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the extended housematesIt's interesting that of all my recent posts, the one that got the most number of either lurkers or just random people appearing out of nowhere was my first Big Brother post for the year.

Another thing that I thought was interesting was part of Ozboi's comment "It's all so ... formulaic. Six years has really left nothing new except variations on the same themes." And it obviously got me thinking because I came to a realisation yesterday... at the beginning of every season of Big Brother what you most clearly remember is the END of the previous season... when you've known those people for three months or so and gone through all their up and downs with them and when all the random garbage and annoying personalities (for the most part) have fallen away and everything ends up much more cruisy... then that year is over, the new year begins and suddenly there's suddenly a new crop of housemates and you're back at that weird place where you don't necessarily like anybody that much and you don't know any of them very well and there are various people who aren't getting any screen time (Emma) and become somewhat forgettable, and others that are getting way too much screen time (Haley) and become annoying, but instead of comparing it to the beginning of the previous season where the exact same things happened, you compare it to your last memory.

Having said that, I'm not going to argue on the "variations on the same themes" idea... but that's actually kind of the point... we all know that Big Brother is going to be somewhat crap before we start watching it... but we know what to expect, more or less. And at the end of the day it's not about the twists or the things Big Brother inflicts on the housemates or any of that, that's always going to be highly formulaic, and honestly, repetitive, since there are only so many different things that you can do in that situation, it's actually about the twelve, fifteen, nineteen or however many people they choose to put in the house and their interactions. And that's always going to make it a completely different show.

That doesn't mean that somebody doesn't need to slap the crap out of "Jamie-eske" Harrison, take away his bandannas and cut all his crappy white boy dreadlocks off... because he looked very hot with "normal" hair in his audition tape.

From my list of "Random Theories That Are Fairly Obvious" comes the idea that the prize money for this year's winner comes from the Friday Night Live Games... they'll have to win certain amounts playing certain games, like they usually do at the end of the last couple of years when they've been given the chance to win back the money from the fines. Because there is no way they're actually going to do the whole "no prize money" thing.

And I'm officially bored with this whole "people in relationships sneaking around and people trying to find them out" thing... they did it last year and it was boring and dumb and actually didn't make that much of a difference to anything... they need to stop now.

On that topic, I'm actually much less interested in both Haley and Andrew now that we know they're a real life couple, although I find it funny that the other housemates also floated the idea that Andrew might be gay... and somebody mentioned that they don't have a gay person in the house. Although the new boy, Zoran, did set off a couple of alarm bells at one point... damn David and his trying to cover it up last year... now I just think there are homosexuals hidden under every bush!

I was, as far as I can tell, completely right about Bodie being the first one to nude up in the shower... I don't think he even made it through the first night before he was showing off his bits and pieces under the shower. Not sure what the nudie status of the rest of the boys is unfortunately. Screen caps, updates, anyone?

Speaking of which, the ever lovely All Aussie Beef has started his Big Brother postings again, and thanks to the miracle of labels, it's now much easier to see what he's been posting in a BB genre.

Most Appealing Male Housemate: Thomas

Most Appealing Female Housemate: Suzannah

Most Annoying Male Housemate: Joel

Most Annoying Female Housemate: TJ

Male Housemate Who Shouldn't Speak Ever: Joel

Housemate Who Is Growing On Me: Travis

Housemate Most Likely To Be Voted Out First: Joel

And, as mentioned above, Joel has overtaken Travis as the housemate who shouldn't speak ever and I'm pitching him as the first housemate out rather than Kate, and TJ replaced Rebecca as most annoying female housemate. I think I might throw this list in whenever I do a BB related post (I promise to keep them shorter in future, honestly), just to see what my thoughts are over time.

That's it for now... at least until the first eviction anyway... I promise!

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Shaymus said...

yes and there is no garantee that pushing the red button evicts put put you in the house!

Tom said...

I think they should make it more like The Sims and let the viewers control their every action...


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