unconscious mutterings 220

More randomness from inside my brain in today's Unconscious Mutterings... I quite literally put down the very first solid answer that comes into my head... which is sometimes a little scary...

  1. Found :: Lost

  2. Male :: Meat

  3. Spoken :: Word

  4. Life :: Magazine

  5. Tonight :: Live

  6. Fingernail :: Clippings

  7. True :: Lies

  8. Give up :: Get down

  9. Shining :: Here's Johnny

  10. Everywhere :: Nowhere
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underneath said...

Nice blog. Keep up the good work!

Larry said...

Found:I nearly lost you (song by the Screaming Trees)
Male: Adam
Spoken: Bequeeth (no I don't know why)
Life: Magazine
Tonight: Alone Tonight (song by Above & Beyond)
Fingernail: Sound of fingernails on chalkboard
True: Spandau Ballet
Give Up: Peter Gabriel
Shining: Shelley Duvall
Everywhere: Fleetwood Mac

Wow, I guess I have music on the brain :)


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