photo friday: graffiti

green dudeorange guy
sidewallhip hop ernieVoila! The graffiti art from Wednesday's little excursion...

It is of course no big surprise that I loves me some good quality street art/graffiti... so I was really pleased to find a whole bunch of it when I was out on Wednesday. I'm actually not sure which bits of it are actually "graffiti" and while bits are more "street art" (the difference, in my mind anyway, being that graffiti happens without the blessing of the building owner, whereas street art happens with said blessing... I'm sure some of the stuff I've classified in one camp or the other actually belongs in the other camp, but you get that).

I'm pretty sure the green alien looking dude is "graffiti", but the other bits and pieces I'm not sure about (although the grey "cityscape" is on the same abandoned building as said green alien dude, so I'm not sure about that one).

I think "Breakdancing Ernie" was "street art" though... since the whole wall had a variety of stuff on it... including a "Saturday Night Fever Elmo" actually... weird, but cool.

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