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Tomorrow is the 25th birthday of my second favourite (Johan still claims first place) Bel Ami porn star, Tim Hamilton (aka David Fiala), so I figured what better way to celebrate than with a Random Hotness post, even if it is a day early.

I didn't intend to do a double post originally, but in the end I couldn't choose between (I'm guessing post-Bel Ami) casual, fluffy Tim and beachy, tanned Tim... since they're two different looks for him.

So, anyway, Happy Birthday Tim!

tim hamiltontim hamilton
tim hamiltontim hamilton

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Larry said...

Tim? Really? Mind you, yeah he's a hottie, but I'd still pick Sebastian Bonnet any day of the week when it comes to Bel Ami. Then of course there's Chance too...

have you ever seen Frisky Summer 4? I know that sounds utterly dorky, but anyway-- there's this sex scene with Tim Hamilton and Danny Saradon and they have actual lines to say. OMFG was it funny. Mind you it sort of throws off the concentration when you're "viewing the fine cimena" but it's always the first thing I think of when I think of Tim. Do you think that jawline is natural or "plastically enhanced"?

yaniboy said...

I think to start with it was because he was the only one of the "Next Generation" who was easily identifiable from all the rest of them (being that the majority of them were brunettes)... then the more I looked, the more I liked... :)

Then I saw the Personal Trainer movie with him in it, and well, that was that... but that's much less "lines" as it is just them talking like people...

And no on both the FS4 and the enhanced jawline


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