the next best thing

next best thingNo, not the Madonna/Rupert Everett turkey... although I'm getting to the point where I would almost prefer to be forced to watch it again rather than have to keep on with this plan...

First it was just "I'll buy a little lacquer box to put the Mikado tickets in"... then it was "I'll buy some fabric to wrap the little lacquer box to put the Mikado tickets in"... then it became "I'll use some fabric to wrap a larger Bento box to put the Mikado DVD in, and I'll put the Mikado tickets inside the DVD"...

Somebody just shoot me.

Me and my overly complicated and convoluted Christmas present wrapping plans. Actually, shoot Ma while you're at it too, because it's all genetics from her.

So I bought the tickets, I bought the fabric, I ordered the DVD and it's supposedly "in the mail"... the only thing I can't find is the fucking box.

Well, there was one, and while it was very pretty, the DVD was never going to go in it. So scratch that one.

Today I went down to Made in Japan, because they had some Bento boxes on their website. To be honest, while it's a pretty store, and feels like it's got a lot of stuff in it, when you get down to it and actually look at what's there, there's hardly anything. And to top it off, their Bento boxes... PLASTIC... just plastic I could have forgiven, but it was plastic with fake wood grain.

I'm sure as hell not going to pay $35-$45 for what is essentially overpriced Tupperware but without the ability to seal in the freshness...

So I took a little road trip from snooty Hyde Park all the way across town to low-rent Arndale, in search of some wooden boxes I'd seen in the Reject Shop catalogue... but now I'm trying to balance between "box big enough for DVD" and "box not too big to be wrapped in fabric"... *mutter*

I did end up buying a wooden box... not the one I'd gone to look at, but a different one (it's in the "cheap and cheerful" oeuvre)... and I'm trying something with it, see if I can make it look less cheap and nasty... hopefully a few coats of linseed oil will help (I don't think paint will help, although I did think about it)... if not, I really haven't wasted a lot of money on it, and I can always use it myself (for what I don't know, but I'll worry about that later).

I also thought about completely throwing in the towel and just buying a normal black giftbox. Which is still a possibility if all my other plans fall in a big screaming heap.

*le sigh*

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Jeremiah Andrews said...

When all your convoluted plans fail, the simplest solution usually ends up being the right one. If you can't find it, try building it. Try looking for things in obscure places that you don't usually haunt. If not a box, then maybe something else? I'm sure you can find an object that will hold the tickets and the dvd.

Remember to breathe.


yani said...

I think that last piece of advice is probably the best... :)


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