it's my (39th) birthday

happy (39th) birthday to me
Happy 39th Birthday to me!

And to Johan Paulik, Jamie Bell, Taylor Hanson, Michael Caine, Chris Klein, Albert Einstein, Corey Stoll and this year to Canadian-born New Zealand actor Daniel Gillies.

I've had a very busy birthday... I walked out of the door just after 7am and other than a brief stop off to change clothes, didn't walk back in again until 1am... Pretty enjoyable (although not without its less exciting moments) overall though.

This morning was essentially the same as any other morning, other than the fact that La Cousina messaged me as I was getting out of the shower to wish me a happy birthday... Usually there's an unofficial contest between her and Ma on who gets in first... But given that Ma had the day off I kind of figured she might be late to the proverbial party, which she was, but that's fine.

I never feel any different on my birthday though... Sure more bits of me are either more injured, recovering or otherwise problematic than they were on my last birthday, but I don't necessarily look at the stuff as being related to my age... It's more about my genetics and clumsiness and general bodyness.

So I feel pretty much the same as I have since I was about 17. In my head anyway. The grey hair is becoming more pronounced... But I ward that off with regular haircuts and peroxide.

But if there's any truth to the axiom that you're only as old as the man you feel, I'm not doing all that badly.

I wore my new Aussiebum briefs this morning, because how better to feel all sexy and special on your birthday than with new, sexy undies!

When I got into the city and was headed into work I walked past the mobile coffee place, same as every morning, but this morning From Scratch Patisserie had a popup stall next to them selling all manner of decedant, sweet goodies.

Truly this was a sign from the Birthday Gods!

And the one I chose was SO good... Light, flakey, with raspberry and custard at the top... OMG!

Then there was the cavalcade of birthday greetings, hugs and whatnots as people arrived at work, which was nice. And our office's Den Mother brought me a BTS cupcake, which just happened to be the Elvis (my favourite... peanut butter icing and a banana and choc chip cupcake).

Now normally I'm lucky if I have three scheduled meetings in a week...

Today I had three all in the same day, one offsite, then an information session that was mostly dull but good to keep my ear open to what's going on, then a staff meeting this afternoon which was mostly painless as far as these things go... Plus there were sausage rolls and donuts.

But then fortunately there was only about 45 mins of the day left... Woohoo for working birthdays that pass quickly so you can get to the good stuff!

Ma picked me up at work, we came back here briefly so I could get changed and do the present thing (which was only really a couple of fun things and some cash, because I don't need much of anything), and then we headed back into the city for the opening of the "We're All Mad Here" Alice In Wonderland inspired exhibition at Espionage Gallery.

As much as I love going and seeing all the art, and chatting to Gary and Josh, and usually end up either buying something or seriously consider buying something, I'm sometimes a little disappointed at the number of artworks that's contain pretty girls and the distinct lack of artwork containing pretty boys...

Although sometimes that balances out with the pretty boys in the gallery.

And again the Birthday Gods must have been smiling down upon me, because not only did I get to give Gary the vinyl toy I want him to customise for me, but he also had the print for me that I've been waiting for since his exhibition last June.

After that we wandered down to Fancy Burger for my birthday dinner. Now I've heard a lot of good things about Fancy Burger, and the place is very funky and 90% of the burger I had was excellent, but the burger patty itself was like eating a thong... In fact I'd go so far as to say that it was almost identical to a fast food burger patty... Thin, tough and kinda chewy.

But everywhere gets at least two chances to impress me, plus the tomato relish we had with the chips was fantastic... So I will give it another go... But it gets a C+ for its first report card.

Then it was back to Arcade Lane for the final time this Fringe.

And we arrived in time to see the boys from Alice In The Madhouse wandering around... Yay! Birthday Mancandy!

It was also the point at which the evening got a little weird.

The show we were going to see had moved from another location... I'd assumed that it was the same time (although I'll have to look it up tomorrow when I'm a little more with it)... but turns out not so much.

So we thought the show started at 8:15, and then we had a second show in the Garden at 10:15... plenty of time to wander down and get at the front of the line.

Except the 8:15 show had been moved to 9pm... arrggghhh...

But because we've been to The Birdcage at Arcade Lane a number of times (I think I've been four times and Ma three), plus the fact that the show that was actually on at 8pm needed more of an audience because they were filming it, they let us in to see it for free.

Woohoo. Although it was only woohoo after the fact, because it made my brain hurt about times and locations and when what was on where and when and whatnot.

But it mostly turned out for the best... we saw the free show which turned out to be all kinds of awesome, were a little bit delayed getting into the 9pm show (we ended up sitting separately... although I did snag a spot in the front row) which was brilliant, and made it in time for the 10:15 show, because it didn't start until 10:45 because they were running behind.

Again, the down side of that was not getting close enough to the front of the queue to get a front row seat.

That and the fact I ended up with these two stupid women next to me who got progressively more drunk as the two hour show progressed, but insisted on talking to each other and not paying attention, or else hooting really loudly at inopportune times.

I've never wanted to smash someone with my elbow more in my entire life.

But even that wasn't enough to diminish the very excellent time that was had by all concerned.

I am very, very, very glad that I chose to have Friday off though... since it's now almost 2am... what a hell of a birthday though.

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