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I was looking around for something to post today... actually I was looking for a new and unusual meme to post, since I always steal them from people in my blogroll (ie Tom) and I thought it would be nice if I found some on my own for a change instead... and amongst other random things I came across I happened to find the IMDB meme... well, memes actually, since there are two versions of it, a movie version and a teevee show version.

And since I use IMDB all the time, I figured this was probably a good one to try... it does however need audience participation... I need you guys to guess my answers... a perfect opportunity for all you lurkers (I'm sure there must be some of you) to post a comment *grin*...

Go to and look up 10 of your favorite movies. Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks. Have your readers guess the movie titles.
  1. Photojournalist, Leg In Cast, Salesman
  2. Sister Sister Relationship, Bloopers During Credits, Poetry
  3. Lederhosen, Accountant, Gay Stereotype
  4. Black Widow, Campy, Screwball
  5. Love Triangle, Sadism, Costume Drama
  6. Surfer Dude, Spacecraft, Biological Weapon
  7. British Colonial, Jamaica, Swashbuckler
  8. Juvenile Delinquent, Head Shaving, Generation X
  9. Gay Lead Character, Broken Heart, Secret Love
  10. Donkey, Cameo Appearance, Sequel
Go to and look up 10 of your favorite TV shows. Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks. Have your readers guess the show names.

(And for the record, there's only one on the list that isn't on air anymore... since I could only find nine shows currently on air that I really watch)
  1. Neo Noir, High School Student, Murder
  2. Multiple Sclerosis, Government Agent, Scandal
  3. Interracial Couple, Cheerleader, Japanese
  4. Flashback Sequence, Cliffhanger, Drugs
  5. Cult, Supernatural, Returning Character Killed Off
  6. Bleeped Dialogue, Explosion, Crash Test Dummy
  7. Arrogance, New Jersey, Famous Opening Theme
  8. Wish Fulfillment, Goldfish, Babysitter
  9. Science, Police, Murder Investigation
  10. Character Name In Title, Non Fiction, Horror
I'll either post the answers over the weekend, or, at the lastest, next Wednesday... of course if somebody guesses everything correct earlier, I'll confirm the answers...

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Tom said...

Give us a clue... how many of those are porn films? Some sound decidedly suspect?!

yaniboy said...

You, my dear Tom, have a filthy mind... They're all regular movies, I promise!

Sunshine said...

These are my guesses:


10. Shrek?


1. Veronica Marrs?
2. Alias?
9. CSI?

Ok, ok, I'm crap at this. :P

PS So let's change the subject, when are you boys gonna get together???? ;)

yaniboy said...

You managed a grand total of 2 correct answers Sunshine ;)

And remember, I know where you live! :P

Volacious said...

OK I'm gunna have to give this a try:

3. The Producers
7. Pirates of the Carribean
9. SummerStorm
10. Shrek

3. It's a porn series. Admit it.
5. Buffy
8. See No. 3
9. CSI, or one of its many offspring.

My-Slant said...

I'll give the TV one a go-

1. Veronica Mars
2. The West Wing
4. Lost
5. Southpark
6. Mythbusters
7. Sopranos

yaniboy said...

Volacious: 2 movies and 2 teevee series correct :)

Slant: Four correct answers :)

I am amused by the fact that everyone sees "Donkey" and automatically thinks Shrek... which is so not the right answer... :P

Tom said...

Shrek II? (seeing as it's a sequel?)

joe said...

the movies #1 must be rear window.

yaniboy said...

LOL @ Tom... there's no Shrekness on my list, of any flavour..

And Joe, you may just be correct...

Tom said...

Oh well, worth a try!

I'm no good at this (well, not without cheating anyway!)

Sunshine said...

Hmm ... are we gonna get the answers??


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