photo saturday: jetty tales

beach wingsblue arches

rusted photoafternoon jetty
There's a list of things that annoy me about this apartment... but I've really worked out this week that the top item on that list is that after close to twenty years of never closing bedroom curtains, waking up to close blinds is incredibly irritating.

The main issue is that I'm used to judging mornings by the amount of light rather than time, and that's difficult to do when you can't see the light.

I made some pretty great soup on Sunday... except for the fact that I made it with gravy beef and as such had to cook it for about 900 hours (somewhat of an exaggeration), and I started later than I should have. I also didn't end up blending it at the end (although I probably could have, at least a bit), so it was quite chunky and the beef was essentially melt in the mouth.

Work continued to be a little nuts this week... it wasn't without its hurdles. And it seemed like everybody want to pick my brain about one thing or another at some stage. Flattering but occasionally annoying when you're trying to actually get other stuff done.

I'm pretty much finished Assassin's Creed Unity... I just have the last mission to do and any additional mopping up after that.

Much of today was fairly by the numbers... we started off with the usual supermarket trip. I'm intending to make a tomato and spinach soup... possibly with some additional bells and whistles, but essentially that.

After all that and the unpacking and the usual stuff (including a quick fridge tidy, which wasn't so much usual as it was necessary), we headed down to Target just for a bit of a poke around, then we leapfrogged down the road to Big W where I happened to find a book on Florence Foster Jenkins which is half biography and half movie script (as in literally the first half is her bio, the second half is the script) and a couple of Disney DVDs and some kitchen stuff.

From there I was pretty much done, but Ma suggested we take a drive down to Glenelg since we haven't been down there for a while. And it was a nice day for a drive, so what the hell.

We mostly just wandered up and down Jetty Road, although we did have a poke around the new GU Film House cinema that opened in March... it looks, well to be honest it just looks like every other cinema... but supposedly it will "specifically cater to an emerging trend for intimate cinema formats screening niche, arthouse and main stream releases". Whatever the hell that means.

Smaller cinemas with smaller screens I guess.

We mostly wandered, but we did go into Dymocks and I ended up buying three books (damn three for the price of two sale)... The Night Circus, The Martian and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

So yeah, a very book heavy day... especially since I can't remember the last time I bought a book that a) wasn't part of a series I already have, b) wasn't ordered over the internet or c) wasn't a graphic novel.

Once we'd made it all the way to the beach we headed over to Orange Spot to grab some lunch, took it back to the beach to eat it and then called it a day and come back here.

An interesting day... not thrillingly exciting, but at least we did something slightly different.

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movies: florence foster jenkins

florence foster jenkins - the inspiring true story of the world's worst singer
Florence Foster Jenkins was "an American socialite and amateur operatic soprano who was known and ridiculed for her lack of rhythm, pitch, and tone, her aberrant pronunciation, and her generally poor singing ability" according to Wikipedia.

It's also a surprisingly lovely movie.

I only say surprisingly because I wasn't completely sure what to expect. It could have been done in a very "cringeworthy" kind of way, but thanks to the very delicate touch of Stephen Frears (who also directed, amongst many other things, Mrs Henderson Presents and Dangerous Liaisons, which is one of my favourite movies) it never ended up there.

Sure, it delved into farce more than once, but all three leads, particularly Meryl Streep as Florence manage the balance of comedy and, I guess, pathos requited brilliantly. It always amazes me how at the same time Streep can disappear totally into a role, but at the same time remain thoroughly Meryl. And I do enjoy when she does comedy.

A much, much older Hugh Grant (and I don't think it's make-up effects, although it could be) seems to have managed to leave many of his Hugh Grant affectations (most notably the stammer) at the door for the role of Florence's husband. And while it would be incredibly easy to hate his character early on, there's something about the way he plays it which makes you genuinely want him to succeed.

The most surprising to me was Simon Helberg in the role of (the very obviously gay, but closeted) pianist Cosme McMoon (it's a great name). I've only ever seen him in his role of the slightly creepy, perpetually horny Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory, but there's no trace of that here, and I'll admit, I fell in love with his portrayal of McMoon more than a little bit.

As with any "based on a true story" movie, a cursory glance at Florence's Wikipedia page point out any number of liberties that were taken with the story, but I don't even mind that in this case. The story is both hilarious and touching and also surprisingly deep in places (although some of those moments do go rushing by quite quickly)... it also made me laugh out loud more than once, albeit mostly in reaction to other character's reactions to Florence's singing.

It's definitely worth a watch though.

yani's rating: 4 sold out shows out of 5

photo saturday: bridgework

bridge mastbridge stairs

iron curvewasn't sure that was going to fit
This was one of those weeks were nothing much really happened.

I started out by making a phone call on Sunday afternoon, which in turn led to a drive down to Toy Corner in Ridgehaven and a full set of the Lego/Disney minifigures. They ended up costing me a little more per piece than if I'd gotten then from Galaxy Toys, but at least I secured a full set. But if the whole "we're only getting these ones and there's been a lot of demand" was all bunk, then I'll be a little annoyed.

After that I spent the evening making a hell of a lot of tuna mornay, heavy on the spices, but not too heavy on the heat fortunately.

Then once again this week there were far more instances of me either skipping breakfast and grabbing something in town, or having breakfast and then missing my bus. I really need to get better at that... whether it's because my brain isn't used to being in a bedroom where the curtains/blinds need to be closed overnight, I don't know... which in turn means that I don't acknowledge that the actual time is the actual time. But I need to start paying more attention to my alarm.

On Monday night after work I paid a visit to Greenlight Comics in the city... they opened on the weekend, and I wanted to go and check them out. I left with three graphic novels (Batman #6 and #7 plus Paper Girls, which comes highly recommended) and put in an order for three more. It's a great store, the guys behind the counter couldn't be more friendly and welcoming and adorably geeky about comic books (which is pretty much exactly what you want in a comic book store owner/employee). Plus it's the first comic book store (okay, technically it's more of a graphic novel store, since that's what they specialise in... although they will order in comic books too) where I felt completely comfortable walking through the door. I can't really explain why, but it definitely has that feeling.

Maybe it feels more like a bookshop, and I'm always at home in a bookshop... I don't know... but I highly recommend making a visit.

Other than that the week was fairly dull. Work was slightly mental all week, which I've kind of been expecting, although I was kind of distracted by a bunch of stuff other than our core work, which was good to get out of the way, but annoying in that I hate it when our shared mailbox is a total mess and I'm unable to clear it out.

But like I said, other than busyness, dullness.

Today I got off to a little bit of a slow start, so I wasn't quite ready when Ma arrived.

Oh, and finally, she got her hearing aids this week. So hopefully she'll be able to actually hear me properly now, which will make my life so much easier. Turns out that hearing aids are not fucking cheap though. And seriously, why hasn't somebody come up with a rechargeable battery for them? C'mon smart people, get on that.

The supermarket safari this week was mostly fresh stuff yet again... I'm going to try a beef and vegetable soup this week. I haven't actually added major meat to a soup before (not counting chicken), so that'll be interesting. And I'm mostly going to be making it up as I go as per usual... although I may have to poke around a few recipes as well for some additional inspiration.

After we'd come back here and done the unpacking thing we headed off to pick up the artwork from the framers (it looks great... I need to photograph it tomorrow I think), and then head into the city to eventually head to the movies.

We had some time to kill, so we ended up wandering around the city for a while... took a detour to Zing (because I can't avoid that place), found a couple of boxes of the Lego/Disney minifigures in Target and managed to feel out a second Stitch, Ursula and Maleficent (all of whom are most likely headed to my desk at work for now).

Then it was lunch at Burger Theory for their very tasty but very spicy green curry chicken burger before we headed to the movies (more on that later).

Weirdly, when we got back to my place after the movies, I found a parcel on my doorstep. Granted I knew exactly what it was, and I know it's been in the country since Monday, but since when does Australia Post deliver things on a Saturday at noon (I checked the tracking). Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative (and would have been more so if it'd shown up at say 10:30am) but WTF?

And that was about it really... nothing particularly thrilling...

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photo saturday: coloured planks

26 bluesemaphore

rusted lockpainted yellow
It's a little hyperbolic to say that this week was a total train wreck, but it was certainly challenging and had more than a few moments.

Most of it I'm going to skip over as it's either not particularly interesting, involves too much backstory or I just don't want to share.

I made really good soup this week though... a combination of a lot of different vegetables, the Spanish flavoured stock and a crapload of bacon. Bacon makes everything better, it really does.

This week I'm doing a tuna mornay instead of a soup... it's soup adjacent (just on the other side of chowder), and I woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to make it. So there you go.

My tattoo is healing nicely. It was a little problematic at the beginning of the week, because it was almost like I was running a fever... but I think it was more like the after effect of sunburn... where your skin just feels overheated, which makes you feel a little gross overall. And as Owlgirl pointed out, "beauty is pain".

But now we're at the "moulting" stage (well, he is a bird after all). Basically every time I do anything, I feel like I'm leaving little bits of blue or black skin behind me. Gross, but accurate.

Work was the main cause of all the challenges this week. Not only did everybody need everything urgently, but we came to the end of the second phase of the big project which meant less work for them, and an increase in work for me and my team. And a whole bunch of change, which I never cope particularly well with.

Suffice to say there were moments this week I could have handled better, and I also could have applied myself a little better at other times.

Thursday night was Haircut Night... so it was something of a relief to just be able to go see Tink. As usual we chatted about all manner of things as she did my hair, then we kind of got sucked into the Ink Master TV show as we were waiting for the colour to bake in my hair. I have to say that that should would be greatly improved if they never let the contestants talk to or about each other. And some of them not even then.

Friday night after way too many detours in my work day to solve other people's problems, it was time to go to the pub. Yay.

I'm often surprised that we don't get thrown out of pubs... we're so fucking loud as a group... although we're never rude or violent... but still. Even I think we're a little obnoxious at times, and if we were other people, I'd probably hate us.

It was a pretty good group... unfortunately people didn't really move around once they were in a spot like what usually happens, but as some of the lightweights floated off, we did kind of close the circle and come together. In the end, it was me, Pixie and Pinkie, and we sat around for quite a while just talking crap about one thing or another. I kind of feel like I both drank more than usual and also didn't... but I think that's more because I bought a jug... and instead of having a drink, waiting a while, having another, etc, it was more of one long everlasting glass for the first couple of hours. So I possibly got to the drunk stage a lot faster, but once I was there I didn't really have any other drinks, so in essence I only had about four drinks.

After Pixie left, I waited with Pinkie until her ride came and then stumbled off in the direction of home. I'm pretty sure it was about 8:30 when I left the pub, but I didn't get to my front door until 10pm. Partly because I wasn't particularly rushing, and also because I went a different way from the way I go home every other day.

Essentially, because it was 10pm, I just left a trail of clothes, grabbed a bottle of water and got into bed. Weirdly I had a horribly night's sleep though, I tossed and turned like I haven't in... well, I don't actually remember... and more than once when I woke up I thought that it must have been close to dawn, it was actually only about 11:30 or just past midnight. So yay for bad sleep. Not.

Clearly I didn't drink the optimal amount for me.

I also wasn't hungover when I woke up, but I was decidedly feeling seedy, plus I had the dry mouth thing from not drinking enough water and a mild case of the radio announcer voice from yelling over the stupid guitar dude (seriously, fuck off with live music in the pub on a Friday night... we're there to talk to people after work, we don't need fucking live music... save that shit for Saturday night).

Today was fairly dull to be honest. I got up, changed my bedding, got ready, Ma arrived, we went to the supermarket and did the usual shopping. We came back here, unpacked, then headed out to the Central Market.

Neither of us really wanted to do a full produce shop at the markets, but I wanted some steel cut oats since Uncle Tobys no longer seems to make them, and Ma wanted to make a visit to the container store... we didn't even do a full potter around to be honest, we kind of hit the two or three places we needed to, then headed off again.

And we didn't really want to do anything else, so when we got back, Ma headed off home. I then had to make two visits to the drycleaners because unlike the one in the North Adelaide Village, this dry cleaner is vaguely useless and couldn't find my pants. Thankfully they did on the second visit.

That's about it though...

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unseen theatre company: the wee free men

unseen theatre company: the wee free men
Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels can sometimes appear be fairly easy to turn into a stage production, but at other times, they seem like they'd be next to impossible.

The latest production from the Unseen Theatre Company, The Wee Free Men (the first of the Tiffany Aching novels) is definitely one of the latter... if only because a large number of the main characters are six inch tall, predominately blue/tattooed little redheaded men/pictsies. Plus another character is a talking toad.

And on top of that, there's a trip to Fairyland and various supernatural beasties.

For the most part, the Wee Free Men or Nac Mac Feegle are dealt with by making them full sized humans, with only a single, blink and you'll miss it, line referencing the fact that they're supposed to be six inches tall.

They're played by Harold Roberts as Rob Anybody, Dalestair Kidd as Daft Wullie, Natalie Hugh as (deep breath) "No' as Big as Medium Sized Jock But Bigger Than Wee Jock Jock" and David Dyte as William.

Of the four, Kidd is the by far the most charismatic... in the books Daft Wullie is just, well, daft, but Kidd manages to make him just this side of insane every time she's on stage and she completely and totally stole just about every scene she was in... to the point where you're supposed to be watching the characters talking on stage left, but your eyes just find themselves creeping over to watch her wordless antics on stage right. More than once.

The blue skin/woad/tattoos of the Feegles is perhaps best described as... inconsistent. Some of the actors seemed to have applied a perfect, Smurf blue coat to their arms and faces, others it seemed the makeup just didn't like them. And there were more than a few times were the blue just didn't go far enough and was a little distracting. Minor quibbles to be honest, but still.

Toad is handled much the same way that they dealt with the Great God Om in last year's Small Gods... with an appropriately sized prop substitute and an actor, in this case Hugh O'Connor (who usually goes unseen but very much heard as Death) in a yellow suit and suitable toad facepaint. I kind of wish they'd dealt with him a little more like they had with Om, where the other actors all address the prop not the person, but O'Connor is fantastic, very dry and sarcastic and with pretty much all the best lines.

Josephine Giorgio plays the lead character of Tiffany Aching, and does a fantastic job in her first Unseen Theatre production. She manages to embody all of Tiffany's determination, stubbornness and anger quite well... and I'd be intrigued to see her take on the role of Death's granddaughter Susan at some point, as I think she'd do it well.

As both director and adaptor, Pamela Munt has managed to make one of the more difficult to stage Discworld stories work pretty well for the stage, although much of Tiffany's inner monologue (which, to be honest is most of my favourite stuff about the Aching books) and some of the more fantastical parts had to go.

Whether or not they can manage to do all five of the Aching books or not, I don't know... the second one is mostly predicated on Tiffany's inner monologue, so that could be difficult, but it'd be nice to see them try.

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movies: captain america - civil war

captain america: civil war - whose side are you on?
Before I dive into my review of Captain America: Civil War I need to disclose something first... when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU), I am totally and completely #TeamCap.

Everything that they've done with the character since his first movie has brought us to a point where the character is pretty much everything I want from a superhero (and superhero movie to be honest). He's "good" (as opposed to conflicted or tortured or mysterious) without being bland. He has heart and a sense of duty, both of which are a core part of this movie, yet he can still have a sense of lightness to him when needed (not so much this time around maybe).

And yes, I fully remember saying that he was the least interesting part of the first Avengers movie, and to a lesser extent the second one because he was the character with the least going on... but I have to say that whenever the movie has his name in it, damn, the character gets much more interesting.

Part of that is squarely Chris Evans, he just managed to give the man out of time a gravitas and a heart, even when he's not saying anything at all. The other part is definitely the writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who just seem to get this character and write him in a way that appeals to me.

I'm also not really sure how you could get to the end of this movie and not be on the side of Captain America... I mean, yes, he was always going to be the hero of his own movie, but he's just right (at least 80-90% anyway).

Generally I don't mind Robert Downey Jr's portrayal of Iron Man in his own movies... but in any of the ensemble movies he just always seems to come off as a petulant, whiny child who can't deal with his own feelings. It's the same in this movie... without spoiling anything, he's made to feel bad about his actions in one of the earlier movies, and instead of saying "yes, your son died, and I'm very sorry, but we also stopped a crazed AI (which I also happened to build, soz) from attempting to wipe out all life on earth", he seems to decide that since he clearly needs to be held accountable for his long string of unwise, childish and petulant decisions, then so do the rest of the Avengers.

Captain America, naturally, feels differently, and hence Civil War ensues.

The movie also makes sense to be from the perspective of a movie within that cinematic universe. The one thing I end up thinking in any of the stand alone movies is "hey, why don't you just call up your super powered friends and ask them for help"... but they don't, because budget and stuff, but it doesn't make a lot of sense narratively. Granted this movie is a little bit like "Avengers 2.5" given that pretty much everybody except for Thor and Hulk make an appearance, but having them there just makes sense. Captain America exists in this world with all of these other characters (and they keep on introducing new ones, which I'll get to in a minute), and while it was great last time to have Falcon and Black Widow around, you do start to feel the spaces where it would make sense for other characters to be when they're not there.

Speaking of the new guys... both Black Panther and Spider-Man make an appearance here, mostly so that they can introduce them before spinning them off (no Spider-pun intended) into their own movies. And I'm not going to lie, I'm more than a little bit in love with Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa aka Black Panther. Not just because he's gorgeous, but also because he's really interesting in the role (there's an especially sweet exchange between him and his father early in the movie), and I can't wait to see what he does with his own movie in 2018.

As the youngest Spider-Man we've seen so far, I'm not completely sure about Tom Holland yet. He could be really good when he gets his own movie in 2017, but I feel like it will depend on the writers quite a lot. In this instance he comes off a little too much as quippy comic relief, and they either played up the really, really young thing or made him a little bit annoying at times. Holland does feel the right amount of adorkable for the role though, but given that the first Andrew Garfield reboot was my favourite movie from 2012, he has some bit spider-shoes to fill.

Given the sheer number of characters in these movies now, it's hard to mention everyone, but I have to call out Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow... firstly I love the chemistry that she has with Evans... it's not romantic or sexual, it's camaraderie, they are friends and genuinely care about each other. But also because there's just something about Johansson as Romanoff that works within this series... it may be cause she's the one who always seems to be pointing out to the other characters when they're getting in their own way, she's their Jiminy Cricket if you will... I don't know exactly, I just know that I love what she does in the role and what the writers give her to do and say.

In fact, all the women, although there are only three characters with any degree of screen time... Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch and Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter aka Agent 13 are all great in their respective roles (which is more than I can say for some of the guys).

The action sequences are fairly strong and because these are all mostly established characters you don't need to spend any time setting up what they can do, you can just jump straight in there (although there is one really, really clunky line that's given to Scarlet Witch where she literally says "you guys remember I can move stuff with my mind, right"... and it's a line they really should have cut in favour of just showing it.

But the sequence that works the best, and really the one that everyone paid their money to see is the one where the two groups take each other on. And it's slightly unique within the movie universe where a group of uniquely superpowered individuals take on another group of similarly but differently powered individuals and really let their powers out to play. That kind of thing is fairly common on the comics, where the good guys take on supervillain groups regularly, but we've only seen it in a smaller sense in the movies to this point.

And it works pretty damn well I have to say.

It's the final showdown that's the most impactful though... I won't spoil anything about it, but it's like nothing I've seen in a Marvel movie yet, and I can't help but feel that it's going to ripple through the MCU for a number of future movies.

And while it's got some strong competition, I feel like this is the best of the Marvel movies so far.

yani's rating: 5 Sokovian Accords out of 5

photo saturday: similes

standing mastsstanding grass

yellow petalsyellow stripes
This week was blessedly short... but not without impact.

My Moroccan Sweet Potato soup worked out decidedly well... partly because it was almost entirely sweet potato (and single ingredient soups tend to work well), with an addition bit of spring onion and an apple just because.

Monday was a public holiday and I pretty much watched YouTube videos and played Assassin's Creed all day. But I did just need a day off from my life in general, so it worked out just fine.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all just rinse and repeat days... With the added bonus of encouraging people not to do the stupid thing and instead do the not stupid thing. To be honest this had varying degrees of success depending on the level of stupid involved.

Friday I had a day off. Had I remembered that this week had Anzac Day in it (yeah I know, it's the same date every year, but it generally slips my mind) I probably would have arranged for my second tattoo appointment to be on a different day, but that's just the way it worked out.

The appointment was at 9am, so while I had a little bit of a sleep in, I pretty much just did the usual morning thing and then headed down the road.

I was perfectly on time, but my tattoo artist wasn't... Which is fine, it ended up being closer to half past by the time he'd arrived and then set up all his stuff and then we were off. You know, even though this is a giant tattoo, I didn't expect it to take as long as it did and then still not be finished after four hours. We still have most of the raven's head to finish, and the highlights on all the feathers and the coloured smoke/mist to deal with (and make a final decision about colour... it's a toss up between that acid green/chartreuse that I like and a purple/magenta colour), but overall I'm pretty happy with where we are.

And to be honest, after four hours I was pretty much wiped out. The pain I could handle for the most part but just laying on one side and the fact my body wanted to distort into a bad shape while he was working on my arm meant that I needed to take a few breaks and I was kind of glad we called it quits when we did.

Tom was fantastic once again though. I just let him get on with things and stuck my headphones in... popping in or out occasionally when the conversation in the room picked up, or as it did at one point, got a little "salty". I always feel like operative behind enemy lines when I'm in a room full of straight guys like that... it's just weird.

I have to say that Oreth (or Ori for short... yes, I named the raven... I was always going to, but this was a name I'd invented for something else and I suddenly realised it just worked for the raven) is looking good, and I'm happier with him now than I was after the linework. He's turning out more like what I had in my head I guess... and a couple of the issues I had were fixed up by Tom with no drama.

Given that I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since breakfast (my own fault... next time I will definitely take water and probably snacks, even though I would imagine it's going to be a shorter session), and I'd spent the whole time being repeatedly stabbed with needles, when we finished at 2pm I was unsurprisingly ravenous and feeling a little wobbly to be honest.

I drove home, detoured over to the shops to grab some food and essentially came home, ate all the food and then curled up to watch a movie. I think that my body possibly went into shock a little... I felt kind of fevery and a little out of sorts all night.

Sleep was slightly more of an issue than it was with the linework obviously. Turning over was something entered into with much forethought (fortunately I'm not a big one for tossing and turning in my sleep, I probably only to a couple of rotations during the night), but wasn't too bad to be honest. And I'd put a towel down across the bed to make sure I didn't get shmutz all over the bed, only to discover that I actually had marks on the underside of the quilt cover. Oops. But it's my least favourite bedding and the one I put on specifically to deal with the tattoo fallout, so I can't complain too much. Plus I'm pretty sure it will wash out fine.

Given that I couldn't be bothered doing much of anything on Friday night, I actually got my butt into gear early this morning and dealt with the sink full of dirty dishes I'd been avoiding and generally sorted out the apartment.

When Ma came down I showed her Ori and then we headed off for shopping. This week's soup is TBA... as in "to be advised"... I bought a range of things and I'm not completely sure what I'm going to combine into soup tomorrow. I feel like it's probably going to end up being either a generic vegetable soup or a chicken soup... depends on how I feel tomorrow night.

After we'd done the supermarket thing and come back here for the unpacking and suchlike, we decided that since we had not much in the way of plans but the whole day to kill (as we had tickets for the last show of the latest Unseen Theatre Company show at The Bakehouse), we should probably go to the movies.

First we stopped off at Bunnings to see if they had the tap extension hose that I wanted... they did... kind of. It's not exactly like the one I had in mind, but it will do. And then we stopped at the framing place to see if the artwork I dropped off to be framed was ready. Technically yes, although the lovely woman who owns the place with her husband wouldn't give it to me since she noticed that there was a mark on the inside of the glass from somebody's fingers... so we need to go back next weekend to pick it up after she's made them fix it.

Since we were already heading that way, we continued on to Arndale, had a bit of a wander and then went off to see Captain America: Civil War (#teamcap... but more on that later)... after the movie we came back to my place, just chilled out for a while until it was time to head off to get some dinner.

Actually we were probably about a hour too early really... so after a nice meal at Fasta Pasta we had a wander from The Bakehouse all the way down to Rundle Street and back again... and still had about half an hour to kill before the play (more on that later too).

But all in all, it was a good day.

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photo saturday: service

not merely about losssailor memorial

shrine4000 service medals
I really, really need to get more sleep. This week has been a total disaster area when it came to me getting to bed any time before about 12:30am (I'm blaming YouTube... but really, I just need to shut the videos off and go the fuck to bed)... which given that I need to be up early in the morning meant that I've been somewhat sleep deprived. Which generally means I've been a little punchy all week too.

And everybody at work is also a little punchy in the lead up to the end of this project, so, yeah... it's all a little weird right now.

Thankfully, Monday is a public holiday for Anzac Day, and then on Friday I have the day off for my second tattoo session. My bank balance may not be especially pleased about that the following week, but I kind of need the break.

My potato soup last week turned into potato, bacon, leek, parsnip, turnip and corn soup... and some of the excess filled in for pasta sauce when I couldn't be bothered cooking anything properly around the middle of the week.

This week I'm probably going for a Moroccan sweet potato soup... or Spanish... Ma brought down a new flavour of the Campbell's Soup Stock this week, and while I originally wanted to do Moroccan, I'm undecided at this point.

Otherwise this week hasn't been particularly interesting. Get up, go to work, work for 8 hours, walk home, vegetate in front of the computer, go to bed, repeat until insane.

This morning wasn't the usual Saturday though. Ma was getting her hair did, so I was on my own... which as always meant that I didn't get my ass into gear as early as I should have. But after I'd had my shower, I opened the blinds in the bedroom and realised that there was something blocking some of the light in one of the windows.

It turned out to be a package from Amazon (Golden Girls Forever, because why wouldn't I want to own that), who I told at some point that it was okay to leave the parcels if I wasn't home, so this particular postman decided the best way to do that was to put the package inside my bedroom window between the flyscreen and the frame. Which would be fine, except for the fact that I have no fucking idea how long it had been there.

I'm guessing it was only delivered on Friday, but to be honest it probably could have been delivered at any point in the last week, and it's just been sitting there since then. Actually, based on the sticker on the parcel, it could have been delivered at any point between 11 April and now... but I like to think I would have actually noticed it at some point if it had been there for more than a day.


I managed to complete my shopping in record time, as I always do when I shop on my own. Ma messaged me while I was still right at the beginning of my shop to say she was on her way down, and I still had time to finish the whole supermarket, drive home and unpack about three quarters of my purchases.

When Ma did arrive, once again we didn't really have a plan for what to do with the day, so we ended up heading out to Marion, partially to check the route, partially because we've kind of decided that Movie Tuesday needs to be placed in the "not right now" column, and if we want to see something at the movies, we do it on a Saturday and either go to Marion or Arndale (because they both take pretty much the same length of time from my new place, although there are a hell of a lot of roadworks between here and Arndale right at the moment, so Marion seems like it could be a better plan.

There wasn't anything on at the movies that we wanted to see though (I mean there was Jungle Book but neither of us are particularly thrilled by the idea), so we just did our usual wander from one end to the other (which essentially goes something like, walk from A to B on the ground floor, then come upstairs and walk from C to D, then turn around and walk from D to C, go back downstairs and walk from B to A... there's a lot of visits to shops in between, but that's the basic idea).

The thing about Marion is it's always a very different class of people from the ones I run into anywhere else... or else they're just concentrated. There's always a lot of visible tattoos (not that there's anything wrong with that, I now have partially visible tattoos), I noticed a higher rate of unnaturally coloured hair than I would normally see and the percentage of hot boys is significantly higher.

We weren't really on the lookout for anything much beyond a couple of DVDs for Ma, but I did find a tea strainer (which I wouldn't have done if the girl in Harris Scarfes hadn't engaged me in conversation about the fact that they didn't have one... which led me to notice that they actually did over on the wall... which was a surprise for both of us). Yes, my life is just that exciting.

As usual we stopped for lunch about halfway through, and then once we'd made it from A to D and back again, we called it a day.

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photo saturday: crenulations


The word for this week is frustrating... mostly vaguely frustrating and predominately self inflicted but still...

As such, I'm going to skip most of the crazy I made myself throughout the week. Suffice to say, I went for a day trip to crazy town without knowing that's where I was going, but once I realised I booked my return ticket pretty much right away.

This week's soup, chicken and vegetable, was pretty damn successful... although I cooked what is most commonly referred to as a metric fuckton of it. So much so that it was within an inch of the top of the giant soup pot that I have. And that was without putting the chicken breasts in to poach (I had to poach them separately as it turns out). And I only blended three quarters of the soup, so it still had some vegetable chunks in it along with the chicken.

As mentioned above, the week was mostly frustrating, but otherwise kind of dull.

So, yeah, really not much else to say about the week itself.

Today was likewise slightly boring... we did the usual shopping thing this morning, and as it turn out I didn't really buy all that much stuff beyond what I need for making a potato, bacon and leek (plus probably corn and parsnip and in all likelihood, cheese) soup tomorrow. Then it was back here to unpack, and since we didn't really have any plans, I ended up washing all my dishes and getting things a little more organised in the kitchen (saves me having to do it tonight/tomorrow morning).

It was definitely one of those days where we sit and look at each other and go "so...", with neither of us having any real need to shop anywhere or desire to go anywhere.

In the end we kind of just went with a trip into the city, mostly for the wandering around, but also so that we could go and have lunch at Burger Theory.

I did end up buying some new jeans and picked up another one of the packs with the shampoo, conditioner, hair product and shave cream in it... and I just did the math real quick... the individual items add up to $104, but the pack only costs $40... which says quite a bit about how much they mark those items up when they're selling them on their own. It also means that those packs are always worth picking up whenever I see them.

From there it was mostly just random wandering until we grabbed some lunch at Burger Theory. The Burger of the Month isn't one of those flavour profiles (and yes, I know how wanky that sounds) that hits you over the head or is rapturous from the first bite, but if it was on the standard Burger Theory menu, I feel like it's something I would gravitate back to. It's the Burgza... a beef patty, marinara tomato sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella and salami chips. A good, solid BOTM.

And that was about it really... so, yeah, generally this week, a little bit blah.

Oh, and for the exactly none of you wondering... the tattoo is progressing nicely. The sunburned arm feeling faded pretty quickly, it still needs cream on it a couple of times a day and whenever it gets all dry and horrible, but otherwise it's doing well.

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movies: kung fu panda 3

kung fu panda 3 - grab destiny by the dumplings
At the end of Kung Fu Panda 2 (spoilers), we discover that Po's father and a whole valley full of pandas is out there in the world... setting the scene for Kung Fu Panda 3.

Add to that another powerful villain (who actually feels less fleshed out than the previous two) and Po learning yet another important lesson about himself.

I'm a little conflicted about this instalment to be honest. Of the three the second is still my favourite, and this definitely had it's moments (and was a visual feast, as these movies always are when viewed on the big screen), but it did feel slightly like something we've seen before.

I also felt a little like they squandered some of the potential of the pandas from the way they were shown at the end of the second movie. There seemed to be a something more refined about them in that very short scene, whereas in 3, they're played a little like clowns or kind of stupid... essentially a village full of personalities similar to Po's.

To me, Po works better when he's surrounded by characters who are nothing like him, rather than ones who are.

Having said all of that, the ending of the movie is actually really strong and quite lovely, they're solid voice work from all the usual cast (although Lucy Lui's Viper gets somewhat short-changed this time around... and Jackie Chan's Monkey only ever gets a handful of lines). We also have the addition of Bryan Cranston as Po's father and J.K. Simmons (who was also in Zootopia) as the villain, Kai.

As I mentioned before, Kai feels a little underdeveloped... in the first one you got Tai Lung's quest for revenge of a wrong he felt was dealt to him... in the second you understood Shen's lust for power and more power and more power... this time... yeah, I dunno. Granted his powers were pretty cool, but I couldn't really tell you his specific "why". It did feel a little like they'd just merged the Tai Lung and Shen motivations.

I was also a little surprised to see Kate Hudson's name in the role of Mei Mei (the femme fatale panda), partly because I would have sworn she was voiced by Margaret Cho.

All in all it was a nice enough movie and it rounds out the trilogy (although supposedly there are more coming) fairly nicely. But I still prefer number 2.

yani's rating: 3 dumplings out of 5


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