unconscious mutterings 304

I forgot my belt this morning... I got on the bus and did that unconscious checking thing I do from time to time just to make sure I've zipped up my fly... no belt.

It kinda threw me off a little for part of the morning, more when I was standing up and walking around than when I was sitting though.

Speaking of other things that are unconscious... Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Spit it out :: Nasty
  2. Shadow :: Moon
  3. Database :: Fat Controller
  4. Expression :: Face
  5. Boss :: Man
  6. Baby :: Cakes
  7. Mystic :: Pizza
  8. Kate :: Hepburn
  9. Boobies :: Doodle
  10. Raid :: Insect Spray

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Victor said...

The only thing worse for me than forgetting my belt is forgetting my watch.

I spend all day looking at my wrist for the time. It drives me mad.


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