yule rampage

tra-la-la-la-la, etcI'll say this about Ma and my Saturday Shopping Adventures, we certainly know how to pack a lot into a day... especially when it gets closer to Christmas.

After a slightly lackluster Supermarket Safari (I've kinda been living out of my freezer and my cupboards the last few weeks, which is probably a good thing, but it does mean that the weekly shop looks a little lame) and a quick wander around Red Circle (which was pretty good since we found Ma something to wear at Christmas and I bought too much Bonds underwear), followed, as always, by the Ritual Unpacking, we headed off to Hyde Park for some overpriced fru-fru shopping.

Although we were held up along the way by a parade... a very, very, very half assed parade for the State Emergency Services, which chose the exact moment we were headed through town to tromp along North Terrace and then head down King William Street towards the Torrens. It never really got to be annoying, we actually were laughing too much about the general lameness of it all. But the parade was headed up by cute boys in pleated skirts (okay, so they were kilts), which is ALWAYS a bonus...

When we finally got to Hyde Park we hit most of the shops I visited last Sunday, and ended up spending quite a long time and a fair bit of money in the shop next to Made in Japan, Flourish Gift and Home... but it meant that we could cross a few more people off the list, and I got some more stuff for Ma (she's so going to go into some sort of Present Getting Coma come Christmas Day), nothing huge, but some nice little bits and pieces.

After we did a wander up and down that section of King William Road we decided to head over to Marion and do our usual trick of wandering aimlessly around the shops there. That worked out pretty well too... I'd had the rather abstract decision this week that I was going to buy the two Futurama movies (and then Ma offered to buy them... woohoo) but on the downside they're pretty much still at "recommended retail price"... so in the end we picked them up from Kmart where they seemed to be slightly better value. Which turned out to be a very, very good plan... when they scanned up at the register, instead of scanning at $28 each, they scanned at $15 and $17 respectively. Woo to the hoo!

We also picked a couple of other bits and pieces up, nothing special, just random stuff... and scarily, we're almost all the way through our collective lists (not that I really have that much on my list, but you know what I mean).

It was a pretty full and full-on day though... I mean Ma only left a little bit ago (she was watching the episode of House I recorded for her this week while I was in here bashing away at the keyboard)...

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