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spiral fountainsurf splash

fountain spraystair waterfall
It's been a weird old week.

Monday I started the new "campaign" for my DnD regulars. I say campaign, but honestly I'm just running the modules from a previous season in order. But it does allow for some story shenanigans, especially as they're starting from scratch with completely new characters.

And as players they've seen some interesting characters created by other people, so they're really stepping up the character weirdness... which I totally encourage, especially in a group that plays together regularly. So that's fun.

Wednesday was not normal at all... I didn't have my normal daytime DnD game... instead I went and picked Ma up from the airport from her Perth trip, and the plane got in right in the middle of the day, so I couldn't do DnD and a shuttle run.

So no vampire laden adventures for me.

However, we have moved the usual Thursday came to Wednesday for the time being, and making this week the first instance of that was good because I didn't end up doing back to back DnD. I haven't decided yet if I want to go back to the store on Thursdays while this is going on... maybe, it would give me a chance to actually play different characters, since I'm mostly locked into the same couple of characters on my play days.

We'll see.

We also had (almost) the full original group back together... which, look, I'll be honest, I'm not 100% ecstatic about having the full 7 person table back together... it's a little too much to be honest. We'll see if it lasts at all, or at least for how long.

However, during the session it was revealed that my character has been lying to everyone else about his past since about May/June in the real world, probably about two or three months in-game time. For the character it went spectacularly badly... for me, I was somewhere between feeling very attacked and delighted that I get to play out this aspect of the character. I then proceeded to work on a letter for the other characters to read next session until about 2am...

Yeah, like the character, I need to craft the perfect in game artefact that is both completely sincere and emotionally manipulative. And I have a plan for if things go south. Not sure how good a plan it is, but it's a plan.

Have I mentioned how fucking much I love creating in game artefacts?

So, no third game this week... which I'll admit was fucking weird.

Or at least it was until I got distracted by finishing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which only took me two sessions. I kind of wish it has been longer to be honest, although it did it's job and wrapped everything up before wearing out it's welcome.

Friday I had my chiro appointment, so I headed into the city in the afternoon, got my adjustment and wandered around a bit before calling it a day.

Today I was again shopping on my own as Ma had to go get her hair did. So I did the thing, and came back here to unpack.

From there, when Ma arrived we headed into the city for the Gathered market at the Queen's Theatre in Adelaide.

Partially because of the location, but it very much reminded me of the original Bowerbird Bazaars that we went to there. Except for the fact that Gathered is all local South Australian artists and crafts people. But I absolutely preferred the smaller, more intimate setting to the giant unwieldy behemoth that Bowerbird has ended up being.

It also meant that we could chat with some of the stall holders about their stuff, including the nice lady on the Cooling Neck Tie stall, the woman on the Abode Wares stall selling wardrobe/car fragrance diffusers and anyone on one of the stalls where we bought greeting cards.

Afterwards we wandered down to Leigh Street because they're supposed to be having Christmas markets every Saturday between now and Christmas, but we should have learned our lesson last year (I think) when it was a bit of a non-event... I mean it may have been fine, but we arrived just after 12 and the market didn't actually start until 1pm, so a bit pointless.

We didn't hang around. But it's nice to know that it's a potential option at some point in the next month or so.

And that's basically it for the day.

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movies: venom

venom: the world has enough superheroes
It's been a while since I've been to the movies (since June to be exact), mostly because there hasn't been a lot of that has been inspiring me to go see it.

But I had a chance to see Venom before it disappeared out of the cinemas, and I'd heard good things, so I decided why not.

And it's not bad.

I'm fairly confident in saying that it wouldn't have been the movie it was without Tom Hardy... I can't think of anyone else who could have played both the confident and the falling apart versions of Eddie Brock so well. Like Hardy goes for it. And he's someone you can buy as a pain in the ass investigative journalist who just turns into a broken man who is still a pain in the ass.

And his interactions with Venom are perfect... the dialogue is sharper than I was expecting it to be, and the fact that Hardy was reacting to the lines being fed to him in real time (even though he recorded them earlier) over an earpiece was definitely the right way to go.

As with 90% of superhero movies the villain is somewhat underwhelming... but managed to be underwhelming on two fronts because one villain is just a (rich and evil) guy, and the other one doesn't interact with the hero until the last 15 minutes of the movie. But you also know that both of them are going to disappear before the end of the movie, because they always do in this kind of movie.

I also wasn't hugely impressed with the climactic battle scene either... when you have two dark monsters (even if one is dark silver grey and the other is basically black) who look functionally identical fighting each other against a night time sky with a bunch of metal walkways and there's a lot of quick cuts and the like, it's hard to tell what the hell is going on and why you should care.

I'm going to steal a line from my favourite online review site... Movie Bitches... can we talk about Michelle Williams's wig? What the hell was up with that? And is there any reason at all in 2018 that her characters can't have a short pixie cut like she does? Sure it might not "match" the character, but who gives a crap, it's better than the shitty, single style, plastic looking piece of shit they put her in.

I mean she's not bad in the movie... to be honest slightly surplus to requirements for the majority of the time, but she's okay... the wig is hideous though.

Also, secondly question regarding her... with slight spoilers... and I already kind of know the answer to this, and it's going to be "because that's what it looked like in the comics", but that answer is generally bullshit... so here goes...

Why does the symbiote feel that making a sexy lady shape while piggybacking on Williams character makes sense... wouldn't it just have kept the larger, bulkier shape it used when inhabiting Brock? And I don't even buy the "maybe she didn't have as good a bond with it" argument. I think it was only so that when the Brock/She Venom kiss happened the teenage boys in the audience didn't freak out. Which is a shame, because it would have been a more interesting scene.

Anyway, spoilers over.

For the most part though, those are my only major complaints... well, that and the fact that surely they could have done more during the day? Maybe it's just harder to actually film action scenes in the day time, but it would have been more interesting to see Venom contrasted with the daylight.

But the real appeal of this movie is Hardy and the Brock/Venom interactions.

yani's rating: 3 parasites out of 5

photo saturday: on a string

orange on a stringmonkey on a string

airplane on a stringbird on a wire
So... last Sunday was a whole world of me cleaning the apartment for the inspection on Monday, although I will admit because I started nice and early I managed to wrap things up earlier than I have in the past, so that was pleasant.

Then Monday I hauled ass to the library for a couple of hours and did some DnD related crafts (because of course I did). Fortunately, for unexplained reasons the window for inspections is now only two hours instead of the four it has always been every other place and time I've had one, so at least I didn't need to stay out of the house for all that long.

Monday was also the last DnD game in the current arc for my players, they'll essentially be going back to the beginning with new characters this coming Monday. So we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday was an interesting game... but also ended up with four of us hanging around afterwards and playing a game of Unstable Unicorns, which was all kinds of awesome, even if I didn't win.

Thursday I played taxi again for the DnD crew... although it seems as though we're moving the game to Wednesday this coming week, which is good in that it lets one of our players come back and good that I won't have to play taxi... but playing two games in a week might be problematic, we'll see.

Friday was Haircut Day... which was much the same as usual, although I did kind of hang out a little longer than usual and we went a bit more silvery with my hair. Which looks pretty good I think.

I also finally finished Horizon Zero Dawn on Friday... I need to ponder it for a while before I'm ready to talk about it I think tho.

Today wasn't a usual Saturday... Ma is currently in Perth visiting with her besties who moved over there (long story, mostly uninteresting), so I was footloose and fancy free all day. However the payback for that is picking her up from the airport on Wednesday at lunchtime.

I left here a little earlier than normal, did my shopping with earphones firmly in place, bought way too much stuff, came back here and unpacked it all. Then I kind of cleaned up a bit, dicked around here for a while and took myself off to Tea Tree Plaza to see Venom on the big screen before a) it disappears and b) the gift card Ma had runs out at the end of the week.

It's been a while since I've been to TTP to be honest... and I will say that I wasn't especially happy about the car parking situation as I both couldn't really find my way around and had trouble finding a park... but eventually a nice lady left her spot just as I got there, and I got a park under cover, so that was nice.

But the complete and total lack of signage from the food court to the cinema made me all kinds of crazy. I mean, seriously, they have signs at all kinds of appropriate points upstairs, pointing you towards the food court, then a sign pointing you through the inside food court to the new outdoor food court, which is really lovely. But there isn't a single fucking sign outside. And I had no clue where the fuck I was actually going beyond the vague direction.

Not happy Jan.

I had to come back in and use one of the touchscreen boards to work out what the hell I was supposed to be doing... and then the cinema had those stupid self serve ticket screens... which would have been fine, except for the fact that I was trying to use a gift card and you can't use a gift card with those dumb things. GRRRRRR!

Yeah... not the best experience ever. Especially when you add in that there were a bunch of kids who I'm pretty sure probably snuck into the movie after their movie finished and who kept messing with their mobile phones and taking selfies with the flash on and other bullshit. Had it been more prevalent I probably would have gone and dobbed them in, but I was in the middle of a row, and I think they disappeared at a certain point. But, yeah... this is a problem when you don't actually have staff or people paying attention.


I saw the movie (more on that later), came out afterwards and ran into our Thursday DnD hosts, which was nice. We had a brief chat, then I grabbed something to eat had an unenthusiastic wander and came back home.

Oh and Tink reminded me that it's only 45 days until Christmas... because of course it is.

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photo saturday: bridging it

bridge of paradisebridge and ship

bridge and skyunder the bridge
I've complained on previous occasions about how notice my current land agent gives me before rental inspections... I swear with the old one it was two weeks generally... this one, I got a message on Monday telling me that this Monday was inspection day. Thanks for that buddy.

But all I really need to do is wipe down the kitchen counters, clean the stove, clean the bathroom and mop the floors. And I am determined that it's not going to take me all fucking day.

Just means that I need to get off my ass first thing in the morning and get shit done. And go lurk at the library for a couple of hours on Monday morning... but I have some DnD related stuff I can take with me to keep me occupied.

Speaking of...

This week was much the same as previous weeks of DnD... running the Monday game, playing Wednesday, and then some variation of the Thursday group.

I don't quite know what I'm going to do with the Monday group in a couple of weeks though... I've taken them all the way through Tier 1 and 2 of the same season with a couple of small detours to get people across the line, but with the adventure on Monday I've finally run out of stuff that's even related to the same area. I may enlist one of the other DMs to take over for a couple of weeks, just to give me a breather and maybe allow me to actually play again on a Monday... but after that I have no idea.

We'll see.

Wednesday we finally managed to wrap up an adventure we started two weeks ago and then got derailed due to reasons.

Thursday we were without our usual DM, so the smaller group got together anyway and did the second part of a two-parter we started a few weeks back. And it was with our long running characters, so that was nice.

I was a little disappointed to discover that one of the players is planning on taking a break from DnD due to a scheduling conflict while he sorts out another part of his life. Understandable, yes... but still disappointing, because I like him a lot and enjoy playing with him (and honestly, out of all of the Thursday players, he may be my favourite).

But it's not forever (at this stage anyway).

Otherwise there was some cleaning, or at least clearing away of stuff in preparation for the inspection clean up tomorrow, and that was about it.

The finger is improving. I think. I mean it is, but it's harder to gauge when I see it all the time instead of once a week. But it doesn't feel as "pins and needle-y" as it did before, but it's still wrinklier than I'd like and the smooth part still feels weird. It'll take a while, I know that, it's just frustrating.

Today was... m'eh to be honest... but that may partially be because I have a huge headache right now.

We did the supermarket thing... we did the unpacking thing... and Ma had brought down a bag full of old (like 1950-1960 old) camera gear, so we went into the city to see the second hand camera dude who has some space in a vintage record shop (yeah, I know... but it is what it is). Sadly he wasn't there... but he was due to turn up in about an hour and a half, so we took the bag of gear back to the car, came back to the Mall and had a wander for a while, then stopped off at the shop on our way back to the car, found him there, went back to the car to get the gear, then back to the shop (it's not really any wonder that I have a headache).

And after all that, while he did take the gear off our hands, it was only really worth about $20, partially because the movie camera had no battery (and was a weird and gigantic battery) and the film camera didn't want to work (also we couldn't get the lens off for some reason).

But at least we didn't have to throw it all out.

That was it really. We had a five minute look at the redeveloped Rundle Mall Plaza and poked our heads into the homewares section at the back of H&M (m'eh), had a look in a couple of other places, but that was it really.

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photo saturday: stone and nature

is lovestone godsons

chariot awaitsst josephs
So, this week included the Freeing of the Finger (more on that later), the usual DnD shenanigans and... not much else.

Oh, I did make a really good bolognese sauce though... one I made up out of my head, and then let simmer for about... I dunno, four hours I think.

Lets start with the Freeing of the Finger. The bandaid lasted until Tuesday night. I mean it would actually have lasted the whole week probably, but I was enthusiastic to be totally fucking rid of it, so it lasted from Friday morning to Tuesday night.

And my finger was all kinds of weird and funky under there... mostly because it's been trapped inside a, most frequently, sealed dressing for a little over a month, with only five brief excursions into the world when the dressing was getting changed.

But a bit of a wash, a pair of nail clippers and some dry skin moisturiser later and it wasn't doing too bad. It is still a little weird though. Clearly being trapped under a dressing for that long has done a number on the top knuckle of my finger, and it kind of looks like I've had it soaking in water for a little too long. That'll sort itself out eventually.

As for the cut... it's a little like if you've ever burned yourself on an oven tray... it's almost like a little blister, which I'm guessing is how my finger is protecting the stop until the flesh completely grows over it. I mean it's already filled in a lot more of the edges compared with my memory of the piece that I cut off/my previous brief looks at the wound.

It's also very strange that that "blister" can't really feel anything, unless of course I happen to accidentally slam it into something... then I feel all the feelings. But it's only been four days since I took the bandage off, so we'll see what develops.

The DnD games went off as usual... although there were a lot less people around the place on Monday, which was good, it meant that I could actually hear all of my players.

Wednesday slightly derailed at one point... actually a few points... but it was a good session.

Thursday was still the smaller group, which I like. And we had a few significant moments... and picked up yet another NPC (at this point we usually have more damn NPCs with the group than players). And the nice thing about driving your DM home is you get to have private conversations with some of the NPCs.

Otherwise, a quiet week (and it was nice not having to get up first thing in order to go to a doctor's appointment in town).

Today was another day when I did get up nice and early, have my shower and then tidy the apartment up. Then it was off to the supermarket for supermarket things.

Not much to report there either to be honest.

Then after the ritual unpacking, we headed into the city to check out the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.

australian geographic nature photographer of the year 2018
I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how many of the entries I really, really liked. So much so that when it came time to pick a favourite for the People's Choice thing, it took me a hot minute.

I ended up going with Broken Dreams by Ben Goode (top left), which Ma, predictably, went with Enchanted by Matty Smith (top right).

Although I very nearly went with Beetle’s Big Dinner by Yicai Chang (middle left(... which doesn't look like much in small scale, but was so simple but so beautiful blow up full size on the museum wall.

It's sticking around until 18 November here, but it's also showing in Sydney until the end of January, and it's worth a look (even when I occasionally disagree with what the judges chose as category winners).

We didn't have anything else we wanted to do, so it was a brief wander in the Mall, a quick stop for a beverage and then we called it a day.

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photo saturday: fluffy, feathers and frilled

ocean puppyforking ducks

wild lizardfountain pair
As much as I don't want to hurry along summer, I also wish that the weather would make it's little mind up a tiny wee bit.

When the start of the week is shorts and the airconditioner, and the end of week is rain and a jacket, you can see why.


No real DnD news this week... everything was business as usual for the most part, although we did have a really good session on Thursday, mostly because it was only three players and the DM. Otherwise it was me running on Monday, the usual Wednesday game and then the Game of Variable Player Numbers on Thursday.

The rest of the week was fairly quiet... all things considered.

Friday was both my appointment with my GP about my sliced finger as well as my chiro appointment... and of course I matched them up so they were basically back to back.

It was also my final GP appointment... the finger is healing up nicely, and we've gone from full finger dressing, to half finger dressing to fingertip dressing to basically a bandaid (it's one of those terracotta coloured cloth bandaids, but it's still basically a bandaid)... and a bandaid that I can take off or swap over whenever I'm ready. Which is excellent.

I might leave it on for most of the week, just to ensure that everything is as healed up as it can be before I go exposing it to the world... I mean it looks pretty damn good, by comparison, even to last week, but it still has a little way to go.

Otherwise my chiro appointment was fairly standard, nothing really to report there.

Today was not much of anything to be honest.

We did the shopping thing in the morning as usual, and I actually got up really damn early, showered, got dressed and then tidied up, washed some dishes, etc... stuff I could have done during the end of the week but that I just couldn't be fucked doing.

We'd planned on going to the movies this week... but because the movie choices currently on offer range from questionable to shithouse, there really hasn't be much we wanted to see... and it turned out that the only thing we actually wanted to go and see wasn't on anywhere at an appropriate time. Thanks for that universe.

So we didn't go to the movies.

Instead we decided to take a random trip into the city, with no actual attached plan. Which turned out to be a good plan because we went past the Oxfam second hand book place while they were having one of their book sales. One quick trip around the block and a super convenient parking place later and we were knee deep in discounted second hand books.

And for a change I actually managed to find a few that were worth considering.

Then it was up and down the mall, mostly avoiding or attempting to avoid the stupid fashion festival shit taking up space in the mall, but not really doing much of anything else. That was followed by lunch at Burger Theory and then we pretty much called it a day.

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photo saturday: dem faces

street pringlenewtown dick

newtown kidbe free umbrella
Okay, so my brain is basically a big ball of fluff right now... so we'll see how well this works out...

As mentioned last week, this week was the first Post Soup week... which was fine, although actually making food at appropriate food times is hard. As in harder than just going to the fridge, getting out the soup and warming it up.

DnD was about how I expected... Monday's game was the last of the Tier 2 Rage of Demons season adventures I've been running sequentially, so next up are some adventures set in the same location, then an adventure I'm really looking forward to, but one that might stretch the roleplay abilities of some of my players.

Wednesday was a LOT of DnD... like we did a couple of hours finishing up the final combat from last week after we didn't actually die, then started the first couple of hours of a new adventure, then played a couple of hours of a random encounter... ending up at around six and a half hours. Exhausting, but exciting.

Then Thursday was the reduced Thursday crew (which also meant that I needed to be group taxi), which is generally quieter and pleasant because we manage to get a lot of stuff done, but I also end up doing a lot of the talking... which is fine, but sometimes I wonder if I'm doing too much talking. I mean I give other people space to do their own thing, but, I tend to be the one doing most of the NPC interactions. Granted our DM is pretty good at making sure various characters have their moments, and I know to step back in those instances, but still.

Then I went into the city again on Friday to get my dressing changed again. And it's even smaller than it was last week. Plus we (well, mostly me, but at the doctor/nurse's instigation) pulled the scab off, very carefully, but I actually got to have a good look at the current top of my finger since I sliced it off. And it looks good, considering.

Granted it also looks a little like the wound has been sealed over with a thin layer of matt plastic and the actual flesh hasn't grown back in yet... but it does look better than the giant black scab. Or when it was fresh and bleeding profusely.


Today was pretty average.

We started with the supermarket thing... and I had to remember to actually think of meals in my head that I could make... always the less fun part of not soup season.

Afterwards we looked through the movie listings and found a big fat nothing. I mean not nothing nothing, but very nearly almost. I don't know what the hell is going on just of late, but it's been a while since there was something worth bothering with.

So instead we went down to Marion, not with any great plan in mind, more just a general wander.

And wander we did. Mostly looking at a combination of Halloween and Christmas decorations, because while I don't give a toss about Halloween as a holiday, I do dig the aesthetic of spooky decorations.

I also managed to find a functional and somewhat decent red bow to go on my door at Christmas.

But that was really it. We stopped off and got some "lunch"... I say lunch but it was only really something to drink and something quite light to eat.

Oh, and before I forget, I did speak with The Boy not this week but the week before and we sorted things out. I'm mostly chalking drama up to me getting in my own way/head, but also partially him, just not the him I was expecting or had assumed was the issue. So things are okay... they're never going to be what they were again, that was basically a very specific time window and that time is gone, but yeah, at least it got sorted.

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photo saturday: orphanage forking

fork on the road: afri-disiacfork on the road: boerewors bun
So this week felt a little more... put together I guess, than last week.

We started off with what was definitely the last soup of the season, and very probably the last time I make that roasted tomato soup recipe... it's good, but it's just too rich.

Then DnD was fairly low-key over all, even though I could very easily have wiped out my whole party on Wednesday (and didn't by having one of the bad guys sit down on the unconscious body of one of the players while propping her feet on another body. They won out eventually though, but I did get to reduce the intelligence score of one of them to 0 for a brief period. Which was fun.

I also got to pay forward something another DM did to one of my characters by taking off his character's finger while he was flipping off the bad guy.

Also, the DM on Wednesday almost nearly wiped out the whole party when everybody but one person failed an important save at the end of the adventure. Fortunately we figured a way around it (with the use of a magic item), but it was touch and go for a hot second there.

Then Thursday we got back to our "regularly scheduled programming" and returned to our Underdark adventures. I always like those sessions becasue there is a LOT of roleplay... not just because of the nature of the story but very much about the way we play. And it's the first time we've all been back together where everything just worked properly. The DM and one of the players got into some deep roleplay, I managed to engage everyone else at various points, even if not for very long. And there wasn't a lot of fucking around, which I appreciate.

fork on the road: green apple bubble teafork on the road: fork tent
Otherwise I had my haircut on Thursday, which was pretty much the same as always, with the possible exception that we went a lot more silver with my hair... not perfectly or exactly the way that I thought it might look, but in the right neighbourhood.

Tink's older daughter was around, and I swear that she's currently 7 going on 13... or at least with the required amount of attitude for a 13 year old. Not that it overly bothered me, but I think Tink will be happy when school holidays are over.

Then Friday it was time to get the dressing on my finger changed again. I really cannot wait until I can type properly with all 10 fingers... this 9 finger typing is getting on my nerves.

But it was a quick in and out, the finger is looking much better, part of the "scab" already came off (although I have a strong suspicion that it was just scab that had formed over undamaged skin because of how the dressing was done), and they've downgraded the dressing again from the big plasticy kind to a small cloth dressing. Which is good and bad, because it's a little like I have a small pillow strapped to the end of my finger right now. And I have to be more careful about keeping it dry.

At least it's an improvement.

Afterwards I had a little wander around the city and ended up looking at various Christmas decorations... because, yes, we need to do the Christmas decoration thing in October... which was sarcasm by the way.

fork on the road: old school busfork on the road: samosa
Today I was on my own for the supermarket portion of the day... which meant it was headphones on and speedy shopping... I'm also pretty sure I didn't buy enough stuff to actually makes meals for the whole week, but we'll see what happens, I may have to improvise.

I had enough time before Ma arrived to put everything away, do some washing up and catch up on some other bits and pieces I needed to do.

We had (unsurprisingly, given the photos in this post) plans to head out to the Fork on the Road in Unley later in the day, but that gave us a bunch of time this morning, so we headed into the city so Ma could go and ask at the Apple Store about an issue with her phone, and then I could show her a bunch of stuff I spotted when I was in town on Sunday.

The Apple Store visit was remarkably simple, and to be honest, I think their suggestion was the right one, Ma has been using the same charging cord since we got the phones and changing to a new one is probably going to fix the issue.

Then there was some general wandering looking at various Christmas departments (because, yes, I am part of the problem)... looking at some stuff, not really buying much of anything to be honest.

That was followed up with a quick visit to Dymocks, but then we headed off to Fork.

fork on the road: honey puffsfork on the road: fork crowd
A very wise woman once said "timing is important"... and thus it was that while we could have tried to get a parking spot out on the street when we got to Orphanage Park in Millswood we tried our luck and managed to get a spot in the park with no trouble at all.

I will say that the Fork on the Road events aren't as exciting as they maybe used to be. Don't get me wrong, I still love that they happen and I love going when we do... but I just feel like they used to be... I dunno, more interesting. Or at least there was a wider range of stuff... I dunno.

But in this particular case the location was good, the range wasn't bad and the crowd wasn't bad.

We started off with a Boerewors Roll, a South African sausage in a bun basically. Not bad, but there's not many ways to screw up a sausage in a bun. Following that was Bubble Tea, because I always like Bubble Tea. I still wanted something a little savoury so ended up getting some samosas and naan from Beyond India, then finished it off with loukoumades from the Honey Puff Lad (which may have previously been the Honey Puff Ladies, I'm not entirely sure).

I'll be honest, I really should have gone with the smaller serve of loukoumades... too much of a good thing is still too much. I didn't even finish them all off while we were there, I brought some home with me.

So that was, as they say, that.

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photo saturday: art things

soles ala stonesole ala metal and peas

plastic flowerknitted urchins
This week was busy in theory if not in actuality.

Also, before we dive into that, can I just mention that there's a difference between knowing why someone's doing something and judging them for the way they're doing it. Yes, I completely understand why you're doing this thing, it makes perfect sense that you would be doing this thing, you probably should be doing this thing. You're just being an asshole in the way you're going about it. Or rather you're being an asshole because you're just dumping all the other portions of your life onto the proverbial dump in order to do this other thing.

In case it's not clear, I still haven't been able to speak with The Boy... because he's, you guessed it, dumping all the other portions of his life in order to make room for the new girlfriend. And of course this means that all those times in a week where I may have been able to have a conversation with him no longer exists, although not always for that reason.

I'll be honest, I'm pissed at him, but the only saving grace is that he's probably not really aware he's doing it... or aware it'll have an affect on the people around him. Mostly me. But if he screws other things up as well I'm going to be more pissed.

In either scenario, there is a conversation happening, it's just a matter of when.

Okay, lets do this on a day by day basis...


I made chicken soup... excellent chicken soup for someone who can't chop things as easily as before... and also, I'll admit, with a non-zero amount of trepidation about doing certain movements involving knives.

Maybe a little salty, but still excellent (and as I said on Instagram, that makes it much like myself).


Average for the most part, up to and including the DnD game. I did start trying to work out what to do with that table once we finish the current cycle of games, and I think I've bought myself another month's worth of games... the good thing potentially is that if I start them on a new cycle I can get them all to start brand new characters, but we'll see what happens.

Depending on how many people are actually at the table this coming Monday, I may run the game on Super Hardcore Mode and see how they go... they do feel like a party that can handle it, especially now that they have an actual cleric.


I was supposed to be running another DnD game... one for the female friendly group... but nobody actually bothered to show up besides myself and the other DM, so we had a chat for a couple of hours and then called it a day.


This wasn't perhaps the most intense DnD game we've had with those characters, but it was a very full table. I also really enjoy playing with people whose characters my character doesn't like. Usually it's better when I like that person, but sometimes when they are someone I like but currently are mildly annoying it's equally as good.

And we did have someone playing who doesn't normally play, but who I quite enjoy playing with.


We can file this under me being generally annoyed. It started on Wednesday with the DM for our regular Thursday game not wanting to run this week... fair enough, but also, fuck you for telling us on Wednesday. I also happened to be playing with someone who could fill in as our DM on Wednesday and asked him to talk to the group and then somebody let me know what was going on.

And that was basically the holding pattern I was left in until roughly 5pm Thursday afternoon. So much so that I was very tempted to tell them all to go fuck themselves and go play with randos at the game store.

I mean partially I was waiting to see how long it would take them to work out that nobody had communicated with the non-Facebook-using member of the group, and partially I was being a passive aggressive bitch for roughly the same reasons.

But in the end I messaged the guy who is usually my ride on Thursdays and it all got sorted. And I'm glad I went, we played our "usual" Thursday characters (or at least the characters that know each other best and for the longest time). And we played in a different person's house, and he has little fluffy dogs who are the best. Especially the newest one, who is sooooo tiny and fluffy and who I spent 90% of the time we were there cradling in one hand.

To quote Agnes from Despicable Me, "It's so fluffy, I'm gunna die".


Another day of going into the city first thing in the morning, relatively speaking (early as in as early as I went into town Tuesday and Wednesday) to my doctor's appointment.

And now I know exactly what my finger looks like under the bandages. Basically the end is one big, gross, almost black scab. Also hopefully somewhere underneath all that my finger is regenerating itself. But the doctor and the nurse both seem to be happy with it, so that's great. And bits of it are randomly itching, which I'm sure is also great.

I'm still not sure how many weeks I'll need to me making a weekly run to the GP though. I'd like to be able to sync the appointment up with some other time I'm in town, but that doesn't seem likely just yet.

Mostly I just want to be able to type properly and bend my finger in all the places it's supposed to bend, which is not something that is happening right now.


Also known as Saturday.

We did the supermarket thing... I'm pointing myself in the general direction of tomato soup this week, so we'll see how that goes.

Then afterwards we headed over to Burnside Village briefly to visit the popup Christmas shop that appeared earlier in the week. And supposedly was there this time last year, but clearly I never fucking saw the damn thing for the two and a half months it was there.

It's perhaps more catered to the Old Ladies of Burnside than my particular taste, with the general aesthetic running heavy on bows, flowers and things artfully applied with glitter, but the woman who runs it is very nice, I had a chat with her on either Tuesday or Wednesday when I discovered the place (Tuesday I think), and took Ma in there today for a look around if nothing else. And then Ma bought a couple of small bits and pieces.

From there we decided to hit IKEA. Because why not.

Mostly we just did the usual lap, I ran into someone I know slightly, we investigated various options for my DnD storage needs... and also maybe a new laptop desk, but that's less likely to be a thing. And I just generally enjoyed the various IKEA aesthetics that are totally my jam.

We did grab a few bits and pieces... nothing exciting, just useful stuff or stuff we've been meaning to pick up for a while.

We also got some food there and, for a change, I wasn't completely disappointed, which was nice.

Afterwards we swung past Haighs, only to discover that they're making the factory store over (which is probably well overdue), but that means that half the store is closed off and everything is a bit cuckoobananapants as a result.

And that was that.

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The last week has been entirely the wrong kind of eventful.

Let's start all the way back on last Saturday evening when I headed down the street to run a DnD game at the convention... which was fine, except that they weren't the players I would have chosen given any other choice. But, like I said, it was fine. And I hung around until nearly midnight when they finally threw us out of the place before wandering home.

The problems started on Sunday.

Because I was running another DnD game at the same time Sunday night, I moved some of the stuff I normally do on a Sunday forward, which meant that I started making soup at about 2pm. All good so far, right up until the point where I was cutting potato and my very new and very sharp knife made contact in a fairly significant way with the end of my left index finger. So significant in fact that it separated the flesh at the top of my finger from the rest of my finger.

Yeah, I sliced the top of my finger off.

Fortunately not the nail though, which is good. But I didn't even realise what I'd done originally, it just seemed quite bloody, and it really wasn't until I discovered the end of my finger (or, to use the new word I discovered later, the 'pulp') sitting quietly under the blade of my knife that I knew what I'd done.

I tried to get it to stop bleeding on it's own, but it wasn't having any of that, and around 3:30 Ma headed down this way to take me to the emergency room. At no point was a freaked out about any of it to be honest, it was more of a combination midway between fascinated and irritated that my plan for the rest of the evening was null and void. Much like the end of my finger.

 Fortunately the emergency room was fairly empty and after the nurse wrapped up my finger much more successfully than I'd done, it wasn't too long before I got ushered into a cubicle.

It was also slightly weird because it was the brand new hospital at the other end of North Terrace, so everything just felt nicer, or at least less shabby around the edges.

Short version is that I got a tetanus shot which genuinely hurt more than cutting off the end of my finger did, the nurse practitioner man cleaned up my finger a little and slapped a couple of fancy dressings around it, wrapped some tape on top, told me to go and see my GP in a week's time and called it a day.

There was a short period of time where I was convinced it was just going to keep bleeding, but I think it just didn't enjoy being jiggled around during the car ride home.

So now I have a finger that doesn't bend in the middle due to tape, a finger I can't type with due to the end being missing and several weeks of this shit to put up with. At least they tell me that the end of my finger will grow back.

Yeah... that's pretty much what I've been dealing with all week.

It's not hugely surprising how much more difficult just about everything becomes when you can't use or really bend your index finger. But I've managed.

After I got back from the hospital and Ma and I had pizza, I finished the soup. I had to, I mean I'd already chopped all the leeks and about half of the potatoes, so it seemed silly to not finish it. And it wasn't bad.

DnD wasn't bad this week... obviously I never made it to the game I was supposed to run on Sunday... Monday's game was about average (although, really I absolutely need to get better at running to time, I always assume we have enough time and then end up having to slightly rush the ending, which is less than ideal)... Wednesday's game was a bit of a hot mess, half due to the particular collection of players and half due to the adventure being a bit crap... and Thursday we used technology to beam one of our players in when he was sick and playing from home. It also wasn't a bad game, most of it ended up consisting of roleplay, but with that group that's never a bad thing (well, almost never).

On an unrelated note, remember The Boy... and remember how I said "because at a certain point he's going to go off and get involved with a woman, because that's definitely a thing that's going to happen"... well, it happened. And he's super excited about it and I have the occasional moment of wanting to claw my own eyes out.

I also don't want to be snippy or dismissive about it to him, and because it seems we can have any conversation, I had the "hey, all I want is for you to be happy, but if occasionally I'm a salty asshat, you already know why, just ignore me" conversation.

The problem I'm actually having though is a) probably all in my own head, b) largely temporal and c) entirely expected, something that has happened more than once and yet still irritating.

I feel like The Boy is distancing himself from me, or at the very least now that he has a person of the female persuasion to focus his attention on, I'm no longer useful as someone upon which to spend his time. I mean I get it, out of the possible options, of course the spare time he has he's going to focus that way, but it's also kind of a dick move when you've been using me as emotional support to suddenly just whip that particular rug out of the room.

And it's weird because just about every Tuesday night without fail he would message me just because he had time on his hands and clearly I was the place he'd chosen to spend that time. Except for this Tuesday. But I don't know if he's pissed off at me, or if he's just reallocated his time allowance or what, but it kinda stung. And of course it's so stupid, because those messages were usually a minor irritation... okay, you've messaged me around the same time every Tuesday, and most of those times I've told you that I'm doing the exact same thing, and yet you still seem to not remember?

I will clearly need to have a conversation with him about it this week... I did ask at the end of a different conversation we had this week, but he hasn't replied to the question, which isn't a unique thing, but right after I sent it he did accidentally call me and then immediately cancel it, so I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

I'm guessing option A, all in my head, is in effect (and yes, very probably, since he just texted me about something completely unrelated). But we'll be having that conversation. And if necessary I will remind him that he started all this shit with his drunken semi-confession.


Friday was supposed to be Chiro Day... but it also got turned into GP Day, and the chiro appointment got moved earlier in the day so I could do both of them back to back.

The doctor's appointment was fine... as I think I've said before, I'm quite fond of my GP, he's basically a sweet old duffer. And the process of getting the dressing on my finger changed was relatively painless, and gave me a chance to see the end of my finger or lack of same. And like the initial hospital visit, I was way more fascinated than I was grossed out by it.

And it only took around 20-25 minutes all up, so not awful. Which is good, because for a couple of weeks at least I'll be doing that once a week. Urgh.

The chiro appointment was all good, and like every conversation I've had with people over the last week, I had plenty of "I cut off the end of my finger" material to work with.

Today was... today.

We did the supermarket thing... I'm probably making regular chicken soup this week because fuck everything, I still have this dumb cold/flu thing.

Then we went into the city for some general wandering around. I picked up some cardstock for DnD related printing needs, Ma bought a present for someone, we stopped off at this place that makes Japanese baked cheese tarts, which I quite enjoyed... well, the filling anyway, less so the pastry.

And that was really about it.

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