unconscious mutterings 267

*sigh*... The routine begins again... I couldn't actually remember whether I was supposed to go clockwise or anticlockwise on my walk this morning... couldn't remember which way I went last Monday... couldn't remember which I'd gone the week before... we might only have been gone for four days, but if really feels like much, much longer...

I think I've finally broken in my stupid New Balance sneakers though... since they didn't give me any trouble...

And now... Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Paranormal :: Abilities

  2. Alarm :: Clock

  3. Operative :: Secret Agent

  4. Changing :: Face

  5. Framed :: Roger Rabbit

  6. Beer :: Mmmmmmm.... beer bad....

  7. Referral :: Doctor

  8. Unmasked :: Ninja

  9. Movie star :: Brad

  10. Handbook :: Guide

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