photo friday: abstract green

abstract greenI currently have a headache that you could use to grate cheese with. And having said that, I have absolutely no idea what the hell it means. I just have a very bad headache.

It was more than likely caused by going to work... although I didn't feel too bad for most of the day, but this headache kinda snuck up on me late in the afternoon. Other than that work was reasonably okay... there wasn't a ton of stuff lurking in my email, and even though there was only really H-San, La Ninj and me, it wasn't too stressful.

As it turns out, I may have infected Sugarmonkey, since he's been away since Wednesday too... and I know I gave it to H-San before that because he was away Tuesday (and Wednesday too as it turns out). Whoops!

So yeah... nothing much to report really... went to work, came home, took my various pills and potions throughout the day... and still I have a headache...

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