exposing my new bed

my new bed and my old kiteWhile I can't honestly say that I had the worst night's sleep of my life last night... I've definitely had better.

By the time I crawled into bed last night it was pretty late and I was totally exhausted, so you would have thought that my body would have just crashed out. But instead of sinking into the lumpy softness of my old mattress, I felt like I was laying on a sheet of timber.

And I was SOOOOO high up... I don't think I mentioned, but this new mattress is a full foot thick... it was totally able to stand freely on it's side before we put it on the bed yesterday. And the frame is about a foot off the ground too... so that's two feet above the ground.

I'm pretty sure that my old bed would quite happily fit under this bed with a little room to spare (as it is I discovered that all the shoes I've previously had lined up along the front of the dresser will slot nicely under the end of the bed, plus I've got a couple of rollaway containers under there with all my different sets of bedding in them, so now I have space in the top of my wardrobe... which will result in some sort of cleaning/reorganisation frenzy at a later date).

So anyway... very, very high up by comparison.

Add to that a new set of pillows (which weren't too bad actually... but still new), and I had trouble getting comfortable.

I also seemed to overheat really easily last night which resulted in me waking up from time to time, which meant that I would roll over and then have to get comfortable... but considering how I felt when I woke up (and still feel now), I think that the overheating thing was more about the cold or flu or whatever I had yesterday really kicking into high gear. So if I'm being honest it probably wasn't a fair test of the new bed, since I'm obviously not well.

It's still a very imposing piece of furniture in the bedroom though... but I can't get back far enough or fit enough into a shot to really show it, so you'll just have to take my word for it (and for the record, the bed is in the north-west corner whereas my computer is in the north-east corner of my snug little bedroom).

Yes, that is a toy lion in the middle of the pillows... it's not a permanent fixture, but it just seemed right when I was making up the bed yesterday. And in place of artwork, I have my kite hanging over my bed... plus the first ever look at the incredibly dodgy curtains I crafter a couple of years ago...

I'm just glad all the messing about is over with now and I can settle in and start getting used to this new bed. But given that it's so radically different, I can tell that the first time I have sex on it is going to be a whole new adventure...

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The Mutant said...

Wow, you sure give some serious consideration to this whole furniture placement, room layout thing, huh?

The new bed looks spiffing (as does what's on it) so I'd be happy with that, of course the comfort thing is a whole different kettle of scrotum-sweat so I hope that when you're feeling better you can sink into it and get a decent rest without any dramas.

yani said...

It's no so much about giving it consideration, its more about only having a finite amount of space in the room in which to place my stuff...

And yeah, I'm figuring its going to take time for my body to adjust to a proper mattress.


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