photo friday: nostalgic monochrome

gothic arches 2002shadows 2002I was looking in my photography folder for something else the other day, and I realised, since I moved everything back from CDs and onto the external drive that J bought me, I hadn't looked through any of my old stuff (at least not the "non people" stuff), and there was a whole folder full of semi-interesting architectural shots from forever ago.

So here we go... these are from all the way back in 2002, and were the first time I ever played with black and white film. Although I can just as easily take the colour out of normal shots with Photoshop, there's something about working with B&W film that I really like.

The arches are from one of the churches in town (and actually make up part of one of my Monday Montage shots... top row, center)... and the gate with associated shadow, actually I have no idea now where that was, only that I found it after driving around and stopping somewhere to shoot a different church across the road... and when I came back to the car I saw the shadow.

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Larry said...

Personally I've always liked architectural shots anyway. The really great thing about shots like this in black and white is that it really draws the eye to the texture of the surface instead of it's overall color.

I'm jealous of your eye for lighting. I think that's why my stuff will always be snapshots while yours is art :)

yaniboy said...

Thanks Larry :D

Monty said...

Great pix yaniboy! I love B+W photography myself...converts a photograph into ART! Nice use of light and shadow too!


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