and the horse you rode in on

tartuffeYou know what... if you're in a work environment, during a planning meeting, and you suggest something that gets shot down, however forcefully and definitively, please keep the following things in mind:

You've been working with these particular people for some time now, you should be used to the way things are discussed.

You should know that whatever is said isn't a personal attack, especially if it's said with humour, laughter and a general air of fun. And anything that's said is "of the moment" and once the moment has passed it's done and forgotten about.

And what was said was backed up with actual facts proving you wrong rather than just being left dangling in the air letting you hang onto whatever dumbass idea you were clinging to.

That being the case, disappearing half way through the meeting and going back to the office is one thing, but then disappearing completely before the rest of the staff get back to the office is just childish and plain old bad manners.

So you know what... fuck you. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

And grow the fuck up.

Other than that I had a pretty kick ass day.

Although if I never, ever hear people plan for something that's probably never going to eventuate... the same thing they've been planning for in various incarnations for about a billion years... it will be too soon.

Oh, and I may end up losing my voice before the week is out... which I'm sure will make some people at work very happy...

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