mmmm hot tradesman

not the right kind of tradie, but do you know how hard it is to find a picture of a sexy electrician?So obviously the Universe decided to make up for yesterday's disaster by sending me an electrician who was a) on time, b) friendly and helpful and c) had a butt like two cling peaches and calves you could have cracked walnuts on...

That's all I really ask of a trademan... that's he's on time, and he's hot...

It was all remarkably painless actually... I'd ended up talking to my landlord yesterday (turns out it would have been illegal for me to just call in a tradie myself which seems really, really dumb) and said I'd be happy to arrange the tradesman and pay for it and then work it out later. He seemed okay with that (although I think he had a bit of a sulk about the fee they quoted me), and it was all arranged for 8am this morning.

So I got up a little earlier than usual, did my walk, got home with half an hour to spare before he was due to rock up, so took a very quick shower, pulled the bed apart (okay, not so much apart as I just took the matress off the base) so he could get to the powerpoint, got dressed, had some breakfast, thumbed through the junk mail and was reading my book when his van arrived. Took him forever to get from the truck to my place though... I think he was having a quiet ciggy before he clocked on, but he pretty much arrived on my doorstep on the quoted time.

Plus... CUTE! All King Gee shorts and butch workbelt and big chunky boots and bitable chunky thighs and pretty much a lush bubblebutt... I thought about taking a photo while he was all facing the opposite direction and fixing things, but it just didn't feel right, so I passed (plus it would have had to be with my phone camera anyway).

He also didn't charge me extra or anything even though I wanted him to replace the old powerpoint with the equally aged one from the bathroom and then put the new one in the bathroom (my bed goes right up against the powerpoint that was broken and I didn't want to accidentally switch it off at any point... the old ones have these big chunky switches rather than the newer streamlined ones, so they're harder to switch on and off).

So while it ended up costing me $115 (which isn't bad even though $100 of that was the call out fee for the first half hour... which is probably a lot, but honestly, I don't care), he only really charged me the callout fee and the physical powerpoint, so as far as I'm concerned it was worth every penny.

Now all I have to do is properly arrange something with the stupid landlord about whether he's going to credit my rent or pay me the money or what... and you just know that that is going to be what takes forever and gives me a headache.

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Monty said...

Is that all? No hanky panky with the hot tradie ala every porn movie ever made??? ;-)

yani said...

I fuckin WISH!!!! ;)


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