unconscious mutterings 303

It's always good when you remember that you don't need to spend $65 printing something when you have perfectly functional printers at work... so $3 worth of paper and a couple of false starts later, Ma's calendar is ready to be bound...

Other than that my day was fairly shitty, owing to having to futz around with things for the last group I worked for. Couldn't find their asses with both hands, a map, a GPS, a native tracker and somebody to actually take their hands and put them on their asses. Okay, that's not completely true... but it did feel very true at certain points today...

And now, Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Please stop :: Thinkin' about tomorrow (oh wait, that was "don't stop")
  2. Move over :: Beethoven (or was that "roll over")
  3. Sweet as :: Pie
  4. Bet :: Your Life
  5. Mad about :: You
  6. It's over :: Red Rover
  7. Intend to :: Make more sense
  8. Blame :: Me
  9. Jefferson :: Airplane
  10. Heartless :: Wench

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