It really is starting to feel like I should do one month of Photo-A-Day entirely with Lego... the two most liked photos from this month were Days 3 and 15... and 15 was a last minute replacement when the photo I'd planned didn't work out.

It's also been the month with the most Lego shots so far... nine in all (Days 1-3, 6, 11, 15, 18, 24 and 30)... and finishing and ending with Lego.

And it has proved yet again that sometimes good shots happen at without any planning (Days 5, 12 and 19)... although the reverse is also true (Day 23).

  • Day 1: Morning (what I put together at work first thing in the morning)
  • Day 2: Empty (it was the only empty spot in my collection... but it's filled now)
  • Day 3: On my plate
  • Day 4: Close-up
  • Day 5: Sign
  • Day 6: Hat
  • Day 7: Drink
  • Day 8: Six o'clock (wrapping Ma's birthday presents)
  • Day 9: My view today
  • Day 10: Best bit of my weekend (was the fact it extended out to Monday)
  • Day 11: Door
  • Day 12: From a low angle
  • Day 13: Art (my ever expanding art collection)
  • Day 14: Time
  • Day 15: Yellow
  • Day 16: Out and about
  • Day 17: In my bag
  • Day 18: Something you don't know about me (mostly you don't know what I look like... and for the record, I don't really look like any of these four either)
  • Day 19: Imperfect
  • Day 20: Fave photo I've ever taken (one of the models I met back in Camera Club days)
  • Day 21: Where I slept
  • Day 22: From a high angle
  • Day 23: Movement
  • Day 24: On my mind (my noisy neighbours)
  • Day 25: Something cute
  • Day 26: Where I shop (for chocolate)
  • Day 27: Bathroom
  • Day 28: On the shelf (I also bought the shelf... and it's contents)
  • Day 29: Soft (my favourite blanket)
  • Day 30: A friend
It's kinda hard to believe we're already halfway through the year... but July's list starts tomorrow.

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generic yet short shopping saturday

i love that he's shopping pretty much naked but is wearing his glasses
It was a pretty short shopping day today... it could have been longer, but Ma headed off to meet La Cousina's other half and buy her new car just after 12.

I skipped most of the usual tidying up part of the morning this morning due to getting engrossed in the last book in The Hunger Games saga (which I then finished this afternoon), but I was still ready to go by the time Ma got here.

Because it's the end of the month we also had to put up with the aisles of the supermarket being littered with staff doing the stocktake thing... it does baffle me a little that they can't do it before the store opens or after it closes.

It wasn't that bad today though.

After the usual unpackery we headed down to Arndale to pick up a couple of things and wander around a bit, then headed back here after a quick stop at the Village to pick up a couple of extra things... including some macarons which turned out to be quite tasty.

That really was it though... other than killing a little bit of time before Ma had to go and buy the car.

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photo friday: art meets street

gary's flying seed pod

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Gary Seaman's new solo show, River, at Espionage Gallery last night. I felt a little bit like I was seeing behind the magician's curtain, because when I got there Gary hadn't actually finished one of the pieces, and was still busily writing the prices on the wall when the doors opened.

I'd been squirreling money away in the side of my wallet for this show for a while, and had a decent amount saved up. And I spent it all.

I also bought a piece of "set decoration" right off the wall... but that's going to happen when the decoration is a painted vinyl toy!

It was one of the busiest shows I've ever been to at Espionage... not only were people essentially throwing money at Josh for Gary's work and there were more red dots on pieces than I think I've ever seen at one of their shows.

And I actually spoke to someone... someone other than people attached to the gallery... which was nice.

I also had some minor fanboy moments when I realised a couple of other street artists were in attendance... Matt Stuckey (who's dumpster was, in fact, the second piece of art I bought after Benzo's print) and Ankles...

There were also a few faces that I recognised, either from previous Espionage shows or else from other art related things.

you are beautiful gate

I had a little bit of a realisation this afternoon...well, not even a realisation, more of a reminder...

Sometimes things happen so that you can benefit directly... other times they happen so that you can help other people.

On Tuesday I missed out on getting one of the Colonel Light portraits that have been released from the art gallery... even though I waited around in town freezing my butt off for an hour.

But because I'd worked out the system of where they're being released, I was able to tell a friend of mine where to find the one that went out today.

And, to be honest, although I really, really liked the one I missed out on, I know that it meant more to my friend to get the one that she did than it would have meant to me to get the one earlier in the week.

So I'm going to chalk this one up in the "good karma" column...

stickers, pasteups and scribbles

Given both the gallery show and the two instances of escaping art, this week has felt very, very art orientated.

Plus I picked up the two pieces I bought from the previous Espionage show before I left the gallery...

I really do need to find some way to display all this art though... I did have a thought earlier tonight that may work... it could be completely impractical and may also be an indication that I've been reading DIY home decorator blogs for too long.

It would also involve me having to find a way to get very large things delivered to my house... so, yeah... not sure about that one.

sturt st udio

I also need to document all my artworks... I'm thinking either another blog... or maybe a static page on this one with photos of my art collection.

That'll require some thinking about...

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random pink hotness

Today's Random Hotness is very much in the category of "I wish I'd photographed that"...

I have no idea who the photographer is, or the model, but the combination of the model's pink hair perfectly matching the pink blossoms in the tree is inspired.

It also makes me think more attractive young men should dye their hair pink... it's an awesome look.


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movies: brave

brave: change your fate
I'm going backwards and forwards about how I feel about Brave...

On the one hand, it's an amazingly beautiful movie with some great characters, fantastic scenery and beautiful music.

On the other hand, the more I think about the story, the more it feels recycled (cue the spoilery link)... and the more there feel like there are parts missing or that were somewhat glossed over.

Pixar seem to often alternate between making stories that are unique and completely unpredictable... and stories that you see coming a mile away.

Brave probably lays somewhere in the middle. Nothing in any of the advertising for the movie really gives you a clue about what direction the movie is going to take (possibly a flaw on the part of said advertising), but once it does, the plot becomes a tiny bit predictable.

But as I said, there were also parts that didn't necessarily seem to go anywhere... whether they'd been taken out of the movie due to time or to focus the story more on the main character, I don't know... it's not that there were holes in the plot exactly, it's more that things were glossed over.

And just as a brief aside, am I the only person who's been to see Brave and come out of it hearing a Scottish accent in their head as they read things? No? Just me then.

For all it's flaws, I did love Brave's protagonist, Princess Merida... she's feisty, brave (unsurprisingly), wields a mean bow and has the most amazingly rendered hair in the history of computer animated movies. Seriously, I could watch about half an hour's worth of footage of just her hair. It's gorgeous.

The whole move is gorgeous though... the amount of fine detail and texture Pixar manages to squeeze into every corner of every frame of the movie is just amazing.

It's by no means the worst of Pixar's movies (that honour still belongs to the original Cars)... but it's somewhere in the middle of the pack... entertaining, occasionally quite funny, but overall good, not great.

yani's rating: 2 wee naked bairns out of 5

cabaret: the lost fingers - lost in the eighties

adelaide cabaret festival - the lost fingers - lost in the eighties
It's impossible to see The Lost Fingers perform and NOT enjoy yourself.

It's impossibly not to smile and tap your feet to their catchy versions of classic 80's songs. And it's impossibly not to fall in love with one or more of the members of the band.

And what's not to fall in love with when you have three very handsome musicians... Christian Roberge, who can sing in French... Alex Morissette, who plays a double bass taller than he is... and Byron Mikaloff who does all the funny intros.

But they're also incredibly talented... all three of them make their instruments sing, and just watching their fingers as they play is amazing (I really need to see more things with double bass players though... there's something sexy about the way they're played).

All the classic 80's songs were there, all done in The Lost Fingers own jazz style... from Karma Chameleon to Enter Sandman... Pump Up The Jam (probably my favourite song of the night... since that's definitely MY 80's music) to You Shook Me All Night Long... Tainted Love to Samatha Fox's Touch Me... but occasionally so unrecognisable from their original forms that I only realised what they were once they got to the chorus.

I spent the whole show tapping my feet, clapping my hands and bouncing along to the music.

The Lost Fingers were a perfect end to our 2012 Cabaret Festival, and I can only hope they come back again!

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chilly saturday shopping

the big chill
Is cold!

I have a hoodie, a scarf, trackpants, two pairs of socks, plus my quilt on me and my hands are still cold.

Today's been a bit of a random day...

All the usual things happened this morning... tidying, shopping, etc... and we didn't really have any plans, which was all a bit daunting given the fact that we have our last Cabaret show tonight at 9:30.

But Ma had already decided that she would go home this afternoon and come back this evening... which was probably the better idea than trying to fill in extra time.

Ma also wanted to go and look at a car she's planning to buy, although thankfully not with the intention of actually buying it today, she's going to take La Cousina's other half with her for that.

She wanted me to see it though... but m'eh, it's a car... I'm not really bothered beyond the colour.

It also seemed like I wasn't the only one who really wasn't bothered.  Not only did none of the sales staff really want to bother talking to us, the only one who did took a phone call part way through and wandered off. We left.

There was also a photography exhibit in Magill that we thought might be worth seeing, but when we got there the gallery didn't seem to be open, so we wandered around a little bit and went into one of the homeware stores around the corner.

Once we were done there, the gallery was open, so we had a look, then decided to wander down Magill Road and poke our noses in various homeware shops.

It's a weird collection of shops... the further away from the Nelson Street intersection you get the homewares shops seem to turn into antique shops of varying qualities.

We did have a poke around in one store which looks like it was originally a shopfront with a family house at the back.

There was some scary stuff in there... some interesting stuff too, and I very nearly bought an old medicine bottle that still had most of the original label on it... but it also seemed to have some of the original liquid in it too... plus I have nowhere to put it.

By this point it was around lunchtime and we nearly stopped at a homeware store that also had a cafe attached, but the only tables seemed to be out the back in the courtyard.

Instead Ma suggested we drive out to Pearl's Diner and have lunch there.

With it being later, we weren't as lucky getting a table this time around... there was a little bit of a wait, but not as much of a wait as some of the people who came in after us.

This time Ma went for a burger and I started to work my way through the sides menu. To be honest, I was craving a big bowl of mac and cheese for some reason, but unfortunately they only have it as a side. It was tasty enough though.

The other part of my meal was their Pork Bun... and clearly the Burger Theory/Pearl boys have a way with meat... because I'm generally not a huge fan of pork, but this stuff was the second most amazing thing I've ever tasted (their Texas chili being the most amazing). Seriously, if they put it on the menu by the bowlful I think I'd spend the rest of my visits alternating between that and the chili. Stu-pen-dous!

The chocolate milkshake was perhaps a little less chocolaty than last time, however I was a little miffed that the two guys who sat down behind us about 10 minutes after we sat down got their drinks before we did. In fact we didn't get our drinks until we'd finished out meals.

But that really was the only minor downside.

And that was pretty much the daylight portion of the day done... we came back here, Ma packed up her stuff and headed off, and I've been trying to stay warm and write this...

Ma's due back down here around 6:30, but I don't really know what we're going to do for dinner. I was thinking possibly that great chicken dish at the Village... not sure yet.

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photo friday: mono streets

acdc lane - melbournestreet beasts - melbourne

Yesterday was a "too much" day... too much stuff going on, too much coffee, too much sugar...

It all started when I got up 45 minutes early and was heading out the door to work an hour early. Well, not actually to work... but catching the bus, in the dark and the rain, nevertheless.

And there's surprisingly few people in the city around 7am compared with 8am!

The reason for my early morning was the toy sale at Target... and more specifically the fact that they had the Lego R2D2 in stock for 20% off... so that kind of made up my mind about getting it.

I did have a minor panic when I first got there because I could see any... but quickly realised that the boxes were on the floor behind me. Woohoo! It's a bloody big box though... and heavy, what with it being 2100+ pieces. But it's going away for Christmas, which is good because it means that I now have six months to work out where the fuck it's going to sit once I put it together.

After all that, I still got into work at 7:30... a whole half hour earlier than usual.

mono lines - sydneyoutpost dance - sydney

Then we had a morning tea for someone on the floor who was having a birthday, so there was much sugar consumed there. But after that somebody bought me a coffee. Now I'd already had my usual Thursday Strong Iced Coffee, but I had the coffee anyway.

That was possibly a mistake because I went a little loopy in the afternoon.

On the plus side though, the girl who's birthday it was wanted someone to go down to Burger Theory with her because she hadn't been before, and I was undecided about whether I wanted BT given that I'd eaten so much morning tea and I was planning on going to get one today. But I went with her because it was her birthday... and it turned out to be a good thing because they cancelled Victoria Square today due to the weather.

But yeah... coffee, sugar, afternoon, cray-cray...

So much so that I left work a few minutes early because I was completely over it all.

Then I came home, faffed about a bit and then went back into the city for the opening of the Winter themed exhibition at Espionage Gallery. For the first time the doors weren't already open when I got there, so I had to wait outside with a collection of the weird and freaky.

ampersand - adelaideokay - adelaide

I'm still mostly saving myself for the Gary Seaman exhibition next week, but I did buy a couple of small pieces, one which was actually by Gary.

And, as usual, I did the "Look at art, judge art on the basis of whether I want to buy it, buy art, leave" thing that I do at gallery openings and then went to the supermarket to pick up something for dinner.

So I was a bit of a busy bee yesterday.

Today not so much... although I did order three of the new Kidrobot Dunny Series 2012 from Villain in Melbourne... and this is probably the first time that there hasn't been any in the series that I don't really want.

But that really means that I need to get my ass into gear about buying new bookcases, maybe streamlining some of my books and DVDs and finding new places for all my art and vinyl toys. It may also mean doing something I generally don't like doing... pushing my books back so that they line up along the back of the bookshelf and give me room in front, rather than lining up with the front of the shelves.

For now though all I need to decide is which of the two things I bought for dinner I actually want to make... it'll be chicken, I'm just not sure what I'm doing with it yet.

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random wolfpup hotness

This week's Random Hotness is the boy who's everyone's type on Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes.

For some reason, even though I've never watched the show, his name keeps popping up on blogs I see and in my Twitter from time to time.  Plus he's purdy, so that qualifies him for a spot in the Hotnesses.

And it's not secret that I have a weakness for black and white photos...

colton haynescolton haynes

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midweek news

racing boatracing boat

I got some good news today... well, technically last night...

My contract has been extended (yet again) until December. This is good because, you know, money and things to do in the daytime. The level of frustration I experience on any given day is still the downside...

As is the lack of an actual permanent job...

But, you know... money and the things it can buy. Plus I do enjoy the people I work with most of the time.

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by the numbers saturday shopping

asian store girl
It was a bit of a "by the numbers" Saturday today...

This morning was the usual mix of tidying up, followed by shopping, followed by unpacking...

Blah, blah, blah, blah...

After that we decided on a quick trip to Ikea so Ma could pick up some frames and a shower curtain...

And we made it a very brief trip by going in via the checkouts and only looking at the stuff we went to get.

Just as an aside... Why is it that nobody seems to stock clear shower curtains anymore? Thankfully the clear shower curtain I have still has some life left in it, but it's going to be very hard to replace.

Anyway... Ikea, Swedish furniture, blah blah blah...

Our next destination was the city... not really for any specific thing... Ma wanted to grab something from JB Hifi, but that was really it.  We did a little bit of wandering around, but really didn't buy anything.

Then we decided to have a little something to eat at Cocolat on Rundle Street (hot chocolate and banana & caramel crepe... yum) before a brief stop at the North Adelaide Village, before calling it a day...

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photo friday: our friday is in another castle

it'sa racoon suit mario - adelaideplumber's hats - melbourne
There isn't an awful lot to say about this week...

So, to paraphrase the Simpsons, let's go crazy dotpoint style...
  • I spent almost all of Monday's public holiday laying in bed watching the second season of Game of Thrones... which was more about my back than just general laziness...
  • Tuesday was supposed to be our movie night, but there was nothing we wanted to see on, so we skipped it...
  • On Wednesday we had a morning tea at work for one of the extended team's 21st birthday...
  • I discovered on Thursday that if you pass on going to large scale team lunches for a long period of time then people are very happy to see you when you finally do go to one...
  • The lunch sat kind of heavy all afternoon and I didn't eat anything for dinner...
  • That then meant that I ended up being starving this morning so had a second breakfast... and then lunch at Burger Theory...
  • All day my back/leg has been giving me trouble... so I went to the chemist after work to pick up some more tablets... and because I mangled what I was asking for, the woman in the chemist gave me pills that are ibuprofen plus codine... instead of two different pills that do the same thing...
  • Once I got home I then had to turn around again and go to the post office to pick up the very last of the Lego minifigures I didn't have... the zombie from Series 1... so now my collection is complete, at least until September...
See... not much going on really...

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cabaret: keira daley - ladynerd

adelaide cabaret festival - keira daley - ladynerd
Keira Daley is a nerd... in fact, she's a LadyNerd, and proud of it.

Emerging onto a stage covered in Tetris pieces in glasses and an anorak, she looks every inch the stereotypical nerd (from the waist up anyway), but those props are discarded... because a nerd is not about how you look, it's about having a brain that gets obsessed with things.

Things like apostrophes being in the wrong place, numbers, being right (and yes, I would rather be right than be happy) and researching stuff so that you can pretend you knew about it all along.

I have no qualms about admitting to my own nerdness, and quite a lot of Daley's show hit the mark with me. Between references to Sonic and Mario, the number song from Sesame Street (yes, that one), Daria and Team America, there was a lot that made me laugh.

There was also quite a bit of stuff about LadyNerds from history that I didn't know... Marie Curie, Hedy Lamarr, Bette Claire Graham (the inventor of Liquid Paper), Ada Lovelace. I actually learned quite a bit of nerd history that I wasn't aware of... or I'm more aware of it now than I was before the show.

I'm also terrified of using an incorrect word or putting an apostrophe in the wrong place just in case Daley reads this and judges me.

The songs seemed to either be ones that I wasn't aware of, or existing songs with new lyrics... and I'll admit that I did tend to prefer the songs I recognised. But Daley has a great voice as well as great comic timing.

There were a few spots where the show dipped a little... at least one of the pre-recorded "filler" pieces went on a little bit long... and the song in the Ada Lovelace section felt a little too serious/sombre for the overall bubbly nature of the show.

And I did find myself getting distracted occasionally by Daley's very pretty (and incredibly talented) musical director/accompanist, Mark Chamberlain. But you have to be impressed with anyone who can play two pianos at the same time.

But just remember that you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy LadyNerd... although it probably helps...

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random warm hotness

Baby it's cold outside... although this week's Random Hotness has obviously found somewhere warm to fling off all his clothes...

And if you're anything like me, you may look at guys all bundled up in their coats and scarves now that the weather has turned to Winter and wonder what they look like under all those layers.  Hopefully they look half as good as this guy.

The Hotness in question is model, Jonathan Waud, and the photographer is the always flawless Rick Day.

jonathan waud by rick dayjonathan waud by rick day

jonathan waud by rick dayjonathan waud by rick day

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cabaret: kim david smith - misfit

adelaide cabaret festival - kim david smith - misfit
I'm a little bit in lust with Kim David Smith's on stage persona.

At the same time, I'm a little bit afraid of it.

That really sums up the contradiction that embodies Smith's show, Misfit.

Whether it's because I knew what to expect this time around or not, I found Misfit a little bit naughtier than the previous show, Morphium, from a couple of years ago.

And possibly funnier this time around too... I don't remember laughing quite as much or quite as often last time, but the humour also has that wonderful dark edge to it that I love.

And he's still like a big cat up on stage... pacing around, sensuously, sinuously and much like the big cats you might see in the zoo, just begging to be petted. Although there's that off-kilter edge to his feline nature that, much like the caged leopard, petting him could be your undoing.

But all the tight shirts and tight black pants and microphone cord twirling and breathy seductive banter wouldn't be worth anything if Smith couldn't sing.

Thankfully he's essentially like one of the sirens from Greek mythology, luring the audience in with his smoky, seductive voice... urging them ever closer, ever neared to their undoing in his hands. And like a siren he's impossible to look away from once he's on stage.

More than anything it's his arrangements and interpretations of songs that I love... Kylie in German (I can't remember the song for the life of me)... a dirty, dirty, dirty version of Olivia's Physical... a heartfelt version of Bang Bang that owed more to Cher's original song than the Nancy Sinatra version.

Any man who can sing in English, French and German... and make all of them sexy... is doing a lot of things right.

I also need to mention his amazing pianist, Amanda Hodder, who is consistently brilliant.

Even though this is only the second show we've seen in this year's Cabaret Festival, I can already tell it's going to emerge as my favourite... because everyone else will have to work very, very hard to top the very talented, very beautiful, slightly deranged wonder that is Kim David Smith.

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cabaret: bernadette robinson - songs for nobodies

adelaide cabaret festival - bernadette robinson - songs for nobodies
From the first moment of Songs for Nobodies, Bernadette Robinson captures your attention and holds it right until the final moment.

And portraying ten different characters, five ordinary women and the iconic female singers they each have a connection/encounter with, she does it flawlessly.

And the ten characters are all completely individual... it's enough that she can sing like Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday and Maria Callas, but to be able to embody both those amazing women as well as the five nobodies of the title is amazing.

The two most outstanding sections were the Piaf and Holiday segments. Not only because of the way she sang, but those particular stories were my favourites. But the entire show was wonderful.

And I never knew that Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash, or that Piaf helped to free prisioners from the Nazis.

The writing by Joanna Murray-Smith is wonderful... the five female characters that we meet are each perfectly formed, even if they're only on stage for about 15 minutes or so... but it's Robinson's performances that really shine.

The musical numbers are likewise wonderfully performed. As I mentioned, Robinson sings in each of the women's voices, although I think the most amazing transformation is when she sings as Billie Holiday... when I closed my eyes, she just sounded like a jazz singer from the 40's.

I didn't always recognise the songs, although she did perform Piaf's signature song, Non, je ne regrette rien.

All in all, a very powerful one woman show, and one that fully deserved the standing ovation she received from the audience.

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ma's birthday adventures

happy birthday marilyn
Today was Ma's Birthday Celebration, and it has been A Very Busy Day!

It all started at the usual time this morning, with the usual Saturday morning routine (housework then shopping)... only today there was the added fun of Ma unwrapping her presents.

Everything went down really well, and, as I half expected, she'd forgotten about half of the stuff, even though I was with her when I bought them...

It also turned out that she was totally clueless about the Kim David Smith tickets, she thought it was something else entirely, so that was a bonus.

After we were done with all that and she'd eaten her custard tart, we did fluff around a little bit before we headed down to Pearl's Diner in Felixstow for a surprise lunch.

I say surprise because I didn't tell Ma where we were going... well, more like not what was at the place we were going.

And fortunately just as we walked in the door a table freed up, so that was good.

As for the food, in a word, delish! Not that I would expect anything less from the Burger Theory boys... but I seriously have never, ever had better tasting chili than what's on offer at Pearl's Diner. I didn't even know you could make chili with giant, slow cooked, beautifully tender chunks of steak. That's obviously where the "Texas style" bit comes in.

And the chocolate shake... it's so thick that the extra wide straw doesn't sink to the bottom if you pull it halfway up. I don't know how the other flavours compare, but the chocolate is real, proper tasting chocolate (I had a lot of chocolate drinks today actually).

I can't comment on how Ma's omelette was, but it was certainly a decent size and seemed to be stuffed full of mushrooms... plus she seemed pleased with it.

That's not to say it wasn't without some minor teething problems... Ma ended up with her third choice of meal since they didn't have everything on the menu, and the chili probably should come with a spoon... but they really were minor complaints in what was a really fantastic dining experience.

When we were done at Pearl's, we headed into the city to kill some time before we headed off to see Songs for Nobodies at 2pm. Originally that was just going to be a little poke around in the city, and then moving the car down to that side of town, but we ended up just walking down... killed time and meant we only had to pay $1 for four hours of parking.

On the way down, we stopped off briefly to see the new exhibition at Espionage Gallery... and, as always, Josh was pleased to see us (which he should be since one or other of us has bought something almost every time we've been in the gallery). And although I was only really intending to have a look, I did end up buying something... it's only small though and wasn't overly expensive...

I'll write up a full review of Songs for Nobodies tomorrow... but while we were waiting in the foyer for the doors to open, it did seem like it was just me and a room full of ladies of a certain age... one or two husbands too, but mostly ladies.

After the show, we wandered back to the car on Rundle Street, came back to my place where I got changed for our evening show, then after we fluffed about a bit, we headed down to the Festival Theatre to get some dinner before the show.

I like what they've done in the eatery area this year actually... instead of individual tables, it's big long trestle tables, which will hopefully mean it's easier to find a spot somewhere.

And thankfully the churro truck is there again with their Spanish hot chocolate, which I very happily enjoyed and which also warmed me up... SO! DAMN! TASTY!

After a couple of tasty pizzas from All Fired Up (perfectly crisp bases, and The Soprano is very tasty), we headed off to see the lovely Kim David Smith perform... and once again, I'll blog a full review for that tomorrow as well.

While we were waiting for the show to start, I was tweeting away with the #adcabfest hashtag, then turned around and realised that they were projecting tweets with that hashtag up on the wall behind me... and my tweets showed up in the list. Actually at one point, because they were repeating recent tweets so the list didn't appear static, my three tweets took up six of the eight slots. They should totally do that during the Fringe, maybe at the Garden of Unearthly Delights...

Once the show was over, and I'd made sure that I introduced myself to Kim this time (we've been chatting via Twitter on and off since he was here a couple of years ago), we headed back to North Adelaide for dessert.

Unfortunately we couldn't get a park near where we wanted to go, so we came back here, Ma changed her shoes and we walked down to Chocolatree for some chocolatey goodness.

Then I had my third chocolate drink of the day and both Ma and I had their rhubarb and apple crumble dessert... not the largest dessert ever, and the crumble was a little drowned out by the massive scoop of ice cream on the top, but all in all, it was quite tasty. And, to be honest, neither of us wanted a massive amount of food.

And then we wandered back down O'Connell Street, back to my place and called it a night.

So a very big, very good, very chocolatey kind of day.

Happy Birthday Ma! (even though your actual birthday was on Thursday and I forgot to call you until I got to work... oops)

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photo friday: pink, black and ma's birthday presents

pixelface 3000store's muertos girl

Two things I had reinforced to me this week... the first being to always check the calendar.

It's especially important to check the calendar when you send your boss down the street to try a Burger Theory burger and it turns out that they're not actually in that location on that day.

I'm not sure how long that will be grist for the mill, however I think the fact that he managed to have not one, but two Burger Theory burgers today at lunch may have made up for it a little bit.

The second thing is kind of related to the first in a way...

Sometimes it matters where you go to lunch. Because the Burger Theory truck wasn't where I hoped it would be, I had to find alternative lunch arrangement... which meant I ended up going to Bing Boy in Southern Cross.

And after lunch I poked around the newsagent... even though I'd already bought Ma a card, had a box for her presents and bought tissue paper and ribbon... well, I saw a card I liked better that matched the ribbon and tissue paper... and then I saw a box that went with the card... and then I saw a cute little keyring...

Which was good because I really didn't have that many things for Ma that she didn't already know about...

ma's birthday presents 2012 - before, during and after

I do enjoy wrapping everything up into little parcels that then go into one big parcel...

This year's little parcels are:

  • Super G Harajuku Lovers perfume
  • Kim David Smith tickets (and a bunch of other ticket stubs from past shows)
  • Glass marble
  • Sydney Opera House treble clef pencil
  • Lovelinks Seahorse charm
  • Kimmidoll keyring
  • Arrietty DVD
  • Lisa Vanin badges
  • Haighs Chocolate Coffee Pastilles
  • USB with SYTYCD Season 9 epsiodes
I also included the Google Map directions for Pearl's Diner (Burger Theory's new suburban diner) where we're hopefully going to go for lunch tomorrow, as well as a somewhat questionably drawn interpretation of a Balfours custard tart which I picked up for her at the supermarket tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a very, very busy day...

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