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Monday, March 24, 2008

sun crosschurch tower
Something with a religious vibe to round out the Easter holiday...

I actually went out this morning and did something of a "Hunt and Gather" photo safari... it started out because when we were on our way down to the Kite Fesitval on Saturday I was looking out of the car window as we were driving through a fairly industrialised area and happened to catch sight of something at the far end of a street as we whisked by... and in the two or three seconds that my eyes had to tell my brain what they'd seen, I knew it was a Benzobot (and a big one at that)... but then we were over the railway line and there was no way back around (actually there was, I just didn't know it at the time)...

Then, on the way back from Semaphore I saw what appeared to be a very cool Icon mural outside one of the churches on Port Road, so I figured I would head out and snap some photos while it was somewhat cloudy and the light was mostly soft... then as I was heading out, I decided I would go via one of the places I'd shot before which was on the way... then come back via the city and maybe snag a few bits and pieces there too.

So basically it felt like I was in and out of the car every few minutes.

There wasn't that much to see in the first street... but when I finally found it again, the Benzobot was very cool... possibly a commission piece, since it was the only piece of street art on the whole building... the Icon was less so... nice idea, but not great.

When I got into the city I did a bit of revisiting of previous sites, just to see if anything was different, although I did see a few new bits and pieces too... and I discovered this house with an amazing front garden, just chock full of, well, STUFF... sculptures and signs and hanging things and whatnot. I'm not sure I would want to live there... or even next door to it... but it was definitely worth a look.

And also in the "interestingly enough" column, even after the guy did all that whinging about Jules' "Phoenix Crane", he never did anything about getting rid of it, and it's still there... which was nice to see.

I stopped off in a couple of other places to reshoot some shots that hadn't come out all that well on previous occasions due to the harsh light (in between going around and around and around and around the same block far too many times because now you can't turn across King William Street because of the stupid tram *grrrr*)... and oddly enough, even though it's a public holiday, I seemed to keep coming across people in the backalleys (I actually saw a couple of guys on BMX bikes who were either tagging or doing stencils or possibly stickering... they kept circling the area while I was there, and then as I was driving away I saw one of them doing something to a wall)...

I also swung by the gold crash test dummies on poles in Hindmarsh Square... I'm sure it's "art"... but I have no idea what the hell it's all about (and I can't find anything about it on Google)... they sprung up just before the Fringe started, but they're still there, so they weren't just a Fringe thing obviously... and they're outside where the old RAA building was... and being crash test dummies, maybe it's significant... buggered if I know...

Then after trying to find the stuff that Benzo and Co did during the Fringe that I couldn't find previously (I even went as far as knocking on the closed door of the pub to ask the guy mopping the floor about it)... turns out they weren't permanent things, they'd been done on board and disappeared after the Fringe was over... buggery buggery bugger!

But at least I know now...

And yes, I realise that this little story has nothing at all to do with the photos at the top of this post, but I've had these shots for a while and Easter seemed to be the appropriate time to post them... and I'm sure I'll find more than a few chances to post the stuff from today later on.

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