fringe: gandini's medical marvels

gandini's medical marvels
Getting to see Gandini's Medical Marvels consisted of being in the right place at the right time and having been in that same right place on a number of previous occasions.

And I'm so glad that we were, because it turned out to be a really great show.

It definitely falls squarely into the slapstick comedy/vaudeville category, with any number of really classic old routines being given a new lease of life by this trio of talented performers. 

George Le Couteur as the great Gandini, Julian Roberts as his bumbling yet very attractive assistant (I love a man in pinstriped pants and black eyeliner) and Lil Tulloch as the girl that comes between them.

From the very beginning Le Couteur and Roberts had me laughing out loud, and the show only got funnier as it went on. Not to mention some very impressive two person juggling, partial nudity, a stuffed horse, and a lot of very excellent timing.

Roberts especially often got to be the funniest of the trio, which was aided by his facial expressions and a general puppyish cuteness... and the fact his hair ended up with it's own routine.

There were only two minor issues, the first of which was the volume of the music during the only portion of the show where Le Couteur gives his "medicine man" spiel... it was a little hard to hear what he was saying. And the other was that there's a section where Le Couteur is taking a shower on stage with the assistance of Roberts, while Tulloch does a routine on the trapeze... so it was a little hard to know where to look...

But those are two very minor quibbles (I'd much rather have too many options for things to look at than not enough... and music can always be turned down) in what was one of the funniest physical comedy shows I've seen this Fringe.

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