sydney statue template

sydney statue templateThat our house may stand forever
and that justice and mercy grow.

The Offerings of War - Gilbert Bayes

I'll let you in on a little secret... I was actually bored with my last template fairly quickly... which isn't that great to be honest!

And while I wasn't constantly thinking about taking shots while I was in Sydney that I could use as new templates, it did cross my mind a couple of times, most specifically when we were outside of the Art Gallery on the first afternoon.

I just loved the two equestrian statues outside the Gallery (actually I loved the whole frontage of the Gallery to be honest)... interestingly enough I preferred this one, The Offerings of War, to it's flanking statue, The Offerings of Peace.

If I had to pick a reason, I think it was the staff with the little winged figure on it... and to be honest, I think the lighting was better on War than it was on Peace. But he just fitted quite nicely into the long narrow template format.

I also did a little bit of fiddling around and I came up with a new subtitle for the blog... which I have to thank Andrew for. I don't think I was very THAT "vague and esoteric"... well, esoteric maybe but vague not so much... but when I saw his description of me as "garrulous" and found the definition (adj, excessively talkative in a rambling, roundabout manner, esp. about trivial matters) I just knew I'd found the word and description that totally sums up both me and the blog.

Oh, and to match in with the "Sydney" template, I added a somewhat iconic wallpaper... *grin*

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Victor said...

I enjoyed reading your Sydney chronicles. Although the places you wrote about are all second nature to me it's always interesting to hear a visitor's take on your home town. I'm impressed by your photography too, the way you use close ups and angles.

yani said...

Thanks Victor... interestingly enough a lot of the angles in my photography actually have come about since I got my digital camera... I used to be very much about the horizontal and the vertical, but something about the digital format (and possibly because I started snapping pics with just one hand and the camera at a jaunty angle) soon fixed that right up :)


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