unconscious mutterings 302

On paper it's a bit of a Mixed Monday... in the YAAAY column, I'm back in The Nut House which is outstanding... and my day positively FLEW by (that happens when you get to dick around with Photoshop the whole damn day and it's actually work) and was over before I even realised it... no counting the minutes for me today...

In the BOOOO column... my new bag SHITS ME. I can't get it to hang right, and then it's all riding up towards my neck or I have to hang onto the strap and it's just generally annoying. Yes, this is the first day I've actually used it and it's all new and not broken in yet and different and stuff... but also, annoying. Also, my "cold" has developed into me having a sore throat, a cough that seems to indicate I'm about to hack up a lung at any moment, and sounding like a completely different person (when The Ginger Ninja rang me this morning, she thought she'd gotten the wrong number), but I can mostly breathe through my nose again, so that's good. And I don't quite have a desk sorted out yet (but that's okay, I had somewhere to sit today).

But you know what... no matter how many BOOOO's there might have been, there's no way they were going to outweigh to YAAAY of being "home" again...

Gimme some of that old time Unconscious Mutterings lovin'...
  1. Coverage :: Insufficient
  2. Cynical :: Me!
  3. Gust :: Wind
  4. Improvised :: Acting
  5. V :: Energy Drink
  6. Guests :: Wedding
  7. Brutal :: Life
  8. Grant :: Hackett
  9. Pull :: Me Push Me (it's not rude, it's Dr Doolittle)
  10. Streaming :: Media

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