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by benzoThis idea has been ticking along in the back of my brain for a little while now... an "all Benzo" montage... I've photographed more than enough of his work to fill up all the squares, and it also shows both the diversity of his artwork, but also the themes... the faces, the bots, the tikis... and the other bits and pieces that kinda exist outside of categories right now.

Stupid damn weather... can't make up it's stupid mind what temperature it wants to be... *mutter*... suddenly, after last week being wonderfully cool and pleasant, this week is going to be all hot and manky. I just hope that the Sydney forecast for the beginning of next week holds on... mid twenties... niiiiiice!

You know how sometimes you go back and find something and wonder why the hell you never knew it existed, and it's just annoying... I had one of those incidents yesterday. I was watching some show on the ABC about photography and started fiddling with my digital camera and suddenly wanted to flick through the manual. And as with all these things, as soon as you want to find the manual, you have no idea where the hell it is. In the process of looking for it, I had a look in the original box and discovered that there was an audio visual cable still in the plastic. I honestly don't remember ever seeing the cord, although I'm sure I was much more interested in getting my hands on the camera than anything else in the box. I eventually found the manual (in a bag with all my other manuals, where you would expect it to be, to be honest) and it turns out that the cable is so you can hook the camera up to the teevee and view the photos on there. Only it's doubly interesting because the camera also works "live" when it's connected to the camera... which ended up with me looking at myself on the teevee... very odd.

I happened across this really cool recipe the other day too... Smashed Broccoli. Sounds weird, looks slightly unfortunately, but damn it's tasty. I'm planning on making it again tonight, and I might post the recipe (not that it's overly complicated... broccoli, chicken stock, chili) later on.

I decided to watch the new series, Jekyll on the ABC last night. An up-to-date version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde... and damn it was good! They didn't go with the really over the top version of Hyde ala The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... essentially the difference came down to a set of contacts, a slightly different hairstyle and colour and a truckload of personality from James Nesbitt. You have to love a version of Mr Hyde who loves Disney musicals and can throw a dead lion over a vast distance. The show originally aired in England as one hour episodes, but the ABC seems to have decided that lumping them together as two hour "telemovies" was a better idea, and while I don't disagree, it just means it will be over all too soon.

And that's about it really...

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stuart said...

Smashed Broccoli... sounds intriguing, explain more!
Jekyll is pretty good actually. I watched over here in the UK last year and quite enjoyed it.


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