saturday with boots, driving and burgers

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Today can most accurately be defined by boots, driving and burgers...

We started out with the usual supermarketry, then when we got back here neither of us really knew what we wanted to do with the rest of the morning, so there was some degree of sitting around being indecisive.

Eventually I decided that we needed to go looking for new work boots for me.

Which you would think would be easy... it's just a pair of boots... surely I could just walk into any store that sells boots and just buy a pair.

Yeah, no.

It was a combination of trying to find boots in my size, ones that didn't have steelcaps, were comfortable and were actually black. The number of boots that were "claret" or some version of brown was ridiculous.

Technically I probably could have bought a pair at the first place we went, but they were slightly brown and I wasn't completely sure about the sizing.

So we drove from Richmond, all the way down South Road and along Grand Junction Road to Athol Park in search of a pair of Redback boots... or something that came close to the fit of Redback boots.

Although the last place we went didn't actually have any, they did have some at another store and I could have ordered a pair, but I wanted to see if the Redback website itself would let me order them. Sadly their website dates from 2001...

However I just managed to find them online for about $15 cheaper than they quoted me, plus they've got free shipping and I don't have to go and pick them up, so I just ordered them.

After the third show, I was over it, so we headed over to Arndale, which wasn't exactly on the way back, but not completely out of the way. Not for any real reason, other than it was nearby.

We always do the same wander when we get to Arndale... which starts at Big W, stretches all the way down to The Reject Shop which we usually use as the turning point for our wander... then it's back to the Big W end, and back up to the car. There were some random purchases along the way, but nothing really noteworthy.

When we got back to the car Ma and I had one of those moments of shared brain that we occasionally suffer from...

And I suggested we take a trip to Pearl's Diner, to which Ma replied that she was just thinking the same thing.

So we punched the address into Google Maps on my iPhone and let the nice American lady who lives in my phone direct us from Arndale to Pearl's.

On the specials board they had a cheeseburger listed, and I do like to try new Burger Theory offerings, so we had one of those, and one of those pulled pork buns that are just too tasty for words.

And of course I couldn't resist a chocolate milkshake.

Not the healthiest lunch ever, but totally worth it. The cheeseburger was like a five star version of the item of the same name from a certain clown's establishment... all the flavours set off my memories of the cheap version, but the bun and the burger were soft and flavourful and not like eating a hockey puck inside two kitchen sponges.

So very, very, very tasty.

Then other than a quick stop off at my supermarket, that was it for the day... which didn't turn out to be too bad even though we had no idea what we were going to do this morning.

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