post fringe round-up 2018

It's that time of year again... no, the other time... when Fringe goes away and everything seems that little bit less bright and exciting.

We only saw 18 shows this year, originally it was 17, but then we were fortunate enough to get to see The Man In The Mail for free, so that was lucky (especially since it was a good show).

Venue-wise we were pretty much back to our usual haunts, although we did get to visit the Wine Centre, The Kings Head and Marion RSL, all of which were new for us. We were also generally very spread out this year... Gluttony being the main place that got multiple visits as always.

I managed to invoke Rule 3 at least three times this year, which I love to do whenever possible... plus I got a hug from one of my favourite circus performers and a short-lived balloon animal from another. Plus a Le Gateau Chocolat hug, which is always a bonus.

I finally remembered to start scoring my Fringe reviews out of 5 (and just like I do with the movie reviews, they all got a cute little nomenclature assigned to the score depending on the show) and tailoring my review tweets a little more, although the fact that I ended up posting most of my reviews at about 1am (regardless of what the individual posts say) was an issue.

It also became very apparent very quickly that my usual refrain of "the top X number of shows are all barely separated in quality" is pretty apt given the scores I ended up giving most of the shows... 13 of the 18 shows are either a 4 or 5 out of 5.  I've included the ratings in the round-up below.

I was kind of surprised this year that I never fully hit that "I need to go hide in a hole away from people" mood that usually hits me towards the end of Fringe, but that may be due to a) not seeing as many shows as usual or b) not having to deal with people all day every day in my regular life.

  1. The Displaced
    "This is absolutely the kind of show I could watch, leave and then turn around and go back and see again right away. And Time in Space Circus have proven that they're a force to be reckoned with." - 5/5

    This was my "mention it to everyone because it blew my mind" show for this year's Fringe. And it wasn't just because the company had matured and was so very different to the last time I saw them, this was genuinely the most amazing circus show I saw this year.

  2. Flesh and Blood
    "The show goes from hilarious to moving to thought provoking and back again at the flick of a switch and had me welling up towards the end." - 5/5

    And this was usually the second show I mentioned to people. The writing and the characters here were exceptional and I'm not surprise at all that this took out the overall Best Theatre show in the Fringe Awards and the Week 1 Theatre and Week 3 Critics Choice awards.

  3. Intoxication
    "And there's a lot of great writing and performing from Bryant, but I think that the thing that really pulls the whole thing together into a consistent whole is that sense of intimacy. Because it's hard not to really hear what someone is saying while they're looking you straight in the eye and you're looking back." 5/5

    I wasn't really expecting this show... I threw it on the list because I always like to keep something gay themed in my Fringe, but I got so much more than I bargained for.

  4. Kaput
    "With this type of show the comedy and seemingly "out of control" nature of it often belie the skills of the performer, and while the character is often losing control, Flanagan maintains it beautifully." - 5/5

    I'm not going to lie, the fact that Ma ended up as part of the show made this even better, but Flanagan really is a master of physical comedy.

  5. Sound and Fury's Cyranose
    "Cyranose was barely controlled chaos. Again, in the best possible way." - 5/5

    Sound and Fury on the edge of a total nervous breakdown was something I didn't realise I needed in my life until this show. And even when there's only a third of the original cast present, it still shines.

  6. A Simple Space
    "They're the gold standard as far as I'm concerned, both in the way they put their shows together but also in how they interact with each other and with the audience." - 5/5

    Gravity and Other Myths are my OG circus act... they were one of the first (if not the first) we ever saw... and watching them from 2011 to now continues to be pure delight.

  7. Box and Cox
    "The three of them are wonderfully over the top and ridiculous in that Victorian farcical way but everything they do suits the material perfectly." - 4/5

    This show is quintessentially Fringe... funny, something you didn't know you wanted more of until you saw it and not quite what you expected.

  8. The Man in the Mail
    "Phillips does a small number of tricks, but does them well and with a lot of personality, including a couple that I really haven't seen other people do before, one including balancing on sticks and the other including a door." - 4/5

    This isn't the first time that a show we've been lucky enough to see for free has been excellent, but in this case it's a very sweet show and well put together.

  9. A Night At The Musicals
    "This show, as Woo and Chocolat proudly proclaim, is where "musical theatre goes to die", and if that's the case, then it's a good death." - 4/5

    Le Gateau Chocolat, my other OG Fringe star who just keeps getting better and better, even if I've seen the show before (Johnny Woo is also great, but let's be honest, I'm in if for the Chocolat). And any show you can sing along with is a good one.

  10. Attrape Moi! (Catch Me!)
    "The trampoline routine that closes the show was my absolute favourite... the way they dive from the structure down onto the trampoline and then just step back into position as though they hadn't flung themselves into space is breathtaking to watch." - 4/5

    Bouncy Canadian circus performers... do I need to say more?

  11. When There's No Strength In Men
    "Lorien excels as Rosalind/Ganymede and steals almost all of her scenes while pretending to be a man. In fact everyone seemed to be on top of their game in this section." - 4/5

    I always enjoy bite sized Shakespeare, and it would be fun to have this crew put on one of the comedies since they do those so well.

  12. That Daring Australian Girl
    "Hartstone does a fantastic job embodying Matters, not only through a very proper British accent (even more difficult because Matters was a trained elocutionist), but also through a very energetic physicality." - 4/5

    This is one of those shows were you come away both knowing more than you did when you walked in, but also wanting to dig a little deeper.

  13. 6 Quick Dick Tricks - A Dirk Darrow Investigation
    "He's here to amaze us with his keen mind and powers of deduction. Also puns... terrible, horrible, groan inducing puns. I mean they're funny... while being awful. But there are a lot of puns and dad jokes." - 4/5

    A master of misdirection and magical manipulation, but with more than his fair share of awful (possibly great) puns.

  14. By A Thread
    "It's an elegant show though, a beautiful show. From the choices of costumes and colours to a lot of the staging and a number of the tricks... it's at times ethereal and weightless. Other times it's bold and flashy." - 3/5

    I still maintain that this may be one of the prettiest and most elegant shows we saw this year... it just needed a little more heft at times.

  15. Circus'cision
    "Maybe some days or in some places there's a little more skin, and I won't lie that I was hoping for a little more, but it was still a fun show." - 3/5

    The problem with a show with a rotating cast is that you can never know what you're going to end up with... and while it was nice to see some "old friends", I think I was expecting a little more circus. But the circus I did get was great.

  16. Grimm Tales
    "Lorien excels as Rosalind/Ganymede and steals almost all of her scenes while pretending to be a man. In fact everyone seemed to be on top of their game in this section" - 3/5

    There were definitely great moments in this show, but a different venue may have helped.

  17. Heathers: The Musical (High School Edition)
    "Camryn Jordans is spectacular in the role (of Veronica), not only does she have an amazing voice that can really belt out the big musical numbers, but she has some serious acting skills and great comic timing. And she makes it hard to look anywhere else but in her direction." - 3/5

    To be honest I didn't realise this was going to be a teen cast until after I'd bought the ticket, and it was definitely uneven, but there are a couple of names and faces I'll be keeping my eye on.

  18. The Bridge
    "I feel like they have an interesting, if slightly short, story here, it just needed something more." - 2/5

    Definitely interesting... but it just didn't hit the mark for me.

And now there's nothing much to do but wait for Fringe to roll around again.

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fringe: by a thread

adelaide fringe: by a thread - one fell swoop circus
By A Thread is seven performers from One Fell Swoop Circus and a long, long length of white rope.

In essence the rope is the eighth performer in the show and changes moods and style along with the rest of the cast.

One of my favourite things about this show is that (almost) any time the rope is being held (or based) by any of the performers, they're on stage, where it can be seen. It becomes as much about the performers providing the support as it does the ones doing the tricks.

The other thing I really liked is that the women seem to act as bases as much as the men do, and conversely it's not just the women doing "pretty tricks"... sometimes it's the men doing pretty things and the women showing raw power. That always gets the thumbs up from me.

I did have the feeling that I'd seen at least a couple of the performers in other things, but I couldn't easily track down who was who or what they'd been in before.

It's an elegant show though, a beautiful show. From the choices of costumes and colours to a lot of the staging and a number of the tricks... it's at times ethereal and weightless. Other times it's bold and flashy. There was more than once where they introduced the rope into a trick I've seen in multiple other shows, which completely changed what happened. And a couple of interesting narrative moments. There are also a couple of "catch your breath" moments.

But I think that's the problem... there are only a couple of those moments. I know that I'm a little bit of a circus snob, but I also feel like I'm a little bit of a "connoisseur" (in inverted commas though) at this point, having seen a hell of a lot of circus acts over the years.

And while One Fell Swoop is very, very good... they're not outstanding. For the most part I was just content to clap, not gasp or hoot and holler like I've done for other shows.

There were a few times where what felt like they should have been relatively simple tricks didn't completely come together, or couldn't be maintained for more than a few seconds. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, they're at the end of their run, maybe they're not at their collective peaks, and it wasn't everything (mostly the tricks not being suspended from the rope), it was just every now and again. And this was the last show we're seeing this Fringe and it had been a long day, maybe I just wasn't feeling it.

If someone was going to see it and asked my opinion, I'd say that it was a beautiful show, and worth seeing, especially if your circus show experience is limited... but I'd probably also suggest at least three other circus shows that they should see after this one.

Don't get me wrong, they are very, very good... and I'll definitely be putting them on the "let's see what they do next" list, they just didn't blow my socks off this time around.

yani's rating: 3 white ropes out of 5

photo saturday: cloudy beach huts

dolphin 48gulls 15

stripes 25sea dragons 34
Okay... so not really your usual week (or my usual week for that matter) this week.

Monday was a public holiday... which of course means both diddly and squat to me right at the moment. DnD was still on on Monday night, which I kind of didn't expect, and it seemed like a bunch of shops were open, so, weird, but sure okay.

We had a very young, first time Adventurers League DM (he'd obviously been running for quite a while, just not for AL), who was fairly impressive overall. I mean his miniatures and terrain were definitely more than I've ever seen for an AL game ever, but very cool. The only downside was he had to leave before we finished the module, so that's a bit of a pain.

I mean there was also the fact that we were originally going to be a small (and good) party of 3, and that would have been good... but then we ended up with 3 other players, a couple of whom fall more into the "let's try and be humorous but mostly come across as annoying" genre, the other one I'm just over in general.

Tuesday I made a pretty good risotto, especially since I was half following half of a recipe I found online and half making things up.

Wednesday was my actual birthday, much of which I covered in my birthday post. I'm still not sure if I would have preferred to play the DnD game I went into town expecting to play, or the one we ended up with... I think it was probably a swings and roundabouts kind of situation, although I would have gotten home earlier if it was the former.

Thursday wasn't much of anything, during the day anyway... but in the evening I ran my "birthday game" of DnD... only in so much as a) it was the game I'd selected within a week of my birthday to be able to give out additional items and get extra things for some of my own characters and b) was the day after my birthday.

I did get a brief rendition of Happy Birthday from the reprobates I usually either play with or run for on a Thursday, so that was nice. But I will say that as a party, and this includes my own character, we are so fucking overpowered at this point. And we're not really that high a level. We're just kind of ridiculous as a group. Which is great when I'm playing... slightly less so when I'm trying to run for the little sociopaths (and I mostly mean the characters... mostly).

Friday was a general exercise in "you have a thing you need to do later tonight, everything else is just killing time until then". Annoying, but true.

And by the time I saw the show, which was running late, resisted the urge to kill the group of homosexuals who were lined up in front of me because they were essentially vacuous, came home, wrote it up and whatever else, it was getting on for around 2am, which also explains why I didn't wake up this morning until after 8am.

So that threw any possibility of me getting to Norwood and voting early out the proverbial window.

It was also a weird old morning... cloudy by with a very warm wind, especially following on from all the rain we had yesterday. Methinks the autumnal weather is asserting itself, finally. It usually comes in with a vengeance about a week after Fringe where we suddenly go from weather suitable for shorts to weather suitable for hoodies within the same 7 day period.

But I went and voted... which was much less well organised than last time. And it seems like we're about the have a change in government for the first time since 2002... to which I say... m'eh. Not a fucking thing will change, because it never does... but I do know that people I used to work with will be very busy once the usual reshuffling gets announced. And having lived through several variations of those shufflings before and after 2002, they are welcome to them.

And that's the maximum amount I will talk about politics for the next however many years.

Ma was getting her hair did today, so I was voting and shopping on my own, which was useful given how super late I was running. And on top of that I had to remember to actually buy enough stuff to see me through the week, since I won't have pre-Fringe dinners to prop me up this week.

Anyway, I got home in enough time to unpack, do some tidying up and then watch some stuff on YouTube before Ma arrived.

The problem was that we had a whole day (well, from around 11am until about 6:30pm) to fill and nothing to do. Which will be the one up side to the Fringe ending... we won't have to fill in time if we have nothing we want to do.

But fill it we did, between stopping off at the Market on Flinders (mostly disappointing, although that stall at the back that sells all sorts of random things from estate sales is pretty much my kryptonite), then scoping out some street art cubes in Hindmarsh Square, before wandering down the Mall "looking at things", stopping off in the odd store or two. We figured that, all things considered, it seemed silly to leave a perfectly good car park to come back to my place for a couple of hours, then have to try and find one again. So we, in essence, loitered around.

We went back and sat in Hindmarsh Square for a while until it started to rain, then we took refuge in the car for a while before heading down to Max Brenner for some chocolatey goodness.

Then we headed down to Gluttony and just hung around for a while watching the people go by. Okay, that partially included being very interested in the nice people from one of those places that take reptiles and other animals to schools and whatnot... because snakes.

Until finally it was showtime... or at least "show lining up time". And, as always, the lining up part of Fringe is the part that I will not miss.

After the show we considered stopping somewhere for pizza... but Rundle Street, on the last night of the Fringe, which also happens to be a Saturday and happens to be St Patrick's Day... forget about it. So we stopped at Fasta Pasta instead.

And that, as they say, was that. Both for the day and for the Fringe.

Sometime next week I need to sit down and work though my round-up post... in between preparing for my rental inspection the week after this one.

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fringe: circus'cision

adelaide fringe: circus'cision by head first acrobats
Circus'cision is what happens when the boys from Elixir invite their friends to come and play...

And because it's a rotating cast depending on the day, the show I saw may not be the show you see. With the exception of the Elixir boys, Cal Harris (acting as the MC), Thomas Gorham and Rowan Thomas.

Oh, and when Harris asks the audience if anybody needs a cuddle during his opening spiel I'm never NOT going to put my hand up. The audience seemed amused and I got a hug from one of my favourite circus performers, so everybody wins.

But back to the show.

Tonight's line up started with Chelsea Angell and some beautiful work on the hula hoops... not to mention excellent music choices and a sassy attitude.

Next up was Paul Dabek who we've seen a couple of times before with a brief magic/comedy act that I think just whizzed over a few people's heads. I think I've said before that he sets the speed of his show at about 100 miles per hour and it's either get on board or get run over.

Then Harris and Gorham did a slightly sexy, slightly disturbing take on season 1 of Game of Thrones... which was one of those moments when I kind of wished I'd sat at the front of the stage rather than the side.

Next up (and I know I'm probably screwing the order up at some point) was a female juggler whose name I unfortunately didn't catch, but she was very good... more of a bouncing juggler than a throwing juggler, but damn she was fast.

After that I think Harris came out and did something weird and a little bit gross, but still interesting with a balloon.

From there it was a gentleman by the name of Squid with acute hypermobility, who proceeded to pass his whole body through the stringless head of a tennis racket. He reminded me of Captain Frodo from La Soiree to be honest, although I suppose there are only so many ways to contort yourself through a racket.

Then finishing up was Thomas and his cyr wheel. I know I've mentioned this about 100 times before, but I honestly think that the cyr wheel is the sexiest of all the circus equipment (as well as the most potentially lethal)... and the fact that Thomas proceeded to strip (to, of course, You Can Leave Your Hat On) while using the wheel certainly didn't hurt.

He also humped my head very briefly at one point... not the first time that's ever happened during a Fringe show, to be honest, I can think of at least three times of the top of my head, even though one of those was a puppet.

And as promised on the poster, there is a brief moment of full frontal nudity when Thomas flashes the audience before disappearing back stage. Maybe some days or in some places there's a little more skin, and I won't lie that I was hoping for a little more, but it was still a fun show.

yani's rating: 3 balloon animals out of 5

fringe: the man in the mail

Every now and again the Fringe drops a show in my lap that I would never have otherwise seen by being in the right place at the right time.

The Man in the Mail was that show for this year's Fringe.

This solo show by Joshua Phillips is incredibly sweet and cleverly conceived and executed, with Phillips playing "the man in the box" who started as "the boy in the box" but then travelled the world having increasingly fanciful and exotic adventures and now finds himself here.

One of the tiny details that I love is that as far as I can remember, Phillips never leaves the space bounded by his wooden box once he opens it to the audience's gaze. It's a tiny thing and one that's easily missed, but once i realised it it made me smile.

The design of the box and all it's props is likewise wonderful, with everything perfectly placed, and containing a number of small details that never really get shown off, but are there anyway.

Part play and part circus/physical theatre, the show sometimes takes its time getting from A to B, but given the theme of the show, it's definitely more about the journey than the destination. Phillips does a small number of tricks, but does them well and with a lot of personality, including a couple that I really haven't seen other people do before, one including balancing on sticks and the other including a door.

I did find myself a little more involved than I've been in most of the shows this year as I was called on first as "chair passer" and then as "hat catcher and thrower", which as anyone who knows me can tell you is not my forte. And it's remarkably difficult to get a hat to fly in a straight line. But I didn't do too badly overall.

This is definitely a show that it's worth your time to get better acquainted with.

yani's rating: 4 black top hats out of 5

fringe: sound and fury's cyranose

adelaide fringe: sound and fury's cyranose
Many, many times when watching Sound and Fury's previous shows I've wondered to myself just how in control Richard, Patrick and Ryan really are at any given moment and how close to spinning off the rails the show really is.

In the best possible way, you understand. It's one of the things I love most about them.

Tonight I think we came as close as humanly possible to that. And it was glorious.

With the lovely Clayton subbing in for Ryan on this tour and Andrew, aka the emergency version of Patrick (who had to unexpectedly head home due to an emergency a few days ago), who had a whole four shows under his belt and his script firmly in hand, Cyranose was barely controlled chaos. Again, in the best possible way.

Clayton is a perfect fit for Sound and Fury, and did remind me of the illegitimate lovechild of Richard and Patrick (is it any wonder given how they're looking at each other in the poster image)... He also reminded me a lot of Patrick performance-wise (that barely controlled comedy whirlwind I always associate with my favourite redheaded Fakespearean... so that's definitely a compliment), and I can only imagine a show with Clayton and Patrick together would have been something to see (pssst Richard, please bring Clayton again another time).

He's also incredibly cheeky and charming and very easy to look at, which never hurts. He also had the "quick change after quick change after quick change" role in the show, and did very well.

Andrew is still white-knuckling his way through the show right now, but that's not without it's own charm and moments of pure improvised/unexpected comedy, but for basically picking up the script at the last minute and this being his fourth or fifth performance, he's doing incredibly well.

And poor Richard has to keep this train on the tracks as it careens around the corners at breakneck speed. But he does it as stylishly as always and in verse more often than not (which I didn't realise was a feature of the original play they're riffing on).

This show does to Cyrano de Bergerac what they've previously done to Hitchcock, Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and the entire fantasy and fairy tale genres. And between jokes about the letter N and the invention of sarcasm, I can't quite decide if it became funnier because the show threatened to dissolve at any moment or if this was already one of their better shows or some combination of both, but I did laugh myself silly more than once.

As always the show hovers between the very high and the very low brow, which is how I like it, and I would definitely say that as far as Sound and Fury shows goes, this one is more than a little unique, so get in and see it before this trio goes their separate ways.

Also, we're sending much love and thoughts to Patrick and hope to see you again next year.

yani's rating: 5 croissants out of 5

it's my (44th) birthday

it's my 44th birthday
It's a repdigit birthday... I always like those. Although I didn't actually know there was a special name for the numbers until I looked it up just now.

And as always, happy birthday to those gentlemen who happen to share my birth day and month... including basketballer Stephen Curry, Johan Paulik, Jamie Bell, Taylor Hanson, Michael Caine, Chris Klein, Albert Einstein, Corey Stoll, Daniel Gillies, Ansel Elgort and Demetrius Joyette.

Today was fairly standard for a Wednesday, a day during the Fringe and as far as my birthdays go to be honest.

I headed into town this morning for DnD, picked up my free birthday Boost Juice on the way in, had an extra long but not uneventful game of DnD (not the game I was expecting to play, but that DM couldn't make it in today), came home to find Ma waiting for me along with my presents, then we headed into town, had some dinner and headed off to a Fringe show.

Then because it turned out that our tickets to that show also got us free tickets to another show in the same venue about half an hour later we stuck around for that.

So I basically walked out of the house around 9am and came back long enough to put my DnD stuff down and change my t-shirt before I headed out again and got home at about 11pm.

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fringe: that daring australian girl

adelaide fringe: that daring australian girl
Muriel Matters was an "Australian born suffragist, lecturer, journalist, educator, actress, and elocutionist".

And given that 2018 is the 100 year anniversary of when women in Britain ("over the age of 30, meeting certain property qualification") were granted the right to vote, this one woman play written and performed by Joanne Hartstone and directed by Nicholas Collett feels all the more appropriate.

Especially since she was a name I wasn't familiar with, and she was born and raised here in South Australia.

On a related note, I also had no idea that women in SA had the right to vote and were the first to be able to stand for parliament in 1895.

Hartstone does a fantastic job embodying Matters, not only through a very proper British accent (even more difficult because Matters was a trained elocutionist), but also through a very energetic physicality.

Initially I was worried that the story was jumping too quickly from one moment of her life to another, but the initial jumps just lay in who she is before the show really gets down to explore it. Also by the end of the play you realise that while Matters had passions that lasted throughout her entire life, she also jumped quickly from one thing to the next, so it feels appropriate in that way.

Tom Kitney's production/set design is great, allowing Hartstone to use and adapt pieces of set dressing into other items as she tells her story... it feels very theatrical, but in the best possible way (especially given that Matters definitely had a flair for the dramatic).

Likewise the costumes by Nikki Fort seem period appropriate but also allow for various costume and character changes throughout the show.

I also need to give Hartstone addition kudos for finishing the play after it was halted for a good half hour when a woman in the audience was taken ill. Not only did she calmly stop everything and get the woman assistance (and kudos to the staff at Holden Street Theatre for everything they did), but she came back once the situation had been taken care of and picked up right where she left off.

yani's rating: 4 sashes out of 5

fringe: a simple space

adelaide fringe: a simple space by gravity and other myths
Gravity and Other Myths and I go all the way back to 2011 when we saw Freefall... then it was A Simple Space in 2013, 2015 and 2016 followed by their Festival show, Backbone in 2017... then this year we went back for another viewing of A Simple Space

To put it simply (pun entirely at your discretion), A Simple Space is a show I could watch 100 times and not get bored.

Not only because the show keeps evolving, even if only in small ways, or with the addition of new performers, but because I love being a part of the energy that GOM has, if only for an hour at a time.

I've said if before and I'll say it again (and in fact I said it to someone while waiting in line), GOM are the group I judge all other acrobats against. They're the gold standard as far as I'm concerned, both in the way they put their shows together but also in how they interact with each other and with the audience.

And there's also the fact that they're all so goddamn talented.

Joining the original cast of Lachlan Binns, Jacob Randell, Martin Schreiber and musician Elliot Zoerner once again are Lachlan Harper and Joanne Curry along with new(er)comers (both of whom were in Backbone) Meike Lizotte and Jack Manson.

I know I say this every single time, but the Lachlans remain my personal favourites... Binns because of his cheeky energy (and I was very lucky enough to get given an excellently rendered balloon dog from him during the show... although thanks to an unfortunate picnic table accident after the show it didn't live long enough to be photographed) and Harper just because of the way he moves through space (and those backflips... so many backflips).

The fact that they're both so damn gorgeous doesn't hurt in the slightest.

It was interesting to see some of the tricks I'm very familiar with performed by different people, made it all feel fresh again.

I also love the way they ramp the energy up the longer the show goes on, especially during the sequence were the female performers are being tossed from hand to hand, they should all be exhausted by that point in the show, but the chatter back and forth really lifts the energy in the room (doubly so because of how damn hot it was during the midday show).

I could ramble on all day about this trick or that trick or how great a particular sequence was, but at the end of the day they're always excellent, they're always worth seeing and there are too many reasons to list as to why they're my gold standard for circus and physical theatre.

So if you've never seen them, you have 7 chances left this Fringe... don't even wait, just do it!

yani's rating: 5 balloon animals out of 5

photo saturday: green grafitti

sprinkler stopvalvethe machine

green streetmorbid sins
This week was fairly busy all things considered.

Sunday I had two Fringe shows, not quite back-to-back, but close enough together that I just hung around in the city between them. And then I went and misbehaved for a while afterwards, which was nice, since it's been a while.

Then Monday was DnD, which wasn't perhaps as bad as last week's game... although the more I play the more that either Munchkinism (in the less pejorative sense) or Min-Maxing bothers me. I mean I get the idea of putting together a character who does the very best they can, but those people who don't really have a character with a personality, they're just a collection of stats, tricks and a massive amount of damage... that bugs me. Suffice to say there was one of those players in the game on Monday.

Also, those people who barely pay attention to what's going on until it's their turn bug me too. I mean why are you even playing the game if you're not interested in the game.

But anyway... nerd related whinge over.

Tuesday was Haircut Night... and the first time I've driven up to Tink's place in the hills in the evening... which wasn't too bad, all things considered. The haircut was the same old same old, this time was a colour as well... perhaps not quite as silvery as previous attempts, but still good.

Wednesday was also DnD, where my character who is trapped in Barovia got her finger bitten off by a werewolf. This is the same character who has also accidentally been turned into a werewolf (temporarily), died and been resurrected with the Dark Gift of an upside down male face on the back of her head, magically aged 20 years (not so bad for a dwarf who was essentially in their version of her 20's)  and had a streak of white appear in her hair (I could have made it all of her hair, but this suits her aesthetic better). I mean it's not the worst Barovian experience I've seen or heard about, but she's definitely been through the most trauma of all my characters.

Yeah, creative storytelling...

Then after DnD, Ma and I had a Fringe show, so we went to dinner at the Empress Restaurant around the corner from my place. I've been meaning to go there since it opened just after I moved here, but never got around to it... which turns out to have been a mistake since it's really, really, really good.

Thursday was more DnD... and I had been intending to check with my regular group to see what we were doing, but I figured they were all big enough and ugly enough to make their own decisions... which of course didn't happen. And so I ended up running. Because of course I did. I mean I didn't mind, and I did put the module in my bag before I left the house because I had a feeling. And I got to run for someone who I think of as a great DM, and who has DMed for us a lot in the past, so that was nice. Plus I'm in love with more than a few of his characters, and this was a new one that was no exception.

Friday was mostly a whole lot of nothing, but I did have my chiro appointment in the afternoon... which was a bit of a pain just because the weather is a bit rubbish (ie too damn hot again) at present.

Today has been... actually not terribly exciting overall to be honest... but we did have two Fringe shows, including a midday maintee.

This morning was a little bit of a blah shopping expedition... neither of us really bought a whole bunch, which isn't really surprising given the amount we've been out and about of late.

Before the first show, we had a bit of a pointless wander around town, saw the show, grabbed some lunch and came back to the car only to discover that the car park fee had accumulated up to $30... which, can I just say, is a big case of fuck the fuck off.

Then we came back here to kill some time in the air-conditioned comfort of my place (after a brief stop off at Haighs to get our Easter shopping sorted) until it was time to go to dinner before the second show. I mean dinner was a complete disaster and we should have gone back to Empress instead of the incredibly crappy place we ended up instead.

There was also a bit of drama during the show when a woman was taken ill towards the end and the show was stopped and we all went outside while the ambulance came, but the performer was able to finish her show eventually for those of us who were left.

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