photo friday: crash test dummies

This is one of the golden crash test dummies that are impaled on poles like some sort of safety sacrifice in Hindmarsh Square...

My photos from Monday ended up being a little "contrasty" since the sky was quite grey and I was shooting up against it, so the dummies were really dark... and after the usual Photoshop "fiddle" the sky disappears completely.

You would think that a set of half a dozen gold crash test dummies in the middle of a park in the city would cause a large-ish ripple online... but it took me two different search engines before I could find anything at all... and that was just a brief mention on the City Council website...

Turns out that they are by an artist called Jamie Willis, and they have the rather unsurprising name of "Crash Test"... supposedly the polished bronze 'crash test dummies' were temporarily installed for twelve weeks... but I'm not sure how long they've actually been there (especially since the website "approved" them in October last year.

They're a little bit quirky, a little bit whimsical, and, if I'm completely honest a little bit sad (they all seem to have that whole "broken neck" thing going on... plus they're impaled on those poles.

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