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I lifted this one from LargeTony... who doesn't actually remember where he lifted it from...

I will say right now that there are thirty-six questions in this meme, and I only have seventeen blogs on my daily reading list, of which twelve are "personal" blogs... so there are going to be some double and triple (quadruple, septuple) answers...
  1. Which blog has been on your current blogroll the longest?
    Hmmm... you know, I don't honest remember... maybe The Other Andrew.

  2. Which blog is the most recent addition?
    I think it was Five By Five...

  3. Which blog sends you the most traffic?
    Overall I think it would be the old version of Aussielicious (since I'm not in the blogroll on the new version)... but just recently it's actually been a blog that isn't on my blogroll at all, L'homme Est Un Concept (aka Man is a Concept).

  4. Which blog has the best design?
    Hmmm... not quite sure how to answer this one... there are a few blogs that have good design elements... I like the clear white simplicity of Five By Five... you can't go past Muzbot's banners for cuteness and originality... and I've always been partial to the general design of Tom's Place.

  5. Which blog has the best title?
    Probably Much Ado About Monty... I don't really read that many blogs with "funny" titles.

  6. Which blog has the best images?
    Overall I would have to say that that was fellow shutterbug The Other Andrew... not only for his own photos, but the cool vintage stuff he digs up.

  7. Which blog has the most self pics?
    Hands down that would be Brent Corrigan's blog!

  8. Which blog is most similar to yours?
    Hmmm... I dunno... maybe Tom's Place... single, fabulous, camera-shy, blog about everything and nothing... sounds about right.

  9. Which blog is most different?
    Quite a few of the blogs I read I'd count as being "different" to mine, but if I had to name the "most different" I'd probably say Electro^Plankton just because it's a "technology" themed blog.

  10. Which blog is most political?
    I'm not really that into "political" blogs, but if I had to chose one I'd probably say Like Sands..., he has some very strong opinions when it comes to certain political topics.

  11. Which blogger posts most often?
    Hands down, that would be Andrew...

  12. Which blogger do you wish posted more?
    Tony... especially now that he's decided that this will be his last year, I need to cram as much Tonyness in (and you can take that any way you like!) before it's all over.

  13. Which blogger lives closest to you?
    Either Tom, Brenton or Andrew...

  14. Which blogger lives the farthest away?
    I'm going to steal Tony's answer in reverse and say him.

  15. Which blogger is most likely to become famous?
    Oooooh... that's a hard one... I guess the easy answer is Brent, because he's famous (and infamous) already... or else Tom after he opens his fine dining establishment...

  16. Have you ever dreamed about someone on your blogroll?
    Not as such... but fellow bloggers have influenced or been mentioned in my dreams before...

  17. Do you have a crush on anyone on your blogroll?
    Maybe a bit... yes. And if you think I'm going to say who you're some sort of crazy person... crazy meme... whatever.

  18. Have you ever kissed anyone on your blogroll?
    Nope, having never met any of them...

  19. Who's the best kisser?
    How should I know... see the previous question!

  20. Who's the sexiest on your blogroll?
    Oh god, you're determined to just keep pushing this whole theme aren't you... well it's probably a good thing that I can just take the easy way out and say Brent...

  21. Who's the most athletic?
    I would probably have to say Brenton, what with the marching/dancing and the acrobatics and the former lifesaving and whatnot... Tom would possibly come a close second with all the swimming though.

  22. Who's the tallest?
    I would probably say Tom.

  23. Who's the shortest?
    Either Eddie or Andrew, I'm not completely sure.

  24. Who's the strongest?
    Ummmm... Brenton probably... or maybe Bobby.

  25. Who's the youngest?
    That would be David!

  26. Who's the oldest?
    I'm thinking probably James... James or maybe Andrew... one of the two (sorry to whoever is the younger).

  27. Who's the wealthiest?
    Well considering that he just counted up all his loose change, I'd say Johnnie...

  28. Who's the most creative?
    Ooooh... that's a toss up between Muz and Andrew I think.

  29. Which blogger would be the life of the party?
    Hmmm... I'm not sure, given that how somebody is on their blog and how they really, really are can be quite different... maybe Monty?

  30. Which blogger would you go shopping with?
    Andrew... for the bookstores and associated perving on cute redheads...

  31. Which blogger would you go hiking/camping with?
    I really, really, really don't do outdoor wilderness activities... but possibly Eddie, just because I think he would be even less at ease in the outdoors than me and it would be funny... hehe. Failing that Tony, because he WOULD be completely at ease outdoors, so at least one of us knew what they were doing.

  32. Which blogger would you have coffee with?
    Monty... I don't know why, just Monty...

  33. Which blog makes you laugh the most?
    Lord... depends on the day I guess... and I don't really "laugh" when I'm reading through my blogroll, the most you'll usually get out of me is a smile. But since I have to choose, Josh, because his blog is, you know, supposed to be funny...

  34. Which blog is the most heartwarming?
    Tony... when he talks about his Granny or just proves what a sweetheart he can be.

  35. Which blogger do you think is the best cook?
    Again, that's a toss up... either Tom (I've used one of his recipes in the past) or Eddie, since his stuff always looks nice when he posts photos of it... of course, how it tastes is anybody's guess.

  36. Which blogger would you most want to meet your family?
    A dangerous question to ask just before I'm about to take "my family" deep into fellow Blogger territory... I'm gunna be wussy and go with three people... Tom, Andrew and Eddie... just coz.

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Tony (LT) said...

Thanks for the shouts. I want to challenge for the most athletic though! ;-)

Oh, yeah I am completely at ease outdoors...hiking, climbing, etc...but camping, not so much. I;m not into sleeping overnight in the woods. So I may fail you there.

Sunshine said...

I must admit this post made me giggle a bit. :)

First, I mustn't be the shortest. I'm 170 cm. Surely!!

Second, *smack* - you deserve it for wanting to take pleasure in my pain. So nature doesn't like me. I can't help it!! :P

Third, my food TASTES amazing. Perhaps I should send you some in the mail. :P

And finally, I'd LOVE to meet Ma. People's mums always like me. :)

yani said...

Funnily enough Tony it was only after I read your comment that I thought about you as one of the "athletic" ones... maybe because you don't talk about it on your blog as much as the others (at least your vertical athletic activities)... I dunno... but I'd still pick you as my hiking buddy :)

For whatever reason Sunshine, there are three things I don't do in metric... heights, male genitalia and bookcases... so you're what, about 5'6"? I think maybe Andrew is shorter actually... you're just short in my brain :)

And yes, the very fact that you've mentioned on multiple occasions that people's mum's like you is one of the reasons you sprang to mind.

Also, how are you with cookies? :P

Muzbot said...

That's a mighty cool meme. And you're going to have coffee with Monty when you're in Sydney aren't you? If you catch up locally, then I'll pop by to say "hi" too. I would love to meet you.

james said...

Andrew is DEFINITELY older!!! Hehehe :) OK, so only by about 6 months, but when you are 12 years old that is significant. Maybe not so at 42 or 43, though.

Electro^Plankton said...

Electro^Plankton loves you.

yani said...

Awwww bless :)


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