ten sleeps til christmas

shopaholic baubleOkay, remind me to kill J next time I see him...

You know how I said that my thighs were only marginally achy the day after all that rock clambering... well they made up for it yesterday and today... urgh...

Actually it might have just been as I started to get tired towards the end of today's wanderings...

Today was pretty much all about doing a lot of those last minute little bits and pieces that we need to do before Christmas (and I get the feeling next weekend might be more of the same, although hopefully we'll be mostly organised by then). Which is somewhat annoying and less fun really... although we didn't have too much of a bad day, but in the end we didn't really end up buying very much of ANYTHING.

I got the very last thing I needed (well, two things technically, but they kinda go together) for J's "hamper" while we were doing the usual Food Adventures... so that's a relief, and I can finally put the whole thing together tomorrow when I'm at Ma's.

Then after we were finished with everything there we headed into the city so that we could go to the Central Market. On the way there I detoured (since I was driving) around a few spots so I could so Ma a few bits of the street art that I found on Sunday. While we were poking around in one of the backstreets, we came across a guy who works in one of the buildings... and he was less than thrilled to have street art on his building and on the building next to his. So there was some slightly uncomfortable discussion before we wandered off on our merry way, although as I said to Ma... if he just keeps painting over the stuff, all he's doing is providing them with a clean canvas to do something else with... *rolls eyes* some people!

Anyway, we hit the Central Market (and I must remember that the parking area on Sturt Street is only 20c on a Saturday, and then after noon it becomes free, so that's always a bonus), got some little Chinese takeaway boxes (the white kind, with the little handle) from this shop that sells all that kind of "takeaway/storage" container things in the Chinatown side of the market... then kind of wandered around the Market for a bit without any grand success (although Ma did get a nice handbag type bag for only $5, and she found some silver earrings in another place, which I paid for so I can add them to her Christmas haul).

Then we headed down to Arndale to try out a theory that Stu gave me about printing the calendar shots as actual photos instead of on paper (since he couldn't do me a better deal on printing than Orrificeworks, in fact it was slightly worse)... so we hit Big W to see how it looked on their digital printing... but it turned out that the print size we would have needed to do them was like $4 a copy, so that plan fell flat too. Looks like Ma is just going to end up having to print them out at work and we'll go from there.

Since there wasn't much of anything else we wanted at Arndale we called it a day there, but I did need some petrol and I want to get something for Tink before my haircut next week, so we ended up going to Norwood for a bit... but didn't buy anything down there either.

So all in all, it's been a busy day but not an overly productive one.

And I was supposed to go over to Sheeba's this evening, but it turns out they're going out... and then I'm going to be out all day tomorrow at Ma's... so there goes that plan.

Looks like I'm possibly going to be sitting around all evening and poking myself in the eye...

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