cabaret: every film ever made

adelaide cabaret festival - every film ever madeOh man... the last time I think I laughed so hard was when I went to see Adam Richard...

Every Film Every Made is FUNNY!

It's also incredibly fast-paced... the first twenty minutes is basically one long montage of various bits and pieces out of different movies, either musically, by quoting lines, using the logos of movies for the "credits", or just by wearing movie themed teeshirts.

The three performers were a good mix too... Tegan Higginbotham (the girl - cute as a button, but still able to do a wicked Gollum impression), Robert Lloyd (the cute one - and according to Ma, channelling David Tennant - but he was wearing a Tardis teeshirt) and Adam McKenzie (the bald one - quite seriously nuts) each had their moment to shine, and were genuinely having a good time up there since they were cracking each other up as they went along.

Actually the whole thing felt very fresh... and it doesn't seem to be a brand new show... but even in the bits where it was obvious that every show must have pretty much the same elements and sections in it, it still felt like it was spontaneous. It was also funny that they just ran with certain jokes... there was a young guy, maybe 14 or so sitting at the front of our table (which was basically front row centre... woohoo) and at one point they noticed him and Adam actually asked him his name (Matt)... which then lead them to keep returning to mentioning his name throughout the show (they even got the audience to give Matt a round of applause at the end).

There was a much higher degree of profanity than I was expecting... not that I have any kind of problem with that, actually in a lot of cases it was really funny... just unexpected.

Because it was such a fast-paced and energetic show I'm having that combination of there being just too many things to mention that I enjoyed and not quite being able to remember all the really good stuff. Some of the bits I do remember include:
  • Adam and Robbie doing "the scene" between Clive Owen and Natalie Portman from Closer (and Robbie telling Matt to cover his ears before they did it)... and somehow Jabba the Hutt found his way in there...
  • Tegan and her aforementioned Gollum impression
  • The Bollywood/Alien series crossover musical number
  • Adam's Yoda impression that pretty much stopped the show
  • The "placard" scene from Love Actually
  • Tegan and Artax from The Neverending Story (I actually got kinda choked up)
  • The extremely esoteric reference to the John Cusak movie, Say Anything, that nobody in the room got (apart from the cast)
  • Robbie's impression of Margaret
  • The "forced perspective" joke from Lord of the Rings
I know they're kinda vague references, but I don't want to spoil the jokes for anybody who might see it in the future. It's definitely worth the price of admission!

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The Mutant said...

How did I mess the Adam Richard post when you put it up?

Just so you know, if you want to impress him don't call him Adam Richards - there is no S in his name, I can tell you the whole story one day if you like!

As for a routine involving every movie ever made... most of it would probably go over my head but it still sounds bloody good.

yani said...

Yes, thank you for pointing that out (and I have no idea how you missed it... maybe you were between blogs at the time)... I did the exact same thing when I originally blogged about it too... I'm a bad homosexual... bad!

And yes, you can tell me the story, so long as you do it face to face ;)


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