photo friday: purple field

field of irisesYou just have to love too much purple. It should be a rule or something.

Oh blessed Friday, how we rejoice when we finally reach the end of thee...

Having said that, now that I'm back in The Nut House, this week has gone about a googolplex times faster than any week in recent memory, which is a total bonus (and after taking a brief visit to my last locale this afternoon, the contrast could not be more marked... and thank the gods I'm not there any more).

And even counting my little tantrum from Tuesday, it's been, to use the vernacular, a fucking awesome week. Okay, mostly I've been dicking around with Photoshop all week, but it's still work.

My bag is no longer giving me the shits. I still don't have it totally working perfectly, but I think I've got the system worked out a little better now, and it isn't annoying me the same way it was on Monday... it still sits funny on my shoulder, but I think that says more about my shoulder than the bag.

I've been in a slight state of nervous anticipation all day today because in a couple of hours I'm off to see my first Feast thing, Another Gay Sequel. Woohoo! Now all I have to worry about it whether to walk or take the car, and if I take the car do I park it at the top of the hill and walk down, or park it in town and walk back to the cinema or what... because I can work just about anything up into a panic.

We had a fairly average excursion to The Queens Arms Hotel for lunch today to farewell La Ninja before she disappears off on leave for a couple of months (and the reason that I got the gig in the first place). The decor is quite speccy, at least in the bar bit, the dining room was a bit orange and ordinary... and both the food and the service were fairly ordinary too. When your waitress can't tell the difference between beers, and the kitchen screws up the order of one of the burgers... and then takes FOREVER for the replacement burger to come out, it doesn't bode well... but the burgers themselves were a bit ordinary. Not as moist as they could have been, and while I'm all for a big hunk of mincemeat in my burger, this just seemed to be a big ball of meat. Tasty enough, but not stellar.

I can always tell when the Universe wants me to know something, because it throws everything and the kitchen sink at me just to prove the point... I had a run in with a fellow Friends of Dorothy (almost literally, he was coming in the door as I was going out) in the foyer on the way to lunch... it took me a second to recognise him, since I've only ever seen his online profile. But then later in the afternoon I happened to see some internal advertising for the building, there he was again, three times as big as life. Now if I run into him at the movies tonight there's definitely something weird going on...

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