it's my (38th) birthday

happy birthday to meHappy 38th Birthday to me! And to Johan Paulik, Jamie Bell, Taylor Hanson, Michael Caine, Chris Klein, Albert Einstein and Midnight in Paris star Corey Stoll.

I have so totally eaten my way through my birthday today...

I've had Gourmet Glaze doughnuts, BTS cupcakes, a Burger Theory burger for lunch, my free birthday Boost Juice... and we're headed out to Enzo's on Port Road for dinner after tonight's Fringe show.

Although I did end up with a massive sugar headache this afternoon...

And there have all been all the kinds of happy happenstances that always feel pretty good when they happen on your birthday.

The Lego Moleskine notebooks I ordered last week arrived this morning... and they're so pretty!

A bus that said "Sorry Full Bus" (which, by the way, so totally wasn't full), stopped at the bus stop to pick me up... and it turned out to be driven by Ma's best friend's husband.

And the fact that Burger Theory just happened to be on North Terrace at lunchtime today... along with about a billion hot young Uni students... although fortunately the billion hot uni students weren't in the line for burgers.

Then it started thundering and lightninging (that's so not a word) this afternoon... which is all kinds of awesome (doubly so because the weather was shitty and humid all morning).

And I got lots of birthday wishes and lots of birthday hugs this morning... and that never sucks!

So happy birthday to me!

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Tom said...

Happy Birthday!


Bonne Fête!

bairn said...

"' a lot ov people know that..."


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