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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

lego mini camera kit by chris mcveigh
When I got home tonight I found my mini Lego camera kit from Powerpig aka Chris McVeigh.

As soon as I saw the build on Chris's Instagram I knew I had to buy the kit... what could be better than two of my favourite things, Lego and photography in the one item.

lego mini camera kit by chris mcveighlego mini camera kit by chris mcveigh
It was beautifully packaged too... with the invoice stuck to the inside lid of the box, and wrapped in brown tissue paper.

Also, I love bilingual shipping labels.

lego mini camera kit by chris mcveighlego mini camera kit by chris mcveigh
Then there was the little label around the bricks, and the fact that the box made the perfect container to hold all the bricks while I put the set together.

The build was slightly more involved than I was expecting... it looks like it should be straight forward, but to get all the flat surfaces took some fiddling and sideways building techniques.

I don't think that I've actually encountered brand new clear bricks for a very long time... the ones I'm used to seeing are usually pretty yellowed and cloudy, but these were perfectly clear, so much so that you can actually look through the viewfinder on the back of the camera which looks out the clear brick at the front.

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