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You Are 32% Lady

You tend to make up your rules of etiquette, throwing all conventions aside.

And while you try to be a lady (sometimes), your behavior is often quite shocking.

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photo friday: kites

string of elephants 2007rainbow spinner 2007What a difference a week makes... around this time last week it was all blue skies, sunshine and sunburn... and this week it's been very grey and definitely feels like Autumn weather.

These are obviously shots from last weekend's adventures at the Kite Festival... the elephants were so cute... not only was there a long string of them, but all their little legs were running like mad... and the rainbow spinner was hard to shoot... moving so fast like that, but the further back I got, the better the shots turned out. Which is okay, since I'm fond of the whole blue sky thing.

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queer cinema

gay sex, stupid boy, hellbent and dorian bluesTuesday was supposed to be movie night... but alas, there wasn't anything showing that we either wanted to see or hadn't seen already (and nothing that would have been worth a repeat visit)... so we tried my local video store (not one of the big chain places, just the random small business kind), which I hadn't been to since it moved across and down the road to much, much, much smaller premises.

But the downside of going to the movies regularly is that you see pretty much everything you want to see when it's out, which means when you go to the video store, there isn't much to choose from.

In the end we didn't get anything, came back here and watched bits of my Oprah boxed set... but while we were in the video store I happened to notice the cover for Gay Sex in the 70's... I mean, c'mon, it's a little hard to miss... and once I'd seen that I realised that they had a small, but interesting looking gay section going on. Yay my local video store.

So, yesterday, since I got paid for my work last week I went out and borrowed a bunch of DVDs... and because the store has this whole "1 new release $7, any addition rental $2.75" thing it was actually cheaper to get four at once than it would have been to rent them like two at a time. Actually I wish I'd gotten at least one of the other titles now... but it's a bit late for that.

Two of the DVDs I got because I really wanted to see them, and have done for a while (Gay Sex and HellBent), but the other two were mostly rented off the covers... Stupid Boy especially...

I'm not going to do my full "Movie Night" review/rating thing on them, but I had a few thoughts I figured I would share...

Gay Sex in the 70's
I remember seeing some random mentions of this online a while back, so I really wanted to see this... it was actually quite interesting (although it really should have been called "Gay Sex in New York in the 70's" since that was what it was about), a little sad in parts, especially when they started talking about the less fun aspects of life back then. Scarily, the comments about being able to find sex anywhere, anytime, any place reminded me of a certain Blogger I read... and while I'm not sure if I wish I'd been born a decade or so earlier (and on the other side of the planet), it was interesting to see how that particular part of the gay community got from where they were then to where they are now. Unfortunately I did notice that I seem to have a slight thing for bad 70's mo's... either that or just hot 70's bodies, and I wasn't turned off by the bad facial hair. I was also really curious about a lot of the photos that were used during the documentary... photos of guys obviously having sex in the places they're talking about... and I don't think they were staged photos either... just somebody wandering around with a camera in the middle of a gay cruising area taking photos of guys having sex... good photos too actually... it's so not something you could get away with today, and I kind of wonder how the photographer got away with it back then.

Stupid Boy (aka Garçon stupide)
This one was very odd... but then you get that when you watch a DVD just because you think the boy on the cover is obscenely hot. The fact that it was from Switzerland should have given me some kind of tip off... but you have to love European gay flicks... you might not always know what the hell is going on, and they may sometimes talk you to death, but they'll usually show a decent amount of full frontal male nudity. The style of the thing was probably the weirdest part... it was kind of like a documentary (especially since the main character, Loic, kept having conversations with the guy behind the camera as though he was a character in the movie, which he was, we just never saw him) or a reality teevee show in parts, but one where the subject isn't aware that there is a camera... just weird really. The "star", Pierre Chatagny, is as pretty as all hell, but at time seems every single part of the title of the movie. Granted it was his first movie, and I think there was some parts of it that were very improvised (the discussions with the off-camera character particularly)... and I also wonder how staged some of the sex scenes were... or maybe he's just a better actor than I think he is...

This was the other one I really wanted to see... especially since it never came to any cinemas here when it was out originally... not that I'm really surprised by that, I was actually more surprised to find it in the video store. It was about what I expected... A little cheesy, a little sweet, a little sexy, but actually more amusing than I'd expected... all in all a typical B-grade slasher type movie, but the whole gay theme was a nice addition. The one thing that did bug me (and would probably have bugged me if it had been a "straight" slasher movie) was that the villain, "The Devil", wasn't given any real kind of motivation or reason for wanting to slash up those particular boys... well, other than the fact that they walked through the park (his park?)... but, you know... like two lines of questionable dialogue about how there used to be a cult that worshiped in that park, or the old "they tell stories of a devil man"... ANYTHING... unless they were planning on saving that for a sequel (which the ending pretty much seemed to leave the door wide open for).

Dorian Blues
This was the only one I had left to watch today... and when I first started it I thought it was going to be one of those movies that you just cringe through rather than laugh... but maybe about quarter of the way in I started to enjoy it. It's a fairly standard "coming of age/coming out" kinda story... but it's a little quirky in spots... and I have to say it also touched a cord with me in a couple of other spots.

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random hitchhiker hotness

Sometimes the images for Random Hotness come to me in strange ways...

I found these two images in two completely different places, months apart, but they're part of the same set. The "hitchhiking" shot came along first, I think on a website somewhere, but the look of the background had me convinced that the setting was Australian (whether the model is or not I have no idea... he "feels" European for some reason)... and then the second image showed up in my email one day much, much later, and the kangaroo sign leaves no doubt that it was shot here.

I just wish I could find the rest of the set. Especially since I have a thing for the whole "exposed underwear" look.

kangaroo grazinghitching

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thoughts on kindred

kindred, cast and channonOne of the DVDs I got for my birthday was the first (first, last and only) season of the mid 90's show Kindred: The Embraced.

I finished watching all the episodes over a week back, but with one thing and another never got around to writing up my thoughts on it.

Now I have a thing for almost all things vampiric... and I remember the show very fondly (hence why I wanted the DVD) from my youth... it was this show that made me seek out the White Wolf roleplaying game/book that the show was based on, Vampire: The Masquerade ... which in turn caused me to create a vampire character (Toreador, naturally) for myself (although I never actually played the game itself), which in turn lead to three short stories (two completed and one possibly uncompletable). Which now means that there's a part of my brain that belongs to that character, and always will.

And yes, I am aware how tragic and fanboy that actually sounds. Especially since I never actually played the game.

But getting back to "Kindred: The Embraced, the teevee experience".

Memory isn't always kind... there are a lot of times when you go back and watch an old teevee series, particularly the first season and it's good and it's nostalgic and you like it, but you look at the actors and the dialogue and you just know that they don't quite have it all together just yet... the first series of Star Trek: The Next Generation was like that... the cast are still finding their feet in their roles... the writers are still trying to find the right voices and the right level for the show... and when you watch it back later you occasionally cringe.

Kindred was DEFINITELY one of those...

I still like it, but whoooo-boy, nobody was quite sure what the hell they were doing back in the day.

I think part of the problem was that it was essentially a hard concept to turn into a teevee show. You have what are essentially immoral and monstrous characters (they lie, they kill, they manipulate, they drink blood to survive... sometimes all in the same episode) and as both a writer and an actor you have to find the line where the audience relates and sympathises with that character. And you can see them going back and forth in the shows... they build up that sympathy and empathy... and then the character has to turn around and kill another character or lie and manipulate someone. It's a very fine line to tread, and I don't think they'd quite gotten a handle on how to do it right.

Which is also possibly why some of the actors end up chewing the scenery a little too often.

And add into that the restrictions put in place by, I'm guessing, the studio, and the timeslot that the show is aimed at... which then dictates what you can and can't show on screen, and ends up leaving a couple of the feeding scenes looking a little, if you'll excuse the pun, anemic.

The writers also played a little fast and loose with a few too many of the "rules" too I think... the greatest of which was the whole going out in sunlight thing... I know that it was mostly likely because they didn't want the whole show to turn into a "night" thing and that night shooting is probably much more difficult and expensive than daytime shooting, but their "day for night" filming was really, really, really, really bad (so much so that when characters in, I think, one of the very first scenes in the first episode mention that the sun is about to come up you find yourself thinking "what the hell are you talking about, you have a freaking shadow!"). And having vampire characters who can run around in sunlight with no consequences just defeats the whole purpose of a vampire story to me.

I didn't mind so much that they played around with the various vampire powers that were set out in the game... particularly mixing up what clan got what powers... and I only know they messed around with it now because I know the game/book.

One thing I did find interesting is that Kindred aired in 1996, and is set in San Francisco, featured characters who were police officers on the SFPD, had a supernatural theme and was headed up by executive producers Aaron Spelling & E. Duke Vincent...

Two years later in 1998 came Charmed... set in San Francisco, features characters who are police officers on the SFPD, has a supernatural theme and is headed up by executive producers Aaron Spelling & E. Duke Vincent...


And when I was watching the Kindred episodes it looked to me like they took a lot of the lessons they learned there across to Charmed. I know at least one of the directors on Kindred ended up directing episodes of Charmed and is now a co-executive producer.

But it was more than just that... particularly you can see the beginnings of the signature "Charmed opening/scene transition San Francisco montages with musical overlay" in many of the Kindred episodes... and because it's set in the same city you occasionally get the same sort of footage, particularly of one of the police stations, which I think is the same one they use for the exteriors in Charmed. It's not completely a rip off, but you can see the ideas starting to develop.

It also seems like they realised that they needed "hero characters" who were essentially good fighting characters who were bad... rather than having characters who were somewhat bad, but slightly less bad than the really bad characters coming out on top.

And there must be something in that since Charmed has been running for so long.

Granted Kindred couldn't go for more than a single season because it lost it's star, Mark Frankel in a motorcycle accident soon after the final episode of the series was aired, which pretty much put the brakes on any further episodes of the show. And which I always thought was interesting/odd/whatever, given the subject matter of the show.

The other thing I found interesting is that a bunch of the cast have turned up in other vampire related shows... Brian Thompson, Jeff Kober and Channon Roe all showed up in episodes of Buffy (Brian and Jeff under varying degrees of latex) and Brigid Walsh showed up in episodes of Angel. And on top of that all four of them show up in various episodes of Charmed, as have cast mates Stacy Haiduk and Erik King. Granted if you look at all their resumes, a large number of them have also showed up on particularly non-supernatural shows like CSI and 24.

And speaking of Channon Roe (that's him at the bottom of the image montage at the top of this post)... I don't think that I have ever been more fascinated with or aroused by the shape of a man's nose... I don't know why, but his nose is just the strangest and cutest shape in the world, and I go whole scenes just watching it. Of course he's gorgeous even without the nose thing, but there's just something about it that just fascinates me every single time I see him.

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imagini meme

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filthy filthy filthy

Your Mind is NC-17 Rated

You're mind is so filthy... you should should be washing every part of you out with soap.

If your thoughts can go dirty, they do. Almost everything is NC-17 to you!

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unconscious mutterings 216

It's Monday again, so it must be time for this week's edition of Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Groovy :: Baby

  2. Jealousy :: Green

  3. Watching :: Voyeur

  4. Kenny :: South Park

  5. Games :: Chess

  6. Bread :: White

  7. City :: Life

  8. Stems :: Red roses

  9. Birds :: Tippi Hedren

  10. Listener :: Talker
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montage monday: kites

kites 2007I haven't done a Monday Montage in a while, and I figured since I had so many shots from the Kite Festival on Saturday that I figured I could get a decent montage out of them. It also shows how very changeable the weather was on Saturday, ranging from the grey and drizzling (the soccer legs, third row) to the cloudless blue (the rainbow stingray, top row). It's no wonder I ended up all burnt...

Some of these aren't technically kites at all actually, but things attached to the line of another kite (they have a technical name, but I can't remember it), catching the wind (basically all the sea creatures). Still made for a pretty display though.

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pack rat

You're a Pack Rat in Training

You know those crazy old people with a ton of video tapes and cats?

Well, you're training to be one. Time to do some spring cleaning. Even if it isn't spring!

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kite flying festival fun

sky full of kites 2007Today was all about the 10th Adelaide International Kite Festival baby!

After the usual Random Shopping Adventures, we hauled ass out to Semaphore to check out the kites. Which makes something like three weekends in a row that we've ended up down that way...

First it was the Seahorse Farm, and the same weekend it was my Birthday (well, the Monday actually)... then Collectors on Tour... and this week, the Kite Festival. We're not going anywhere near the Port next weekend... honest!

Anyway, I'd been to the Kite Festival once before... not last year, or else I would have blogged about it, but, I think, the year before... only I went on my own because I think that Ma was away that particular weekend... or I didn't find out about it until the last minute, or some randomness anyway. But oddly enough this time around there was a story about a kite in one of the books I was reading a while back, and it made me think of the Festival, so I looked it up online and made the appropriate note in my diary.

I have to say... Kites are just cool... they're pretty and they're all floaty and whatever... I like kites. It was pretty perfect kite day too... once we were down at the beach the wind was going screaming along, although the slightly annoying announcer lady (who just wouldn't shut up) did say that it was a little too windy for some of the kites, which made some of them be a little up and down... but all in all I think there were more this time than I remember from last time.

And if they'd been selling kites like the white Japanese carp one in the photo below, I would so own one right now... but they weren't, so I don't...

fishy kites 2007Ma did buy one though... not so much a kite as a wind sock "jellyfish" thing to go out on her back porch.

So after wandering back and forth along the jetty and getting both sun and windburned looking at all the pretty kites, we called it a day (mostly because I was starting to feel burned, otherwise I think we could have hung out there for ages and ages)... I probably should have applied sunscreen before we left (except it was kind of cloudy when we left my house) and taken my hat with me (although that might have gone flying off into the wide blue yonder given the wind)... but I didn't, so now I'm burned... again...

Bloody stoopid pale, easily burnt skin...

Anyway, after we were over it, we tootled back down the road headed for my place, and decided that we would try calling off at the little deli place that we tried going to during my Pre-Birthday Adventures but was closed due to the public holiday. Queen Street Deli (Number 76 on the list of 101 Food Secrets) was open this time though, and very nice... possibly a little chi-chi-la-la and a touch overpriced maybe, but nice... cute boy staff members (any place that has a boy with Harry Potter glasses and a nasal septum piercing working there is okay by me) too... so we might have to go back there another day and have actual breakfast there.

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photo friday: gum tree bee

gum tree bee 2007I snapped this one during our Art Extravaganza last weekend... it was on the fringes of the Botanical Gardens, which I so need to take a little trip to some time soon.

I have a thing about shots of bees in or on flowers... probably because it makes more of a point of interest than just the flowers themselves. I also like the colours in this shot... the soft grey green leaves, the yellow blossoms all standing out so sharply against the blue sky with just the touch of cloud.

It also makes a change from today's weather since it's been cloudy, grey and raining pretty much all day... but after the last few days of warmer weather, it's appreciated.

The only "problem" with this shot is because I took it from under the tree looking up, the shadows are all facing the camera... but everything's still visible, so it's not that much of a problem.

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threeYoung Master Sunshine tagged me with this one a day or so back, but what with the working and suchlike, this is the first time I've had a chance to get to it...

Three Things That Scare Me:
  1. Confrontation
  2. Big nasty dogs
  3. Many, many, many anything small pouring or crawling all over each other (rats, bugs, snakes)
Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
  1. Adam Richards
  2. Nathan Lane
  3. Kevin Smith
Three Things I Love:
  1. Men in their underwear
  2. Kissing
  3. My Mum (shut up)
Three Things I Hate:
  1. My neighbours
  2. People who make everything in their life look really easy
  3. People who play mind games
Three Things I Don’t Understand:
  1. Men... actually that could be all three things, but specifically guys who chat to you one day, don't return your text message the following day and then both text message you and chat to you on MSN the day after that... but who then disappear offline after having said less than a dozen words to you
  2. My neighbours... why would a family of four choose to live in a one bedroom apartment
  3. Politics... and politicians
Three Things On My Desk:
  1. An appointment card from my last haircut
  2. An empty water bottle
  3. A Post-It with Tim Hamilton's (seemingly incorrect) birthday on it
Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
  1. Finishing reading through my blogroll
  2. Trying to summon up the energy to actually do this meme (since I rarely start these from the top and go through to the end... I answer the easy ones first then come back to the others)
  3. Trying to avoid dusting the top of my computer, since I just realised it's pretty much covered in dust
Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
  1. Visit another country
  2. Be part of the audience at Oprah
  3. Find the "perfect job"
Three Things I Can Do:
  1. Code HTML
  2. Make people laugh
  3. Procrastinate
Three Things I Can’t Do:
  1. Math in my head
  2. Cook a steak
  3. Kick a football the direction it's supposed to go (not like I care or anything)
Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
  1. Josh Pyke
  2. Lily Allen
  3. Triple J
Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
  1. Anything from the "rap" or "hip-hop" genres.. although Missy Elliot is allowed
  2. "Right-wing" anybody
  3. Small children running back and forth on the balcony above your apartment
Three Things I’d Like To Learn (but won’t):
  1. When to keep my mouth shut
  2. Rowing
  3. Archery
Three Favourite Foods:
  1. Anything lemony
  2. Farmers Union Strong Iced Coffee (okay, it's a drink not a food, but it's a definite favourite)
  3. Green grapes
Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
  1. Press Gang
  2. Speed Buggy
  3. TV 101 (featuring a young Matt LeBlanc)
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the everchanging schedule

First it was three days... then when I got in there yesterday it could have been a couple of weeks (and if I'd actually had to do the stuff that they'd originally wanted me to, then yeah, it probably would have been)... turns out if wasn't even a two day job...

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random lost hotness

This week's Random Hotness features my favourite "Lostie", James 'Sawyer' Ford aka Josh Holloway. I mean what's not to love... he's a bad boy, looks great all sweaty and dirty, not to mention the seemingly required week's worth of facial growth looks perfect on him... plus he's usually seen with a book in his hand and he's not terribly fond of Jack (so that's two things we have in common).


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going around and around and around and around and around and...Well that was... okay, I wanted to say interesting, but I think the correct comment is actually "that was like being on a merry go round with blind monkeys... you end up going in circles covered in monkey poo and you're not quite sure why..."

Maybe the monkey poo thing is a vague exaggeration...

But it does kind of feel like I was going in circles.

This morning was fine... I was up for my walk at quarter to six (and actually made it out the door at like five to six)... was dressed and out the door in plenty of time to catch the bus, get into town and get to work, and still had enough time to make a slight detour to grab a bottle of water.

And for the record, the pants performed quite well... the high, horizontal pockets are a little annoying and the material is a tiny bit static-y... but overall I didn't feel like too much of a shlub.

The job was working on a floor I've worked on far too many times before (which I knew), with someone who's name I recognised, but who I didn't really know know... all good things. We went up to see my old boss first thing to get him to give me appropriate access amongst other things, so I got to have a nice natter with him and catch up on various and sundry bits of gossip, some of which may come in useful in the near future. Still good.

The work was pretty straightforward... not thrilling, but fairly easy and time consuming... still good. Part of the reason I was there was because the woman I was working for had tried to download these particular websites so they could be transferred to a new server blah blah blah insert stuffy technoweeniecrap here... but for whatever reason she thought that it didn't work. But that was the reason they hired me... still good.

Then I got to a certain point and realised that there was actually a copy of everything on the website downloadable (from the same website) as a file... so I asked what the deal was and what I should do about it... this was both a good thing and a bad thing...

Turns out that the downloaded version DID work perfectly well... albeit with a few minor glitches... so at around the halfway mark I actually did a complete 180 and ignored the stuff I'd been doing all morning and went in a whole other direction. Annoying but not so bad really.

I did however, managed to organise myself out of what could have been a much longer period of work... not so good. At least this time it wasn't on purpose.

Part of the problem is usually that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing within almost any government agency... sometimes the fingers on the same hand don't know what each other are doing...

To be honest it was actually a pretty good day... it did just feel like I'd been going around in circles for a while...

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da pants

dress pantsTwo hours, two stores and one pair of flat fronted black dress pants later...

You wouldn't think it would be so hard to find a pair of fairly bog standard flat fronted black dress pants in the appropriate size would you...

But for some reason the Red Circle Boutique has gone all to hell in a handbasket as far as dress pants are concerned... suddenly they're all just lumped together with no respect for style, colour, size or cut... and everything is either way too small or far too big...

Which is part of the reason I've been holding off from buying a pair... the other part being I didn't think there was much point in buying a pair just to have a pair when I wasn't working and was still theoretically losing weight.

I tried on two different pairs at the Target that Ma and I usually go to... both technically a size too small (they fit and standing up they were mostly comfortable, but sitting down in an office chair all day I think they would start to get on my nerves... plus I usually size up my dress pants for comfort's sake)... one regular pleated front pair and a pair of the ubergay dress pants that seem to be all that's left in the larger size range (and I can see why... no straight man is going to buy those pants, ever, not even the metrosexuals)... but for whatever reason, the Ubergay Pants didn't seem as bad to me as they normally do.

Whether it was desperation because I couldn't find anything in the appropriate size or any other style, I don't know, but I put them on and didn't completely hate them. But they were a size "too small", so I decided to try the Target in the city.

And I could only find a single pair of pants there in any size range that was actually going to fit me... Grrrrrr...

But luckily, they fit like a dream and I quite liked them.

The very slight downside is that while they aren't the Ubergay Pants, they're either "Second Cousin Once Removed to the Ubergay Pants"... or else they're some kind of interim style between a "normal" pair of dress pants and the UGP... same front pocket styling... similar material, although it doesn't feel as artificial... and an equally useless pocket in pocket arrangement, although at least this one doesn't have a zip on it and call itself a "mobile phone pocket"...

But at least I have pants now...

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work and pants

work dragMy agency must just see dollar signs when they look at my name...

They do no work, and I still make them money...

I had an email from my old boss last week asking if I wanted some work (YES PLEASE) somewhere in my old workplace, so I told him to get the people who wanted my services to call the agency and set it up.

I had kind of expected to hear something on Friday, but these things never go the way they should, so they called me this morning... and I'm starting on Wednesday...

And since I haven't worked for some time, and the last time I did I had clown pants, which I've since gotten rid of, I officially don't have an appropriate pair of pants to wear....

Looks like I'll be going shopping tomorrow...

I only hope I can actually find something suitable, since everything that seems to be around at the moment just isn't...

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unconscious mutterings 215

And yes, it's Unconscious Mutterings time once again...

  1. San Francisco :: Gay Mecca

  2. Sadness :: All too constant

  3. Spirits :: Afterlife

  4. Harriet :: the Spy

  5. State :: South Australia

  6. John :: John, John the Piper's son

  7. Offense :: Offence

  8. Timeless :: Style

  9. Account :: Payment

  10. Refuse :: Just Say No
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collectors on tour

collectors 2007ABC TV's Collectors was in town this weekend filming to "On Tour" episodes at the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide, so since Ma and I are fans of the show, and entry to the museum was free today, we figured it would be fun to go along for shits and giggles...

andy muirhead 2007And the fact that it's hosted by Andy Muirhead (that's him over there on the right), who I happen to have a little teeny tiny crush on, had nothing to do with it... honest...

Okay, maybe it had a little bit to do with it.

And it would also be the reason I took a large number of photos of him... most of which were kinda fuzzy due to the indoor lighting conditions (and the fact I was working without a flash)...

It was fun though... we got to watch them film two "major" segments on different collectors, and may or may not end up visible in the crowd on far too many occasions... although I kinda wish I'd shaved this morning...

Which of course means that sharp eyed Aussie readers of my blog may or may not be able to try and work out what I look like... which doesn't mean I'm going to admit to it, even if you guess right... but you can try...

Luckily the episodes won't be on for at least a month, so hopefully everyone forgets before then.

What I thought was amusing was the fact that when we walking into the main part of the museum where they were filming, almost the first person I laid eyes on was one of the panel members, Adrian Franklin, then maybe three of four steps inside I caught sight of Andy. It was cool, they were just kind of hanging out, talking to people and whatever. I also got Andy and Adrian's autographs a bit later on, asked Adrian about his very cool André Le Marquand Spaceman watch (not the same colour as the one in the link though), and got "busted" by one of the other panelists, Gordon, when I was snapping a shot of the four of them between takes... which was kind of embarrassing really, I didn't realise he'd seen me, then he waved in my direction, Andy must have asked him what he was doing and before I knew it they were both looking straight at me... very embarrassment... hehehe...

Although it was probably more embarrassing because I knew I'd been semi stalking Andy to try and get a decent photo of him... *grin*

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art extravaganza

torrens in the afternoon 2007Ever since Ma and I made that visit to the Museum and the Art Gallery back in January, we seem to be going out of our way to find various little art galleries and exhibitions and things. And today, since there was so much stuff that just happened to be on, we did a bunch of it all at once.

After Random Food Shopping, we headed into town and managed to find a park in the 20 cent section that I found once when I was off to have my hair cut, so bonus there... however, since today is also Saint Patrick's Day, we had to contend with a large number of people of Irish extraction in various shades of green going the opposite way from the way we were going. Alas there was only one cute redheaded guy that I saw... I don't know if he had an Irish accent or not though, but if he had, I might have been in trouble... you know, from the drooling.

Anyway, we started off with the National Treasures from Australia’s Great Libraries exhibition at the State Library, which was quite interesting... well, some of it... specifically Ned Kelly's famous helmet... I don't know why, but there was something really... moving, I guess... about it. Just seeing the dents in it, you assume from bullet hits... very powerful.

The other piece that really struck me as powerful was the letter written to the organisers of the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne...

John Ian Wing, a 17-year-old apprentice carpenter from Melbourne, suggested that athletes 'must not march, but walk freely and wave to the public' during the closing ceremony. His idea has become an Olympic tradition and the Melbourne Olympics became known as the 'Friendly Games'.

The spirit behind his letter actually got me a little choked up.

After that, we headed down to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra headquarters to look at an exhibition of photographs, but when we got down there it turns out that they're only open during the week... which was kind of annoying... then we trailed up the Mall, stopping off at Borders to make use of my 40% off coupon, and ended up getting a bunch of stuff because of their damn ongoing 3 for 2 offer... stuff we wanted, but still...

We were supposed to have another stop off, but the place we were headed to turned out not to be the place I thought it was (same kind of shop, totally different company), so that didn't work out too well either.

Then it was down to the Torrens Parade Ground to see the Helpman Academy Graduate Exhibition which was actually pretty good... it's just a shame that anything that could have been interesting (and a slightly reasonable price) to buy had long been marked with a red dot as sold.

Because Adelaide is playing host to the 2007 World Police & Fire Games, everywhere we went today we were either seeing people with official looking teeshirts or backpacks or passes or whatever... and we actually walked through a group of Russian Police (alas, not as hot as I hear the Russian Firefighters are) at one point... and saw lots of other people who must have been involved in some shape or form, even if we couldn't work out where they were from.

We actually headed down to the Torrens (aka where I walk) to check out the Dragon Boat Racing that was supposed to be taking place today... but alas, no dragons, no boats, no nothing. There were, however, a large number of pretty damn hot guys down by the river, I assume that most of them were either Police or Firefighters of some description, although some of them could have been random tourists or spouses or whatever. We hung out for a while, but the closest we got to seeing Dragon Boats was a woman who went past who had "Dragon Boat Team" printed on the back of her teeshirt... but she was headed AWAY from the river, so after that we pretty much gave up.

After that we tootled up to the National Wine Centre to check out an exhibition called Me Fein (Me, Myself and I in Irish... but it would actually be a cool blog name I think, although you might have to be Irish to pull it off), which was all female artists, and largely female subjects. To be honest, actually going into the Wine Centre was actually more interesting than the art, since I've never been in there before, plus I got a few good shots on the fringes of the Botanical Gardens on our way to and from the car.

Next stop was the Tin Cat Cafe, which we'd visited a couple of weeks ago to see the bodypainting photos by Emma Hack, but this time to see the Botanica exhibition, specifically the butterfly jewellery. Pricey stuff... really beautiful, but pricey.

The last stop on our Art Extravaganza was the Art Images Gallery in Norwood, specifically to see the stuff by Eliza Piro... now her stuff I really liked... and I actually took a really close look at a couple of them (since she works in acrylic paint), since I thought I might get some inspiration for something myself. I'm sure I couldn't so it half as well as she did, but it was still a thought.

And after that we were all art-ed out...

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photo friday: against the blue

sea eagle 2007jetty st 2007tower 2007I have this thing about negative space... seriously... it's like an illness of some sort...

And nothing makes nice clean negative space than a cloudless blue sky.

These are all from Monday's Pre-Birthday Adventures... the tower is from Semaphore, the street sign is from where we ate lunch and the sea eagle (which is made from recycled building materials according to the sign on the bottom of the pole).

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chatting with slick

from friends and lovers by howard roffmanHave you had someone say something to you that was so ridiculous that you just wanted to laugh in their face?

Luckily when it happened I was talking to the guy online, so I could sit here and roll my eyes and shake my head as much as I wanted...

I was chatting to Slick Willy on Gaydar yesterday, since I've been pretty much ignoring him for the last several weeks, but since he was being nice and wishing me Happy Birthday I thought I would cut him some slack and say hello back.

It sounds mean that I've been ignoring him, but he never seems to get pissed off about it, or ask me why I've been ignoring him, or stop messaging me, so he can't care that much... or else he might just be afraid of pissing me off because if he does then he really won't get what he wants from me.

Like I've said before my "relationship" with Slick Willy is completely a sexual one (and I realised that it's been going on for just over a year, since we started hooking up regularly just before my birthday last year), but since I'm the one who's actually performing the sexual act on him, I guess that actually gives me all of the power. Which would be fine... except that it's only ever the sexual act on it's own... and that's fine for a sometimes food, but not as my entire diet (it's like the new Cookie Monster I guess). And if I'm honest with myself, I know that it's hitting any of the marks that it should be (physically or emotionally) according to this year's Wish List.

So because I know that every single time I speak to him online he's going to ask if I "want some", I just stopped replying to his messages. I started off just saying no all the time, but the ignoring thing was just easier. But I don't want to burn that bridge completely... because, well, you know... every once in a while, you don't mind a "cookie" (okay, I maybe stretched the Cookie Monster analogy a little far).

That's pretty much all it ever is though... "Cookies"... okay, that was officially too far... it's only ever sex... sure he tells me stuff now and again, but I don't always pay very much attention, and I hardly ever tell him anything. I wouldn't even class it as a "fuckbuddy" relationship, because, well, we're not really even buddies. It's just sex. And that's fine, because I don't want it to be anything more than that.

But like I said, I was chatting with him yesterday, and, to be honest, I was doing other things and only half paying attention to the conversation because a) he was taking his own sweet time to reply too, and b) I already knew he was going to ask at some point and that I was going to turn him down.

So we were chatting back and forth a little, and he asked, I turned him down... and then he asked if I was okay (actually I think he first asked if I was "off sex", only he didn't word it quite so delicately) and when I said I was fine, he commented that I "didn't sound like myself"...

Which was where I would have laughed in his face.

I was actually tempted to reply "And how would you know?". I know what he was trying to say, but it was just the way it came out that made me roll my eyes.

But I did think about it for a while afterwards... not about him specifically, but just on that whole concept of how much of yourself you do or don't give away to the people that you have sex with, casual or otherwise. I'm sure somewhere in there is the idea that "sex between two people is special and forms a bond, blah blah blah"... which I've never believed... sex is sex... it is what it is, and everything else is just thousands of years of social conditioning.

However that's a whole other rant entirely... and not one that I really want to get into.

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random abercrombie hotness

Today's Random Hotness are images that I've had around for a while, but the shot of the two guys dancing always makes me smile. I'm pretty sure they're from an old Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue (given their outfits)... and I've always been fond of those images (even when they're wearing clothes).

abercrombie boysabercrombie boys

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