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the final calendarsHallelujah... the Seahorse Calendar Project is finally over!

Okay, technically it was over yesterday when Stu FINALLY called me to tell me they were all printed up and ready to go... so I went straight to his work, picked them up and drove out to Officeworks to have them bound up all professional like... plastic front, card back, wire binding... and of course I had to get back covers that kinda matched the front cover colours (well, except for the frog one, they were out of red, so I went with green).

Rather stupidly I put the one for Ma in the bag in the wardrobe that has all her other Christmas stuff in it (since I can't wrap anything until Saturday afternoon)... and when I went to get it out so I could take the picture, I realised that the left end was a bit curled from being in the bag... *mutter*... so now it's in a drawer with a book on it, and after Ma picks up the other two tonight I'll take it out of the drawer and put a number of heavy books on it.

I have to say though that they came out really good once they were all bound up and stuff... very professional looking. And as I said to the girl at Officeworks when I picked them up... "It's amazing what you can do with too much time on your hands and access to the internet"...

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Sunshine said...

That looks SO good. You are very talented. :)


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