unconscious mutterings 219

  1. Freeze :: Water

  2. Naturally :: Healthy

  3. Painting :: Abandoned

  4. Merits :: Prizes

  5. Ironic :: Not Alanis

  6. Survival :: Manual

  7. Cow :: Grass

  8. Anchor :: Boat

  9. Sisters :: Giggle

  10. 70 :: Disco
Unconscious Muttering Monday strikes again!

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Larry said...

Freeze: Mr.
naturally: Deodorant that doesn't work
Painting: Finger
Merits: Boyscouts naked in tents
Ironic: Don't you think
Survival: burn churches
Cow: Star Jones
Anchor: Dan Rather
Sisters: chick flick
70: the Clapper (do they have those in Australia?)

yaniboy said...

Actually the whole Mr Freeze thing was the second thing I thought of... but I couldn't remember whether it was Mr or Dr or Prof...

And naughty boy for the whole merit thing :P


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