new Waterbender teeshirt, which pretty much resulted in a blue outfit from head to toe.

Then I literally made it downstairs as Ma was arriving... she pulled up just as I made it out to the street, so that was useful.

Supermarketry was about the same as always... I did fill up on a variety of things in the produce section so that I can attempt to make lasagne to take to work this week. And lasagne with the addition of lots and lots of sneaky vegetables blended into the sauce... well, I say blended, but we'll see how it all comes together tomorrow. As usual I'll be half following the recipe and half making it up as I go along.

We faffed about back at my place for a little while, unpacking groceries and discussing So You Think You Can Dance, as we do, before we headed into the city.

Earlier in the week I had a list of maybe half a dozen things I wanted to do in the city. Know how many I remembered to do while we were in the city? One of them. D'oh.

Granted it's not like a number of them were especially urgent, but still.

We did have a little bit of luck when we parked the car though, firstly we were right in front of the ticket machine, however when I got out to put the money in, not only did the money not seem to want to go into the machine, it also dropped right through and out the other end. But when I went to extract the money I realised there was a bunch of money already sitting in the coin return tray... $6 to be exact, not including the $2 I'd put in. Score! So I got to use $2 in one of the other machines for a ticket and still made $4 profit.

Not really a bad start to the excursion.

The only thing that I remembered I wanted to do was head to Dymocks to see if they had any of the books I've been looking for for Baby Tink... they didn't, however they did have a gorgeous book called Otto the Book Bear, which was too gorgeous to pass up.

We had a bit of a poke around some of the other stores (I found an elephant doorstop that was too cute to pass up and works a whole hell of a lot better keeping the bathroom door closed than the awful curly wedge thing I previously had. And because all elephants need a name, I found the name Horace appear in my brain... and the only reason I'm writing it down is that this is probably the only time I'll even remember he has a name, let along what it is.

burger theory chips and gravy burger with cajun fries and chocolate shakeburger theory frozen vanilla custard
After we finished poking around the shops (including a slightly accidental trip to Haighs... it wasn't planned but we were in the neighbourhood) we headed down Rundle Street to check out the Burger of the Month at Burger Theory.

We tried the new "Call Me Gravy" burger, which is chips, gravy, cayenne pepper sauce and double cheese. But it's not your regular gravy, this is American "biscuits and gravy" style gravy... which makes me really want to try biscuits and gravy now... because that stuff is DAMN TASTY!

And the Cajun fries are just the perfect amount of spiciness. Mmmmmm.

But seriously, can we talk about frozen custard for a moment. OH! MY! GODDESS! It's like the smoothest smooth ice-cream I've ever eaten... if that ultra smooth ice-cream was put through an additional smoothing process. Yeah, suffice to say, it's a new obsession and I can't wait for Fringe time next year when I can just casually pop in to Burger Theory on the way to or from a Fringe show and get a cup of frozen custard to take on my merry way.

Of course now I need to work my way through all the options for frozen custard "concrete"... I don't remember all the options on the list, but just the idea of vanilla frozen custard mixed with apple crumble has me drooling a tiny bit.

And even though I shared both the fries and the frozen custard with Ma, I was still very, very full... happy certainly, but full.

So much so that after Ma left I lay down and had a little nap.

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photo friday: thinking about things

Friday, August 15, 2014



Last week Ma mentioned that she thought we needed to start thinking about Sydney... to which my reply was that I never stop thinking about Sydney (although I'd rather save my money rather than take a trip, at least this year).

But never more so than currently while Mythbuster Adam Savage is in the country for his and Jamie's Behind The Myths Tour (which Ma and I head off to next Wednesday)... he's currently in Sydney and blogging his travels for the Tested website.

His post about the Sydney ferries made me happy, but then yesterday's post about Newtown made me all of the happy, especially given that Adam and his family literally trod some of the same ground that Ma and I did back in March (although I'm a little annoyed that we didn't discover the cemetery last time).

This week has been something of a vicious cycle... my hip (as a result of my back) were hurting, which made me irritable, which tensed up my back and especially my shoulders, which hurt... which... well, you get the idea. It didn't help that there was any number of tasks, people, situations, etc that were getting on my nerves. Which again, I'm pretty sure is part of the cycle thing...

Earlier this week I was talking to one of the girls at work about the Good Game Top 100 and I was telling her about Assassin's Creed Brotherhood given that she'd just bought the first two AC games... which in turn made me go looking for ex-rental copies, and managing to snag both of them for $23.

Granted playing vast amounts of AC doesn't really gel terribly well with trying not to sit for long periods, plus the fact that I have no fucking idea where my PS3 controller charging cord is (there aren't that many places it could be... I just don't know what any of them are)... but we'll see what happens.

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movies: guardians of the galaxy

Saturday, August 09, 2014

guardians of the galaxy - all heroes start somewhere
Like the majority of people, I knew next to nothing about the Guardians of the Galaxy beyond the character's names and the fact that it was a third string comic book.

But the Marvel Cinematic Universe has worked it's magic yet again and it turned out to be a hell of a good movie.

The cast is exceptionally good... current Winner of the Internet, Chris Pratt, is fantastic as Quill, he's charming enough, goofy enough and more than sexy enough to carry off the character without making it cringe-worthy.

And the fact that the character was taken from Earth in the late 80's allows for not only the best soundtrack to any of the Marvel movies thus far (although the music is all 70's rather than 80's), but also gave the writers the change to weave in any number of great 80's references.

Zoe Saldana and wrestler, Dave Bautista are equally brilliant (especially Bautista, how has better comic timing that I would have expected)... but to be honest more than a few scenes are completely stolen by two characters who aren't even there.

Groot, a walking, talking tree voiced by Vin Diesel, and Rocket, a genetically modified raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper don't feel like computer generated creations, especially Groot... I had to keep reminding myself at certain points that he wasn't a dude in a creature suit but actually CGI. There were a couple of moments in the Uncanny Valley with Rocket, but he's a raccoon, so that's pretty damn understandable.

But Groot quickly became my favourite character, and I did get a little misty eyed at a certain point due to his character... as well as having the best moment of the movie right at the end.

And because the story all happens on other worlds or just in space generally, they had great license to create a world full of candy colours and bigger than life people and places.

I will say that the fact that the villain was tied back into the larger Thanos storyline begun in (the end credits of) The Avengers makes Lee Pace's portrayal of Ronan feel a little "Villain of the Week"... and while I'm am incredibly biased, I can't help but think that Karen Gillan proved once again that she's not that great an actress given that she's a bit shouty and more over the top than absolutely called for as Nebula. I'm fully willing to accept it's more about the fact that I just can't stand her.

Also incredibly high on the "What the ever-living fuck" scale was the post credit sequence... I won't spoil it specifically, however I can imagine that a large number of people may not even get it because it took me a moment to realise... but it also doesn't tease a little bit of the next movie. It's just fucking weird.

Although thinking about it now I can only think that it was another, rather blatent, 80's reference.

Even taking that into account, it's a great movie overall, and a more than fitting member of the Marvel stable.

yani's rating: 9 Infinity Gems out of 10


pantastic saturday shopping

gotta get me a frypan
Today was pretty much about two things... a frypan and finally going back to the movies after skipping many a week... over a month in fact... due to me tweaking my back.

I got off to a bit of a slow start this morning, but once again managed to drag myself downstairs just as Ma was arriving.

The supermarket wanderings were fairly ho-hum... I'm living out of my freezer for lunches this coming week, so I didn't have a trolley full of ingredients for that. Next week will be different, as I'm intending to make lasagne... although I've never actually made a successful one... actually I've only ever attempted it once. So we'll see how that goes.

I decided to have a look in Target for some new shirts for work... some of the ones that I have are up to and exceeding ten years old (two of them at least), so it's time for some new additions.

I also managed to get the last of the Chima Legend Beasts... but Ma snagged it off me and said that it could go away for Christmas... which is fine, I just wanted to make sure that I had it, I didn't need it right now.

After we were done, we headed back here for the unpacking portion of the morning, and then headed over to the North Adelaide Village to drop a whole bunch of my coinage in at the bank, check out the Emma Hack exhibition on in one of the shops and take a look in the bookstore for any of the books I want for Tink's new baby. I did manage to find two, although I only ended up grabbing one of them.

Next up was a trip down to the Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre... my non-stick pan has stopped being especially non-stick, so I was in search of a new one.

I actually ended up with two... a little one I can use for smaller things and a deep one that will be good for stir fries and stuff.

I was also kind of on the lookout for a replacement for one of my knives and some new measuring cups (yes indeed, I do live a rockstar lifestyle)... but nothing caught my attention at the price I wanted to pay.

We then headed down to Arndale, had a brief wander around and then headed off to the movies... and even though it was a two hour movie, plus another half hour on top of that for the ads and trailers, I wasn't in any great discomfort, which is a relief.

And that was it really... not particularly exciting, but a reasonably useful day.

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photo friday: bricking it

Friday, August 08, 2014

lego cityscapelego hogwarts

lego throne roomlego corner store

lego galleonlego native covention
There really isn't very much news this week...
  • Work today was slightly mental and by 4pm I'd only gotten around to completing all the emails that same in from yesterday afternoon to 9am this morning. It's a slight exaggeration, I did do a bunch of other requests that came in during the day as well, but it was something of a hectic day.
  • At the same time it was the day most like "old times"... back at the dawn of time when it was mostly me, H-San, Sugarmonkey and Rockchick. Not that other people weren't around, but we just had a few moments of connection and, I guess for me anyway, nostalgia.
  • I had a bit of a retail therapy moment after the chiro this afternoon... I walk past a little gift shop every day after work, and every day this week I kept noticing a Jim Shore designed Stitch in the window. So after I left the chiro I went back and bought it... because, reasons.
  • This week was yet another reminder from the universe that if an experience is weird, awkward and vaguely disappointing the first time around, it really isn't going to improve the second time.
  • While the previous point is about something completely different, it also relates to my experience with Peanut Butter Tim Tams... they should have been a no-brainer and right in my wheelhouse as they say... sadly they're just disappointing. And it was the same from the first one to the end of the pack.
  • I also discovered that Shin Tokoyo in the city had Nanoblock Pokemon... so I swung by at the beginning of the week and picked up Bulbasaur... because he's always been my favourite. It was also my first experience building Nanoblocks... and it was an interesting one, not least of all because all the bricks are so damn tiny. It did make me wonder if it would be possible to replicate the model using LEGO, although the dimensions of the bricks are very different.
That's it really... not necessarily an interesting story, but a true one.

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lego chima legend beast crocodile

Sunday, August 03, 2014

lego chima legend beast crocodile - da boxlego chima legend beast crocodile - cragger and the beast
Well, I was correct, not only am I well on my way to picking up all of the Lego Chima Legend Beasts, but the Crocodile was a unique build.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - inside the box
Unfortunately I put off building the set until the sun was disappearing out of my living room at a rate of knots... so while these photos start out with lovely directional light, it disappears not long into the build.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - cragger and the knolled bricks
I did take some time to knoll out the pieces once again, it definitely makes it easier to put the sets together, but I couldn't see myself doing it on a large set as you'd lose all your build space to the knolling.

I quite like the Cragger minifigure... especially with his moulded crocodile mask/head taken off, and it's definitely one of the more interesting weapons.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - open up and say ahhhhhhhhh
I'd love to see what other uses the Lego community has put the lower jaw tile to, it's fairly specific, and to be honest I kind of expected it to be a sticker, since most of the other sets (this one included) have been heavy on the stickers.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - all aboard the croc train
I couldn't help thinking that this looked like either the world's strangest train or else some sort of post-apocalyptical car and trailer.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - some olive and hunter green sidewall action
The use of the green "claw" pieces as back ridges was a nice touch, as was the curved bricks split across the two parts to make up the croc's body.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - time for the feet
I don't understand the silver claw pieces on the front feet though. I could kind of understand if they were pointed up or outwards, but pointed in like that just seems strange.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - a tail, but still no brain
This is definitely the longest of the Beasts, but the articulation in the tail and the middle of the body make for some more interesting poses. In some ways it's strange that the head doesn't swivel at the neck, but I think you'd get into some trouble with the front feet if it did.

lego chima legend beast crocodile - never smile at a crocodile
The top jaw is the last thing (other than the little handrail section for Cragger to sit behind), and it's the most interesting part of the build as far as I'm concerned. Especially with the white tooth pieces which I haven't encountered before, and the extra large tooth piece just adds an extra something to it.

I was also impressed to see that the jaw is still able to completely close.

As much as I wasn't overly interested in this set initially, I think it comes in just in front of the gorilla, but still behind the eagle and the wolf. And I'm definitely going to have to take a little side trip to Target some time tomorrow and see if I can get my hands on the lion.

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shopping with the blue and yellow

Saturday, August 02, 2014

It was a very Swedish kind of day...

No prizes for guessing where we ended up today.

The day started out in the usual fashion... it wasn't as cold as yesterday morning, but it was still freaking cold. So after a very warm shower and rugging up nice and warmly (in pretty much the same outfit that kept me warm through all of yesterday), I headed downstairs to find Ma just getting out of her car.

Shopping was somewhat on the lighter side... partly because I didn't fill up half the trolley with all manner of vegetables... I thought that this week instead of the usual soup or stew I've been making for lunches, I might try my hand at my Tuna Mornay again (the twelfth ever post on this blog, all the way back in 2005... and I just realised that I totally forgot my ninth blogiversary, but at least I blogged on the day in question).

I also picked up a fourth Lego Chima Legend Beast (the crocodile) during a wander around Target... but I just realised that means that the only one I'm now missing is the lion, so I might need to pick that one up just so I have the whole set, especially while Target has their Toy Sale on.

Then after a detour to the North Adelaide Village to pick up my drycleaning and grab some more coin bags from the bank (I swear I have a bunch of them somewhere, I just don't know where they are... mostly likely in the last remaining moving box, but that's a pain to go through), we headed back here for the usual unpacking and whatnot.

Because I got my (very true and also) signed Tyler Oakley "I can't stop watching YouTubers" poster earlier this week, a trip to IKEA was in order to pick up a frame big enough to hold it.

I also realised that I no longer had a dish big enough to hold all of the Tuna Mornay, so that was also on the list, as was a water glass for work. However the additional bathmat, new toilet mat (whatever they're officially called), the suction cup mirror for in the shower and the solar powered lamp with the spherical base were all "impulse" buys.

The lamp will be pretty good if it manages to pick up enough solar power from it's place on my bedside drawers during the day.

Ma was looking for some inspiration on storing her jewellery, but nothing jumped out at her even though there were a bunch of possibilities... we may have to workshop the concept for a while before we get there.

Then on the way back to my place we stopped off at Bunnings to pick up a couple more Command hooks to hang the frame I just bought, and also grabbed a couple of others to hopefully hang a few more pieces.

And that was that really... the poster looks pretty good in the frame, I just need to get around to hanging it on the wall, the lamp seems to be working okay, or at least it did once I actually figured it the hell out (it shouldn't have been that complicated, but remembering to actually pay attention to the instructions helped), although the suction cup mirror seems to be a bit of a lost cause because I can't get the damn thing to stick to the tiles. I'll need to give it another try later, or work out a different way to use the mirror.

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photo friday: knitted

Friday, August 01, 2014

knitted greenknitted marine

knitted pinkknitted seas

knitted starknitted yellow
Given how cold it's been today I figured a little knitted artwork was more than appropriate.

We haven't visited our old friend the dot point round up in a while, and given that this evening kind of got away from me, let's try that...
  • Josh and I took our "very long conversations" to a whole new level when I swung past his place last Sunday to pick up my Spirited artworks... and left four hours later.
  • I finally heard from Tink on Tuesday, she had the baby on the weekend, another little girl... so there goes my theory about boys for all the pregnant ladies I know.
  • Work has been a little quieter this week, only to get slightly mental today... but on the up side, something I was doing to keep myself occupied for the most part is something I was going to need to do next week anyway.
  • I forgot Random Hotness again this week... I am wondering if it might be time to retire that particular feature, but then I would mostly end up just blogging on Fridays and Saturdays... I dunno, it's something to ponder.
  • This morning on my walk I didn't exactly fall, but I slipped and even though I did an, under the circumstances, elegant slide to the floor rather than a fall, I still scraped my knee all to buggery.
  • People who aren't me generally complain about the temperature of our office. And I won't lie, it's cool enough that I now wear layers in the office, but today was SO cold because of the wind that I was wearing a sweater AND a scarf for the whole day.
  • I'm enjoying flicking between my usual chiro and the other chiro on staff (and for the purposes of clarity, at least to me, I'm going to start referring to them as Tick, my usual chiro, and Tock, the other chiro.. TOC, geddit)... especially since I got some shoulder massage action that rendered me physically speechless.
  • This evening was the opening of Gary Seaman's new show Hiraeth at Tooth and Nail Gallery... and due to a rescheduled chiro appointment I was able to hang around the city and head along. It's definitely a different direction for Gary, and a couple of the pieces had me wishing for a) more available wall space and b) more disposable cash.
  • I did get to hang out with Josh some more and say hi to Gary briefly, but it was also interesting now many other artists I recognised while I was wandering around, not to mention former clients of Josh's.
So not the most epic of weeks, but it definitely ended on a high note.

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lego minifigures series 12

Sunday, July 27, 2014

lego minifigures - series 12
I've been waiting for this image to drop for several weeks now and finally, after teasing almost half the figures in other places, the official group shot for Lego Minifigures Series 12 has arrived!
  • Video Game Guy
  • Prospector
  • Rock Star
  • Swashbuckler
  • Jester
  • Fairy Tale Princess
  • Spooky Girl
  • Pizza Delivery Man
  • Hun Warrior
  • Genie Girl
  • Lifeguard
  • Wizard
  • Dino Tracker
  • Space Miner
  • Battle Goddess
  • Pig Suit Guy
They're definitely back to full power with these sets, because I'm loving this series to bits. Particular favourites are the Video Game Guy (aka Gamer... I imagine I'll be getting at least one extra version of him), the Spooky Girl (especially the Goth teddy bear), the Battle Goddess, the Lifesaver (because, Lego abs), the Pig Suit Guy (there will have to be an extra one for Ma because she's born in the Year of the Pig), the Hun Warrior, the Jester (LOVE those playing card tiles) and the Genie Girl.

I also love that they've gone for a very Ramones vibe for the Rock Star rather than something more generic.

I'm a little so-so about the Dino Hunter (aka Lara Croft/Katniss hybrid), but I think that's mostly about her hair. The Prospector is cute, but the Space Miner is a bit ho-hum. I'm also not that bothered about the colour choices on the Pizza Guy and the Fairytale Princess. The Swashbuckler should have been right up my alley, but that open shirt is just TOO open. I think I'll need to wait until I see both him and the Wizard in person (or at least until I see the review from WhiteFang over at Eurobrick forums).

But overall I'm one very happy AFOL... Roll on October!

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